Camping Trip



When I was at the University of Kentucky I had a hot roommate for about three years. He wasn't gay, but he knew that I was. It didn't bother him too much. We were best friends and thought of each other as brothers. Anyway, this guy, Jim, was VERY handsome in a rugged sort of way. He was trying to get his degree in Physical Training to be a coach, so he lifted weights and was always in great shape. He was my perfect sexual match - dark hair, full beard, 6'1" tall, very muscular and HAIRY all over his chest. I had a big crush on him. Too bad he wasn't gay! We used to go camping in the deep woods often on the beat up Yamaha motorcycle that we bought together (with money that should have gone towards our tuition). This one time, we approached our campground on a bumpy dirt road. Jim had his shirt off and told me to hold on to him tightly to keep from bumping off the back of our bike. I could feel his hairy chest and stomach with my hands. Jim, I think, suspected how much I was attracted to him. He knew that the feel of his huge, furry pecs and rippled stomach would make me horny. My sweaty chest (I also have a muscular chest, but smooth) was pressed tightly against his sunburned back as we bumped down the secluded trail. For me it was the road to paradise!

We got to the campsite (too soon for my taste) and unpacked our stuff, etc. I had to hide my erection from Jim, and it went away gradually. We set up camp next to a small lake, so we went swimming to cool down. We splashed around in the water for a bit. I tried to dunk him under the water, but I knew I couldn't. He was bigger than me with stronger arms. He then tried to dunk me and actually started tickling me in a brotherly sort of way. We were near the edge of the lake and he held me down in the shallow water and tickled my stomach. I wiggled to get away from him, but he planted his butt on my stomach and tickled my chest, stomach, and underarms until I begged him to stop. He made me promise to gather all of the wood for the trip if he stopped tickling me. I quickly agreed.

When I came back to the campsite from gathering wood, Jim was asleep on his beach towel wearing only his bathing suit. I stared at his perfect body for a long time as I watched his rippled stomach rise and fall with each sleeping breath. His muscular arms were resting on the soft grass over his head as he was sleeping, revealing his big biceps and hairy armpits. But most of all, I couldn't take my eyes off of his beautiful feet. They were big and fleshy with round, plump toes. The soles of his feet looked so vulnerable! I grabbed a piece of dried grass and rubbed it across his toes on his right foot. His toes curled, causing little ridges to form across the bottom of his sole. In his sleep, Jim tried to pull his feet away from the tickling blade of grass.

I quickly bound Jim's right hand to a nearby tree with some rope from the tool kit. He started to stir a little when I tied his other wrist down, but he didn't wake up. Then I tied his ankles together and started tickling his feet with my fingers. He woke up quickly and started giggling. He thrashed around, but he didn't really laugh all that much. He told me to stop in an angry voice, but I kept right on moving my fingers over his soles and between his toes. I'm glad I kept going, because he finally reached the "breaking point" by going into uncontrollable laughter. It's funny what will subdue a strong man like Jim. He had a brown belt in karate and was strong as an ox, but he couldn't defend himself from his one "Achilles heel", his ultra-ticklish body. I was making the ultimate macho man beg just by using the light touch of a few fingers! The feeling of power was incredible.

Jim was squirming around, straining the ropes that held his arms back and his ankles together. I personally like to have both feet bound together so that you can tickle both soles together for maximum effect. He was begging, begging, begging for me to stop!

"What did you say?" I teased as I tickled him harder so he couldn't answer. "What was that? I can't understand you, Jim! You want me to stop what? I can't understand what you are saying!"

His face was all red and his head was thrown back as he laughed.

He looked like he was in ecstasy. I know I was!

"Don't worry, Jim. There's only about an HOUR left to go," I said.

"Nooooo," he moaned.

Although it was hard for me to tear myself away from his feet, I decided to test out his other reflexes. I sat on his stomach like he had done to me when we were swimming, and rubbed my fingers back and forth over his ribs and stomach. His response was immediate - he started bucking so hard that he nearly threw me off of him. I eased up on my rubbing to give him a little breather.

"You're in trouble, bud!" he said. He looked more tired than mad.

"Just you wait!" Even though his words were threatening, his slight smile let me know that he was enjoying this experience maybe just a little.

"In trouble am I? We'll see about that!" I said, springing back into action, this time scooting back on his stomach far enough to expose his rippled stomach muscles. Slowly my fingers moved through the soft hair of his stomach, and Jim's torture began again. I knew that this was better than any sexual experience I had ever had, and we still had our clothes on! The excitement that I felt was like an extended mental orgasm. My whole body was pulsating on the inside. It didn't hurt to feel Jim's erection against my butt. He really WAS enjoying this!

I found that the area just a few inches below his armpits that made him howl like a crazy person. I would tickle him non-stop for a while until I thought he would pop, and then I would let up a bit and rub my fingers over his nipples. This made him squirm too, but not as bad. I was glad that there was no one around for miles. This sort of torture would be hard to do in an apartment or house. Someone would call the cops! I never imagined all of the noise.

Still, it was the tickling of Jim's feet that really got me hot, so I decided to go back to torturing his cute little toes.

I found out quickly that Jim had two major hot spots on his feet that drove him insane. One was between his big and first toe, and the other was on the lower arch right above his heel. For this area I found a better use for my toothbrush than for just oral hygiene. My tooth brush rubbed on the edges of both feet also caused Jim to arch his back and let out hysterical howls of laughter. I could tell that in the throws of this torture he hardly knew where he was. The all-encompassing sensation of my tickling had completely taken over his consciousness. I had him in my complete control. Finally, the non-stop stroking, brushing, and swirling across Jim's tender soles compounded all at the same time like Chinese water torture, suddenly becoming unbearable.

"NoNoNoNoNoNo.... Not there!! Not... HooohoooHaa Haaa! I-I-I'M going...HaaaHaaa ...crazy!!! OOOhhh Haaaa NooNOoooo...." His whole body tightened and shuddered, emphasizing the muscles of his stomach and chest through his light brown fur. "Haaaa NooNOoooo....I'll do anything... Anything. ANYTHING! Just pleeeeass... HaHaHa!!! I can't take it. Ah HaHahh.....I can't.... OOOOhhh! Hoo,Hoo...I. Can't. Take. HahAhaaaaaa. Sto..Sto...Stooooop! Anything! Ha, not my feet, no, no NOOOO!"

All this time I had been rubbing the toothbrush faster and harder across the sexy ridges that formed near his heels when he curled his toes to get away from the unbearable sensation. I knew in this, my first real tickle torture session, that I was hooked! My obsession from that day forward was to find the hottest and most ticklish guys to drive over the edge like Jim was at this moment. I wished that all guys could be as ticklish as Jim. In the back of my mind, I shuddered at the thought of someone torturing me unmercilessly the way that I was punishing him. He, of course, deserved it! He deserved it because he was so hot!

My erection was throbbing inside my bathing suit, and I was certain that if I didn't let it free soon I would go nuts. I made a delicious decision at that moment. I stopped tickling Jim's feet suddenly and before he had even stopped laughing, I had his bright green baggies pulled down to his ankles. Just as I suspected--his dick was just as big (and hard) as his muscles!

"Hey, let me up. C'mon! Untie me! Don't tickle me any more, OK?

Please?" Jim tried to reason with me.

"You said you'd do ANYTHING for me to stop, right?" I reminded him.

"Don't go away!" I cried as I ran back to the tent. Within seconds, I returned to my restrained roommate and showed him what I had gone back to the tent for. A look of panic crossed his face.

"No...please stop already," he pleaded when he saw the feather in my hand. I grinned at him and twirled it around for him to see that I planned to use it. But this time I wanted to see if his balls were as ticklish as his toes. Jim tried to get away by squirming and tugging at the ropes that held him as my slave. He arched his back when the light brown feather skittered over his balls and cock. "I can't take any more of it. Don't! Please! Ah.. Haaa haaa. OH God...Stop! AHHHhaaaahahaha!


With my right hand I stroked the large feather across Jim's huge cock as I tickled his feet with my left hand. Every so often I ran the feather quickly back and forth over his balls. This always brought harder fits of laughter and made Jim's nuts tense up with each back and forth motion of the feather. Soon his struggling became harder and his screams of laughter more desperate. Realizing what was happening, I rubbed my fingers faster over both feet and increased the motion of the feather on his cock, bringing him to the edge of his inevitable climax.

"OOHHH Haaaaha! Mmmyyy! Goddd! HooohoooHaa Haaa! I-I-I'M going...

HaaaHaaa! To... Cumm! Sto.. Stop! No! No! Don't... Make... Me..! HaaahaaahaAAUUUGHHHH!!!!" Then, with the intensity of a massive train wreck, Jim gave in to an incredibly loud and hysterical climax. He squirmed and shuddered as if ten men were tickling him from his head to his manly toes. Huge globs of cum splattered all over the hair on Jim's chest, and some had even shot onto the side of his face. At the sight of his orgasm and its aftermath, I stopped tickling him long enough to stroke my own cock until I could feel my own orgasm dragging me deeper into ecstasy like an undertow. With a laughing groan I let my own juice mix with Jim's on his furry chest.

I admit that the next few minutes were kind of awkward. I never intended this little prank to turn into the best sexual experience I had ever known. I'm sure Jim was questioning himself about now, too. He reached a climax with me! That had to be hard for a straight man to take. I expected him to jump at me when I untied him, but he was surprisingly calm. He was exhausted, that I could tell, and I would have understood if he had been upset with me. I never expected him to thank me!

"That was really something, man. I could have killed you--until the very end. I never got off like that in my life! I always did like to be tickled...Just don't tell anybody, Okay? It was just something that happened, right?" Jim waited for me to agree. "Right?"

"Right!" I said. "I thought you would be pissed! I got carried away I guess. You know, I've never told anyone that tickling turns me on. Don't you think it's a little weird?"

"Well, if it's weird, then I'm weird, too. What's normal, anyway?"

Jim could be so understanding sometimes, especially for such a jock. "Just don't tell anyone, OK!" he emphasized.

"OK! OK!" I promised. "Let's have some of that Wild Turkey you brought." We sat around the fire and drank long into the night. I finally passed out in the tent, dreaming of getting my hands on Jim's feet again. I dreamed that I was stroking his feet with my fingers...

The next morning I discovered that payback was truly hell...and heaven all rolled into one! I was no longer in the tent I passed out in, but on top of the old picnic table under tree near our campsite. Jim had put a blanket on the table, put me on top if the table and tied me down. My wrists were tied over my head. I could feel the slight breeze rustle the hair under my armpits. I was tied down directly to the table with the same rope that I had used to tie him down. He had me tied down across my chest. Most disturbingly, though, Jim had both of my ankles suspended from the tree branches with rope. It was like I was in traction. Great! I was in tickle traction! Jim looked down at me with a big smile on his face and a massive hard-on between his legs. "You are in trouble!" he said. "Tickling you is all I've been thinking about since I put those sleeping pills in your whiskey!" He was right. I was in trouble.

Jim started rubbing up and down on my chest like a real pro. I was wondering within the first minute how I would ever make it through this. His tickling was unbearable and light. It didn't take much to get me squirming around, but he really did seem experienced. Back and forth, back and forth he stroked under my arms with a big grin on his face while I hopped around on the table like I was being shocked with electricity.

"Jim! Stop! I'm sorr... I.HahaahaaaHaaaa. Nooo, no, oh oooooo, GOD!

STO...Ahhahahaahahah!!!!" My mind was trapped in time and each stroke of his fingers seemed to last forever. I could see that this really could drive someone raving mad.

Jim moved down my body until, with his strong fingers, he found my most sensitive and vulnerable spot--my feet. "Who's in control now?" he teased as the flick of his fingers sent me into hysterical convulsions. He rubbed the feather between the toes on my right foot, causing me to laugh until I was almost hyperventilating. He would stop long enough for me to catch my breath and then start up again, moving from one intensely ticklish spot on my foot to another. This is the first time I found out how ticklish my ankles and the tops of my feet can be. Once he had me screaming and shuddering in this orgiastic frenzy, every touch of his fingers sent me into wild fits of delicious laughter. I was completely dominated by Jim's nimble fingers and succumbed to the paradox of tickling that makes it so addictive--I was both praying it will stop and yet hoping that it will never end. The huge erection that Jim maintained through this whole episode proved to me that Jim really was a tickle fiend, too. My legs kicked, or tried to, in my "stirrups" as Jim swirled the feather back and forth over my soles, between my toes, and around my ankles. I could hear his laughter over my own.

"Beg me to stop!" he said. "What will you give me? Beg! Beg!" He increased his speed and intensity until his words were fuzzy and far away. I was in another place, trapped between the fantasy of a lifetime and a nightmare of endless torture. Before I knew it, I felt a new and fiendishly unbearable sensation. Jim was stroking the feather across my balls. My back arched, trying to get away, but it was no use.

"No! OH oh ohhh ah ah ahHahaaahaaaa! You.. You've STT...

STTOPPp! God!! Not there! Nono OhHohaoheehaHOHAHAHA!! Anything!!! ANYTHING!!You're kkkillingg.. Me...Hahahaaaahahhaaa...No NO! JIM!!!" I pleaded and pleaded, but he was relentless with his torture of my balls. Then he moved the feather up and down slowly between my balls and asshole. The feather rubbed on my asshole sent me into bucking fits. Even having my feet tortured was better than this! As if he was reading my mind, he went back to tickling my soles with his fingers. He stopped long enough to spit in his hand and rub it over his hard cock. I suddenly realized why he had tied me up in this spread-eagle position.

His rock hard erection found my asshole and with a moan of pleasure he shoved his impressive tool inside my still-squirming hole. As he pumped back and forth inside of me, he returned to tickling the bottoms of my feet. My brain was surely turning to mush with the mixed sensations, I thought! I moaned with pleasure every time Jim's cock pumped up against my red hot prostate gland, all the while dying to get away from the sadistic tickling sensations that enslaved my feet. Jim didn't have to fuck me for very long before I felt him tense up and slow down his long strokes. With each second, I was getting closer and closer to a fantastic orgasm and I could see that Jim was too. I could visualize my climax coming, the sensation was that palpable. Even though nothing was touching my cock, the tickling on my feet and the stimulation of my prostate overwhelmed me and launched me into an atomic orgasm. Cum shot out all over my sweat covered belly until I felt totally drenched. My asshole tightened up and again and again over Jim's throbbing erection, coaxing him to a howling, shuddering climax of his own.

Later, Jim rested with his head against my naked chest. He closed his eyes and started to drifted off into an exhausted sleep. "You're the best, man," he mumbled as he fell asleep. I ran my fingers through his brown hair.

"So are you, Jim. So are you," I whispered. I watched him sleep for a minute before letting my mind wander. Now where did I put that rope?...