Issac & Zac's Revenge on Taylor



The group Hanson has always said they never get into fights! Well, on the other hand, they do like to get revenge on the lead singer and bro Taylor. This is a true story about how Ike & Zac made Taylor piss his pants. See, it all started after the famous "Mmmmm-Bop" song died out. The three brothers were desperetly trying to record a new record that would be a success like "Middle of Nowhere".

Taylor was having trouble, he just couldn't hit that note like he did before, but he refused to let younger brother Zac take the lead singer role. " Common Tay, give it up, you can't sing high anymore"

Taylor, already pissed, jumped on Issac and started to wrestle. " Tay, you little prick, don't you start with me"! Taylor then violently struck Issac in the face, causing his lip to bust. "Ouch"! Goddamit, Taylor." Zac then jumped in on the excitment. The scene of all three brothers wrestling was hilarious. Issac on the bottom with Taylor in the middle and little Zac on the top.

After a while, all three brothers were tired out and went to the kitchen to get something to eat, since their parents were gone on buisness leaving the boys all alone in Tulsa Oklahoma. Later that evening, Taylor was in the shower practicing his high notes (which he couldn't hit). In the family, room Issac & Zac were devising a plan to get back at Taylor for many reasons. The obvious reason was Taylor had just given Ike a busted lip, and that he wouldn't give the lead singing role away. Taylor was also the most popular out of the three brothers; he always was the fans' favorite. Also the parents' favorite. Taylor rarely got in trouble, even when he would beat up Zac or tease Issac about his ugly looks. The boys were really jealous and were ready to give Taylor his payback.......... Tonight!

Taylor walked out of the bathroom clean as a whistle. As Taylor walked up the flight of stairs leading to the second floor, the brothers followed, tiptoeing behind the unaware brother. Taylor then walked into his large bedroom. It was a tannish wall color with white carpet. Taylor's bed was queen size, with a large blue canape over the top. Taylor walked across the room and climbed into bed; he flicked off the switch and off came his light, exsposing darkness all around. Taylor said in his sleep, "Please give me back my voice" and fell peacfully asleep, at least for a little while!

A few minutes later, Issac and Zac crept into the room, making sure the door didn't creak, so the sound asleep Taylor wouldn't wake up. They carried a large paper bag and a small flashlight. "This is gonna be good" snickered Zac. They began by tying Taylor's outstretched arms to the head of the beadpost. Then they tied Taylor's socked feet to the foot of the bed; it was a spread-eagle style. Taylor was totally unaware of his predicament. The boys then pulled the covers off the bed, revealing Taylor's naked body, all except for some boxing shorts and a pair of white cotton socks. Ike then put down the bag on his oak dresser and smiled.

Taylor was awoken when Zac poked Taylor in the armpit. "What the hell is going on here, you fags!"

"Well, well, well, poor little Taylor is all tied up. What are you gonna do?", Ike said deviously. "You guys let me go or I'm telling mom." Zac then began to laugh. "Tay, Ike and I decided you need to be, well, let's say, tortured!" Taylor began to squirm and try to break free of the heavy bondage. "Tay, remember when I was little and you and Issac would jump on me and tickle me mercifully?" Taylor said nothing, but the terror in his eyes made Issac laugh. He lay there on the bed, tied down and really vulernable, waiting for the inevitable. Issac then pulled out a stiff white swan feather and flashed it in Taylor's face. Taylor was really sweating now. "So, Tay, are you Ticklish?" Zac asked with a smile on his face, and then lowered the feather onto Taylor's sensitive stomach. Taylor's whole body tensed as the feather glided up and down his soft navel.

Taylor was really squirming now as Zac stroked every part of Taylor's smooth stomach. Taylor was begging for Zac to stop, but Zac ignored his ignorant brother's pleas and kept on tickling. While Zac was stroking Taylor's tummy, Issac began tickling Taylor's pits. The finger stroked through the soft blond hair finding his sensitive skin beneath it. "P-p-please stop. I can't take anymore Hahahahahaha!" Issac liked his brother's reaction when he poked his brother's ribs.

"You'll never mess with us again, Tay" Zac yelled. Taylor thought this torture would go on for twenty minutes, but the evil duo kept on producing giggles. Luckly, the neighbors weren't home, or they would have probibly heard the roaring laughter next door. In fact, Taylor was so loud sometimes, the boys would stuff a bandanna in his mouth. "Hey Zac, let's tickle his feet!" At the sound of those words, Taylor started to pull with all his might against his bonds, but there was no use: the ropes were too strong and well-tied. Issac went down to the foot of the bed and kneeled down so he could be at eyelength with the feet.

Issac made a zig zag pattern on Tylor's right foot. Taylor's voice rose an octave as Issac tickled Taylor's feet mercilessly. Taylor almost died when Issac started pulling off his dingy white socks, revealing soft, smooth feet with rosy heels and soft soles. His toes were long and even, with shiny nails. Issac retrieved the swan feather and began stroking his soles. "Ike, haha please agh haha whoo stop-p-p-p tickling m-ee-hahahaha". The feather stroked from heel to toe on his right foot, and toe to heel on his left. Issac found that he got a great reaction when he placed the feather in between the big and second toe and twirled it around and around.

Zac began to get angry at Issac because he had control, so he moved down to the foot of the bed with his older brother and began to dance his finger on Taylor's sole. Taylor was now being double-teamed, with Issac on his right foot and Zac on his left. Zac continued to dance around on the pale skin while Issac played with Taylor's toes. "Hahahaha oh my god haha". Taylor had tears running down his rosy cheeks from all this tickling his brothers portrayed on him. The boys stopped, leaving Taylor gasping and giggling. Well, Tay, it's time for the grand tactic, and at that moment the boys pulled out a bottle containing some type of white cream. "I wonder how sensitive your feet will feel with some nice lotion on them?" Then Zack pulled out the wickedest brush in the world. It had over 200 bristles, nice and pointy (to make the best stimulation). "Now, Tay, when I stroke your foot with my finger and you laugh, we'll use the brush."

Tay shook his head back and forth while begging for mercy. "Please, guys, I'm sorry I'll......" Issac started scratching Taylor's foot. He tried his hardest to keep a straight face, but once Issac reached the base of his toes, Taylor let out a yelp! "You are a bad, bad boy" Issac said as he grabbed the brush. "Guys, please, I'll die!" Issac then applied the brush (let's just say Taylor's reaction was a wild scream and then his pants were soaked.) Issac and Zac laughed and pulled out a Kodak camera. "Nooooooooo!" Taylor screamed. "Guys, what are you gonna do to me?"

"Well, Zac is gonna go and get this role of film developed, and he's gonna send it to all those girly magazines around the country." Taylor started to cuss over and over again. "And what are you going to do"? Issac just sneered. "Well, tickling you, Tay, really makes me horny".

Outside of the house, you could hear the loudest laughter in all of Oklahoma. Lets just say Taylor and his brothers really bonded that night!