Say "Uncle"



If you're ticklish all over, then I would definitely want to have you stripped naked and tied spread-eagle, preferably with your hands tied over your head. This would leave your underarms and ribs fully exposed and prevent you from being able to protect them. If possible, I'd want your feet off the bed or table, so they would also be fully available for attention. What a sight you'd be; completely naked, stretched out, and restrained. Most of your ticklish area (underarms, ribs, torso, stomach, groin, and feet) completely open. At the center, your cock and balls flush with excitement and anticipation. Very masculine, but very vulnerable; you're anxious about what may happen, but love the possibilities; it's your worst nightmare, but fondest dream. Your submission to another's will has placed you in this position and your excitement is hard to contain.

To heighten your sense of vulnerability, I'd blindfold and gag you. You won't be able to see what I was going to do and your pleas to stop would be just muffled sounds. The only thing you'd be able to do to squirm against the restraints. To limit your movement further, I'd use tie leather laces around each of your big toes and around each of your little toes. The other ends of the laces I'd tie around the base of your balls and pull the leather tight. Any movement of your lower extremities would translate into a yank on your balls. This also will keep your feet upright when I begin to work on them later on. If you try to move your feet, your balls will get pulled. The soles and sides of your feet are open for any onslaught and the only thing you're able to do is try to bear it. Your muffled pleas to stop going unheeded. There is no way out, once you are tired down, you are mine to do with as I please, your body is only an object for my pleasure.

Now that you are properly secured, I can start to have some real fun. Since this will be my first time working on you, I'd need to do some exploration to find your sensitive areas and determine just how sensitive they are. I'd start from the top and work my way down (I want to save the best part for last). I would straddle your waist, facing your head. Your underarms and ribs stretched tight below me. I'll slowly being to tickle your underarms, sometimes gentle brushing up the insides of your arms, watching your reaction. Your arms are high over your head and your underarms are completely open, you can't lower your arms even a little to try to protect them. Your underarms lead down to your ribs, again I'll start slowly and gently, gauging your response. Occasionally I'd gently dig the tips of my fingers into your sides, that's always good for a reaction. I can imagine your body moving between my legs at every touch, feeling your convulsions as I find a really sensitive area and work on it. You cock getting harder, want relief, each time I touch your naked body. But we've just started.

After I had explored your upper torso to my satisfaction, I'd turn around, still straddling your body, but facing your cock. You can feel my feet near your underarms and my legs along your chest. Your lower body seems isolated from the rest of you, all attention is focused below. Your lower torso is exposed, your stomach, insides of your legs, and your groin area. I'd test your stomach, running my fingers along your sides and circles around your naval. Starting near your balls I'd slowly run the tips of my fingers to the outside of your hips, then up your sides. I'd tickle the area where your hip connects with your legs and the area on the outside of your butt. You will want your cock stroked and I'd lube it up and play with the head, rubbing it in my hand. I'd keep this up till you came. I'd give you a few more jerks just to feel you convulse below me.

Now I'd be ready to work on your feet. After you came they will be even more sensitive, you know this and fear what will happen next. I'm now ready to work on your size 13s in earnest. How anxious you'll be at this point. Here you are, stripped naked and tied spread-eagle. You can't move or protest. The leather laces attached between your feet and balls keep your feet upright and limit their motion. You've just ejaculated, every nerve is twice as sensitive, and you know I'm about to start tickling your feet. Even though you've just been spent, your cock is upright and balls are hot. To further limit the motion of your upper body, I'd attach another leather lace from your balls to the footboard or some other appropriate object and pull it tight.

My first touch to the sole of your right foot sends a electric charge through your body. You pull against the restraints, but they hold. You kick your foot, and the leather laces pull tightly on your balls. You know more is to come, the best you can do is try to survive the ordeal, but you also want what is coming. You hate it, but want it, your cock is rock hard. Maybe you'd hope I'd stroke you to give you some relief, but I think not. I'd sit down straddling your right leg, to hold it firmly. I tighten the leather laces as I sit, pulling your foot more taunt and stretching your balls just a bit more. Now I'd run my fingers up and down the soles and outside of your foot, paying no attention to your squirming reaction. My finger would trace circle on your sole and heel. Any spot that seemed particularly sensitive would get additional attention. I'd then use an eraser brush instead of my fingers tracing circles and running the brush along your sole and outside edge of your foot. I could do this for hours, but I have the other foot to do.

You don't know what to expect, will I do the same to the other foot or something different. On the way over to your left foot, I give your cock a stroke, you don't expect this and your body arches in reaction. What will I do with the untried foot, will I just tickle it like the right foot, which will be torture enough, or do something different. Either way your cock and balls are ripe in anticipation. If only I'd give it another stroke or two, it would seem like Paradise. If only you could get a hand free, but no one touches your cock.

You can't see because of the blindfold, but I take a small leather cat-o-nine tails in my hand. I give your left foot a quick but gentle slap. You now know what to expect. Again your foot is kept upright be the leather laces. the bottom of your foot is fully exposed for the beating about to take place. I start off gently whipping your foot with the strap, but slowly build into hard steady strokes. Each stroke is sharp, you want to move your foot and each blow causes you to involuntarily snap your foot, which pulls on your balls, sending a rush to your cock. You don't know how much you can take. You feel the blows, but the pressure in your balls is intense, your cock rock hard. If someone were to touch your cock now, you'd explode in ecstasy. A final sharp blow to your foot causes you to shot without any touch. Your body convulses and you moan into the gag as your balls are pumped dry. You don't know if you can take anymore. Your cock is now more sensitive than it has ever been.

You imagine you'll be let free now, the torment over. But I want more. You are just a plaything and I'm not done playing. Your cock still needs some more work.

I lube it up and begin to stroke it steadily. Slowly, all the way to the head, which sends shivers through your body. I continue, rubbing the head to see you squirm more. You don't think you can take any more. You convulse like you're cumming, but your balls are dry. You shout 'Uncle' through your gag, hoping it will save you. That's what I wanted to hear.

I remove your gag, we make a deal that if I let you up now, you'll be my boy toy for the rest of my visit. You'll be kept naked and allow me to fondle and play with your body whenever I want, no questions asked and no hesitation. Your body will be mine for my pleasure. You have to agree, you have no choice.

That's how I would make you say 'Uncle' the first time, and the consequences.

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