The Gym



Kevin and Erik had met during high school. They were a perfect match; Erik loved to tickle others; Kevin loved to be tickled. They had had a ticklish relationship for a long time before graduation.

There was no particular reason why Kevin and Erik drifted apart after graduation. They just began to follow different paths, leading in different directions.

As well as being an excellent tickle-slave, Kevin was also an excellent student. He managed to wrangle a scholarship to an Ivy League college. He wrote long letters to Erik for a while, talking about college life in general. He had had a magnificent tickling experience associated with hazing for a fraternity . . .

Erik, when he graduated, drifted for a while. He took a number of small jobs and, after about a year, decided to try college.

He stayed in college for about three semesters, but it was not the answer to what he wanted. He finally dropped out, and began to work again.

Ten years after graduation, he had become the manager of a men's gymnasium. He was in charge of accounting, maintenance, and the day-to-day operation of the gym. He hadn't heard from Kevin in five years.

The gymnasium contained the usual exercise equipment, a small pool, a massage room, and a sauna. Erik had a staff of about ten people working for him, at different times.

He still maintained his mania for tickling.

The gym had a regular clientele, most of whom were pleasant men simply looking for a place to work out and relax.

There were, however, a number of recalcitrant customers.

Chief among these were two in particular.

One was a rather vain bodybuilder, named Charles. He stood about six feet tall, had black hair and blue eyes. He was a handsome man, his body rippling with muscles, but he was cursed with a difficult personality. He would come in every day at the same time, use the weight room, and complain. It was always too hot in there for him, or too cold. The weights had been tampered with. The floor was dirty.

After every workout, he would seek Erik out with some minor annoyance. Erik was invariably polite to the fellow, but inside he was seething. He wished that he could take revenge on the lout.

Another difficult visitor was named Bryan. He was a blond-haired surfer dude with green eyes. He had come from a well-heeled background, and had apparently been spoiled all his life. He would come to use the pool, and demand a massage every night just before the gym closed, when Erik was anxious to get home.

Erik had originally found him very attractive, and had once attempted to strike up a conversation with him. Bryan fixed him with cold eyes as he sat on the side of the pool, and said,

"I really have no interest in talking to you. The only reason I come here is because it's near my boyfriend's house, and I don't want to make the long trip back home. So just leave me alone."

Erik had plans . . . he didn't know if he'd ever have the nerve to carry them out, but he was ready just in case. The massage room, when he wanted it to be, could easily turn into a trap. He had attached rings on the undersides of two of the tables; it would be very easy to slip the ends of a number of pairs of handcuffs through them, and have an unsuspecting person helplessly bound before they even knew it. Then they would die laughing . . .

One day, Erik was looking through new applications for a general helper at the gym. His eyes froze on one of the papers, and opened wide. Kevin's name appeared there! Kevin was looking for a job with him!

He called the number on the application immediately. Kevin was greatly surprised to hear that Erik was the manager. He was currently between jobs . . . he'd finished one project and was waiting for word on a job on the West Coast. He agreed to work at the gym in the interim.

It didn't take long for Erik and Kevin to renew their old relationship. Erik showed him the massage room set-up, and Kevin was promptly locked to a table after the gym closed and tickled half to death.

After a few weeks, Erik decided that he could go through with his plan . . . with Kevin's help.

Charles and Bryan came nearly every night to the gym. They had a passing acquaintance.

On a rainy Thursday night, Erik decided to act.

The two men were in the locker room, changing their clothes and talking trivialities. Erik entered, and said to them :

"Gentlemen! I wanted to let you know that we are offering free massages tonight for regular customers."

Both men looked up.

"I'll take you up on that," Bryan said.

"I guess I will, too, then," Charles said. "But you better do a good job! My regular masseuse is very good."

"Oh, I think you'll be . . . tickled by the job we do," replied Erik.

The remark went right through Charles. He had no idea what was in store for him!

The two men were led to the massage room, and asked to lie on the table with a towel around their middles. Charles lay on his back; Bryan lay on his stomach.

Erik and Kevin really did massage them. They became very relaxed, almost asleep . . .

Erik and Kevin quickly locked the handcuffs around their wrists.

"Hey, what . . .?"

"What are you doing?" the men said.

Handcuffs were quickly locked on their bare feet.

"Are you guys crazy?" Charles yelled. "Let me go!"

Erik walked over to Charles and looked in his face.

"I don't think so, Charles," he said. "You see, you two have become real pains in the ass in this gym. I think it's time you got paid for your behavior."

Charles looked truly frightened.

"What . . . what are you going to do to us?" he said, his voice shaking.

"We're going to have a little contest," said Erik. "We're going to see which one of you laughs the hardest . . . "

"Oh, God . . . " said Bryan. It was beginning to dawn on him exactly what was going to happen.

"You tied us up to make us laugh? I don't get it," said Charles, still confused.

"They're going to tickle us," said Bryan, in a flat voice.

"What??" replied Charles.

"Charles, they've got us tied down helplessly and naked. They're going to tickle us until we're crazy," Bryan already had tears in his eyes. "Look, you guys, please forget this. I can't take tickling. I'll pay you . . ."

"I don't think all the money in the world will make me lose this opportunity," Erik said. "Are you terribly ticklish, Bryan?"

"Yes!" he said, starting to cry. "I can't stand it. My father used to tickle me until I practically went into convulsions when I was little. I hated it!"

"You don't like to . . . lose control of yourself, do you?" said Erik. "What about you, Charles?"

"Aw, I'm not ticklish. Do your worst!" said Charles.

"I don't think you understand, Charles," Kevin spoke up. "You see, everyone is ticklish . . . in the right place at the right time. We WILL find that place."

Kevin looked at Erik. "Let me do this guy first. I'll make him scream in no time!"

"Deal!" said Erik.

Erik and Kevin took up positions at the men's bare and helpless feet. They both had erections as they watched Bryan quiver in fear, and Charles try to act nonchalant.

Erik counted. "1 . . . 2 . . . 3. . . Go!"

They both started tickling the men's soles, as hard and fast as they could.

Bryan immediately went into hysterics, squirming and giggling like a five-year-old. His face reddened, his toes wriggled, and his body shivered under the expert onslaught of Erik's tickling fingers.

Charles jumped at first, then lay still for a moment. "It doesn't tickle. See?" Kevin kept tickling his feet, moving his fingers up under the toes.

"It wo - won't work. You'll - you'll see hee hee hee hee HAAH! HAAHHAHAHAHA - OH! OH!" Charles began to lose control of his ticklish body as Kevin scratched the undersides of his now squirming toes.

Bryan was crying and screaming, trying to talk in between squeals and laughing. "Do-don't HAHAHAH EEEEE! I CAN'T AAAAH! AAAAH! PL-PLEA HEEHEEHEEE EEEEE! NOOOOOO . . . "

Erik kept tickling Bryan without mercy. Kevin did the same to Charles, whose powerful body was reduced to quivers of ticklishness. Charles squirmed his body like a fish, rattling the handcuffs and practically lifting the table off the floor. His laughter had become almost silent, with occasional loud gasps for air.

After about 15 minutes, it was obvious that Bryan couldn't take anymore of the torture. He could barely breathe; his eyes were starting out of his head; he was past screaming.

Erik signaled to Kevin to stop. Charles was in pretty bad shape, also; he gasped for air and cursed at them. He sounded frightened now!

"I won the contest," he said, smiling. "This guy is much more ticklish than I am."

"Well, that was just the beginning match," said Kevin. "We'll see how they hold out over time. What's next?"

"You're next," said Erik, looking at Kevin.

"You're . . . going to tickle me . . . now?" said Kevin.

"Yes!" said Erik.

Erik brought a chair over and set it between the two tables. Kevin took off his clothes. Erik tied Kevin's legs and ankles to it, but left his hands free. Kevin could easily reach the bound feet of the two men on the table with his hands.

"Get the idea?" said Erik. "I'm going to tickle you, while you're torturing both of them! This is a reward for all your help."

Kevin's penis, already erect, seemed to become even moreso, standing straight up from his groin like a flagpole. He began to tickle the soles of both of the helpless men. They immediately went into hysterics again, their laughter filling the room. Meanwhile, Erik lay down on the floor, underneath Kevin's chair, and began devilishly stroking his soles with his expert touch. Kevin squirmed in delight and ticklishness. He began to laugh, but was still able to concentrate to some degree on torturing the other two, because they were laughing also, and beginning to scream for mercy!

All of the foot-tickling continued for a long time. Finally, Erik reached up between Kevin's legs and began to pump his penis with one hand, continuing the tickling of his soles with the other. It took less than half a minute before Kevin's semen shot halfway across the room, in between the tables and splashing on both of the helpless victims. Kevin groaned with pleasure, and squirmed in his seat until he almost knocked it over. All of the while, he had been torturing the sensitive soles of the two victims, and they were nearly crazed; they screamed again and squealed and wriggled their bodies.

Erik untied Kevin's feet, and they flipped a coin to see who would be tickled into submission again by both of them. It came up heads; it was Charles.

They freed his hands from the table; he was too weak to resist them. He could just barely moan, "No more . . . please . . . no more . . ." as they handcuffed him again, ran a rope through the handcuffs and threw it over a beam in the ceiling, and pulled him to a sitting position on the table, with his feet still chained where they had been.

They began under his arms and on his ribs. Charles was very ticklish there, it turned out. He screamed and writhed and begged for mercy, but Kevin and Erik kept digging their fingers into his sensitive sides.

Then they tickled him back and front. Erik wriggled his fingers in the front of his rib cage, and Kevin used his index fingers to poke Charles up and down his back. Charles yelled in tickled agony.

Erik found a feather, and began to run it along his balls and up and down his penis. He was surprised to see that Charles was beginning to get an erection, so he ordered Kevin to begin tickling his feet again. Charles screamed, "No . . . NO!", but for a few minutes his member got even harder, even as he was squirming in torment from the foot-tickling. Soon, though, his tortured body rebelled, and no matter how much Erik tickled his cock it wouldn't get hard again.

By the time they stopped tickling him, Charles had a wild look in his eyes. He continued to laugh and squirm for some minutes after they stopped.

Erik looked at Bryan, still tied to the table. "I hope you watched closely," he said, "because whatever he got we're going to give to you double."

Bryan closed his eyes and moaned.

Erik untied his feet, and hung him from the ceiling upside down by securing another rope around a beam, handcuffing his feet and running the rope through the middle chain. He found a couple of pieces of string and tied Bryan's big toes together, and then fastened the string around his ankles so that the soles of his feet were stretched out. The poor man wouldn't even be able to wriggle his toes when he was tickled!

He freed Bryan's hands, and handcuffed them again with one set, running the links through the base of the table. Bryan's hands were almost touching the ground, but were ingeniously chained so that he couldn't lift his arms up to protect himself.

Then he was tickled, for a very long time.

Erik began by attacking his helpless soles. As stretched as they were, Bryan could feel every slight touch. He screamed with fear and distress, all the time laughing his lungs out. His face turned as red as a beet.

Erik had developed a new foot torture. He would tickle without a break for a few minutes, driving Bryan to hysteria, and nearly into convulsions. He would then stop, and allow his victim to just barely catch his breath - but not really recover - and then he would start tickling again.

Erik was having a marvelous time. He had never tickled anyone with such ticklish feet before! Kevin was ticklish, sure, but he could take a lot more than Bryan. There was no comparison. Bryan was as ticklish as a little kid.

Erik was also dying by this time to come. His dick had been hard as a rock for hours now. He tried to ignore it - he wanted this to last a long time - but he knew he couldn't wait much longer.

Kevin began to join in on the torture, now, tickling Bryan on the ribs and under the arms mercilessly. Bryan was past laughing or even begging. He could only moan, and barely keep himself conscious. The ticklish sensations were still as excruciating as ever to him.

Erik signaled to Kevin to stop. He went in front of Kevin, and began to use his fingers to tickle around Bryan's balls.

Kevin opened his eyes, and managed to croak "Yes . . . do that . . ." His penis hardened almost immediately, and Erik began to stroke it. Kevin moaned, this time in delight. Erik masturbated him until he was nearly ready to come . . . then he stopped.

Kevin and Erik both attacked him again with tickling fingers. "No . . . NO!" Bryan screamed. "IT WAS-IT WAS HAHAHAHEEEE! GOOD! DON'T TEEEHEEEHEEHEEHO TICKLEEEEEE!"

When Bryan was properly tickled into agony again, they stopped and began to play with his penis and balls. His cock had stayed hard, and now hardened even more. Just at the point of orgasm . . .

They tickled him again.

They did this about six times, never letting the poor man come.

Now it was Erik's turn for pleasure. "Bring Charles over here," he said to Kevin.

Kevin brought a handcuffed Charles near to Erik.

"Charles," said Erik. "Here's how it works. You're going to suck my dick while I tickle this guy to death. Think you can handle that?"

Charles began to feebly protest. Erik took his head between his hands

"Listen, Charles, you'll do what we say. Unless you want to be tickled some more, that is."

Fear came into Charles' eyes. He agreed.

Erik began tickling Bryan's ribs. Kevin tickled his feet. Charles lay on the floor, and fastened his mouth around Erik's penis, licking it up and down with his tongue. Bryan screamed and cried under the tickle-torture.

This is heaven, Erik thought. A warm mouth on my cock, a helpless and very ticklish victim to torture . . . He was about to come . . .

Bryan let out a last shriek of agony and lapsed into unconsciousness.

"Damn!" Erik said. "Put Charles back on the table."

"No! You said you wouldn't!" Charles yelled. "No more tickling, PLEASE!"

"I changed my mind," Erik said. "I need someone awake to tickle."

Charles was strapped back down to the table. Erik began to tickle his soles. Charles screamed and wriggled with ticklishness. Kevin began to suck on Erik's cock.

Just as Charles reached a new level of ticklish torture, and was crying and begging for mercy, Erik came. He came for what seemed like an eternity, splashing Kevin and Charles and half of the room with his semen. . . .

The two men were left tied to the massage tables for the rest of the night, and given bouts of tickling torture as Kevin and Erik felt the mood to torture strike them. Kevin and Erik came two more times each. Bryan and Charles were never allowed to come.

At dawn, they released the men, who staggered down the street holding on to each other for support. They were left with red tickle-torture marks all over their bodies, which lasted for days afterward.

Erik and Kevin simply waited for another customer to give them a hard time . . .


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