Jared's Tickle Test


Tickle Tester


Here's a true-life account of a great tickling experience I had a couple of months ago with my friend Jared. Jared and I first became e-mail buddies when I answered an ad he placed on the Hotmail message center. We realized right away that we had a lot in common in that we both liked male feet and tickling, and became great cyber buddies.

Soon after first writing to each other, I had the opportunity of traveling to L.A. for training on our company's new Y2K compliant software. Since Jared lives less than an hour from downtown L.A., I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to meet and get to know each other --- and perhaps more! I invited him to meet me in the lobby of my hotel at a certain time.

After a long Monday of training on the software upgrade, Jared showed up at my hotel around 7:45 p.m. Now Jared's a mix of Latino and Creole, very dark brown hair and eyes, and dark brown skin. In one of his earlier e-mails, he told me he was 38, but on the way up to my room he told me that he was older -- 42. He didn't look it. The way he dressed, carried himself, no grey hair, etc., I would have sworn he was 33 or 34. He's the same height and weight as me (5'7" about 155 lbs.), only in better shape (not real bulky, but nicely toned--great abs!!).

I thought he was very attractive--he had a great smile (BEAUTIFUL white teeth).

After entering my hotel room, we sat and talked for about 20 minutes. Then I removed my shoes and socks from my size 7's, sat on the bed and let him lick and suck the crap outta my feet (tops, bottoms, toes, you name it). It felt great and tickled a lot at the same time.

After about 15 minutes of this, he took a break. That's when I told him it was my turn. We both stripped down to our shorts and he lay down face up on the bed, although he was a little apprehensive. He reminded me that he was VERY ticklish everywhere and that he had NEVER been tickled before for any length of time. I didn't tie him down (although I plan on doing this next time) but asked him to remain as still as possible, lay back and enjoy. I started by giving him a gentle, but firm, foot rub. He had very cute, mostly smooth, size 9's, average width and straight, slightly longish toes. He seemed to like the foot attention, but winced now and again as I hit a few particularly ticklish spots, but after a minute or two he started to relax. Then, I started to lighten my touch--gradually--very gradually. His feet were twitching a bit now--then I started to lightly tickle his heels. Gentlemen, I have NEVER seen heels so ticklish! They were slightly callused, but still extremely sensitive! I did the same thing in different places all over his feet (tops and bottoms, toes, in between toes). He was chuckling, squirming, then finally deep belly laughs erupted when I touched between his wiggling toes. He had a laugh that was downright intoxicating. The more he laughed, the more I wanted to hear him laugh. After probably 15 minutes of this, he was a mess--his eyes were tearing up, he was sweating and a precum wet spot was forming on his shorts.

It's always a thrill for me to be able to reach into a grown man like this and find a helplessly vulnerable, ticklish, giggling little boy inside. I had him in the palm of my hand, or, rather, at the ends of my fingertips. Now it was time to do a Lewis & Clark...and explore!! Tally ho!!

Barely allowing him to catch his breath, next, I worked up his smooth legs. Honestly, I have never seen anyone so ticklish behind his knees--Jared almost fell off the bed when I tickle tortured him there. He screamed/laughed when I touched him between his thighs just below the groin. After tickling and tickling there, and reaching up his shorts now and again, he was inconsolable. A couple of times I accidentally (okay, NOT so accidentally) grazed his balls very lightly with my finger tips and I thought he was going into cardiac arrest!! I finally stopped suddenly, and continued my way up Jared's body, never really finding a place where he WASN'T extremely sensitive--with the exception of his nipples. He was a little bit ticklish on his nipples, but it was more of an erotic zone rather than a tickle zone.

My favorite spot was probably his belly button (an "innie" with a little knot at the bottom--slightly off center). I did anything and everything that my tongue, lips and teeth could possibly do to a navel.

My fav. was to use major suction on his belly button--to the point where it was practically an "outie" in my mouth, then lick and nibble ferociously while I was still sucking. I did this over and over again many times over the next several hours. I couldn't get enough!! Each time I did this, it was like knocking the wind outta the guy--he's grab my head or my shoulders but didn't seem to have the strength to pry me off his quivering belly--laughing to the point I thought he was going to pee his shorts.

His armpits were almost untouchable. All I would do is lightly touch the pit hairs and he would shriek (and I mean SCREAM). Needless to say, we didn't want the neighbors to call the cops, so ..... we worked a lot on being quiet while I tickled the living crap out of him.

Over the next several hours, we alternated between me tickling him and he doing my feet. At one point, he had my feet in a "head lock" and I was completely unable to free myself while he did unspeakable things to the balls of my feet with his two (sharp!) front teeth. Needless to say, I was laughing hoarsely and thrashing around like a maniac. Once loosed, I declared a tickle fight which lasted about 2 minutes--I won handily.

Later, I used a couple of Q Tips on different areas of his body just for the fun of it. In some places, it was more effective than my fingers, like in between his toes (I was surprised). I also used baby oil on his feet and ran my wiggling fingers over every square millimeter of ticklish foot flesh.

Dudes, I wouldn't lie to you--this guy was ON FIRE in ticklish ecstasy almost anywhere I touched him!!! His reactions were classic, yet unpredictable. It wasn't uncommon for me, for example, to be tickling a rib, making him laugh, then move my fingers just a 1/4 inch or so in a different direction and have him go from laughing to ballistic. I loved it! I mapped out his body like this over and over again.

After much of the tickling was over (or so I thought), we both needed a break. I asked him to flip over on his stomach, which he did (he did EVERYTHING I told him--smart boy =(;o)). I poured baby oil on his back and gave him the massage of his life--massaging being another one of my passions. In fact, this particular massage was one of the best I have ever given anybody. This part of the evening lasted probably 1/2 hour or so. I rubbed him, the back of his neck, lightly tickled his ultra sensitive baby back ribs, played with his ears, you name it.

Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer (can you guess what - or who - came next?). I put a fresh coat of oil on his back (especially right at the top of his butt crack), greased myself up and humped myself to horny town while tickling him all over his back. It didn't take long and I exploded about a quart all over the small of his back. ("Horny Town", by the way, is located on Wilshire Blvd., about 2 miles west of downtown Los Angeles.)

While I was still in awe, he turned around and grabbed me. Put me in another "foot lock", then sucked and lightly tickled my feet. I was mondo sensitive now and I kept muttering "Stop--I can't take it" in between helpless giggles, like an idiot. He did this with his mouth and his left hand, while his right hand ("rosy palm"?) claimed it was "Tool Time." Friends, this guy was AT LEAST 8 inches...AT LEAST. After 5 minutes, he came quite nicely, stopped my foot torture, then I hopped under the covers and invited him in "lickety split."

We rested, cuddled and talked until about midnight. The talking was great--we really seemed to open up to one another. At one point, the cuddling consisted of me laying right on top of him, our faces only inches apart, while we talked and got to know each other better-- much of the time, I found myself running my fingers through his curly hair, massaging his temples and ears, and tickling his collar bone. Whew!!

I must say that I'll never think of "Mondays" the same way again.

Tickle Tester