Classroom Antics



When I was in junior high, I was in the 7th grade. One of the classes I had was called "Ceramics".

We would sit four at a table, two people on one side, two on the other. Four guys were sitting at the table where I sat, myself and three others. One of the three was a guy by the name of Tom. At that time, he had what they call the "surfer look", blond hair, blue eyes, very nice looking.

Anyway,it was before class started. We were all sitting and waiting for the teacher to come in, and Tom started kicking me from the other side of the table. The first time, I told him to cut it out. He stopped. Then, a couple of minutes later, he started to kick me again. I told him that if he kicked me again, that I would take his shoe off and tickle him.

Well, I guess he wanted to test my threat, and he kicked me again. This time, I grabbed him by his ankle and held him and proceeded to pull his loafer off. His foot was about a size 8. I proceeded to tickle his foot. He started laughing, and the other guys at the table wondered what he was laughing about. I told them I was tickling his foot, and they proceeded to egg me on to tickle him silly.

The teacher came in and I stopped and returned Tom's shoe. We became very good friends, and he would allow me to tickle him whenever we got together.