When A Stranger Calls


Keith Steeclif


Austin answered the door to find a handsome stranger about his age.

"Hello, sir, I am John from Skintastics," the man said, handing him a card. He was carrying a big case. "Someone by the name of Wendy purchased our services as a gift for you. I'm here to give you a pedicure."

"A what? She got me a what? Sorry, I'm not interested."

"Are you sure? She's already paid for it. Really, it won't take very long."

"My sister is insane I swear. Alright, come on in."

"Thank you," John said, carrying his case into the house. "Please take a seat wherever you're most comfortable."

Austin sat in his rocking recliner. The man put the case down on the floor in front of him. It appeared to be quite heavy. He opened the case. Inside were poles that he put together to form two posts. The posts fit into place in brackets on the inside of the case. The posts where about three feet high and had cushioned grooves at the top.

"Please remove your shoes and socks and rest your heels in these grooves," John said.

Austin was a little embarrassed but complied. Once he put his feet up on the posts, John rested another piece of metal with matching padded grooves over the tops of his ankles and locked it in place so that Austin's ankles were surrounded by the padded metal.

"What's that for?" Austin asked.

"Oh, that's just to keep you from kicking me in the face. Some of my clients are very ticklish."

"Ticklish? What are you going to do."

"Wendy paid for the deluxe pedicure, toes, callus removal, and foot massage."

"Okay," Austin said with a swallow, thinking about how ticklish his feet were.

John started with his nails. Although his initial touches made Austin's feet jump, he managed to relax and enjoy the procedure. It actually felt very nice.

Once John trimmed and filed his nails, he took out a pumice stone. He then examined Austin's feet, feeling for calluses. Even this casual touch made Austin's feet twitch and he started to giggle.

"I'm sorry if that tickles," John said, "I'll be careful. Let me know if I'm tickling you too much."

"Okay," Austin said, feeling silly. John proceeded to scrub at John's heels and toes. Although the pumice stone didn't bother his callused skin, occasionally it would scrape across tender skin, making Austin jump and laugh out loud. John apologized whenever this happened and continued.

Then John applied lotion to Austin's feet and gave him a twenty-minute foot massage. Austin was in heaven. He had to admit that the attention to his feet felt wonderful.

When he was done with the foot massage, John said, "All done. Now that wasn't so bad was it." John diddled on Austin's right sole a little.

"No, hee hee, it wasn't"

"My, you are a ticklish one, aren't you," John said. "I'm sorry, I just can't resist." John started to roll his fingers up and down Austin's soles.

Austin started laughing loudly. He tried to pull his feet away, but the base was too heavy. Austin wiggled his toes frantically, but his manacled ankles made it impossible to elude John's tickling fingers.

"No.. hee hee hee... not that. Please .. haa haa haa, no tickling...."

John kept tickling Austin's feet. "I'm sorry, Austin, but I just love ticklish feet. And your feet are very ticklish. I'm afraid I'm having too much fun to stop just yet."

"No! Haa haa haa. What are you doing? Stop this, you're killing me!

My God, it tickles so bad, hee hee heeeeeeeeeeeee!"

John reached into his case and pulled out a stiff feather. "If you think that tickles, let's try this baby." John started to glide the feather across Austin's bare soles.

Austin was hysterical. He was laughing so hard now, he couldn't even beg any more. John tickled his feet with the feather, drawing it across the base of Austin's toes and pulling it in between his toes. Austin could do nothing but laugh and laugh, wiggling his toes uncontrollably and wishing for the torment to end.

John tickled Austin's feet for many minutes. Austin was so hysterical, he didn't notice right away when John stopped tickling. But then he realized that John was grabbing his wrists and tying them together.

Austin tried to pull his arms away, but he was so weakened from his tickling ordeal, that he wasn't strong enough to resist. John tied his wrists together and then walked around behind the chair. He pulled Austin's arms up and back over the top of the chair. Then he pulled the cord tight and tied it off to the base of the chair.

By that time, Austin had recovered enough of his breath to speak.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

John came back around and started to unbutton Austin's shirt, "I want to see where else you're ticklish."

"No, stop this. Let me go!"

John had Austin's shirt undone and pulled open. He started to very lightly stroke Austin's lower ribs.

"Oh, no, hee hee hee. Please not that." Austin started giggling.

John moved all around Austin's ribs, not tickling hard, but enough to confirm that his entire ribcage was very ticklish. Then he moved down to his washboard stomach. Austin was ticklish there to, particularly around his belly button. When John moved toward Austin's armpits, Austin started to squirm and react violently, even though John was only trying to tickle him a little bit.

John didn't want Austin to get hysterical just yet, so he backed off from his pits. Returning to his ribs and still tickling lightly, John said, "I knew the first time that I saw you that you'd be so ticklish."

"What do you mean?" Austin asked between giggling fits. "I've never seen you before."

"Maybe not," John said, "But I've been watching you for a long time.

Your sister didn't pay for me to come over here. I made that all up as an excuse to get in here and get a crack at those beautiful bare feet of yours. I don't do pedicures for a living. I tickle cute guys for a hobby. And I've been wanting to tickle you for a very long time."

John picked up the tempo, digging harder into Austin's ribs until he was laughing loudly again. John tickled his ribs and stomach mercilessly, occasionally reaching down and scratching Austin's bare soles as well. John was hysterical, thrashing about in the chair, but unable to protect his ticklish skin.

Finally, John could stand it no longer, and rolled his fingers into Austin's armpits. Austin, already laughing loudly, started belting out peals of hysterical laughter. Austin was laughing so hard, that John only dared tickle Austin's pits for a couple of minutes before he returned to his tender ribs and quivering stomach. Despite the fact that John was still tickling him ruthlessly, Austin was thankful that the armpit tickling had stopped.

John picked up the feather and tickled Austin's belly with it, making Austin twitch and occasionally spit out a laugh, but giving him a chance to catch his breath.

When Austin could speak again, he asked, "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because you are cute and you're ticklish. You still don't know where we met before do you?"

"No, I know we haven't met before."

"I admit, it was a brief encounter. It was at your office Christmas party last year."

"You were there? Who'd you come with?"

"I wasn't a guest, I was with the caterers. I was tending one of the bars. The bar where you and your buddy Carl keep getting all your shots."

"Oh yeah," Austin admitted, "I got pretty toasted that night. I don't remember much."

"Well I remember every second. You were looking all adorable, and you kept putting your arm around Carl. Every time you did, he'd tweak you in the ribs or poke you in the armpit. I saw how you'd jump a mile every time he did. I knew then that I had to get my fingers on your naked skin."

"You can't get away with this," Austin said, "I'll get out of this eventually. I'll call the police."

"You will? And tell them what? That you let a man into your home to play with your feet, but you didn't like it when he started to tickle you. You going to tell them how ticklish you are, and how I used this feather to drive you insane? Is that what you're going to tell all your friends? Your buddy, Carl?"

"C'mon, man. You've had your fun. Just let me go and I won't tell anybody."

"I'm sorry, Austin. I really am. But you are just too damn ticklish for me to give you up so quickly. I'm not going to have a chance like this ever again, so I need to enjoy myself while I can. Maybe if you didn't fight it so much, you might actually enjoy it too."

"Enjoy it? I'm suppose to enjoy getting tickle tortured by some demented stranger?"

"Enjoy it or hate it, it makes no difference to me. You're getting tickled silly regardless. But we have the whole night ahead of us, so you might as well get used to that idea right now. "

"Please, I'm begging you, I am so ticklish. I really can't stand any more."

John had moved down to sit at Austin's feet again. "How can I resist such an adorable pair of feet? You're soles are so soft and tender. How can I sit here and not tickle them? I bet if you were sitting where I am right now, you'd want to tickle these feet too." John started to draw his index finger down Austin's soles. Austin started laughing again.

About five minutes into the new round of foot tickling, Austin's phone rang. John kept tickling Austin's feet until the machine picked up. Then he stopped so they could listen to the message being recorded.

"Hey, Austin, it's Carl," the voice said, "Listen, the guy I had lined up for you tonight just bailed. Sorry buddy, you'll have to wait a while longer for your birthday present."

John looked at Austin inquisitively and Austin looked at John with a stunned looked.

"You mean Carl didn't send you?"


"Then who the hell are you," Austin yelled, trying with renewed strength to pull free of his bindings. He couldn't budge.

"I told you. I've been watching you for a while and tonight I'm going to tickle the shit out of you."

"No, let me up. This was supposed to be my birthday present from Carl. He was going to send a guy over here to play out a fantasy of mine."

"Isn't this convenient. Sounds like someone's fantasy just took a sharp turn into reality." John started to move toward Austin's bare feet again.

"No, stop. I don't know you. You can't do this."

John started tickling Austin's feet again, this time, trying to purposefully drive him into a ticklish frenzy. Austin was hysterical.

He was suddenly panicked. Until now he thought it was all a game. But know he realized this guy really was a stranger and he really was there to tickle him beyond all endurance. Austin began to fear that this man would not respect his limits. And he started to wonder if maybe, he actually could be tickled to death.

John seemed determined to find out. He started alternating between Austin's feet and torso, tickling him without mercy. He dove into Austin's armpits, scratching through the dark tufts of hair, making him laugh so hard he was screaming. Tears were rushing down his flushed cheeks as Austin laughed and laughed.

Despite Austin's predicament, the tickling produced the same response it always did. He developed a raging hard-on. When John noticed this, he sat on top of Austin's crotch and started to rub back and forth as he continued to tickle Austin's body. Two layers of blue jeans and underwear didn't diminish the stimulating effect that the gyrations had on his organ. Stranger or not, Austin was starting to escape into orgasmic euphoria.

John continued to tickle without the slightest hint of stopping. He ground harder and faster as Austin managed to let a few moans slip out between fits of hysterical laughter. John tickled and ground. Rubbed and tickled, faster and faster, tickling and tickling, until suddenly, Austin's whole body tensed up. The expression on his face was frozen in an orgasmic grin as wave after wave of pleasure swept over his body. The sensation was greater than anything he'd ever felt in his life. For a moment, Austin actually thought that, if the tickling didn't kill him, this orgasm just might. But finally, regretfully, the orgasm began to subside, and Austin slumped back in the chair, utterly exhausted.

Austin only allowed himself a moment or two of rest before he again realized his situation. He was still tied up, and this guy was still sitting on top of him, ready to start tickling again at any second. But instead of moving toward Austin's ribs once more, John stood up.

"That was a monumental orgasm," John said, "I thought you were going to explode."

"Please, no more tickling," Austin pleaded.

"Don't worry, Austin. I'm done. After all, it was all about you, wasn't it."

"What do you mean?"

John went to the front door and opened it. Carl walked in.

"Carl? What's going on?" Austin was exhausted and confused.

"Happy Birthday, buddy. Did I do good or what?"

"You mean, this really is the guy?"

"Nice touch, don't you think, calling you up and pretending that the guy wasn't coming. You really thought that John here was an intruder."

"I thought he was going to have a heart attack," John said.

"I nearly did." Austin confessed, "You are a very brutal tickler."

"He better be," Carl said, "I contacted him on the Internet. Seems John here really does have this thing for tickling guys. I figured, if I was going to do this right, I'd better get the real thing."

"Carl and I have been exchanging e-mail for weeks. When he sent me a picture of you, man, I almost drove right over here that night. It's been tough waiting for this night to come."

"Leave it to you, Carl, to do the whole thing over the top. Thank you. Now, how about untying me."

"Not quite yet," Carl said, "There's still the matter of payment."

"Payment?" Austin asked.

"John wouldn't take money for this. He made me promise that I'd let him play out a fantasy of his own for payment."

"And what's that?" Austin said.

"I've always wanted to tickle two guys at the same time," John said.

"You mean?" Austin said, looking at Carl.

Carl kicked off his sneakers. He wasn't wearing any socks. Then he started to unbutton his shirt. "The things I do to make my friends happy," Carl said as he moved over and sat on the couch. He put his feet up on the coffee table, crossing them at the ankles. John took some more cord and started to tie Carl's ankles together.

"You have very big feet," John commented, "I hope they are ticklish."

"I might not be as ticklish as Austin here, but I promise you won't be disappointed. Just remember, I'm not the one who gets off on this, so please, be gentle."

John was tying Carl's wrists behind his back when he said, "I'll try, but if you are ticklish, I can't promise anything."

Carl looked at Austin and said, "Thank God your birthday only comes once a year."

Austin reply was interrupted by sudden laughter as John started to tickle the four bare soles in front of him. Austin watched Carl as he started to laugh and squirm as John scratched his big, bare soles. Austin didn't realize how ticklish Carl was, and he wondered if his friend could endure.

"If he does," Austin thought, "I know what I'm getting him for his birthday next month."

Keith Steeclif