Ticklish Brothers





Driving down the street listening to Aerosmith jamming on "Walk This Way" on the radio, I was headed over to a friend's house. She and her husband had taken a seven day cruise and had asked me to check in on the boys to make sure that they were all right. Her boys happened to be friends of mine as well they were students at the school where their mother and I worked. They were also members of the wrestling team.

For some reason or other, I guess I will call it fate, I turned off my lights as I pulled into the driveway. I stepped from my vehicle and made my way up their walk when I heard laughing off to my right. I stared at the illuminated bed room window that I knew belonged to the boys. It was open just a crack and sounds of unabated laughter floated out into the night air like music.

Stepping off the path I moved towards the sound. What I saw both shocked and delighted me. As I peered through the blinds that covered the window I could make out the naked figure of the older brother, Scott, tied up and giggling madly as his younger brother, Steven, sat upon his thighs and tickled his rib cage mercilessly! Steven was also naked.

I walked back toward the door and knocked...

The laughter ceased immediately and a few moments later Steven answered the door.

"Hi," Steven said out of breath his hair tousled on his head. He was dressed in a pair of skimpy blue nylon shorts and looked absolutely ravishing, but that would come later.

"Hi, just came over to check on you," I replied. "Aren't you going to invite me in?" I said as I began to make my way through the door.

"Um I... was really kind of busy."

"Oh nonsense, you are not too busy for me" I said as I popped Steven playfully on his naked belly and walked past him into the house. "Where is your brother?"

"He...he is not here," Steven stumbled over his words with an air of nervousness in his voice thick as fog.

"His car is outside." I replied casually. "Maybe he is in his room?" All at once a thud echoed throughout the house. "What was that?" I said as I raced toward the bedroom passing Steven. He followed a half of a step behind me. "I can explain..." Steven began.

"Explain what?" I countered as I looked upon an empty room.

"Ahhh nothing," Steven said as a smile of relief briefly crossed his face. That smile was to disappear quickly.

"What's up kiddo?" I asked as I turned to face him.

"Nothing. Really, Tom" Steven said unconvincingly.

I picked him up by the waist and walked him over toward the bed. The look on his face was priceless. It was a mixture of surprise and terror. "You have some explaining to do. Where is your brother?" I demanded, already knowing that the boy was hiding under the bed. He had been bound at the ankles and wrists. There was no way he was going too far.

As I tossed Steven casually onto the bed a loud yelp squealed from under the bed. Steven's face fell instantly.

"What have we here?" I said as I knelt down and looked under the foot of the bed. What I saw were two of the most perfect feet I had ever encountered in my life. They were tied together with rope. I grabbed hold of the soft hairless ankles and pulled Scott out from under the bed. He was buck ass naked. Scott looked up at me in utter fear. They had been busted and there was no way out of it.

"Well there you are Scottie my boy and what are you doing all tied up and naked?" But before Scott could answer my question I put my finger to my lips to silence him.

"Well Steven would you like to explain why your brother is tied up and naked under your bed?" I looked at him. His face held an intense look of fear. "Were you tickling him, Steven?" I asked and as I did I began tickling Scott's exposed and helpless sides. He began to giggle and then laugh hysterically as I danced my fingers up and down his sides. Steven smirked and almost laughed at his brother's infectious laughter and a small tent formed in his skimpy shorts. "Perhaps you would like to be tickled as well," I commented as I moved towards the bed and began tickling Steven's knees. Soon he was laughing and bouncing around on the bed as he tried to block my hands from his belly, neck, sides, back, anywhere I could get my hands on him. I would dive in tickle him for a few seconds, but before he could react I would move onto a different spot. Finally, I had him rolled over on his tummy while I mercilessly tickled the back of his neck and his ears. When I thought he was weakened enough I sat upon his thighs, removed a pair of leather restraints, and pulled his arms behind his back. Once his arms were secured, I flipped him over and began tickling his belly. Steven bucked and screamed as he laughed uncontrollably. I felt it was time to include his brother in on the scene. So, getting up off Steven I removed another pair of leather restraints from my pocket and tied his bare feet together. I then reached down and scooped up Scott's small body and playfully tossed him on the bed next to his brother.

"Now let's have some real fun," I smiled as I sat down next to Scotty on the bed. It was a small bed and crowded which left Scotty little room to move around on as I softly and devilishly tickled his tummy and sides. His laughter screeched through his soft lips as he bounced on the bed as much as he could in any attempt to get away from my tickling fingers. He was trapped though between the bound body of his brother and mine. He laughed, he bounced and he thrashed about wildly. His head swung from side to side as continuous laughter forced it's way through his lungs and past his quivering lips.

His small penis had become erect as my tickling fingers explored his upper body. It had reached it's maximum height of six inches. His balls were lightly covered with blond wisps of hair and were tightening up against his smooth shaft. I continued this torture for five minutes non stop until tears were streaming down Scotty's poor face and his laughter was mixed with gasps for breath.

I looked over at Steven. His eyes were filled with terror as he saw my gaze. He knew what was about to happen to him as well, his penis, on the other hand... Well let's just say, it rose to the occasion.

He began to beg me even before I had gotten off the bed. As a matter of fact. by the time I had made my way over there, the little boob had managed to roll himself off the bed and scoot half under his bed, on his tummy. I reached down and began scraping his bound soles. Laughter echoed out from under the bed as I tickled his poor feet. He desperately tried to scoot away using his toes to push off the floor. Being in a playful mood I allowed him this as I tickled away at his feet. He giggled, laughed, and begged me to stop torturing his tootsies. Finally, I pulled him out from under the bed and picked him up. He Squirmed the whole time until. I placed his bound body back upon the bed. I sat down quickly to secure his position and then went to work on his soft, flat, hairless tummy. When I plunged my finger into his cute little innie belly button I thought he would loose it. He was bouncing all over the place and shrieking with laughter. After a few more minutes of this I allowed Steven to rest.

I excused myself from the room momentarily, telling the boys not to go anywhere and that I would be right back. They just looked at me with horror filled eyes, both of their dicks were raging with hardons. I returned just a few moments later carrying a bag of tricks with me. I always kept a bag of tricks in the car, you never know when it might come in handy. I pulled three large leather restraints from my leather bag and then I sat the bag upon the floor.

I walked over toward the boys and ordered them to lie back to back. They complied instantly. They liked this tickle torturing as I found out later on, they were always tying up and tickling each other. I then took one of the restraints and secured both boys biceps to each other. Then, helping them to roll over, it was difficult for the one that had to go completely up in the air, I did the same to them on their other side. Once finished I moved down to the foot of the bed and attached the last restraint to their bound ankles, I then strung a piece of rope through the restraint and attached it to the boxspring. Now their feet touched at the heels and couldn't move at all other than to wiggle their toes.

Their feet were absolutely flawless I noticed, as I stared at them. Scott's feet were a little bit smaller and wider than his brothers. They were about a size eight with cute little toes that laid, as if sleeping, against the balls of his feet. Steven's feet were thin with soft toes that looked like miniature toadstools. Both of their heels were soft and delicate. I sat down upon the floor at the foot of the bed which put their feet at eye level. I then began lightly tickling Scott's feet as hysterical laughter erupted once more breaking the tense silence of the room. I tickled Scott's feet for a while and then I tickled Steven's. I then began alternating between feet and sometimes tickling both of them at the same time. I would use my fingers to rush up and down the length of their feet and my tongue to snake between their toes and cover their soles with saliva to keep them moist and ticklish. The more I licked the bottoms of their feet the harder they laughed.

After about a half an hour of this I stopped and allowed them to catch their breath. I climbed on top of their thighs and positioned myself there, in a kneeling position until both of them were breathing properly again. During this time I smoked a cigarette. My own hard on was raging at the restraints of my shorts. Once they had calmed down sufficiently I began drilling my index fingers into their soft navels. It was quite a ride as each tried to bend over to avert my finger. Scotty seemed to be a little stronger in this area and would often times bend his brother back far enough to tighten up his stomach making him that much more ticklish. I then raced my hands over their bellies and sides. They roared as I tortured them, their dicks still hard and now dripping pre cum.

I went to my bag once more as I let the boys rest. They laid upon the bed, breathing heavily, eyes closed. I withdraw a jar of Vaseline and began to scoop some up in my hand. I climbed back on the boys and began to message Scott's penis with the Vaseline. He moaned as I teased his shaft with my Vaseline drenched fingers. Sliding them slowly, lightly up and down his shaft. I began tickling Steven's belly again as I wrapped my fist around Scott's penis. I jerked Scott off as I tickled his brother. Between his brothers gyrations, laughter and my hand he shot a load that didn't even touch the bed. It shot right over the side. After Scott was finished I did the same thing for Steven. After Steven came I let both boys up and set up to meet them later on in the week, before their parents arrived home...