The Painter



Jeff's parents were the managers of a Travel Lodge, and one summer, they had to close for repairs. Jeff thought, "Coool!" - they'd go on vacation or something, anything to get him out town and somewhere different. Well, different he'd get, but he wouldn't be leaving town.

Jeff was 23, 6'2", 185 pounds. He had blonde hair, and was pretty much a swimmer's build. Figures, as he was on his highschool swim team, and was now on his college swim team. He helped his parents anyway he could to run the motel, but this year, he was reluctant at what he had to do.

Jeff's parents were taking a road trip to Phoenix, Arizona for the whole summer. But Jeff had to stay and make sure the repair crews did what they were supposed to. This was bad enough - being left behind - but there was another thorn in his side. Tye, a 5'10" 1/2, 185 pound, 28 year-old painter. He had a rock hard body, and the attitude to go with it. He always made it a point to wear white overalls, and no shirt when he worked - weather permitting. He was half Latino and half Italian, so the sun made him a deep brown in days. And of course, he perked right up like a peacock when the woman came around. Even though he was a womanizer, the woman still came back for more. Jeff hated him for that, and his self-worshipping attitude. Jeff was a goodlooking guy himself, but Tye considered him a wimp because of his lean build and polite demeanor. What was worse was that Tye was Jeff's dad's best friend's son. So Jeff HAD to deal with him.

So Jeff's parents left one July day - the motel being in Santa Fe, New Mexico - it was a crisp 101 degrees outside. Plumbers, carpenters, rug layers, you name it, swarmed onto the property to give the place an overhaul. It had been five years since the last, and since they were right off the interstate, the traffic the place handled warranted the attention. And of course, the painters, whose lead man was Tye.

It was a week into the repair work, and Jeff and Tye clashed a little harder than usual. Jeff told Tye that the interior color he was using wasn't what the company specified. Tye, of course, brushed him off. Jeff persisted, and Tye pushed him up against the wall.

Tye: "Look, Jeff, I know your dad and my dad are friends, but nobody's gonna fuck'n tell me how to do my job!!" Jeff, pushing Tye back: "I'm trying to save you time, asshole! It's the wrong paint, and you've used it in three rooms already! You'll just have to repaint when the company inspector comes out!" Tye, in Jeff's face: "Look, `BOY', you let me worry about that, OK?!" Tye, smirking: "Maybe you outta get laid, man, then you wouldn't be so uptight. But then, you'd have to find someone to pay to get it." Two of the other workman heard Tye's remark and laughed. Tye went on working, and Jeff, embarassed and pissed, went into the office to call his dad.

Jeff: "But dad, its the wrong color - I know it." Jeff's dad on the line: "Jeff, as long as its not a drastic color difference, it'll be OK, take it easy." Jeff, irritated: "It could be black for all you'd care, as long as your best friend's jerk son was painting!" Jeff's dad on line: "Hey! Now there's no need to..." Jeff slammed the phone down and hit the desk with his fist. Just then, Tye walked by the office window. Jeff wanted to get this clown so bad he could taste it. All the years he was growing up, his dad would side with Tye on a lot of things. Tye was also a great actor, and liar, and Jeff could never catch him with proof to back it up. But he had to think of something.

Tye came back by the office while Jeff was at the store, made himself comfortable in the desk chair, put his feet up, and started using the phone. Jeff came back from the store soon after, but entered through the manager's residence's front door. He put the groceries down in the kitchen, and heard a laugh he knew all too well - faint - but it was definitely Tye. Jeff went down the hall and listened at the office door that was open just a crack. He peeked through and saw Tye at the desk.He listened to the conversation, not trusting Tye at all.

Tye, chuckling: "I don't know,'re gonna have to do some tricks for me if I let you."Tye pauses and chuckles again. "OK...once..but that's it...yeah...nah, I'll bring the rope, you just bring the tequila. OK...nah, they're not here, just Jeff...don't worry, he won't know shit, as usual...OK...bye babe." Jeff slips back as Tye gets up, leaves the office, and slams the door. Jeff walks in the office, wondering what kind of "date" needs rope, and why is Tye having Linda come here when he has his own apartment, aside from the fact he has a roomate. So Jeff thinks for a second, nervously, wondering if he can pull off what he's thinking. He mimics Tye's voice a few times, and finally gets it down pretty good if he half covers the mouth piece of the phone. So he hits "redial."

A voice comes on. "Hello?" Jeff clears his voice: "Uh...yeah...Linda, its Tye again." Linda, giggles. "You catch a cold all of a sudden, sexy?" Jeff, thinking he's blown it: "Nah babe...guys are work'n on the phones...they're screw'n up, ya know?" Linda: "You always do things `right', huh Tye?" Jeff cringes at the hint. "Yeah, you know it babe...hey...uh listen, about tonite...uh, I got some extra work pil'n up about tomorrow nite?" Linda: "Oh...Tye...come on...I was all excited.You know how I love to tie you up and play `this little piggie went to market'." Jeff, thinking faster than he thought he could: "I know babe...but...I'll make it up to ya." Linda: "Well...OK...just this once." Jeff, sweating bullets: "Alright then...I'll see ya later." Linda: "Don't overwork your tools, sexy...bbyye" Jeff hangs up the phone, sits in the desk chair, and starts thinking. One phrase sticks in his mind..."playing this little piggie went to market." And then he remebered Tye talking about rope on the phone. Jeff put two and two together - it had to mean Tye liked being tied up and having his toes played with or something. Jeff figured him for a kink-goer anyway, but he never dreamed it went this far. This gave Jeff an idea.

Jeff figured Tye was probably ticklish on his feet - that'd explain the "piggie" trip. So he ran into the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of cooking oil from one of his grocery bags. He knew that Tye was painting exteriors today - specifically, the trim around the roof of the second floor. That meant Tye had to go up a metal ladder. So Jeff quietly went up to the second level, and noticed the other two painters were taking off - it was five o'clock. He had to move fast. He saw Tye lying on his stomach, facing away from Jeff's approach. Jeff snuck up and applied the slick oil on the three middle steps of the ladder. Since the walkway was wide, there was little chance Tye would go over the edge, but a good chance he would sprain his ankle. And if he did go over the side, oh well. Jeff was pissed.

Jeff tosses the bottle of oil into the room under the ladder as the door is open to help the interior paint dry. Jeff: "Hey Tye!!" Tye stops painting, looks behind him: "Yeah...whatta you want?!" Jeff: "Phone call for ya! Some girl named Linda!" Tye jumps up. "I'll be right down!" Jeff knows if he doesn't slip, he's had It - it's a gamble, but he's willing to take it. Tye starts down the ladder, his left foot hits the slick step, his toes slip, and he falls sideways on his ankle, and lays on the walkway grabbing his right foot. Screaming, "Ahh!! Shit!!...God damn it!!!" Jeff, pretending to care: "Tye!!..You OK, man??" Tye, "What do ya think dumbass!! I screwed up my ankle!!" Jeff, kneeling down to look at his white high top covered foot: "Can ya walk?" Tye trys to get up on his own but can't. "Fuck no!! Tell Linda what happened!! Shit!" So Jeff runs to the office, fakes the time to get on the phone, and runs back up the stairs. "She hung up." Tye: "Oh that's fuck'n great!" Jeff: "Here I'll help ya down to the office." Tye: "You're gonna help me? I don't trust you man." Jeff: "Look, Tye, we don't get along, but this is serious shit. C'mon." So Jeff helps Tye limp into the office and into the manager's residence. Tye stretches out on the couch with his foot up. Tye: "I gotta call Linda." Jeff thinks fast. "The phone only works in the office - these guys screwed up the line somehow." Tye: "You call her. Tell her what happened, man." Jeff: "No problem, what's the number?" Tye gives Jeff the number, and Jeff makes the call. Not only does he tell her about the accident, but he says he heard one of the carpenters laughing about how he pretended to be Tye on the phone earlier. She says she thought it wasn't him, but figured it was the phone. Jeff covers his ass, and goes back to Tye. Jeff: "She was worried, but I told her you'd be okay. By the way, some guy was in the office using the phone earlier, pretending to be you - he was talking to Linda too." Tye jolts up, winces in pain: "How the fuck did he get her number?!! Who was he? I'll kill'em!!" Jeff: "I dont know, he left before I could see him, man." Tye, uncomfortably: "How come you're bein' so cool?" Jeff: "Hey, like I said, its an emergency, man. We gotta take care of this ankle before it swells up though."

Tye: "Should'nt ya call an ambulance or someth'n? You ain't no doctor." Jeff, in the kitchen, getting ice in a kitchen towel, comes back in the living room. "No, but I'm a swimmer. We pull muscles and sprain stuff all the time. Plus, you didn't break it." Tye, thinking: "Yeah...I guess you're right. So whatta ya do to fix this shit?" Jeff, with ice pack in hand: "First I gotta get this shoe off. Then I'll put this ice back on your ankle to bring down the swelling." Tye: "Is it gonna hurt?" Jeff, thinking, what a wuss: "Nah, maybe a little when I pull off your hightop." So, Jeff kneels on the floor, and unlaces Tye's Reebok hightop. As he slips it off, Tye yelps. Jeff: "Sorry man, I gotta get it off." Tye, wincing: "Its cool...its cool.." Jeff now starts to slip Tye's sock down to his heel, Tye, a little weirded out: "Hey...whatta ya doin?" Jeff stops just as the sock is halfway past his heel. "Taking your sock off so I can put the ice pack on your ankle. I gotta take it all off in case you bruised your toe or sprained your arch. Beleive me, better safe than sorry." Tye reclines. "Oh...OK cool." Now Jeff sees Tye's bare size 9 1/2. He's seen alot of guys' bare feet in swim meets, but Tye's looked as soft as a baby's butt. He knew he had him.

So Jeff puts the towel with the ice in it on Tye's ankle. Jeff: "OK, let that sit for a bit, and try not to move it." Jeff goes down the hall, and opens the bathroom medicine cabinet. He looks through, and grabs a prescription bottle, and smiles evilly. He goes back to the kitchen, grabs a glass of water, and heads over to Tye on the couch. Jeff, making sure the label isn't visible to Tye, opens it. "These are muscle relaxants. Take two of'em." Tye, cautious: "What for?" Jeff: "In about an hour, when that swelling goes down, the muscles around your ankles are going to hurt like hell, and will probably start spasming.Take my word for It -you wont regret takin' them." Tye takes the pills from Jeff, and water. "What other shit will it do ot me? It won't fuck with my dick, will it? I'm going on a date with Linda after all this shit is over." Jeff: "It'll just knock you out for about half an hour. They're my moms, for her back." Tye stiffins up. "Ah no. Fuck that. I'm not going under!" Jeff: "Then when you really start to hurt, I'll call an ambulance, they'll do x-rays, tests, and give you a local shot with more powerful stuff than this. Then you'll be knocked out in a hospital, and you'll have a kick ass bill to pay." Tye, frustarted: "Shit! Man, you don't tell ANYONE about this shit, ya got it boy?!!" He swallows the pills. Jeff, "OK, now we need to move you to a bed." Tye, apalled: "What?! Fuck you, man! Whatt'are you, a little faggot?!!" Jeff, amazed at how stupid Tye was: "Hey! You need to be lying flat with that ankle up. My parents have a four poster bed with a footboard. This couch won't work. You want to to do this right and get back to work as fast as you can, or what?!" Tye, reluctant: "Man, this shit sucks!!"

So Jeff helps Tye limp into the bedroom, gets him on his back, and puts his sprained ankle on the footboard. Tye is already look'n a little dazed. Jeff: "Thats it. Kick back and relax." Tye, eyes glazed: "Relaxed is right....mman this shit is tough. Hey!!...hey, you promise me you don't tell anyone about this shit!! NOW!! Or I'll kick your ass!" Jeff: "Not a word, man." Tye's eyes close and he passes out. Jeff, knowing that he actually gave Tye two sleeping pills, prescribed for his dad by his doctor. His dad suffered from insomnia, so these pills would keep Tye out for a awhile. Just enough time to get what he needed to get back at this asshole.

Two hours passed by, and Jeff had changed the bedroom a bit. One, he got his dad's video camera up on a tripod, and positioned it perfectly so Tye was the center of attention. He had also tied Tye's wrists to the headboard of the bed. He also tied his ankles to the footboard. But he left Tye's other boot and sock on, just pulled the sock down to tie his bare leg to the footboard. Last but not least, he brought his mother's grooming tools over to the bed, and sat them on the trunk at the foot of it - hair brush, nail brush, fingernail file. He also got his dad's vibrating massager that he used when his wife's back was too out of it. It slipped right over the top of your hand, but if you put it on backwards, your hand was the vibrating contact, not the vibrator massager itself.

So, Jeff hoped he was right about Tye's phone call to Linda. If he was wrong, he was screwed. Now Tye started to come to. Groggy, tries to move his leg: "Hey....what..." Now Tye realizes what's up. "HEY!!!....WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!!!!!" Jeff, sitting in a chair by the foot of the bed: "What's it look like?" Tye, raged: "You ARE a faggot!!!! I fuck'n knew it!! Let me outta this shit NOW!!!" Jeff: "I like woman just as much as you, I just don't fuck'n use them." Tye, really pissed, jerking around: "YOU LET ME GO OR I"LL FUCK"N..." Jeff jumps in: "YOU"LL WHAT!! Look asshole, you're screw'n up the paint job, you've pushed me around for way too long, and you use woman like they're fuck'n appliances!! YOU'LL DO SHIT UNTIL I DECIDE DIFFERENT!!" Tye: "You're gonna die, man...YOU'RE DEAD!!" Jeff: "I dont think so. As a matter of fact, I think you're gonna wish you WERE dead." Tye, laughs: "Fuck you, man! You're a wimp that swims!! You don't stand a chance against me, man!" Jeff: "Who's STANDING now Tye?" Tye sees Jeff's point. "So.....I'll kick your ass as soon as you let me go. The longer I'm here, the WORSE it'll be, so, I'd get to it...NOW, dick wad!!" Jeff, laughs: "Man you're slow." Tye, notices something. " come my ankle doesn't hurt?" Jeff: "Because you didn't sprain it, you just twisted it. Pain only lasts a little while." Tye: "You asswipe!! You planned this whole shit!! Man, you're sooo fuck'n dead!!" Then Tye notices the video camera. "What the fuck is that for?" Jeff: "I'm gonna make you a star, man." Tye,trying to figure it out: "Man, you're sick!! What's this little faggot game about, anyway?!" Jeff, smiles: "this little piggie went to market..." Tye, knowing exactly what that was about: "You spied on me, too!! You are dust, man. DUST!!" Jeff: "And I'm gonna use my information on ya right now. That's what this is all about, tough ass. You need to be taught a lesson BIG time." Tye, a little less tough, but still an asshole: "So...what....what's that shit mean?" Jeff: "One word, tough guy....tickle." Tye, his eyes blink nervously, but he keeps himself tough: "You're gonna tickle me?!! You're fuck'n nuts....besides, I'm not ticklish." Jeff: "No?...I think you're a liar." Tye looks quickly at his bare foot. "You did all this for nothing, didlo head, and now I'll have to beat your ass."

Now Jeff is wondering if he made a big mistake - who's bluffing whom? Jeff turns on the camera, and Tye watches him. Jeff sits back on the stool, and decides to make him admit that he is ticklish. Jeff starts untying Tye's other hightop, slowly. Tye watches. Tye, nervous, but hiding it; he has to: "You're wast'n you're time, fag boy." Jeff, pulling the laces out: "All you have to do is admit it, and nothing will happen, Tye. It's up to you." Now Jeff slips off Tye's hightop, revealing his thick sweat-soaked white sock. Jeff notices a stream of sweat sneak out from under Tye's thick black hair - it trickles down his temple. Jeff: "Nervous, Tye? Just give the word, man." Tye: "I've been barefoot for hours, fuck head - why would I be nervous now!?" Jeff slowly starts to pull Tye's sock past his ankle: "Because this foot is pretty softened up." Jeff slowly pulls the sock off Tye's foot , revealing his other smooth sole. Jeff: "Anything you want to tell me, asshole?" Tye, another stream of sweat sneaks out on his face: "You'd really fuck'n do this to me?" Jeff, knowing he's got 'im now, starts picking the white fuzz stuck to his toes from his sock off his foot. "Do what, Tye?" Tye jumps a little. Jeff smiles, "What's that all about?" Tye, still holding his own: "You're fuck'n hands are cold! Let me go NOW!!" Jeff stops plucking fuzz. "Your last chance to stop this before it starts." Jeff takes one finger and carefully touches Tye's arch. Tye jumps, and changes very quickly. "Hey!!....Look.....this shit is stupid. Just let me go." Jeff drags the finger down to Tye's heel once. Tye jumps again, heightened voice now: "OK...OK!!! got me - you fuck'n happy now?" Jeff stops his finger. "You gotta say it asshole." Tye: "ALL FUCK'N RIGHT!!...OK...I'm ticklish! Let me go!" Jeff, smiles,"I didn't say I'd let ya go, I just said I'd stop." Tye, angry: "Man...hey..what'd ya say?" Jeff: "You heard me. I'm still going to tickle your feet. I lied." Tye, nervous: "You...ah, c'mon wouldn't do that shit.....would ya?" Jeff: "So now my name's Jeff? How things change." Tye, pleading: "Look...hey, uh,..I'm sorry Jeff. I'll be cool with ya...really man. Just let me go, and we can forget the whole thing, OK dude?" Jeff: "Mmmm....nah, you need to be taught a lesson. No can do." Tye, pleading: "Look, Jeff, you can't tickle my feet....I mean ya can....but..don't...please." Jeff: "I gotta, Tye."

Jeff picks up the nail brush his mom uses to do her nails. It's soft and fine, and Tye's feet won't handle it well. Jeff holds it over Tye's toes. "We'll start with something easy. Don't forget to smile for the camera." Tye, shaking: "Wh...ats that?" Jeff: "A nail brush. Ready, tough ass?" Tye: "No....I mean please, Jeff....c'mon.." Jeff starts to swirl the tiny brush under Tye's toes. Tye moves his toes. "Hey...HEY!!....fucker!!..What are you doin?!!" Jeff: "Bad choice of words, Tye." Now Jeff starts to tickle the bottom of each toe, starting with the big one. Tye is biting his lip, his foot wiggling a little. Jeff, watching Tye's reactions: "What's up, Tye? I bet this tickles pretty bad. It's OK, let yourself go, man." Tye starts to grunt, curls his toes down, but he can't escape the brush. Jeff: "Guess we'll have to step things up, huh Tye?" Jeff takes his free hand and starts slowly tickling the bottom of Tye's foot. Tye jumps and yells. "OK!!!!.......STOP IT!!!!!....YOU FUCK'N WIN!!!!!" Jeff stops. "I haven't even started yet, Tye. Got a lot of tape left in the camera." Tye: "You wouldn't man...don't do this....I learned my lesson."

So Jeff sits between Tye's feet, puts one hand under each one. "OK, Tye, here it goes." Tye, before he starts: "NO!!!!.....YOU LITTLE SHITHEAD!!!!!" Jeff: "That kind of talk makes things worse man - bad move." Jeff starts wiggling all his fingers all over the soles of Tye's feet - from toes to heel. Tye starts bucking on the bed. Tye: "OH....OH NO......DONT!!!......OH..... SHIT.....Ahhha..NN..OO....JEEFFF!!! HAHHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!....FUUUUCK!!!!!.. HAHAHAH.....ARRRGHHHHH!!!!!...SSTOOOP!!!....HAHAHAHA.....PPLEEEEASE!!! HAHAHAHA .......AWWW....SHIIIIT!!!!.......NNOO!!!!..IT!!!!!!!HAHAHAHHEHEHEHE EEEE......TTTICKLES!!!!!!!" Jeff stops. "Not bad for a guy who's not supposed to be ticklish." Tye, catching his breath: " more....I can't...take it!" Jeff: "Well, I'll tell ya what, I cut it back a little and go right for the good stuff, OK? Tye, scared: "NO!!.....Don't tickle my feet anymore!!" Jeff, putting the vibrating massager on his hand: "Gotta pay, tough guy - it'll be over before ya know it." Tye looks at the device on Jeff's hand. "What...what's that?" Jeff: "Makes it less work for me - but if you thought that tickled, wait till you get some of this, you fuck'n asshole." Jeff turns it on, his fingers vibrate to a blur almost, he applies his fingers to the tops of Tye's toes.

Tye, eyes bugging out: "HHOOOLY SSHIIIIIIT!!!... NO!!..... NOOOO!!... D..ont...ha..haha....hahahahaHAHAHAHAHAA H...STTOOOOOP!!!!....HEHEHEEHEEEEEEEHAHAAAAAAAA.....AWWRRRGHH!!!!....NOOOO. .......HAHAHHAAHA....NOOOOOOOO!!!....HAHEHAHEHAHEEEEEE.....NANA....HAHHAAH. ...STOP IT!!!!!!" While Tye bellowed out, almost crying, Jeff moved around to his sole again, making sure he got right under Tye's soft thick toes. Tye: "OOHH.....NOT THAT!!!!!!....OH NO!!!...... hahaHAHAHAHHHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!JEEEESUS.........NOOOOOOOOO!!!!..HEHEHEHEHEHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!........I CANT STTAAAND IT!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!..PLLEEEEASE!!!!!....DOONT!!!!!!.....SHHIIIIT!!! HAHHAHAHAHAHA!!" Jeff turns off the device, Tye pants, giggling, tying to breathe. Jeff gets another idea and leaves the bedroom. Tye lies there, jellified, weak.

Jeff comes back with his cat and can of cat food. Tye looks at him as he opens the cat food, the cat purring at Jeff's feet. Tye, now able to talk: "What are you going to do?" Jeff: "Time for the cat's dinner, man, but his bowl's dirty." Jeff starts smearing the cat food all over the bottom of Tye's foot, toes and all. Tye giggles, as he's very ticklish now. "Hey....stop that shit!!..heheh...hahaha....come on ENOUGH!!" Jeff finishes, picks up the hungry cat, Tye looks horrified. Tye: "You wouldn' this ain't human!! You wouldn't do this." Jeff, puts the cat right up to Tye's foot, the cat starts to lick. Tye, wiggling his foot: "Jeff, get it away....c'mon dude....its start'n to really tickle now....haha..get it..hehehe..away......hahaHAHAHAHAH......SSSTOOOOOP IT!!!..........HEHHEHEHEHAHHAHAHAHHA.....NO!!....NO!!!!.....OHHHOHOHOHOH...HAHHAHAHHA.....HEHHEHEH!!!....AWRRRGHHHHH!!!! PPLEEEEASE!!!!!!!........HAHHAHAHAHEHHEHEHEHE...AWRRRRGHR!!!!! GET IT AWAY... AAY..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!... GGET...IITTT....AAWAAAAAY..HAHAHHAHAHA !!!!!" Jeff pulls the cat away, and Tye is still laughing. He quiets down, the cat takes off, the food gone from Tye's foot completely. Jeff: "So, I guess you learned your lesson, huh?" Tye giggles. "You gonna let me go now?" Jeff: "Sure, but remember, you give me ANY shit, and I'll send copies of this tape all over the place. Got it, tough ass?" Tye, swallowing his pride: "Yeah, I got it alright." Tye, slipping into his norm again: "You're a real punk for doin this shit to me, man." Jeff: "What was that?" Tye, realizing he's made a mistake: "Nothing, man. I won't give you any shit, promise." Jeff starts tickling Tye's toes with his finger. "I can't hear you, man. What was that again?" Tye: "Jeff...stop it...I'm sorrry... heheheehe....ddont....nnnoooommoore.....hahahaha..." Jeff stops, as Tye is pretty hashed.

The next day, Tye was repainting the rooms he had done with the wrong colors. Jeff came into the room that Tye was working in alone. Jeff: "Its coming out nice - you do kickass work when you want to, Tye." Tye, roller in hand: "Yeah...thanks." Jeff: "Hey Tye, so, you ticklish in other places, too?" Tye, angered, but soon remembers the blackmail over his head: "You know you can go fuc.....I mean, yeah, why?" Jeff: "Just curoius...just curious." Tye looks at Jeff really weird, and wonders how far this blackmail shit is going to go. As far as Jeff was concerned, pretty far. After all, there were a few woman around that would love to see Tye get his by somebody else's hand. And Jeff had free hands with not much to do. Besides, Tye had years of backpay as far as Jeff was concerned.

Jeff stood there watching Tye's shirtless pecs move under his infamous white overalls for a minute. As Tye reached his arm up with the roller, Jeff could see from his armpits down to just below his lats. It all looked as soft as the soles of his feet. Tye turns back to look at Jeff. "Anything else?" Jeff: "No, just thinking that it's a long time til summer's over."

The End?