The Physical



I looked at my calendar and noticed my physical with Dr. Johnson was today, in an hour! I forgot all about it. I showered and hurried over. I checked in with the secretary and waited. I wasn't nervous or anything, it was just a physical. I know I'm in OK shape but I still wanted the doctor to check me over. I was sitting there for about five and a nurse called me over. She weighed me and led me to the examination room.

"Just have a seat. Dr. Johnson will be in momentarily."

"OK. Thanks."

The room was kind of small, just a sink, table, two chairs, and the big examination table was in the center of the room. I waited and waited some more. He finally came in and apologized for being late.

"Hi there. I'm sorry I'm late, I was busy with another patient. You must be Peter?"


"So you are here for a physical, right?"

"Yes. I just wanna make sure nothing is wrong with me."

"You did the right thing. I wish more people came in for check-ups. Sometimes, what people can't see, we can. Now let me ask you a few questions. How old are you?"




"Good for you. Do you feel any unusual pains anywhere, legs, arms, anything like that?"


"Do you play sports?"

"Sometimes with my buddies from school."

"So you're a student?"


"Live at home?"


"Now this question may seem embarrassing but I must ask, are you sexually active?"

"Well..... I have been seeing this girl."

"OK. But that does not really answer the question. Are you engaging in any sexual activities with her?"

"Ah... yes, we have."

"OK. I'm done giving you the third degree, not it's time to work you over. Just kidding! I'll leave the room for a moment and you can undress. Take all of your clothes off except for your underwear. When you're done, have a seat on the table. OK?"


He seemed like a nice guy, a little odd but OK. He really had me worried there for a minute. I started to take off my shirt. I laid the shirt on the chair. As I took off my pants, I started to think about Dr. Johnson and how he would be feeling me all over. I'm not gay but I started to like the idea of another guy touching me. I started to get hard. I tried to control myself. I finished undressing and I sat up on the table. He came back in and started his examination.

"I'm going to check your blood pressure first."

He attached the cuff and squeezed the life out of me.

"Blood pressure is OK. Lie down for a moment."

He helped me to lie down and then with his hands he started applying pressure to certain parts of my body.

"Does this hurt?"


"How about this?"


He told me to put my arms up over my head. He felt different areas of my chest. He then ran his hands down my sides. I started laughing.

"Ah, ticklish are we?"

"Ya, a little."

I now need you to stand up for a moment. This may seem embarrassing but I need you to take off your underwear. I need to examine your testicles.

Wow, did my face turn read. I really felt uncomfortable but I want to make sure I'm OK so I took them off. He took my testicles in his hand and he looked at them and fondled them.

"Hummm... Your testicles seem very big. I don't think it's anything to worry about but I want to study them some more. Hop back up on the table."

"Can I put my underwear back on?"

"No, not yet. Just lie down and relax."

He then started pulling out these two cuffs from the top of the table. The cuffs were attached to the table by a chain.

"What are you going to do?"

Now I started to get scared.

"I need you to be perfectly still during this examination. Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you."

He took my wrists and secured them to the top of the table above my head. He moved down to my ankles and attached cuffs there too. I asked him if that was really necessary.

"Yes. I want to make sure you lie still."

"What are you doing to do?"

"Your testicles are abnormally large. They must be loaded with cum. You need to be ejaculated."

"You mean I have to masturbate? I can do that myself. Uncuff me and I will jack off."

"No, I will get you off myself. All you have to do is cum. You have the easy part. I will jack you off till you cum, no matter how long it takes. Just closes your eyes and relax, think about your girlfriend."

"I don't think I like this. I really want to get off this table. Let me go to the bathroom, I'll jack off and then you can check my testicles then."

"Like I said, I will get you off. Now be quiet and relax."

He started fondling my testicles again. This got me hard. He then started playing with my hard cock. I felt very uncomfortable about this. He should not be doing this. It did feel good though but I was still nervous. The only people who have touched my cock were my girlfriend and me. I have fantasized about jacking off another guy and then that guy would jerk me off. But that was just a fantasy, this is reality and this made me feel uncomfortable. He suddenly stopped. He went over to a cabinet and took out a small bottle. He opened it and squeezed some of the gel out into his hand.

"Don't worry, I'm just going to lubricate your cock a little."

He held the base of my cock and wrapped his lubed hand around my cock. He began stroking my cock up and down. What a sensation! The gel was slick and it magnified the sensations to my cock. He stroked my cock up and down from the base to the head. The feeling was incredible.

"Just relax. All you have to do is cum and I won't stop until you do."

He released the base of my cock and he started feeling my chest while he was jacking me off with his other hand. He felt my hard nipples. He then ran his hand up and down my sides again. I laughed and I ask him to go easy on me. He continued roaming my chest and sides while he was jacking my cock. He then stopped everything. He then let both of his hands explore my chest.

"I thought the problem was my testicles. What are you doing now?"

He did not answer me, he just started tickling me. I started bouncing up and down, trying to get away from his hands. He said he was just having some fun with me. He poured more of the gel into his hand and he held the base of my cock again and went back to work. This time he took long slow strokes up and down my shaft. The feeling was incredible.

"Have you ever stroked your cock slowly, like this?"

"No, not this slow. This is killing me."

"Good. I'm going to pump your cock just like this until you cum. This may seem like torture to you but it's pleasure to me. I want to watch you shake and moan as I stroke you off slowly. You will eventually cum, it will just take a while and I have all day."

"You can't be serious, this can't be happening. Release me now, I want out!"

He quickly took out a rag and gagged me. I really was scared now, he was forcing me to cum against my will. I tried to scream but I couldn't. He said me to relax.

He then started messaging my cock head. He firmly held the base of my cock and he fondled my lubed head with his fingers. While he was doing that, he said, "Remember, your job is to cum. I won't stop until you do!" He was really torturing me now. I couldn't escape. He really knew how to work my cock head and he kept me in ecstasy for a while. He paused to lube my cock again. He held the base and started stroking me off slowly again. I started sweating. My chest started to glisten. I was moaning because I wanted to cum so bad. This is just what Dr. Johnson wanted. He wanted to get me off but he wanted me to suffer before I came. He must have been stroking my cock for at least two hours. I was going crazy inside.

"You look so hot right now. You are beautiful. Your cock is so hard and firm. Looks like your cock is ready to explode. You probably want me to speed up a little huh?"

I nodded yes.

"Well, I like to take things slow. I want to keep you on this sexual high for a long time. Or at least until you cum."

I was wet all over now. I looked like I just came out from a shower. I tried to make myself cum. I tried to think about my girlfriend. I imagined us doing it at her house but it was no use. This sexual high was too intense. His slow strokes kept urging me to cum but I couldn't. It was as if I wanted to cum but was denied the relief. His skillful stroking kept me on the edge for hours. I was on this rollercoaster for a while.

"Would you like me to stop?"

I muffled YES through the gag. I was weak and tired.

"Well, all you have to do is cum."

I started screaming again. I felt so wore out. He put his hand on my head and pushed it back down.

"Shhhh. Relax. You know what you have to do. Concentrate. You will cum. No matter how long it takes, you will cum."

He just kept stroking my dick up and down. He did not take any breaks. He would just pause once in a while to relube my dick. Finally I felt my cock was starting to swell up. I was in ecstasy. The rollercoaster ride was almost over. I was on top of the hill ready to come down. I erupted like a volcano. It was some orgasm. It was over, I finally came.

"Well, see, I knew you could do it. Now that was not that bad was it?"

I just laid there motionless. I had cum all over me. I was hot and sticky.

"Now, let me see your testicles."

He poked and fondled them around a bit.

"Hummmm. They are still large. You got more cum in them than I thought. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to work your cock again."

I was going ballistic but there was nothing I could do. I was too tired and weak. He scooped up some of my cum and lubed my cock with it. He held the base of my cock and went back to work - SLOWLY.

The End

(WRITER'S NOTE: This is kind of my first attempt at writing an erotic story. I am turned on by reading stories of forced orgasms, so this is what I wrote about. Please E-Mail me, constructive criticism is acceptable but `hate' mail is not. This story was inspired by a recent doctors visit.)