From the Journal of a Hypno-Tickler



For a minute, I just enjoy looking at him. Mark, as content and peaceful as anyone could be. Naked, kneeling with legs far apart on a large beanbag chair, his feet hanging over the side and flexed taut, his body ramrod straight and his arms stretched up above his head.

He has been told that his body is tightly bound to a frame; ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, even his head. He is powerless to move a muscle because he believes it so. And he believes it so because he wants it so badly. He wanted to undress and show off his body and he wants to give control of it to me. I have a pleasant voice and a kind demeanor. People are comfortable talking to me. And listening to me. He was very easy to hypnotize.

But will he respond to the suggestions I have in mind for him? Will I cross some kind of limit he has developed for himself? My instincts say no. And so, I continue:

"Mark, you cannot move - you are a magnificent statue in plaster and the plaster has fully set. The frame is being removed and you are on display in all your glory. People will pass by your pedestal all day, every day, and marvel at your beauty. They will gasp at how lifelike you look, how handsome and powerful as you hold a huge tentacled monster over your head, how sensual you seem, as if you were flesh and blood. And you like being admired like that, don't you, Mark? You can tell me because only I, your creator, can hear what you are thinking."

"Yes, I like being admired very much."

"Every time you think of all those people admiring you, you become more relaxed and content to be a beautiful statue, isn't that right?"


"Now, Mark, we have a secret. Just you and me. You are a statue and cannot move. But the plaster you are made of is magic. So you can feel everything as if your body were real. You can feel hot and cold, wet and dry, everything that touches you. In fact, the more you are touched in any spot, the more sensitive that spot is to being touched. And you love to be touched, but nobody climbs your high pedestal to touch you, to stroke you, to feel your muscular body. Do you miss being touched, Mark?"

"Oh, yes."

"I know your secret, Mark. I can climb up and touch you when everyone else is gone. No one will mind because I am your creator, after all. Would you like me to touch you?"

"Yes, please touch me."

"All right, Mark, I'm climbing up to you. Here I come. I've reached your feet which are hanging over the edge and pulled back so tightly. I'm taking one finger and stroking your right sole, very lightly and slowly, up, down, around in circles. Now, I know you can't move, I hear you giggling? Mark, are you ticklish? You are! And the more any part of your body is touched, the more sensitive it gets! Mark, you are laughing and you can't move at all. Your right foot stays motionless as I use more and more fingers to stroke your toes, your sole, the side of your foot. It feels good to be so ticklish and to be able to laugh just for me, doesn't it?"


This is working beautifully. I haven't touched him at all and he is accepting the suggestions without resistance.

"Now you feel my other hand tickling your left foot, slowly and lightly. Both feet are being tickled all over by my ten fingers, getting more and more ticklish every second. You never knew you could be this ticklish and you love the way it feels. Do you want me to keep tickling you, Mark?


"I know how you can be touched and tickled all over your body and I know how much you want that. If you want that, Mark, just say the magic word: spaghetti."


"Mark, the magic is working! That monster with all the tentacles that you have been holding up is...coming to life! You can't move, but it can now. And its tentacles are working their way down your body, lightly stroking your wrists......your forearms... inside your elbows. All these places get more and more ticklish as the tentacles stroke up and down, back and forth, making circles, just like I am doing on your feet and your toes. The tickling is spreading now. There is a tentacle tickling each ear now...and some on your neck. You are getting goosebumps all over your body! Some tentacles stay where they were, others work down to your upper arms two of them are in your armpits, exploring every square inch of them. Is that your most ticklish spot, Mark? You love laughing so much, don't you? It feels so good to laugh!"


"More tentacles, Mark. More tickly tentacles, wiggling each of your ribs - they get more ticklish all the time...."


Tickling from your wrists down to your ribs - and I'm still tickling your feet, Mark.....And yet more tentacles...finding the ticklish places all over your back.....your chest........your stomach. One is wiggling around in your navel. And everywhere you get more and more ticklish. And you can't move, Mark. You're holding up that monster but it keeps sending down more and more tentacles to tickle you."


He's shaking with laughter now, sweat pouring off of him, but he can't move out of position. This is terrific!

"More tentacles, Mark, Two are circling around your beautiful butt cheeks, tickling, tickling....and your thighs, stroking your inner thighs - and squeezing those spots that tickle soooo much. The last tentacles are tickling the backs of your knees and working down your calves. And I am still here tickling your feet. Every second your whole body gets more and more sensitive to the tickling."


"Mark, all this tickling, all this touching, turns you on, doesn't it. It looks like just one part of your body `can' move after all, Mark. Your cock is getting hard, rising up, bigger and longer and fatter than you ever thought possible. Oh, Mark, I can't believe how huge your cock gets when you are tickled like this!.....The monster is confused, Mark. It doesn't know what to think about that rising cock of yours. All the tentacles stop tickling for a second. Just me tickling your ticklish feet lightly and slowly. little tentacle had found your balls,, Mark. It strokes all over your scrotum, tickling your balls, and your cock gets even harder!...And now, another little tentacle is exploring behind your balls, stroking between your balls and your ass. Mark, your cock is so excited it's bouncing up and down!...And now a bigger tentacle has discovered your asshole and is gently working its way in. It feels so good...and it is stroking right on your prostate. Your ass, your balls, your feet, all being played with, all getting so sensitive and ticklish..."

Lustful groans are replacing the laughter. He's riding this all the way! "Mark, two more tentacles are exploring your nipples. They are so hard! And when the tentacles rub them they get so sensitive - you are so turned on, Mark! Don't you wish the tentacles would play with your cock?"


"I think the monster understood you, Mark. While the tentacles are working on your balls, behind your balls, on your prostate, while I keep tickling your feet, another tentacle is starting to stroke up and down the bottom of the shaft of your hard cock...up and down...up...down...And another has wrapped itself just behind the head of your cock and is stroking up and over the head, back and forth, soooo slowly....Doesn't this feel good, Mark?"

"Yessss, sooo good..."

"I think the monster likes you, Mark. He likes pleasuring you - your nipples, your ass, your cock. But Mark, remember, you can feel but you are a statue. You can't cum, no matter how good it feels."

"I want to cum so bad..."

"I know, Mark, but a statue can't cum even if he can feel aroused, even if the feeling makes his cock get harder...and longer...and thicker... No matter how good those tentacles feel on your cockhead, on the shaft, on your balls, behind your balls, on your prostate, slowly pleasuring you, making you hornier than you have ever been, you can't move and you can't cum. How does it feel, Mark?"

"Feels great. But I ...mmmmm...have to cum..."

"Mark, maybe I can find some magic that will let your magic plaster body cum. I'll look around. Oh, Mark, the rest of the tentacles are moving again. They are back to tickling you all over - your ears and neck, your arms, your armpits, your ribs and back and stomach, your legs. I stopped tickling your feet so I can search for a way to help you cum. But - the monster sent down more tentacles to tickle your soles and your toes. You're being tickled all over and pleasured at the same time! You are soooo sensitive now that you can hardly stand the pleasure and the tickling!"


"Until I can find something to help you, that monster will just keep tickling all over and slowly stroking all your erogenous zones..."

And now I sit back and enjoy for a while, adding a suggestion here and there to bring attention to some part of his pleasure-tortured body.


Eventually, we move on.

"Mark, I think I found something. Here is the book that contains the formula for the magic plaster I made you out of. It say you can cum if something taps your prostate three times. Maybe I can get that one tentacle inside your ass to do that. Would you like that?"


"Oh, but there are two conditions. First, when you finally do cum, you have to shoot so hard and far that your cum hits the body of the monster you are holding up over your head. That will make it pull back its tentacles and stop tickling you. Can you do that?"

"Ah...ah....ah...yes...I'll try!"

"No, Mark, you must succeed. Otherwise the monster will crush you into dust. Can you shoot that far? If not, it would be better to just let the monster keep tickling you and pleasuring you than to let you be destroyed..."

"I...I...can do it...ohhhhhh"

"OK, Mark. The other condition is this. Once the monster is hit with your cum, it will go back to being plaster. But you will become flesh and blood. When that happens, you must pleasure me, your creator, in any way I ask, for as long as I desire it. Will you do that, Mark?"

"Mmmmmm...HAHAHA...yes! I will! I will!"

"All right, Mark. I'm going to poke the tentacle that is rubbing your prostate. I'll poke it three times so it will tap on your prostate 3 times. I will count to three and you will repeat each number with me. With each number you will feel the tap on your prostate. After we count to three, you will shoot your cum farther and harder than you ever have, up over your head to hit the monster's body. Three, four, five, six times! Are you ready?"

"Oooooh...I'm ready!"

"Here I"






I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. Six cum rockets shot up and over Mark's head!

"You did it, Mark! The monster is plaster again - and you can move! You are beautiful flesh and blood! Put the monster down on the floor slowly, Mark...Now push back and stand up on the floor. Stretch out your arms, your legs, twist the stiffness out of your body. Doesn't it feel good to be able to move, Mark?"

"Yes, it feels so good..."

"Do you know what to do now?"

"I will pleasure you in any way you tell me to for as long as you want."

Yes, you will, Mark, Yes, you will.