Dr. Giggles




Todd hated going to the doctor, but his job demands a yearly physical. He made the appointment with Dr. Chang, recommended by a friend who said Dr. Chang was unusual in his manner.

Todd walked into the reception area and signed in. The receptionist glanced at him as she gave him the forms to fill out. Todd read the forms. "Standard stuff !"thought Todd as he filled in all the information and returned the clipboard to the window.

A young man in a lab coat opened the door and called for Todd to come in and go to exam room six. Once there Todd was given a gown and asked to strip naked and put on the gown. After he changed into the gown, the young tech came back in.

"Hi. I'm Dr. Chang's assistant. I'm here to prepare you for your physical. Please stand against the wall and put your arms above your head." Todd stood against the wall and put his arms over his head.

"This is a bit odd for a physical. Aren't you going to take my blood pressure and pulse?" Todd was feeling vulnerable in just a light cotton gown and nothing more.

"I'm just checking your reflexes. Nothing to be concerned about." smiled the assistant. Then he put his fingertips on Todd's ribcage. Todd jumped as he felt the fingers touch him through the gown.

"Nervous Todd?" The doctor's assistant didn't wait for an answer and began slowly poking and kneading Todd's ribcage.


Laughter began bubbling from Todd he could feel fingers tickling his ribs. He tried not to move, but the fingers was expertly tickling his ribs and moving further down towards his belly. Shivers shot through his body as the fingers got closer to his belly. His nails dug into the wall as he laughed through his "reflex check". He closed his eyes and tried to compose himself when he felt his gown being rolled up to expose his tender belly. Waves of tickling sensations jolted through him like electric shot as he felt the tip of a feather being dragged across his bare and firm belly. He arched his back as he felt the feather's tip making circles along his skin. Laughter gushed from deep in his belly. After what seemed hours, the feather stopped and he could relax. Todd collapsed onto the table.

"You're quite ticklish, aren't you ?" The assistant wrote on the chart and smiled. "Dr. Chang will be right with you. He will be pleased with my findings ... !" As the door closed, Todd shuddered at the thought of being tickled. His hyperticklishness was his downfall. All his lovers tried to tickle him as foreplay, he always managed to stop them. Actually, tickling always made him hot, but it was agony for him until he reached a level of excitement. His body tingled as the tickling sensations wore off. Just as he was relaxed, Dr. Chang walked into the room.

"I'm Dr. Chang. I see from my assistant's notes, that your reflexes are good, but that you are also quite ticklish ... ! The Doctor proceeded to do a real medical physical. Then he placed Todd's wrists over his head and strapped them into the armboards. Then he strapped the bare feet into the legboards. Todd struggled but couldn't break free.

"What's going on here? Why am I strapped down like this? OH NO..NO..NO..

PLEASE ...... NOT THE TICKLING AGAIN ... PLEASE ........ NO ..NO..NO......!!!!Dr. Chang smiled and rolled a small table over with tickling instruments on them. Todd's eyes grew wide as he saw the assortment of feathers, brushes and probes.

"Now then Todd..... Now that the official exam is over, let's do the "tickle exam". You are very ticklish, now aren't you? So much so that you hate and like being tickled. My assistant is quite good and exposing all those nasty little tickle points. Let's see .... I think this feather will do nicely...... just under the ribs and down your belly..... a really hot ticklish spot, too ... !!!!!!" Todd struggled to pull himself free, but stopped as he felt the tip of the feather tracing along the ridges of his lower ribs. He bit his lip and tried to hold back the laughter he could feel welling up inside. The feather strokes were light and worked all over his bare and vulnerable belly, tickling and coaxing the laughter out. The doctor delicately swirled the feather around a tense belly button, dipping inside and tickling and then out again. Finally an explosion of laughter came from Todd. He couldn't hold it in and began shaking and heaving as the feather became two and then three swirling and teasing along his ribs and to his armpits. Sweat poured off his body as he twisted and wriggled under the tortures of the feathers. His muscular body arched and swayed to escape the relentless tickling. Dr. Chang began to notice how swollen Todd was getting and teased his genitals with the feathers. Todd's body tensed and bounced rhythmically and the laughter became mixed with moaning as the feathers tickled him everywhere that was vulnerable, private and ticklish. The feathers probed and tickled under his purple balls and around the swollen tip of his penis. Todd was in a frenzy as the feathers were mercilessly tickling him. He shot his load forcefully then relaxed, laughing and giggling as the feathers continued tickling under his arms and his nipples.

Dr. Chang stopped and released Todd's restraints. As he was undoing Todd's arms. Todd whispered to him ... "Same time next week ...?"