David's Fun




I'm in a bit of a bind here...let me tell you my story and maybe you'll have some helpful advice for me. I guess the best place to start is two weeks ago.

My best friend Mike was visiting from Virginia and was here for a week until leaving for a new job in London (yeah, rough life). He was partly here to see me, but mostly here to see his old flame David. David was, in my humble opinion, a major fuck-up. He had moved to Seattle after breaking up with his partner in L.A. and had no job---he was living with a bartender he met the first night he was here. Mike wouldn't tell me, but I knew he was sending David money for rent...and beer. David drank like a fish. Anyway, I was at home waiting for Mike, who was out with David again. They got to my house about 2am, smashed out of their minds. Like I said, I couldn't stand David but I did see why Mike was obsessed with him. Physically, at least, David was pretty attractive. Not my type really, but he had a sort of Brad Pitt/James Dean look going that wasn't bad at all. Anyway, as much as I disliked him I wasn't about to have him driving home drunk, so I took his keys, and he and Mike crashed on the couch in my office and I went to bed.

About 5 am I woke up to a bright light shining in my eyes. After it moved away and I adjusted to being awake, I realized 2 things; one, I was looking up at David, who looked fairly sober and even more obnoxiously snug than usual.

Two, I couldn't move-I was tied spread-eagle to the bed, naked. Before I could respond, David started talking. "You don't like me at all do you?"

"No, David, I guess I really don't; and this really isn't a way to make me like you more. MIKE!"

"Surely you are kidding," David laughed. "Mike is passed out on the couch; I think he'd sleep through a nuclear bomb right now. And actually, I think this is a great way for me to get you to like me more..."

He then reached behind himself onto my dresser and picked up a stack of printer paper. "See, I couldn't sleep before, so I decided to get on your computer and try to find an online sex site. Well, I happened to look onto your history; you really should clean it out once in a while. And these are some printouts from some of the places I found...The Male Tickling Rack...Tickle Hell...The Male Foot Fetish Page...man you are one kinky guy aren't you. We'll just see if reality lives up to your fantasies."

I desperately tried to think of some lie to convince him there was a mistake. Before I could even try, however, he sprung into action. Nothing unbearable; just a light stroking of my ribs with his fingers. Enough to make me gasp, though, considering my predicament. He then began ever so lightly twirling his fingers in my armpit hair-almost so lightly I couldn't feel it, but not quite. All in all, it was not too unpleasant, although I did have goosebumps all over my body.

"Doing OK, Steve?" he asked. "You don't seem to be enjoying yourself very much. What can we do about that?"

"You can untie me and get the fuck out," I said.

"No, I don't think so...remember, this is an attitude adjustment for you. By the time I'm done you're going to decide you really like me after all. In fact, you're going to be begging me to move in here, rent-free. Just wait and see!" And before I could respond, he began tickling my feet in earnest. The light strokes had been tolerable, but had also lulled me into false security.

With David's fingernails scratching my soles. I lost composure and began to howl with laughter. "No cu-cu-come on pleeease"

"I see you can still talk-I must not be doing this right." He began moving his fingers faster, stroking between my toes, on my instep, even around my ankle. All of this was torture and I was hysterically laughing. Mike was not coming to see what was going on, so I guessed David was right about him being passed out, because my laughter should have woken the dead. After about five minutes of this assault, David went back to the light strokes on my sides.

Somehow, the attack on my feet must have sensitized me because even this was now forcing me to laugh-not as hard, but still uncontrollable. After another few minutes, he stopped again.

"So is this all you thought it would be, Stevie? You don't seem to be enjoying yourself too much. Well, maybe you just need some extra stimulation." With that, he sat on the bed between my spread legs. I was expecting, with a mix of fear and excitement, him to begin touching my thus-far ignored genitals. Instead, he caught me off guard again. He placed his legs on my chest with his socked feet directly under my nose.

"From what I saw on the computer, you must enjoy sniffing a guy's sweaty feet, huh Steve? Actually, I can see for myself..."

And he was right. Despite my best efforts, my body had a mind of its own. My cock had gone from slightly turgid to rock hard the first sniff of his dirty socks I had. Even more humiliating, I was actively trying to move my nose to cover the smelliest parts of the socks, deeply inhaling. "Jesus, man, do you even have a clue how ridiculous you look? I mean, here I have my sweaty feet in your face and you're squirming to smell them MORE? How weird can you get."

Quite unexpectedly, he then began tickling my feet again. I yelped with surprise and then laughter. Unfortunately, the more he tickled the more I laughed, and the more I laughed the less able I was to smell those gorgeous socks. David then moved his legs away and picked up a string and rubber band from the floor. Before I knew it, my scrotum was stretched and bound. And then stroked. It was phenomenal-I had never felt anything like it before. At first it didn't really tickle, but as he changed technique it began to more and more. Then he picked up my toothbrush and began teasing my cockhead as well. I was straining and moaning at the stimulation, and just as I thought I was going to cum he stopped. Somehow during all this he had managed to take off his socks and now positioned his bare feet about six inches from my face, close enough to see but not to smell or taste. He laughed as I strained for them, then began tickling my balls again. Here I was, tied up, being brought to the edge of orgasm by a guy who I was finding more attractive by the second, bare feet in my face, and unable to do anything but agonize. I couldn't reach the feet, he wouldn't let me cum, and I was ready to die.

"So, what shall we do now? I know! Let's Make A Deal!!! You ready to play? All you have to do is not laugh for two minutes, and you can have your way with my feet. If you do laugh, though, well I'll figure some suitable punishment out! If you agree, pulse your cock for me." He sadistically gave me two rough pumps on my shaft, causing a major heave but alas no orgasm.

Then he began to tickle me ever so gently on my armpits again. I bit my lip, trying with all my might to resist. After what felt like about an hour to me David informed me I was halfway there. "Now I have to try," he said. And with a chuckle of his own he began to tickle me not so lightly. I didn't even last 2 seconds before laughing short staccato bursts.

"Uh-Oh, Steve, looks like you lose! What shall we do? Hmmm...OK, I guess we'll just tease your little penis while I think." And he went back to those fiendishly light strokes on the balls and cock, guaranteed to torture but not to relieve. By this point I could barely speak. I had heard of people being "crazed with lust" but thought it was just a figure of speech until now. David picked up one of the printouts by the bed and read aloud.

"It says here that a person is even more ticklish after an orgasm, Steve. You think that's possible?" He tickled my feet again, this time applying the fingernails to the softest meat of the arch and making me buck so hard I thought the bed would break. "What do you think, should we find out? I'll tell you what, I'm a fair guy." Meanwhile, he had slowly undone the string stretching my scrotum, allowing the balls to begin to retract. Almost immediately I oozed pre-cum. "Really, here's the deal. We'll make it your choice." I had no idea where this was going. If I had I would have realized that I had severely underestimated both David's intelligence and his sadism.

He resumed his previous position, with his feet just out of my face's reach.

"Here's the deal. I'll sit just like this for the next fifteen minutes. Well, I may get bored and have to play with your balls a LITTLE," he demonstrated this technique exactly, causing my stomach to lurch, "but for the most part I'll be good." At this point I could barely even hear his words, I was so hypnotized by his feet and my lust. "Now, if you can resist for fifteen minutes, we're set..." Suddenly there was a flash and I realized David had taken a picture of me with his feet in my face. "Just insurance so you won't tell anyone what happened here tonight. Anyway, I'll untie you and we'll call it quits. If, on the other hand, you are so weak and pathetic..." He accentuated this with another stroke of my cockhead, causing me to buck against my restraints. "That you can't resist begging me to let you smell my feet, well, then that will be that. I'll take that as an invitation to move in here, rent-free, like we discussed. And also as a specific request to milk you dry, tickle you senseless, then milk you once more. OK?"

He had me, and I knew it. But I still thought I could handle this. And I made it five minutes despite his consistent tickling of my nuts.

"You know, I'm getting bored," he said. "How about a bedtime story?" He picked up another printout from the floor and began to read...

"I was Matt's boss at work. You know the type-smartmouth punk fresh out of college, thinks he can rule the world? Well, now he rules me, with his feet..." It was one of those web stories I had fantasized to again and again; becoming a foot slave to a cocky young stud. As David's voice continued, I lost all my resistance.

" OK OK you win!" I screamed. "Please David, please let me smell your feet! Whatever you want is fine just please let me sniff them." I knew I was basically signing a contract of slavery to him, but I couldn't help it-I was insane with desire. That's when he dropped the final bomb.

"Cool," he said, as he jumped up and stood by the bed again. Before I could even decide what had just happened, he began to stroke my cock. "You may not have realized it Stevie, but I never said if you begged you would actually GET to smell my feet. No, that's something that we'll have to figure out a plan for later. Don't worry though, we'll have plenty of time. Mike and I can move my stuff in tomorrow!" He continued stroking harder and harder. Without a chance to respond, I began to moan and then suddenly exploded! Jolt after jolt of cum spewed out; the first spurt actually landed in my hair! And it just kept coming, partly because of the earlier denial and partly because David wouldn't stop. He just kept stroking away as my body shuddered and spasmed. Finally when I was "dry heaving" he stopped. And immediately began clawing my armpits and sides. Despite every story I'd ever read attesting that people are more ticklish after orgasm, I never really believed it...until now. I was howling in hysterics, sore and aching and even beginning to cry but unable to withstand the relentless swirling of his fingers. When he then reached down to my feet, I thought I would truly pass out from the sensation.

It was difficult to breathe, yet I kept gasping to keep laughing. He next found a spot he hadn't tickled before-in the groin between my genitals and my thigh. This bony area proved to be as ticklish as my feet if not more so.

After an eternity that was actually perhaps 10 minutes, I was completely soaked in sweat and exhausted. David abruptly stopped and left the room. I finally calmed down, and although still tied up decided the only thing I could do was go to sleep. No such luck. He returned in a few moments, and rather evilly said,

"Ready for round two?"

Before I could beg for mercy he had his hi-top sneaker tied around my nose. With some shock I realized his socks were stuffed in it as well, and the smell was overpowering. It also was having the desired effect for David...my sore and aching cock was beginning to twitch back to life. With a few deft caresses of my thighs and balls, and a few deep inhalations of David's sweaty shoes, it was suddenly back to full raging (and painful) hard-on. And David was more than ready to continue...