Trapping a Ticklish Red Bear



Jer is about five-feet-eight, bearish, with violent red hair, a round open, almost child-like face, dimpled chin and the sweetest pug nose you'd ever see.

He had a fair complexion spattered with freckles under the eyes and across the bridge of his nose; he isn't so much handsome as he is adorably cute. He hails from England, but his features are so "Irish", know what I'm sayin'? He used to be VERY bearish--heavy red beard and stache, but he had shaved it all off by this time, and now he looked positively cherubic.

Looking at him, could anyone believe that this redheaded bear's childlike countenance conceals the wildest, carnal thoughts? His look of wide-eyed innocence is genuine enough in regards to most things, but the kid KNOWS what he likes. And what he likes is kidnapping scenes.

And, since this is purely consensual, David and I are more than happy to oblige.

I don't want to get into all the details, but a scene with Jer once went like this; Dave and I crept into his house on Saunders and stealthily filed our way through the shadows of the redheaded bear's darkened domicile. We'd watch Jeremy from the shadows--cocking his head to one side and wondering where the noises he was hearing are coming from (it would be David that he'd hear . . . I'm as silent as a cat).

By the time Jer is aware that Dave and I are already in the house, I would be directly behind him. He would turn quickly in alarm . . . but not quickly enough. Dave would pinion his arms from behind while I'd hold his red head.

Once Dave got Jer handcuffed, he'd replace me in the task of holding the English bear's head. Meanwhile I would press an ether-doused velvet cloth over Jer's mouth and nose. (ETHER not chloroform, y'all) The bear would fight desperately, trying his best not to inhale, but I'd give him a reasonably strong punch to the chest. Then Jer would suck in his breath and it isn't long before he's a limp redheaded bundle dangling between me and Davey. We'd drag him over to the sofa, dump him on it, then bind his ankles together.

I'd sit on the sofa near Jer's feet. David would go off to the kitchen and raid the English bear's fridge.

I'd pull Jer's bound legs up so that his sneakered feet are resting on my lap.

After a while I'd remove his sneaks and socks and set them aside (remember to take your kidnap victim's socks off before you bind the ankles--getting those smelly Champions off Jer's feet in this instance was a bitch). Anyway, after a while of drinking in the sight of Jer's bare size-eleven feet, I'd slip the tip of my tongue between his toes. And as I proceed to lick between all ten of them, I'd be floating in a carnal haze. Once I begin licking his tender, baby-soft soles all over, my entire body would feel electrified . . . my cock hard as a rock. I'd bathed his smooth heels with my tongue . . . letting this fantastic sensation wash all over me as I do so. And once my load was shot, I'd see to it that Jer--after he regained consciousness--got would he wanted too. I'd begin by unbuttoning and unzipping his trousers and freeing the British bear's uncut tool.

Jer, like Dave, likes to have his feet tickled, so I'd use my fingertips to lightly to stroke over both of his bare ticklish soles, scraping from his smooth heels to his cute, wriggling toes. Almost instantly the tickling sensation on the bottoms of his naked feet forces the British bear into spasms of wailing laughter. I'd pick up the pace every two minutes, using my fingernails to trace patterns all over his arches and stroking the fleshy part of the balls of his feet. Then i'd gently pry apart each of his toes and scrape between them. Poor kid would try his damndest to pull his feet away, but his ankles would be tied together too well for that. He'd be completely helpless to stop me from doing whatever I wanted.

I'd push his legs up so that his knees are up against his chest. When I see that his penis is engorged to the max and shiny with it's first few tears of excitement, I'd increase my attack on his feet with one hand, while stroking him off with the other. Soon he'd gush cum in seemingly impossible amounts while arching his back, scrunching his eyes shut and screaming like a banshee.

I can almost cum just by watching the intense way that Jer shoots his load!