Craig's Job Interview



My dad has been on my ass about getting a job. All day long he nags me to get outside and start looking. I looked at stores that were hiring in my neighborhood and I looked at my local newspapers but all that was available were stock boy positions. I didn't want to bag groceries and I certainly did not want to stock shelves. I gave up looking and I went to one of the adult stores in my area. I thought maybe I'd rent some pornos or something. I bought some magazines and got some videos. As I was leaving, I noticed a flyer on the bulletin board. The sign read, "Are you a teenager looking to make some cash? Need some money for Christmas Shopping? I'm looking for someone to do some house and yard work for me. If you're interested, then call me. Only serious hard working people should apply. Call 555-6821" I thought, "What the heck?!?" As soon as I got home I called the guy.

"Hi, I'm calling about the job."

"Ah, good. What's your name?"

"Craig. What's your name?"

"Chris. How old are you?"

"18 sir."

"Humm.. a young guy.... are you willing to do some heavy work around my house?"

"Yes. I'll do whatever you want me to do."

"Well you seem eager....before I hire you, I must put your through a test, when can you come over?"

"I can come over now."

"Good, here is the address........"

He gave me the address and I said I'd be right over. After I hung up all I could think about was this test. What kind of test was he gonna give me? I rode my bike over to his place, since he lived in my neighborhood. I rang the doorbell.

"Hi, you must be Craig?"

"Yes, I am."

"Come in, make yourself at home. You probably saw my lawn as you rode up, isn't it a mess? I haven't had any time to work on my yard." "It didn't look that bad, I can handle it."

"Well, like I said, I want to test you first."

"What's this test you keep talking about?"

"I want to see how much you can take. I want to test your endurance. It's actually a simple test. Come, let's go to my room."

I followed him into his bedroom. His room looked like any ordinary bedroom. He had a computer, a night table, and a bed.

"Craig, I have to tell you something up front, I gay. Does this bother you?"

"No, not really."

"Does it make you feel uncomfortable in any way?"

"No, because I'm bisexual."

"Well, thank-you for telling me. So we are OK with each other?"


"Great! Let's get started then, why don't you lie down on the bed."

I felt at ease with him yet I still felt cautious. I nervously lied down. He then started pulling some cords or something out from the foot of his bed. He started tying my feet down!

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Don't worry, relax. Put your arms up over your head please."

"No, what are you doing?"

"You do want this job don't you?"

"Well, ya but-"

"Well then put your arms up over your head."

He fastened each of my wrists to handcuffs that were attached to the corners of the bed. I was tied spread-eagle. Now I was scared but I still trusted him for some reason.

"You are so beautiful. I love your blond hair. Let's get that shirt off."

He got a pair of scissors from his nightstand and he started cutting my shirt open.

"Humm, nice chest. Do you work out?"


He ripped out the rest of my shirt from under me. He started feeling my chest. He roamed all around my stomach and chest.

"You are one fine guy, I could just eat you up!"

"Ah, can you tell me what you are planning on doing?"

I should have asked this before he tied me up.

"I want to see how long you can last."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, have you ever heard of milking?"

"I'm not sure. Why? What is it?"

"You have jerked off before, right?"


"Well that's what I'm gonna do, jerk you off for a while."

"Doesn't sound too bad."

"It's not that bad the first or second time. It gets worse later on." "Hey, wooooo, what do you mean second time and what do you mean it gets worse later on?!?"

"I'm gonna make you cum over and over. Just when you think you're empty, I'll make you cum again."

"No, oh no please, I can't. I wanna leave! Please let me go!"

"Too late. You're not going anywhere for a while. Relax. You said you wanted this job didn't you?"

"Yes but-"

"Relax. Since this is your first time, I'll go easy on you. Don't worry, you may even like getting milked."

He started unbuttoning my jeans. He felt my hard cock through my underwear. He pulled my jeans down to me legs and then he pulled down my underwear. My hard cock sprang free.

"It looks like you're enjoying this so far. See, this is not that bad now is it?"

He licked my balls around while fondling my dick. He then started sucking my balls. His hands roamed my entire body. He messaged my legs, arms, feet. He untied my feet temporarily so he could remove my jeans and underwear. As soon as he got them off, he retied my ankles. I was now completely naked. He walked over to his nightstand and he took out this small bottle with some clear liquid inside. He opened the bottle and purred some of the clear stuff into his hand. He sat on the corner of the bed and he held the base of my cock with one hand and then he started stroking my cock with the lubed hand.

"See, this is not that bad. I think you'll like this."

Because he was holding the base of my cock, I couldn't move around. I couldn't escape his skillful hand. Oh, I never felt anything like this before. He really worked that lube into every craves of my cock. There was nothing I could do. I was powerless.

"How are you doing?"

"OK I guess. This really feels good. I never felt anything like this before."

"You're doing good so far."

He must have been stroking my cock for about a 20 minutes or so. It felt very sensual. He continued stroking my cock from the base to my head. He paused to relube here and there. I felt like I was ready to cum.

"I think I'm gonna cum."

"Good, cum, you can do it."

He continued stroking my cock. I moaned a few times and then I erupted. I came like a volcano. He continued stroking my cock to make sure I was empty.

"Wow, that was some load!"

I thought he was gonna stop but he just continued. He scooped up some of my cum and used it as lube. My dick was extremely sensitive now. I started bouncing up and down.

"Hey, can you give me a minute to catch my breath?"

"Just relax, I'll stop when I want to."

I moaned louder now because my dick was still sensitive and he still did not stop. He still had a tight grip on the base of my cock so I could not move around too much. He never missed a beat, he just continued stroking away. I was forced this continuous hand job. I didn't know how much more I could take. He paused to relube and he went right back to work. I was still getting over my last load and here he is purring more of that stuff on my sensitive cock. I started feeling cold, then warm. I was in some kind of ecstasy. I really was powerless and knowing that I could not stop him just made my dick hard. I wasn't gonna win this battle. An hour has passed and he is still stroking my hard cock up and down.

"How are you doing?"

"Oh, please, let me rest, I really need a break."

"Like I said, I'll stop when I think you need a break."

I moaned and pleaded with him to stop but he just ignored me and continued stroking my lubed cock up and down. About a half-hour later, I felt like I was gonna cum again.

"Uh..ah, I think I'm gonna cum."

"You are free to cum whenever you want."

He continued stroking my dick, urging me to cum. Finally, I came. It was pretty powerfully but not like the first one.

"Oh, please, I can't go on, please stop!"

"STOP! What? This was just your second load! You're 18. You're loaded with cum. You're gonna shot many more loads before I give you a break." "Oh please, stop, I really can't go on!"

He ignored me. He scooped up some of my cum and lube my hard dick.

" give me a BREAK!"

Now he gripped my dick harder now. I was going crazy inside. There was no way to stop him. He just kept stroking away. My dick was ultra sensitive now.

"OK, I'll stop yelling, just please go easy on my...please...ah.."

He loosened his grip a little. I was still bouncing a little. My moans did not bother him, he continued gliding his lubed up and down my hard shaft.

"Relax. You're doing fine."

"Please stop, I can't cum anymore."

"Don't worry, I'll make you cum."

After an hour and a half, I cam again, for the third time. He finally stopped stroking my cock.

"Wow, three nice loads! How are you holding up?"

"I really wanna go, I can't go on."

"You don't want to job?"

"I do but-"

"Well then, relax, you're doing fine so far."

"So I can go soon?"

"Soon? Haha.... we are not even half way there yet. I really want to see how long you can last. I want to see how much of this you can take. I'm testing your endurance levels. If you can make it till the end, then the job is yours."

I started thinking, "Is this job really worth it?" I really did need money.

More importantly, I wanted to get my father off my back.

"I'm gonna stroke you off a little differently this time. Let's see how good you are with a little change....a change of pace...haha"

He went back to his nightstand and he pulled out a glove. He put it on right hand and then he poured the lube onto the glove. He gripped the base of my cock with his left and he engulfed my cock with the lube glove. He started stroking me off again but this time he did it soooooo slowly. I really couldn't take it.

"No..oh, no, please stop!"

"Now you know the rules, I'll stop when I want to."

I wasn't just moaning, I was shaking and bouncing up and down. The feeling of the glove just drove me up the wall. It wasn't just the glove; it was his slow strokes that were also killing me. Even with all my shaking, he never missed a beat; he just continued stroking my hard dick. I couldn't escape.

"Please, really, stop, I can't take it."

"Sure you can. You really have no choice because I will not stop until you cum and even after you cum, I may not stop so stop bouncing up and down. I'm gonna keep stroking your cock all night so just get used to it."


Oh, this was torture. I begged him to give me a break but he just ignored me. He paused to relube again. Then he went right back to work. He kept this up for an hour, never missing a beat. Again I felt cold, then warm, cold, warm.

"How are you doing?"

"I can't take it, I'm sorry, I can't cum again. Please stop."

"You will cum eventually, until then, I will not stop. You can take it."

After about another hour, I finally cam. It was my forth load and still powerfully.

"Ya, your doin' fine. Nice load!"

He stopped. He took off the glove and threw it into the bathroom.

"Wow, you shot four nice loads but you're far from done."

"Oh, please, my dick can't take it!"

"I disagree, your dick is still very hard, I think you like having your cock played with over and over. As long as you're hard, then I know your are having fun and want more."

"I..I really gotta go!"

"Relax. I'm gonna try something new with ya."

He started to clean up my chest, legs, and dick. I wasn't sure what he was up too but I felt a little less nervous. He reached into his dresser draw and pulled out a long red scarf.

"I'm gonna polish your cock head for awhile. Your cock will be nice and shinny when I'm done with it."

I really didn't know what he meant by "polishing" but it didn't sound too bad, boy was I dumb! He sat back on the corner of the bed and he just gently caressed my cock with the scarf. It felt good at first, I could handle it.

"Now it's time to start polishing!"

With both hands, he stretched out the scarf and then he started rubbing the scarf back and forth over my cock head. WOW, what a rush! I never EVER felt anything like this! I started bouncing a little.

"Chris, please, this really is too much for me, I really got to go!"

"Relax already, lighten up! I'm not gonna stop so just be quiet and relax."

The sensations were too much for me. I felt very cold. My body was just going crazy. I tried to move around but I couldn't. I couldn't get away from the fuckin' scarf. He just continued rubbing it back and forth while I was grunting and shaking. About a half-hour pasted and he's still polishing my cock head. I felt like parts of my body were numb. I still felt cold but I was hot at the same time. I was begging him to stop.

"Oh please, stop... I really can't holdout!"

"Well, the only way I'll stop is if you cum."

"Oh please no, it could take forever, really, please stop!"

"Like I said, I'll stop when you cum!"

He never missed a beat or took a break. This forced continuous feeling was too much for me. I was still shaking and moaning but he just ignored me and continued rubbing my cock head.

Now, an hour had passed since he starting rubbing my cock. My body was on fire!

"Your cock is so hard....I know your enjoying this! If you could just see your throbbing cock now!"

"Please, how much longer are you gonna keep polishing my cock? I really can't take it?"

"OK, let's make a deal, if you don't cum in the next hour, I'll stop and jack you off, OK?"

"NEXT HOUR! No, NO, please stop!"

He just ignored me and he continued rubbing my cock. The next hour was hell!

"Well, I think you had enough huh? Your cock is so red and looks so good I could just eat it up."

"Oh, thanks...thanks!"

He put the scarf back into his dresser draw and sat back down and he started to jack me off.

"Oh, what are you doing now...please, let me go!"

"It would be cruel of me if I didn't get you off after putting you through that ordeal. Your cock looks like it's gonna got a load to shoot boy!"

As soon as he started jacking my cock, I erupted like never before.

"Wow! Now didn't that feel good? That was a nice load!"

Even after I came he still continued fondling my cock.

"Ya, I did feel good but I'm really beat, I gotta go. It was an interesting evening but I gotta go. So do I get the job?"

"Hey now, we're not done. You think you're done after just shooting five loads...haha...ha...I'm gonna keep you cumming all night...hehe...ha" "What? WHAT? Let me go NOW! I don't want the job, let me go!!" "Now I know you need this job...why else would you be here? Relax because you aren't goin' anywhere. Your cock is mine for the night. I'll make you cum over and can take it...just relax. Just look at your hard cock, it wants to cum again...and again.."

I started yelling and screaming. He reached into his dresser draw and pulled out a gag and put it in my mouth. I was totally powerless.

He laid down between my legs and he licked my balls. He then licked my shafted up and down and finally, he went down on my hard cock. He sucked my dick up and down. His tongue swirled around my cock head. I was floating on air again. While he was sucking on my cock, his hands roamed my chest. He felt my hard nipples, my arms, and my stomach. I was shaking a little but he just ignored me and continued pleasuring my cock. He must have been sucking for about a half-hour. I finally came in his mouth and he swallowed it all.

"Ahhhh, I love the taste of your cum! I love making you cum and I'm gonna keep you cumming until you're empty."

He got out his bottle of lube again, squeezed some of it on my dick, then he messaged it in. He started stroking my cock again. He fondled my balls with one hand while jacking me off with the other. There was nothing I could do. I started to sweat. I felt hot and cold. He then gripped the base of my cock and he continued stroking my cock but not he was doing it ever so slowly. I was bouncing and grunting but he just ignored me. I was going crazy inside. The more I bounced and yelled (into the gag), the slower he stroked my cock. I tried to grit my teeth and lie still. I tried to just accept the feeling but it was too much. While he was jacking me off, I noticed he had this weird smile on his face. He paused to relube and he continued slowly stroking my hard cock up and down. After about two hours of this, I came.

To make this long story short, he got me off about four or five more times.

He used the same methods, jacking, sucking, that fuckin' scarf again, etc. When I cam for the last time, nothing came out, I was finally empty. It was either one or two in the morning when he released me.

"Hey, did alright! You pulled through."

" I have the job?"

"Ya...I think you will like working for me. I give a lot of overtime!"