The Road Trip



It was early June, and Jake and Mike had three months of vacation time. They'd been best friends since high school, and always said they'd drive cross country to California. And since they were from Upsate New York, they had a long trip ahead. They'd decided to take the southerly route eventually ending up on Route 66. They had to - it'd be a sin not to.

They had reached the halfway point, more or less, as they sped through New Mexico. Now, at this time of year, it's dry hot, but every once in awhile, you'll find yourself in one hell of a thunderstorm. But for Jake and Mike, they'd find more than just hail and rain - or should I say "it" would find them.

Both being construction workers, Jake being the bigger guy, 6'2 and 200 lbs. of hard muscle. He had jet black hair and green eyes. Slight wisps of hair all over him - the typical Italian guy from New York. Mike was more of a heavier swimmer build, at 5'10 and 180 lbs. With his blonde hair and steel blue eyes, along with his smooth practically hairless skin and dark tan from work'n construction sites. They were driving, of course, a pickup, with the built in tool locker holding their luggage. They were doin' the motel thing all the way, as they had a hefty bonus from the last two jobs they did. Everything was goin' great until that one night in New Mexico.

"God Damn it, Mike!! Give me the fuck'n map, will ya?!" While Jake squinted through the dark night, heavy rain and hail pelting his windsheild, keeping a heavy grip on the steering wheel, Mike blurted out after spitting out the penlight in his mouth, "Take it easy, Jake! Shit!. It's gotta be comm'n up soon!"

Jake, agitated: "Ya said that half an hour ago. If we don't find this goddamn town soon, I'm pull'n over! I can't see shit! We'll bunk in the truck - its safer."

Mike, still struggling with the map: "Like we'll fit in here. Only if you stick your long-ass legs out the window!"

Suddenly there was a loud bang, and the truck started to swerve. Jake tried to gain control, but couldn't. He hit the brakes, and they went right off the road into a side ditch . The truck leaned over to the passenger side, and rested. Mike, rubbing his head: "Jesus!!...Jake!!..Jake, you alright?"

Jake, wiping blood from his nose that slammed into the steering wheel: " ain't broken. Great, a fuck'n blowout! Now we're screwed!" Mike, trying to see out his window: "Maybe we can right the truck - put on the spare?"

Jake, looking at Mike like he's an idiot: "Yeah, and maybe there's a crane outside that we can use to do it! We're in a goddamn ditch! No way we're mov'n this mother alone."

Mike: "I'm just try'n to make the situation less shitty man."

Jake, trying to see outside: "Yeah, I know man. Sorry, I'm just really pissed. Hey, is that a building up the road?"

Mike squints as the rain is letting up a little. "Looks like it. Though you're the big shit contractor - you make the call."

Jake laughs, "Come on, smartass, maybe there's a phone."

So Jake and Mike locked up the truck, and started up the dark, deserted road for about a quarter mile. The rain had let up, but not a soul passed them on the road. They reached the building they had seen - it looked deserted.

Mike, as they walked up the driveway: "Looks like an old motel . Real fuck'n old."

Jake, checking out the scene: "I'd say it went up in the `thirties. Looks like nobody's been here for a long-ass time."

They reach the front door of the three-story wooden building. The windows are boarded up, but the door isn't.

Jake, looks at Mike: "Figures we'd end up at a construction worker's nightmare on vacation, huh?"

Mike, "There's no phone, you can bet."

Jake, as the rain starts again: "We might as well bunk here - at least it'll be dry. Then in the morning, we'll flag someone down to take us to civilization."

Mike, creeped a bit: "I dont know Jake. This place is beat up. It ain't safe."

Jake, grins: "Whatta ya, scared? You said we wouldn't fit in the truck cab. Shit! There's gotta be twenty rooms in this dump." Jake tries the doorknob, it turns, they open the door and walk in.

Jake, being intersted in old architecture, starts walk'n around. "You got that penlite on ya?" Mike turns it on, shines it around. Old furniture and garbage are everywhere, cobwebs and the like. A front desk is in front of them, and to the right, the stairs leading up to the rooms.

Mike, wide eyed as thunder crashes outside: "Now what?"

Jake, heading for the stairs: "We check in. Come on, chicken shit."

Mike shines the light up the stairs, follows Jake: "I ain't chicken."

They reach the landing and move down the hall to one of the rooms. Jake opens the door, it swings with an erie squeak, looks at Mike: "Hope they have room service."

In the room is an old cot and an old bed, a couple of broken chairs and an old dresser. Jake, taking of his jacket: "Top bunk or bottom?"

Mike, the floor creaking loudly as Jake and he walk over it: "This place gives me the creeps."

Jake bounces on the old cot; dust flies. "Wow, shitty maids." He then gets up again, and walks to where the bathroom door is. "I gotta take a leak." Suddenly, the floor gives way, and Jake drops straight down, stopping at his knees. Mike runs over while Jake yells, and the floor gives again. Now Mike is in the same predicament.

Jake, "Goddamn it!!...I can't get up!!"

Mike, trying to worm out, five feet from Jake, panic'd, "I can't either!! Shit!! I told you this place wasn't fuck'n safe!"

Jake, trying to pull himself up: "The fuck'n beams are folded in on my legs!! I can't get free!"

Mike: "Are you cut?"

Jake: "Nah, just jammed in here..SHIT!"

Mike, catching his breath: "Me too! Whatta we gonna do?"

Jake, look'n around frantic, "I don't know, but we gotta get loose...nobody's gonna know we're here."

As thunder crashes outside, the lightning lights up the room. Mike bolts around as if he'd seen something. "Hey, there's somebody here!"

Jake, looking around: "You're nuts. You're see'n shit in the dark."

Mike, wide eyed, nervous: "No man, I saw somebody in the hall!." Mike calls out, "Hey!! In here!!"

Jake: "There's nobody here! Keep try'n to get your legs free."

Mike: "I'm tell'n you I saw a guy stand'n there."

Jake, wincing as he tries to escape: "Whatever Mike."

Jake lays flat on his back, tired of the fight as his knees are free to do so: "I don't fuck'n beleive this!"

There starts a noise beneath them, like the moving of furniture.

Mike, really scared: "You hear that?"

Jake sits up, "Yeah....its from under us. Maybe you were right."

Jake, in his deep bellowing voice, looking down: "Hey!!Hey!! Gives us a hand down there!!"

The sounds of moving furniture stops - its dead quiet.

Mike: "This place is fuck'n haunted, man, I know it!"

Jake: "Jesus, Mike! Will you get a grip? It's probably an old bum or someth'n." Jake trys again: "Hey!! You down there!! Anybody there??!" Not a sound.

Mike, looking at the floor they're trapped in: "He's gotta see our feet dangling through the ceiling down there."

Jake, laying back down: "I gotta figure a way to get lose."

Now another sound is heard, like bending wooden planks right underneath them. Mike, lighting up: "Hey!! See! He's trying to clear the studs to get us out!"

Jake, hopeful: "Yeah..hey yeah!! Hey, thanks..uh..whoever you are down there!!" Jake jolts a bit: "He's got my feet free! We're halfway there!"

Mike jolts now as the planks are pulled from under his feet. "No shit! Me too!! Hey, can you give us a hand up here now?!"

Silence fell once again. It stayed this way for a good twenty minutes.

Mike, tired: "We've been yell'n at this guy for awhile. I think he bailed."

Jake, also fatigued: "Why would he get us halfway free and leave?"

Mike: "Maybe he's passed out with a bottle or someth'n."

Jake, startled, sits up. "Hey..what was that?"

Mike, sits up, confused. "What's what?"

Jake, startled again, looking at the floor: "Something just brushed against my boots."

Now Mike jumps, looking the the floor: "Hey, me too. He must be back with more help or someth'n."

Jake, bellowing out: "Hey!! You down there!! You need to get these floorboards off our legs up here! We're penned in!"

There was only silence.

Mike, nervous: "I'm really not liking this now."

Jake, trying to move, but can't: "He's all we got. He's probably plowed. Stumbl'n around. You know, like you when you party."

Mike: "Ha, ha. How come he don't say noth'n?"

Jake: "I'm not a tour guide, dude."

Suddenly, Jake is startled again. "Hey...hey he's unty'n my boots."

Mike: "Maybe he figures you'll slip out easier that way."

Jake, irritated: "Christ Mike! You're a carpenter, ya think boots or no boots makes a fuck'n difference?! Look at me!" Jake, startled again: "Yeah, he's untyn the other one now. Hey!..Buddy!!..This ain't gonna help!"

Now Mike jumps: "He's unty'n my boots, too. What's the deal?"

Jake, nervous: "I don't know, but I wish he'd fuck'n say someth'n."

At that moment, Jake really jumps: "Hey!! What are ya doin', man!! Hey!!!"

Mike, nervous: "What's goin' on?!"

Jake, try'n to get free: "He's takin' off my boots!" Jake, angry: "God damn it!! Who are you!! Stop fuck'n around!! Get us outta here!!"

Mike, with a seriously fearful look: "He's takin' mine off now."

Jake, his eyes look shocked: "What the fuck?!!"

Mike: "What?!! What'd he do?"

Jake: "He ripped my fuck'n socks off!! Hey!!! Asshole!!! What the fuck is up with this shit?!!"

Mike, trying to get free: "He's takin' mine off!! I don't like this shit at all!!"

Jake, confused, looking at the floor: "What the hell is he up to, Mike? What is this shit?!"

Mike, looking at the floor: "I..I dont know, Jake, but it's not good."

Jake pounds his fist into the floor in frustration. "Ya got that right!" Then Jake's eyes open real wide, like he'd seen a ghost. "Hey......hey Mike...somethin's goin' on here.."

Mike, terrified: "What!? Whats up!"

Jake, nervous: "There's someth'n touch'n my big toe...on the bottom."

Mike, hopeful: "Maybe he's try'n to push you up and out."

Jake twitches a little. "No, Mike, I don't think so." Jake twitches again. "There's someth'n mov'n across the bottom of toes...real uh."

Mike, mortified, concluding what's up: "Like a feather?"

Jake, shaky: "Don't even think that, Mike. Maybe it's a spider or someth'n, but...but whatever it's just enough to get your attention."

Mike, try'n to get out again: "Oh jesus, he's gonna tic..."

Jake butts in, twitching: "Don't even say the word, Mike. Jake, a look of releif: "It stopped! See, it was a spider." Now Jake jumps, eyes wide, worried: "Oh shit!!...This ain't happening!!"

Mike: " Its fuck'n him, ain't it?!! Ah man!! We're screwed!!"

Jake, starting to grin, try'n to get free: "There's someth'n...m..moov'n up the..bbottom..of my f..foot, aint a spider." Jake starts to giggle, "Oh Shit!!...Mike!!'t do this!!...'s fuck'n......he he....tickl'n foot..ha ha!!"

Mike watches in horror as Jake starts to laugh. "He...hehe....he's.....ha ha HA HA......AWWW......SHHIT!!........NOOOOO........NOT..HAHAHA.....MMY........ TOES!!...ARRGH...HAHAHEHE!!!......PPLEEASE!!!!!AWRGH!!!!!!SSTOOOP!!!!"

Suddenly, Jake stops, and tries to catch his breath. "He...he he......Stoopped......oh..fuck....Mike, if..he..tickles bboth my feet...I'l fuckn lose it!"

Mike now jumps in terror. "Oh that!! on!! PLEASE!!!"

Jake, fearful for his friend: "Mike!! Fight it, man!! Try!!"

Mike, gigling: "I...I cant!... HahaHAHAHA..HE...HE..he's..l...lick'n...HAHAHA..mmy....t..TOES!! AWGHHAHAHAHA!!"


Suddenly, Mike goes limp as the tickling stops. Mike, outta breath: "W..why is...he d...doin this!!?"

Jake, scared at what's next: "I don't know, but I'm way too fuck'n ticklish for this!" Jake now looks as though his heart stopped. "Oh jesus no!.....Mike....he's doin it!!! Fuck'n HELP me!!! He's tickln..uh..ha ha..b..both of!! OH SHIT!!!!!! AWRGH!! HAHA... NOOO....NN..PLEASE!!!..HAHAHA...S..STOOP!!!!..HEHEHAHA!!! I..HAHAHEHEHE.. AWRGHHHH....CAANT..TT..AKE IT!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Mike jumps as he watches his friend tickled to death. He feels what must be feathers on both of his feet. Mike, starting to lose it: "J...Jaakee!!! He...he's...haha...tickln ...bboth..hahaha.of my...ffeeet...hehehe..toooo..!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!OOOHNNOOOO....PPLEEEASE!!!!!"

As both men are in hysterics, both of their feet being mercilessly tickled, two men in capes and hoods enter the room. They wrestle with the weakend men being tickled, and start stripping their t-shirts off. Jake and Mike try, but can't fight while the tickling is so intense.

The two men then lay them flat on their backs, tie ropes around their wrists, and tie the other ends to the feet of the dresser and bed. As they both lay their screaming, sweating, heaving, the two men produce small jars of some kind of solution, and wipe it all over Jake and Mike's chest. Then they leave, and shut the door behind them. Suddenly, the tickling stops, they both lay motionless, outta breath.

Jake: "They're...Fuckn...torture'n us!!"

Mike, breathing hard: "I...I cant take anymore, man!!!"

Jake, looking at their situation: "What...what is this shit on us?!"

Mike, composing: "I don't care as long as they don't tickle my feet!"

At that moment, two doberman pincers enter the room and sit on at Jake's legs, the other at Mike's. One man enters the room with a cape and hood.

Jake: "Who are you!! What the fuck is this??!! Let us go!!"

The man speaks in a monotone voice: "Soon, but your feet were so entertaining, we thought we'd move on."

Mike, terrified: "You're torturing us!! Let us fuck'n go!!"\

The man, solomn: "Are your ribs ticklish as well, gentlemen?"

Jake, becoming pissed: "Look! I don't know who the fuck you are, but there's gotta be a law against this shit!! Now let me and my friend GO!"

Mike, trying to muster courage: " brother's a cop!!"

The man just stands motionless, as do the dogs, but in the hallway, a woman's laughter starts, and is getting closer.

Jake, really confused, "Who's that?"

Now a figure enters the room holding an oil lamp. Jake and Mike look on in disbelief as she is dressed in the period of the old west. The second man in the black cape and hood follows behind her, and shuts the room's door and remains there. The other man backs up, as if giving some kind of respect. Jake and Mike can't get a good look at her because of their position.

Mike, stammering: "J..J.Jake..I dont fuck'n like this shit."

The woman stops giggling, and sets the lamp on the dresser. She side-saddles the dresser and has a seat. The lamp light glows around her, and both Jake and Mike can see her just fine.

Jake, gulping: "Who...are you?"

The woman smiles; she's about 38, but in damn good shape, and from the looks of her outfit, she aint a nun.

Woman: "Hell! Don't you remeber me, Jess? Has it been that long?!"

Jake, confused: "I'm Jake."

Woman, laughs: "Is that what ya call'n yourself now!? Well, well."

She looks at Mike, smirks: "You still tagg'n along with this good for noth'n, Matt?"

Mike, gulping, really sweating: " name's Mike...who are you?"

Woman, lights a cigar, puffs up as a roar of thunder crashes: "Sounds like a hellraiser out there, don't it?"

Jake, impatient: "Cut the crap, lady!! Let us go!!"

Woman gets up and stands between the stoic dobermans at Mike and Jake's legs. Looks down at both the half-naked men: "First time ya ever called me that Jess...oh, I mean `Jake'. I'm Sarah...Sarah Grant. Ring a bell, gents?"

Jake, searching for a way out of this bad situation: "Look, we didn't mean to trespass, our truck got a flat, and we just..."

Sarah butts in laughing: "Yeah, I know all about it, Jake. Just like the last time you was here. Then the story was your horse went lame, and ya had ta shoot it. Funny how things don't change, ain't it? I thought you'd never show up again."

Mike, trying to win her over: "Look..Sarah...if its money you want we got it, or if you..."

Sarah butts in, cackles good: "Hell, Mike, I got what I want - you two on my whorehouse floor!"

Jake: "A what house?"

Sarah looks at the broken mirror on the dresser, the reflection of the old bed in it. She waves her hand. "Here boys, this'll make it all clear for ya."

Suddenly, the room lights up, and it's just like it was in 1875. In the mirror, Jake and Mike see themselves in the bed with a beautiful young woman. They're hav'n their way with her, drunk as shit. They look the same as they do now, except for a little scraglier hair, and mustaches. Then Jake starts to fuck her while Mike holds her shoulders down. Now the scene jumps ahead in time and the young woman is screaming while Jake and Mike laugh. Then, suddenly, she passes out. Jake gets off her, Mike lets go. They realize she's dead. They both jump off the bed and scramble for their clothes. Suddenly, the scene fades away, and the room is dark again for just Sarah's lamp. Mike and Jake have a look of shock and terror on their faces.

Sarah, sternly: "You bastards KILLED my best girl!! She was too young...had a bad heart...sickly, she was!! And ya killed her!!"

Jake, shak'n real bad: " is nuts, lady...I dont know what you're..."

Sarah leans down in Jake's face, downright evil now: "Look, Jess, before this place went up in `31, my old whorehouse stood right here. And this is the exact spot where the room was that you murdered her in. Now you're gonna pay for it."

Mike, scared out of his mind: "S...Sarah, I never saw her before in my life."

Sarah straightens up, fluffs her skirt, takes a puff of her stogie. "That's `cause it was in your other one, Mikey boy. Got it now?"

Jake, surreal in his facial expression: "And this is how you're gett'n us back for someth'n we didn't do?"

Sarah: "Well, ya know, there's rules for the dead, and since I was runn'n a house of ill repute, I can't hurt ya. I'd like to string ya both up, but I ain't alowed to. But since I never hurt anybody, and gave many a weary traveler a good meal and some fun, I CAN make ya miserable. And since whores ALWAYS kiss and tell, I know just how to do it. You boys were regulars ya know."

Mike, not knowing if he's dream'n or not: " your gonna...tickle us?"

Sarah just smiles, picks up her lamp, turns to the two motionless men: "Get'em to the smok'n room, boys. Let's get started."

As Sarah turns to leave, Jake, forceful: "You can't do this shit!! You're not

fuck'n dead either, you crazy bitch!!"

Sarah just smiles, puts her cigar in her mouth, and says, "Oh yes I am. But they ain't." She laughs and leaves.

The men now move behind Jake and Mike's heads. From under their capes they produce handkerchiefs, and quickly smother Mike and Jake's faces in them. Mike and Jake pass out.

Mike opens his eyes slowly, moaning. He realizes that he's on an old cot. He also realizes that he's naked. He turns his head left and right, trying to find Jake. He can't see anything, as i'ts pitch black. Then a match flares up at the foot of his cot, and an oil lamp is lit. It's one of the caped, hooded men. As the flame gets brighter, he notices that there's a contraption over him made of rope. Now he sees Jake's feet facing him at the end of his cot.

Jake comes to, moans: "M...Mike....MIKE!!... You there?!"

Mike, looking between his spread legs at Jake's feet: "Down here, Jake! You tied up?!"

Jake sighs, "No, Mike, I'm tak'n a fuck'n nap! Yeah, spreadeagle, just like

you, it looks like."

The man who lit the lamp remains in the shadows, silent. Mike, look'n up, "What's with all these ropes? What are they for?"

Jake, trying to get free: "I don't know, but I don't plan to stay and find out! This is some kind of fuck'n nutty cult or someth'n.!"

What Mike and Jake couldn't see because of the low light was a hoop hanging from the ceiling above both of them. On each hoop were twenty stiff eagle feathers with their points facing straight down. The hoops were big enough to cover their entire chests, and the feathers were thick from side to side. Now the man comes out from the dark, and starts tying a rope that's hang'n from the ceiling to Jake's big toe.

Jake, startled: "Hey!!...Hey!!... What are you doin!!"

Mike, scared all over again, seeing the rope tied: "What's that shit for?!! Let us go!!"

Now the dark figure ties another identical rope to Mike's big toe. Mike, wiggling his foot, trying to stop the man: "Get the fuck away!!!!... God damn it!!!" But no use, his big toe was tied now, too.

Now Sarah walks in, smiling, looking over the work. "Good boys...real good."

Jake: "GOD DAMN IT!!! Let us outta here!!"

Sarah: "Take it easy , nobody's hurt'n ya. Bet yur wonder'n what all the rope work is?"

Mike, agitated: "Look! Whatever trip you're on..."

Sarah butts in: "Oh, YOU'RE the ones that are about to go on a trip, not me. Unfortunately I can't participate; "hands on" ain't allowed, but my two friends here do a real nice job, and I gave'em all the particulars on ya boys. You two have fun, and, well, it's been a pleasure gents, come back soon."

Sarah cackles and leaves the room. Jake and Mike realize the two men are gone, too.

Jake: "Hey, where'd those goons go?"

Mike, scared as usual: "I dont know...they just disappeared."

Jake, struggling to get free: "Mike, will ya cut that ghost shit! They're as real as we are!"

Mike: "Oh yeah, what about that fuck'n slideshow earlier with us in it?! Huh?"

Jake: "That shit they put on our chests was probably some kind of drug. We'd see anyhting she said we'd see. Now try to get loose!"

It was hours later now, and both Mike and Jake had fallen asleep, exhausted. The lamp had burned out, and dawn was just starting to creep in. Jake wakes up, looks around: "Hey!...Mike!! Wake up!!"

Mike jumps, awake. "I'm awake. Shit, we fell asleep!"

Jake looks out the boarded-up window. "Must be five in the morning." He looks up, and sees the hoop above him and the one above Mike. Jake, trying to figure out there situation: "What is all this shit hanging from the ceiling? It's like some weird shit I don't know from what."

Mike: "I'm more worried about where they are and how we're gett'n free."

Now there's a sound from downstairs, and voices. Jake, listening carefully: "Hey...there's somebody here."

Mike, listening to the voices: "Yeah, but it's not that crazy bitch."

Now they hear two sets of footsteps coming up the stairs with muffled talking. Jake: "Hey!!...In here!!!...Help!!"

The footsteps stop outside the room's door, it opens, and there stand two men, both about 22, wering jeans, boots, levis jackets, basic southwest country wear. One's definitely an

Indian, the other is white. Both are lean, but built strong. The white guy more of a wrestler type, the Indian more of a heavy-duty crosstrainer. They walk in, shut the door, take off their jackets.

Jake, puzzled: "Hey!! Get us loose, man!! This nutty broad tied us up and..."

The Indian says, "My name's Jess; this is Matt."

Mike, confused: "I'm Mike...that's Jake..uh...can you get us out of this shit now?!"

Jess sits on the edge of the cot at Jake's feet, look'n them over and the rigging. "Why would I want to do that? It'd be a waste, huh Matt?"

Matt, opening up a crate on the floor: "Yep, sure would. She was right, this is gonna be fun."

Jake: "Hey...wait a minute...who's she, that nutty bitch!?"

Jess laughs, "Sarah? Yeah, she's kinda crazy, I guess. But then ouigi boards are crazy things, ya know?"

Mike: "A...what?"

Matt, pulling out leaves and foxtails, a couple of brushes, lays them on the dresser's top. "You know, talking to spirits, that kinda shit. She's always on there. She asked us a favor, so we did it."

Jake: "What!?"

Jess, looking at Jake's big-ass feet: "Yeah, she said two guys were comin' that'd be fun. They needed our talents, so, we shot your tire out last night."

Mike: "Holy shit!! You're the guys in the capes and shit?"

Jess: "Yep. She usually doesn't make that big of a show, but she's got imagination, ya know?"

Matt, sitting at Mike's feet on his cot: "Yeah, all the kids know her. She's the local ghost, ya know?"

Jake, agitated: "This is a bunch of shit!! You little shits let us go NOW!!"

Jess: "Nope. We've been wait'n for some dudes like you for a long time. No can do."

Matt gets up, and pulls two blinfolds from the crate; gives one to Jess, they start to blindfold Mike and Jake.

Mike, trying to fight: "HEY!!!..COME ON!!!"

Jake, trying to do the same: "YOU LITTLE...STOP!!"

Matt sits back down at Mike's feet. "So, where should we start?"

Jess sits at Jake's feet, looking at them with a shit eat'n grin. "Ol' Jake here looks pretty promising."

Matt pauses, "OK. Matt here needs a change of pace anyway."

Matt, mortified: "Wha'ts that mean?!! Hey stop fuck'n around!!"

Jess gets up, goes to the dresser, picks up an eagle feather, and sits back down at Jake's feet. "He's right, the suspense is killing me. I want to see if this thing works. Matt, unlock the pulley."

Matt stands on Mike's cot, and unlocks a pulley atached to the mass of rope and other pullies hung from the ceiling. Matt: "Ready to roll."

Jess, twirling the feather in his hand: "So, Jake, It'd be a good idea for your friend's sake if you keep your big toe still from now on, OK?"

Jake, worried: "You're not gonna do that."

Jess, grining: "What Jake?"

Jake becomes obstinate: "FUCK YOU!!"

Matt, freaking out: "Jake, be COOL!!"

Jess: "Come on, Jake, do what? Say it, and I might not even start."

Jake, starting to sweat: "YOU KNOW WHAT!! JUST DONT!!"

Matt: "The big guys are always stubborn, man."

Jess, positioning the feather's tip dead center in front of Jake's big soft-ass foot: "Come on, Jake, say the magic phrase, you can do it, it's your last chance."

Jake, pissed at giving in: "Don't fuck'n tickle me."

Jess: "You ticklish, Jake? What makes ya think I'd do that?"

Matt snickers. Jake, angry: "YOU little shit!! That's what this whole bullshit is about!!"

Jess: "Such language, Jake. But ya didn't answer my question. You lose, so does poor Mikey."

Jake, alarmed: "OK!...OK!! Yes. I'm fuck'n ticklish!! Like you don't know already!"

Mike, sweating, shaking: "Please, don't do this shit, man."

Jess: "Lets explore a little, Jake. What da ya say?"

Jake: "You said you WOULDNT!! If I said fucker!!"

Jess laughs, "Yeah, but you were late on reply. Bet your reflexes are faster than your mouth is, huh Jake?" Jess takes the tip of the eagle feather and starts to lightly swirl it under Jake's arch. "How's that feel there, Jake?"

Jake jerks his foot, the hoop above Mike drops a little, and slowly starts to turn, then stops. Jake: "STOP IT!!"

Jess: "Gotta keep that toe still, Jake boy, I'm tell'n ya."

Jess takes the feather's tip and starts to slowly drag it up Jake's sole. Jake curls his toes up, including the big one, and the hoop above Mike drops again, twirling, just above his chest.

Jake trying to fight it, giggles: "C...cmon.please!"

Jess stops. "Please now, huh? Hey, how about this, Jake?" Jess takes the feather's tip and starts scraping it under Jake's toes. Jake fights it, keeping his toes still, biting his lip, quivering. Jess, enjoying the torment: "That tickle, Jake? Koochie koochie, tough guy."

Suddenly, Jake's toes fly back. He starts moving his foot wildly, tugging on the rope all the time. Jake, losing it: "OH...HAHA...OH NO!!!.......N..NOT AGAIN!! HAHAHEHE... WRGH!!!"

Now the feathers on the spinning hoop twirl all over Mike's chest and sides. Mike, convulsing: "WHAT THE!!....OH SHIT!!!... ha.ha.haha HAHA!!...J..HA.JAKE!!!.....AWRGH!!!!S..HAHA..STOOP.....HEHEHAHA.. MMOOOV'N!!!!!!!..AWRGGGG..HAHAHA"

Matt, watching both men lose it: "Wow!! Jackpot!" Jess stops, the hoop stops, both men heave for air. Jess: "Hey Jake, you just tickled the shit outta your buddy. See, every time you move your foot, these hoops spin and feathers go fly'n all over your chest. Wanna try it?"

Jake, out of breath: "Y...YOU...god damn it!! STOP THIS!!"

Matt: "Wrong answer, huh Jess?"

Jess, putting down the feather, cracks his knuckles. "Afraid so. Hey Jake, Matt's gonna help me out on that lonely other foot of yours, OK dude?"

Jake, freaked: "NO!!....NOT THAT!!"

Mike, now real worried: "Jake!! Don't fuck'n move your foot man!! I can't take it!!"

Jess: "Awe, see, your buddy's hurt'n, Jake. And it's your fault. Ready, Matt?"

Both guys put an index finger just above each of Jake's thick, meaty soles. Jake: "Don't!!... Anything but that!!"

Jess: "Mmmm, I don't know, Jake, I like tickling big assholes like you. Especially murderers like you, ya know?"

Jake, angered: "I didn't KILL anyone, damn it!! LET US GO!!"

Jess and Matt slowly drag thier index fingers up and down Jake's soles, and he immediately starts to come unglued. Jake, heaving, the hoop above Mike starts again: "AHHAAA...NNOO......HEHEHHAHAHA...AWRGHHH!!!.....SSHHHIIT!!!!!!....HAHAHAHEHE.. STTOP!!!....HAHAHA!!!!!...I...HAHA..CCAAANT......HEHEHAHAWRFG!!!..TAKE IT!!!!!!"

Mike, hysterical: "OHHH....SHIIIT!!!!!! HAHAHAHEHEHEHAHAH...AWRGH....NO!!NOOOOO!!!! ....HAHAHA...JJAKE!!!!!........FFUUUCKKKKKK!!!!HAHAHAA!!!!

While the two men are losing it, Jess: "Aw, Jake, you're tickling your buddy again. How about right here under the toes, Matt?"

Jake, struggling, heaving: "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!... HAHAHAHEHEHA.....AWRGH!!!!... STTOOOOOPPP!!!!...HAHAHA!!... PLEEEASE!!!!!HEHEHAHA!!!!!NNO... MOORE......HAHAHA!!!!"

Jess, as they both pull their fingers from Jake's feet: "OK, Jake, since ya said please."

Both men are destroyed about now, trying to breath. Not able to say anything yet. Jess looks at Mike's feet, which are lean and smooth with long toes, unlike Jake's beefy feet with stubby toes. "I think it's Mikey's turn, Matt."

Matt, grining: "He's mine."

Jess, with a look of second thought: "Mmmm, I don't know, Matt, it's gett'n late. We oughta get outta here, ya know?"

Matt, disgusted: "Oh, now that's bullshit, Jess! You fuck'n always do this shit when it's my turn!!"

Jess laughs, "You had your fun."

Matt, knowing its over: "NOT as much as you did!"

Jess gets up. "Come on, get the bottle."

Mike, as Matt gets up and gets a bottle off the old dresser: "Hey, you're gonna let us go now, right?"

Jess picks up a couple of rags, hands one to Matt; they open the bottle and pour the liquid into each rag. "That's right, Mikey, play time's over."

Jake, pulling at his restraints, as Jess and Matt walk behind Jake and Mike's heads: "Hey..HEY! Whats that shit! Whatta are you gonna..."

Before Jake can finish, Jess smothers the rag over Jakes face. "Shut up, Jake, will ya?" Matt does the same to Mike, and both men pass out. Matt pulls the rag from Mike's face, unhappy. "Ether does the trick everytime. I hate playing by the rules."

Jess throws his rag to the floor. "You don't want Sarah to get pissed off do ya?"

It's about mid-day now, and Jake and Mike's truck sits in the hot New Mexico sun by the side of the road. Both men are unconscious in the cab, fully dressed. Jake starts to come to, slumped over the steering wheel. He looks over at Mike, leaning against the side of the cab. He shakes Mike's shoulder. "Hey...hey Mike..wake up!"

Mike comes to, squinting. "Where...where are we?"

Jake, looking around, not seeing the old hotel, "I don't know, but we're not anywhere near that fuckn place!"

Mike, looks at the floorboard, sees a cigar box, he picks it up. "What's this?" Mike opens the box, and sees two cigars, two feathers, and a note. Mike, as Jake reaches for the paper: "Must be from those two assholes. Man I'd like to pound their asses!"

Jake, amused: "Hey, listen to this shit." Jake reads the note: "Hope you weren't too inconveienced, boys. Here's some tokens of my affection, my way of say'n all's forgiven-for now anyway. Y'all be careful now...ya never know where your trails may take ya next. Sarah."

Mike picks up a feather. "She's really fuck'n sick, huh?"

Jake throws the note out the window, reaches for a cigar, look'n it over. "Yeah, but she knows her shit. These are Havannas man. We'll save these for later."

Mike puts the feather back in the box, skittish. "Better keep these, too,"

Jake, as he starts the truck:"What the hell for!? I want to forget last night!"

Mike closes the cigar box. "It might be a curse or someth'n, ya know."

Jake looks out his side mirror, noticing a brand new tire where the blow out once was. "Yeah, well if she's a witch or some shit, she's one hell of a mechanic." Jake hits the gas, and they squeal out onto the deserted highway.

It's late afternoon now, and Jake and Mike pull into a gas station. Jake, as he gets outta the truck: "Fill it up Mike - I'm tak'n a piss. And find out where there's some food around here."

Mike pumps the gas and the attendant walks up. He's about sixty years old, dirty overalls, chomp'n on a cigar. Old man: "Nice truck, son. Where ya headed?"

Mike: "Thanks, its my friend's. Someplace where we can get a room and eat - know of anything around?"

Old man, scratches his beard, smiles: "You don't know where ya goin', do ya son?"

Mike, a little offended: "Yeah, California."

Old man: "There's a little motel cafe about ten miles up the road. After that, ya got about three hours till ya hit the New Mexico/Arizona border."

Mike finishes the gas, pays the old man, as the old man leaves he notices that the cigar he's smoking is the same as the ones in the truck. Jake comes back. "You need the john? Man, it smells like a septic tank in there."

Mike, thinking: "Nah, there's a motel/cafe ten miles ahead."

Jake and Mike climb into the truck, Jake starts the engine. "Good. Some food and a good night's sleep is what I need. We oughtta tell the cops about those two little fuck heads, too."

Mike, as they pull back onto the highway: "You wanna tell a COP what they did? You go right ahead."

Jake, thinking about it: "Yeah, maybe you're right - bad idea."

Now it's dusk, and Jake and Mike are pretty over it. Jake: "Well, its been 30 miles, and that old bastard doesn't know shit!"

Mike: "Man, I could do with a hamburger right now."

Jake, looking out his rear view mirror: "You gotta be fuckn kidd'n me!"

Mike: "What?"

Jake starts to pull over. "I'm gett'n pulled over!! JESUS!! Get me outa this place!"

Jake stops the truck, and two policemen walk up from their car. At Jake's window, the

policeman shines his flashlight in the truck, the other stands at Mike's window. "You have an tail light out, sir. That can be dangerous out here at night."

Jake, over it: "Yeah, a lotta things are `dangerous' out here it seems."

The other cop spots the box on the floor board, nods at his partner.Cop next to Jake: "Just thought you might want to know. You should get it fixed as soon as you can."

Jake: "I will, if I ever find civilization again, officer."

Mike: "There any place we can get some food and good night's sleep around here?"

Cop next to Mike: "Yeah, but it'll be daylight before you get to it."

Jake, irritated: "Figures."

Cop by Jake: "If you want, you can bunk at the Three R Ranch just up the road. We know the owner. He'd take ya in for the night."

Jake, leary: "Just how far `up the road' is it?"

Cop by Jake: "Follow us - it's fifteen minutes from here."

Mike, eager: "Let's do it. I can't wait till morning, man."

Jake: "OK, lead the way, Officer..."

Cop next to Jake: "Johnson, Tom Johnson. That's my partner, Wess Jacobs."

So the two cops get in their car, and Jake and Mike follow them to a dirt road off the main hihgway. They drive for about two miles, and then they see a big ranch house: barns, cattle, the whole bit.

Mike, looking around: "They were'nt kidd'n. This is like real cowboy shit."

Jake, pulling up to the house: "As long as there's a bed and food, I don't care if fuck'n Roy Rogers lives here."

The police car and Jake's truck stop, and they all get out. Johnson walks up to Jake: "Let us explain who ya are. Maggie is a good gal, but damn cautious."

Jake: "Do your thing."

The policeman walk up to the ranch house door, it opens, a woman of about 28 stands there talking to them. Mike, noticing her figure: "No cowboys here."

Jake, noticing the same: "And she doesn't look like a nut bag, either."

The two policeman come back. Jacobs: "You're all set, boys. She said no problem for one night."

Jake: "What's the bill going to be?"

Johnson: "She wouldn't take your money if ya gave it to her. Get that tail light fixed, OK?"

Jake, suprised: "Yeah...sure...uh...thanks, officers."

The cops take off and Jake and Mike walk up to Maggie. Mike, as he and Jake stand on the porch: "I'm Mike. This is Jake."

Maggie, smiles: "Dont worry, Tom filled me in. Come in." They both enter the house, and notice it's big and clean. Maggie: "Not to be rude, but if you want a bath before dinner, there's a shower upstairs and one in the ranchhands' house out back."

Jake, smiles: "Is it that bad?"

Maggie laughs, "Well...its up to you."

Mike: "I'd like that just fine."

Jake: "Thanks for tak'n us in. It's been a rough trip so far."

Maggie: "It's hard country out here. I've got some tri tip in the kitchen and some corn. I'll start it up while you two clean up."

Jake, obviously impressed: "Thank you. Very much."

Maggie heads for the kitchen. Mike: "Whats "tri-tip?"

Jake: "Who cares? She's fine."

Mike, smiles: "Yeah, but can she cook?"

Jake hits Mike on the head, laughing. Jake heads up the stairs, Mike heads out the back door to the adjacent ranchhands'house.

They've all finished dinner, and are sitting at the table that can seat ten easy. Jake: "That was great. I really feel bad that you wont take any money for all this."

Mike: "Yeah, come on, it'd make us feel alot better."

Maggie: "No, I can't do it. If I were in the same situation, I'd feel like that, too, but really, I can't. But I think it's time to go to bed, it's getting late."

Mike: "When I went for the shower, I noticed there wasn't anyone staying in the ranchhouse. You don't work this place all alone do ya?"

Maggie laughs, "Oh, no. It's the weekend, they'll all be back Monday."

Jake, falling in love: "Aren't you a little nervous being out here by yourself?"

Maggie: "I can take care of myself. Not much happens here anyway that's not work related. Now, as for your sleeping arrangements, there's one room in the ranchhands' house that's cleaned up. I wouldn't show you the others, because I haven't cleaned them."

Mike: "YOU clean your workers' places for them?"

Maggie: "Gotta take care of your own. Plus, they work really hard. It's not much work. So, ready to turn in?"

Jake: "Yeah, I didn't get much sleep last night, I'll tell ya."

Maggie: "Let me show you to your room then."

The three walk out the back of the house, and head to what looks like twenty little apartments in one long building. Maggie walks up to the first one, unlocks the door, they walk in, she turns on the light. Maggie: "Its not a four-star hotel, but it works."

Jake and Mike look around and see two single beds turned down and ready, a desk, a TV, a couple of chairs, a bathroom, and everything is clean. Jake, amazed: "Wow. This place is immaculate. Ranchhands keep this clean like this?"

Maggie: "Except for a little mud on the floor once in awhile, yeah. It's part of their working agreement. Oh, I almost forgot." Maggie walks over to the bathrom door, turns on the light, and Jake and Mike's stuff from the truck is on the floor, including the cigar box and a bottle of something. Maggie: "I thought you would like your things in for the night."

Jake, amazed: "Thank you again. But that bottle's not ours."

Maggie smiles, "Sure it is. It's a local brew. It'll help you sleep, if you know what I mean."

Mike laughs. "White lighting?"

Maggie: "Something like that. Good night, gentleman."

Jake, as she turns to leave out the door: "Goodnight."

The door shuts. Mike sits on the bed. "This is too fuck'n good to be true!"

Jake goes to get the bottle and the cigar box. "Got that right. Let's light up and drink up."

Mike smiles. "Yeah, and then pass out into a good night's sleep!"

So that's what they did. There's Mike and Jake passed out on their beds, cigars spent, and fully clothed. Now the door opens, and Maggie and the two cops, Tom and Wess, come in. They shut the door. Maggie, smiling: "Out like a light. Works everytime."

Tom, walking over to Mike: "How long we got?"

Maggie: "Oh, about an hour I'd say."

Wess, looking over Jake: "Damn, he's big."

Maggie: "You two get `em ready and call me back when you're done."

Tom: "No problem."

Maggie leaves. Tom: "I'll move the beds over, you open the trap door."

So Wess pushes the desk against the wall to the right, and there's a rectangular door with a latch. He pulls the latch, and the door swings back, revealing four holes about leg size in the wall. Then he lifts up on a piece of paneling that swings up straight. Wess, as Tom moves the foot of each bed toward the wall: "Easy, I dont wanna fuck up like last time."

Tom grunts, "Just get their ankles in there, will ya?"

Wess pulls Mike and Jake's ankles into the now halfmoon shaped holes in the wall. He pulls back their jeans cuffs and rolls down their socks to the ankle.Tom and Wess now drag Mike and Jake's legs so that their feet completely dissapear into the wall up to about halfway up the shin. Now Tom drops the latch board, and puts a pin in the end of the board to lock them in place. Wess: "They ain't going anywhere now." Tom pulls four sets of handcuffs out and they both cuff both of Mike and Jake's wrists to the bed over their heads.

Tom, a little out of breath: "Go tell Maggie."

Now Maggie returns as Wess finishes blindfolding Mike and Jake. They're both still passed out cold. Maggie has a bag with her, and sets it on the desk top. She pulls out two feathers, two toothbrushes and a couple of thin paintbrushes.

Wess: "You think of everyhting."

Maggie: "You two go next door and take this stuff with ya. But the paint brushes are mine."

Tom, suprised: "You must like these two a lot."

Maggie smiles. "Go on. I'll bang on the wall when its your time."

Tom and Wess leave and go next door where the two men's boots are sticking out of the wall.

Now Maggie picks up the two paintbrushes and sits between the sleeping men at crotch level. She undoes Jake and Mike's flys, pulls down their briefs, and exposes their dicks and balls. Jake's thick tool lays to one side, his balls resting on top of his pulled-down briefs. Mike's thinner tool is hard, his balls in the same positon. Jake's snoring and Mike seems to be having rapid eye movement. Maggie, smugly: "You must be having fun in there. Let me help ya out." She takes the artist's brush with its small pointed tip, and lightly teases Mike's head with it. Mike's dick twitches a little, a slight grin comes on his face. Then she takes the other brush in the other hand and strokes it along Jake's flacid shaft. His dick twitches, and soon becomes hard. Now she starts lightly tickling both Mike and Jake's balls with the brush. Maggie, as she notices their pelvises starting to move: "Come on boys...time to get up."

Mike, half dreaming, mumbles, "Hehe...don't."

Jake, now flexing his big thigh muscles, mumbles, "Hey....coome oonn..he..."

Now Mike awakes, but not as he normally would, feeling his balls being tickled, knowing he can't move or see, drugged out. "Hey...hehe..hey...whaa...hehe...where am I? Haha."

Maggie stops tickling Mike's balls. "You're with Maggie, Mike. It's okay. Nobody's gonna hurt ya."

Jake, mumbles a giggle. "Ssstop...hehe...whaaa...hehe..goin on?"

Maggie stops tickling Jake's balls. "How do you feel?"

Jake, drugged out: "I...can't think....I feel heavy."

Mike, in the same state: "What...did"

Maggie: "Good stuff in that bottle. It's homemade whiskey with a touch of elephant tranquilizer. It'll keep you from thrashing around."

Jake: " again."

Mike: "My legs....feel like...lead."

Maggie: "It won't hurt you. It just immobilizes you and makes you real stupid." Maggie starts tickling Mike's shaft with the brush. "How's that feel, Mike?"

Mike, with a drugged mumble: "Dd...on'"

Maggie, smiling: "It does? Just enough to get your attention, huh?" Maggie,while Mike quietly giggles to himself, starts tickling Jake's shaft.

Jake, grining, numbed: "'t."

Maggie: "It's just a little tickle for such big guys."

Jake, giggling muffled by his stupor: "'re not....hehe.."

Maggie stops tickling their shafts. Jake gets a sentence out, sort of: "You're....not gonna....tickle our....ffeet...are ya?"

Mike, speaking in drivel: "Jake!......idiot....."

Maggie: "No. Why would I do that?"

Jake, sighs: "Just...oo...our dicks?"

Maggie. "Yes. But Tom and Wess, they're going to tickle your feet."

Mike, stoned: "Ohh...oh"

Jake, trying to make sense: "'re....n..not tick..lish so just...let us go...k?"

Maggie: "Sure you are. I'm pretty smart about these things. If you're good, I might let you cum. But not now, though."

Mike: ""

Jake: "M..aggie..look..we jj..ust went"

Maggie interrupts Jake: "I know Jake. You really need to move on if ya don't want this to keep happening. It goes with the area - especially for two fine boys like yourselves. Look at it this way, we won't hurt ya."

Mike, stumbling through his words: "Wh..what is about around h..ere anyway?"

Maggie: "Weirdest things happen in rual areas, Mike. Simple as that."

Maggie hops off the two beds, and goes to the wall that holds Mike and Jake's legs. She bangs on it. "OK, you two, they're ready."

Jake, immobilized, only able to move his head: ""

Maggie, leaning against the wall: "This is going to be completely different than last time boys. Not as long, if that makes ya feel better."

Mike: " this - we...g...ot money."

Maggie smiles. "Well, I never take money for any lodgers, but I didn't say you'd get to stay for free, did I?"

In the next room, Tom and Wess have a lot more than just a couple of toothbrushes and two feathers. There's a power drill with five stiff feathers taped to its bit - plugged in and ready to go. They've also got a small old electric shoe polisher. The brush has been replaced with a drum that's riddled with small pigeon and chicken feathers. Last but not least, there's a bucket filled with who-knows-what on the floor. The electric devices are plugged in, and Tom tests each one real quick. Tom, turning on the polisher: "You did a damn good job rigging this thing up."

Wess, trying the drill: "Yeah, I like these devices - less work for us."

Wess, turns off the polisher as Tom turns off the drill: "So who's first?"

Tom looks at Jake's wide, thick, shorter feet still in their thick socks and construction boots. Then he looks at Mike's longer, narrower feet in their hightops and sweatsocks. Tom: "Damn, I can't decide. They both look good to me."

Wess pulls out a quarter from his pocket. "Le'ts flip for it. Heads it's the boots - tails it's the sneakers."

Tom: "Sounds good to me."

Wess flips the coin, slaps it on the backside of his hand, lifts up his hand, smiles. "Sneakers it is."

In the other room, Maggie has sat back down between the men, finding Jake's dick the more ticklish of the two. She now uses both brushes on his hard on - one teasing his head while the other travels up and down his shaft. Jake, giggling like a boy: "Awh...c...ome it...hehe...heheehe."

Now Mike seems startled and stoned: "Oh shoes... they're..c..comming..offf."

Jake just keeps giggling, completely helpless. Maggie stops tickling his dick. "Looks like you're first, Mike."

Jake, catching his breath: "' anyhting...ok?"

Maggie grins, and starts using the brush on his balls. "How ticklish are your feet, Jake?"

Jake starts gigling again. "S..stop..hehehe..c..mon!..."

Maggie, noticing that Jake is becomming more aroused: "How ticklish, Jake?"

Jake, giggling and moaning as she puts the feather down and trails her fingertip up his shaft: "V..vv..very...ahhh.."

Maggie, seeing some precum start: "Oops, not yet Jake. Sorry."

In the other room, both of Mike's shoes are off, and Wess is pulling off his socks. As he does, Mike's feet twitch a little. Wess: "Oh yeah, he's going to lose it. Watch this." Wess barely touches the bottom of Mike's big toe with his tongue. Mike's big toe curls immediately at the touch.

Tom picks up a feather, and lightly pokes it between Mike's toes. Mike's foot draws back a bit. In the other room, Mike keeps gasping, sweating now as Maggie pulls Jake's t-shirt up and is torturously tickling his flat stomach with her fingernail. Jake, half laughing, half gasping for air: "NO...hahahahehe...pleeese.....hahah..dd...ooont!..hehehahahahhaaa."

Now Mike starts to giggle quietly. Whatever they're doing, its just enough to get his attention. Mike, trying to squirm away, but the drug's too good. "They'"

In the other room, Tom is dancing the very tip of the feather on just the tips of Mike's toes. Mike wiggles them slowly, as the drug won't let him do anymore. Wess: "I can't wait. I'm starting."

Tom, smiling as he just plays with Mike's toes: "No self control man." Wess starts to quickly unlace Jake's boots.

In then other room, Maggie has stopped her torment of Jake, as she knows it's in somebody else's hands now. Jake, nervous: "They're.....taking boots! Maggie...p..please!'t..understand!"

Maggie: "Sure I do. Most men have the same problem. Beleive me, I know."

Now Mike starts to really laugh, "Oh no!!....ahhaahHHHAAAHHAAA!!.....AAAWRGHHHH......SSHHHIIIIT!!!..... HASHAHAHAHEEHEEEE...SSSTTOOOP!!!!"

In the other room, Tom is just holding the power drill on full-blast with its feathers twirling all over Mike's arch. His other hands fingers are skating all over the top of Mike's left foot. Both of Mike's feet are trying to move away, but it's no use. Meanwhile,Wess has both of Jake's boots off, and is now pulling his thick white socks off. As they slip off, he just gazes at Jake's soft smooth soles: his toes that curl in and the soft wrinkles under his arch.

In the other room, Mike is in hysterics, pleading, his hard on getting even more aroused. Mike, trying to speak, yelling, "ARGHHH!!!HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!....I....CANT.......HAHAHAHAHHEHEHEHEH...TAKE IT!!!!!......AWRRRRGH......HAHAHHAAHA......SSSTOOOOP


Maggie notices Jake's face go pale for a moment. Maggie: "Whats wrong Jake?"

Jake, calm but really worried: "I'"

Maggie: "Its OK, Jake, it'll be quick - sort of."

Mike, going crazy, "J...JAKE!!!!....HAHAHAHHA...HEHEHEHHAHAA..AWWWWRRRGH!!!...HHEELPP!!!"

In the other room, Tom has switched positions of his drill and his hand, but both of Mike's feet are getting it non stop. Wess just slowly, takes his tongue and runs it up the bottom of Jake's right foot from his heel to his big toe. Maggie watches Jake shudder a bit, and he chuckles a bit.

Jake, chuckling: "'t let him....hehehe...sttop..hahaha..him."

Wess pulls back from Jake's foot that is curled in to try to stop the sensations. Now Wess sits the polisher on a stool in front of both of Jake's soles. It reaches from side it side, so both feet will get the full brunt. The drum is big enough so that from just above Jake's heels to his toes are going to get it. Wess turns it on, and the small feathers start to spin with their tips scraping Jake's soles and under his toes.

Jake now clinches his teeth, grunting, but it doesn't last, and he loses it as Maggie watches. Jake, starting to not be able to control the sensations: "M...maggie...hehehee...sstop.....hahahaheheh..them!...uh..oh no...hahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHE!!!! AWWWWWRGGHGGH!!!!!!......NNOOOOO!!!!!... HAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEEH.......NNOT.......THHIIISSSS!!!!!....HEHEHEH.....HAHAHHAH..... AWWWWWHWWRRRGRH.....NN.....OOTT....HAHHAHAHAH!!!!....MY


Now both men are at the point of crying. Maggie just watches in pleasure as the men are tortured. Both of them screaming in between bouts of intense laughter.


Jake, even worse than Mike, as his tickling machine covers more ground: "AAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!....HEHEEHHEEEEHHEHE!'!!!......SS.....TOOOOOP ..IT!!!....AWRGHHHHH!!!!...HAHAHAHAH!!!!.....I CANT


Maggie gets up from the two howling men, and bangs once on the wall. Suddenly Mike and Jake begin to calm down. Both panting, sweating, Tom and Wess had stopped. Maggie sits back down between them, eyeing their incredibly vulnerable hard ons. Maggie: "It won't be that bad from now on guys, I promise."

Mike, panting: "'l.....die!"

Maggie, laughs, "We dont want that, I'd have to call the police or something."

Jake, panting: "P...please...just go...."

Maggie, now taking Mike's dick in one hand and Jake's in the other, she just holds them motionless. "Not quite yet, boys. I'd hate to see these go to waste."

Maggie now slowly starts sliding her closed fists that hold each dick up and down each of the men's dicks. Mike and Jake start to moan. Jake tries to talk: "Oh....ahhhh...uhh...M..aggie....d...dont...ahhhhh."

Mike, intense in his dick's sensations: "J....eeeesus!.....aahhhhh....mmmmmmm..."

While Maggie plays with Jake and Mike's dicks,Tom and Wess are just now dipping their hands into the bucket on the floor. Wess, with the clear amber-like colored stuff on his hands: "Honey is the best."

Tom, his hands covered as well: "I dont know. Chocolate syrup is pretty good, too - just more runny." Both men begin to apply the honey all over the bottoms and tops of Jake's and Mike's feet.

Maggie is still working their dicks; Jake seems to be close to cumming. Jake, no longer resisting: "Ohhh....yeeeahhh...ffaster.....I'm....gonna...sshooot.."

Maggie releases his dick with it's head red and ready to go. Maggie, still working Mike over: "Not yet, Jake. This is a group effort you know."

Mike, now getting to the point: "Uhhh....ahahhhhh...ddont...sstooop....I..aahhhh..gotta shhooot."

Maggie drops his swollen pole, too. Maggie, evily grinning: "Nope. Lets see if you can take it all first."

Jake starts to giggle, as does Mike. Jake, grining: "Oh no......not this!!.....PPleease Maggie d..dont!"

Mike, chuckles to himself, "They're....uh..haha..licking!!"

Tom and Wess are now licking all over the two hypersensitive men's feet. Tom is getting all the honey he can off of Mike's soles, while Wess is scooping it out from between Jake's toes.

Maggie, taking each man's dick in hand again: "Now let's see if you can do it together like you should." She starts working their poles again, but very, very slowly, making them hold their load.

Mike, laughing but not hysterically as the tongues are slow and torturous: "Oh!....c.cmon!!!"

Jake, with the same reactions as Mike, but being a bit more ticklish: " tickles!! TICKLES!!"

Now Tom and Wess wiggle their tongues back and forth from each of the men's feet. This is confusing Mike and Jake as to where the tickling will come from next. Maggie now grips their dicks a little tighter as their laughter is still low key, but stronger.

Mike, now really getting ready to shoot, " me off!!..ahhhhh..hahahah..pp..leeease!"

Jake, in the same state: " it!........I's tickling......hehehhaha...aahhhhohhh..more!!...I....hahahehe..ahhh..oohhh..gotta cum!!!"

Maggie now squeezes the heads of their dicks, and starts to slide her hands up and down their poles faster. Jake: "Oh...yeeeah....hahahhehe.....c..come on!!!...hahahah...ahhhhhhh"

Mike, breathing hard now: "I''n!!!"

Now both Jake and Mike shoot their loads. Tom and Wess can tell by their victims' toes pulling back that the deed is done, and stop tickling.

Maggie walks over to the desk while the two men lay in spent ecstasy, breathing hard, and pulls out two hypodermic needles from the drawer. Tom and Wess walk in. She hands one to each of them, and each stands next to one of the bound men's arms. Maggie walks over to the beds, content, "Well, Jake, Mike, I hope you enjoyed your stay. Come back sometime, OK?" She nods her head, and Tom and Wess give Mike and Jake the shot. Both men flinch a bit, then go limp.

Once again, Mike and Jake find themselves in their truck as they come to. This time, they're in the bed of the truck which is parked of the side of the highway. Shoes and socks returned, their belongings next to them, but the ranch house is no where to be found. Mike wakes up first, hung over bad, sits up, looks around, then shakes Jakes shoulder: "Hey..Jake...wake up!"

Jake comes to, groaning, holding his head. "Where the fuck are we?...Ow!! MY head!"

Mike staggers to his feet, looks over the cab of the truck, and ten feet away a sign stands saying "Arizona border 20 miles ahead." Mike leans against the cab, squinting at the morning sun. "Twenty miles from the Arizona border."

Jake staggers to his feet, looks at Mike dead serious. "We DO NOT stop anywhere till we get outta this fuck'n state. We DO NOT stay anywhere that's not a fuck'n chain motel. Got that?"

Mike, "No complaint from m,e man. Lets get outta here."

The two men stagger out of the truck bed and into the cab. Mike, rubbing his eyes: "This whole trip is too weird. These people must have cased us the whole way through the last fifty miles."

Jake, starts the truck, "Yeah. But what's with this tying you up and tickling you shit!? This kinky shit belongs in a big city somewhere, ya know?"

Mike, as Jake pulls onto the highway, "We can't tell anybody about it, either. They'd never fuck'n beleive it."

Jake: "Got that right. Plus, its fuck'n embarassing."

Mike, chuckles, "Yeah, especially for you."

Jake, defensive: "And what the fuck is THAT supposed to mean?"

Mike, smiling, " `Oh no! NOT my feet! Oh please!' A big tuff dude like's funny."

Jake, sneering: "Yeah?! Well, you weren't doing any better, buddy."

Mike: "I can hold out better than you. Hell, I DID hold out better than you. At least I didn't start begging for mercy all the time."

Jake: "Oh yeah? Maybe they just didn't do the same shit to you that they did to me."

Mike, laughs. "Bullshit. You're just weaker than me that way."

Jake, a little heated: "Oh really? You fuck'n think so?"

Mike: "Yeah, I KNOW so, tuff boss man with the big ass truck!"

Jake: "Care to make a bet on it, bud?"

Mike: "You're kidding."

Jake: "The hell I am. I'll bet you every god damn motel bill from here until we hit California that I'm fuck'n right, smartass."

Mike laughs. "OK, you're on. You couldn't get me to beg like your sorry ass, no way. Hope you brought plenty of money with ya, man."

Jake: "Oh you better hope that ATM card of yours has unlimited access, my friend."

"Mike thinks a minute. "Hey, we're straight. This the kind of bet we should be making?"

Jake laughs, "I'm not gonna BLOW ya man. Or are you trying to get out of it while ya can?"

Mike, sternly: "Fuck no! I don't welch on bets. You know that."

Jake, smiles, "Exactly my point. And since I'll win, WE are not staying at any Motel Six - beleive me."

Mike: "I'm winning, and it'll be HOTELS on your bankroll, not MOTELS."

Jake laughs, "Yeah yeah...whatever."

As Jake and Mike pass down the highway to the Arizona border, they pass an old truck going the opposite direction. What they didn't see is that it's the old man from the gas station from the night before. As he drives his beat-up '57 chevy, chomping on his cigar, he laughs and says to himself: "Now you know where you're go'n son. Now you know." He laughs again, turns up the static filled am radio, and heads on down the road.

The End?