A Night with Ben and Matt




Ben Affleck knows that Matt has a terrible secret, so he and Matt go out to the local marina to have a couple of drinks, but when Matt is caught in a strong rug with just his head and feet sticking out things become quite TICKLISH!

Matt Damon slowly walked into his trailer along with his buddy Ben Affleck. It was the end of filming another cheesy movie coming out that all obsessed girls would die for. Matt hopped onto his blow-up chair " So, how was she ?" asked Matt . "What are you talking about, you stupid dick!" Matt blushed " That girl you met last night. So, did she dig you?" Ben quickly stood up and started pacing around the trailer.

He had been friends with Matt for a long time now. They've done everything together, even shared girls. But Matt always seemed to get the girls. See, Matt didn't know that Sara had given away their little secret. Ben found out that Matt and his girlfriend had a thing going on. Ben was ready to give Matt a little payback.

"Hey Matt buddy lets say we forget about the girls and go out to the Marina tonight" Matt quickly changed into his nicest clothes expecting to have a great time tonight. Boy, was he in for it.

Ben and Matt arrived at the small Marina house around mid-night. They had stopped for a little while to pick up some food and drinks. Matt was really feeling the vibe why'd Ben made sure not to drink too much, for he had to enjoy himself tonight. Matt and Ben decided to play a game of truth or dare (Ben's little kinky way ).

"So lets start. You go first, Matt." Matt shook his blond head back and forth trying his best to stay awake. "Just make me do a dare man." Ben smiled and commanded Matt to lay on this long red-black rug lying on the floor. Matt was a little hesitant and didn't understand the dare.

"Let's see who will hurl first while spinning around and around." Matt quickly did as he told and Ben quickly started to roll him up. When Ben had finally finished, Matt lay there with just his head and feet sticking out. "So, let me out, Ben, it's my turn!" Ben snickered and went so that he was face to face with Matt. "No no no, my buddy, now it's time to make you confess the truth. "Matt quickly started struggling with all his might, but the rug was too strong. Ben then stroked Matt's face with a finger. "Hey, cut it out!" "Oh, what's the matter, are you too ticklish there boy?" Ben quickly walked down to Matt's trapped feet and started removing his sneakers. "Not my feet, Ben. No, you'll kill me!" Matt had remembered when Ben and him would wrestle. Ben's finisher, the Matty gets tickled! As Matt's last shoe came off, he became wild. "No, anything but tickling!" Ben then pulled out a bag from behind the chair; it was loaded with tickling goodies. Feathers, Q-tips, brushes, lotion, and a bent fork.

"So, Matt, are you as ticklish as you used to be?" Ben stroked Matt's thin instep. Matt began to giggle and curled his toes to prevent the maddening laughter. Ben then moved down to the soles, using his nails to scratch the sensitive areas. "Ha ha oh sssstop! Heeee haaeee nooooo!" Matt really lost it when Ben began removing his sweat socks. Matt curled his toes in vain to prevent losing his socks.

Matt's feet lay out from the rug, pink and vulnerable. Ben gazed down at the beauties he hadn't seen in years. The feet were white tinged with a pale pinkish color at the toes, arches, and heels. He had a strong arch leading to strong crooked toes with blond hair. Matt wiggled his toes as he felt the cool air glide across his soles.

Ben began a fresh attack and Matt lost total control. He scratched heel-to-toe on the left, and toe-to-heel on the right. "Hahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa Pleeeeeeeeze sstop! Nono more." Ben pulled a long white swan feather from his bag. "Ever felt a feather on your foot, Matt?" He placed the feather in-between Matt's big toe and his second toe, twirling it around and around. Matt began to cough so hard due to the extreme tickling. "Ben, haha, oh gosh oooooh stop! Stopim hahahahaha soooooo sorrrry!" Ben then grabbed a second feather sawing all of them through Matt's super-sensitive toes.

"So, Matt, what did you and Sue do last night?" He began to stroke the feather at the base of Matt's toes. "Heehe Ha ha ha nothing no hhhhhhaaaaaaanothing!"

After about 2 hours of the feather stroking his soles, fingers at his toes, and brushes on his insteps, Matt became near unconscious. He would laugh occasionally, then just shake back and forth.

"OK, Matt, it's your last chance to confess." Matt, still giggling, just kept his mouth shut until he felt a soft moist feeling on his toes. "HHHHHAAAAA I'M SORRY BEN!" Ben knew no man can stand having his soles licked, and Matt was no exception. Matt raised his feet with all his might and then fell limp.

Matt woke up a couple hours later lying on his bed in his trailer. He giggled to himself, remembering the feeling of having all of those fingers scamper around on his soles. He quickly jumped out of bed and walked to Ben's bed. Matt pulled up the covers and stood still as he saw Ben's beautiful feet. "I guess we'll have to play that game again, Ben" and then fell asleep.