A Ticklish Hike




Dale and Steve wandered through the thick brush of the wilderness. Neither one had a clue as to where they were, although neither one would admit it. Dale with his tall and slender build and Steve with the body of a college wrestler lugged their packs through the thick patches of brush and looked for some place to rest there tired hungry bodies. This was the fourth day of a 7 day excursion, and even though they had lost track of exactly where they were, they still considered this to be quite an adventure.

Around 4:00 in the afternoon they met up with three men heading their way. The three were working their way back to a camp they said was a few miles east of where they were. All three of them looked a little happy, kind of flushed. Both Dale and Steve thought they must have been on their way back from a bit of a binge. One of the three asked where Dale and Steve were headed. Steve said they'd gotten a little off track and were looking for a place to crash. One of the guys introduced himself as Michael, he was about 5'8", rugged and intense. He told the guys that there was a cabin about a mile and a half further up on the trail, and that it was left over from an old camp. It would serve as a great place to drop the packs and set up for the night. Dale and Steve thanked him, and headed straight for it.

The cabin was just big enough for a couple of wooden bed frames, and a table. The guys dropped there bags and cooked up some dinner. Exhausted, Dale and Steve rolled out there sleeping bags on each of the bed frames and were snoring within minutes. The next thing either of them knew was that Dale woke up to hear Steve screaming, "What the Fuck....who the hell...what's going on......DALE!!!!!!" Dale realized he had been blindfolded and strapped into his sleeping bag. His arms were straight down at his sides and he couldn't move an inch. He started to yell too, questioning what was going on.....telling whomever it was that was doing this where there money was, and that they'd just leave if they were trespassing or anything. There wasn't a lot of talk, and then a voice said, "Don't you worry....we don't want your money, but you are trespassing and there is a penalty" Steve continued to yell, and fight back against whoever it was that had him trussed up as well. He figured there were at least two of them because someone was sitting on his legs and another guy was holding his shoulders in place. He too was encapsulated in his sleeping bag, unable to move an inch. Then there was quiet, and the two guys who had been holding Steve down walked away, and both he and Dale tried to listen. There were a number of people talking, but it was unclear what they were saying. Both Dale and Steve squirmed in there encasements, but to no avail.

The next sound each Dale heard was Steve asking in a fearful voice, "What the hell, what are you doing .....Hey,....don't hurt me....c'mon,...just let us go...we'll get out of here real quick....) At the same time, Dale could hear what sounded like furniture moving, and windows being opened. Again, he heard Steve, "What the hell...hey...HEY....what the hell", Dale didn't know at the time, but what Steve was realizing was that he was being moved around on the bedframe, now with his head toward the center of the cabin, and his feet at what was the headboard of the bed. Then he felt the a pair of hands locating the second zipper at the bottom of his sleeping bag. At this point he didn't even ask what was happening, he just listened and waited with great hesitation to see what happened next. He was scared to death, but had no way to react.

The zipper was pulled open far enough so that the foot of the sleeping bag could be rolled back . Steve felt the air hit his legs and wondered what this was all about. He heard one of the guys comment on the fact that he was wearing a pair of thick socks, as one of the other men commented, "He must have cold feet!" The guys laughed and went on with their business. The next thing Steve realized was that his legs had been pulled further toward what was now the head of the bed, but he didn't feel the head of the bed. Instead he felt his ankles being wrapped with some kind of material, and then clamped into something that felt an awful lot like a pair of stocks. At that point he got nervous, " Hey....hey...guys...what kind of game is this....let me go...let us go....we haven't done thing.....c'mon......LET US GO!!!!!" Then a voice came back, "Hey, relax there big boy, no one is going to hurt you". At this point Dale, who had been listening to all of this, asked "Steve, what's going on....what are they doing?" All Steve could say was, " I'm strapped into this damn sleeping bag, and now my feet are locked into some contraption". It was just about then, that Steve came to the realization that his feet had been placed in some kind of stock thing built into the wall of the cabin. He was laying on his stomach, his stocking feet were now immobile, and from what he could figure out, they were exposed to the outdoors. It didn't make any sense to him. Then he felt another strap placed around the middle of his back which was attached to the bedframe, this took away any chance of him even rolling back and forth. He knew he was fucked at this point, but had know idea why, or what was going to happen from here on.

The next thing Dale knew, he felt multiple pairs of hands rearranging him on his bed too, same process as Steve. The only difference was that when his sleeping bag was opened and his feet exposed they were bare as could be. That got a nice reaction from his captors. They checked his feet out, and realized that Dale, although he was probably about 6' tall, had a pair of huge feet on him. (They were 14's). Dale's ankles were also secured into the wall, and it was simpler for him to realize that his feet had just been exposed to the great outdoors, because he could feel the air dancing on the soles of his feet. Dale thought this was all to weird, he knew he'd read somewhere of captors sometimes removing the shoes and socks of their victims to make it harder for them to run away, but, here he was strapped and locked into a pair of stocks. There was no chance of him getting to run.

Dale and Steve laid in silence for a few minutes and then heard the clambering of feet as several men made there way out of the cabin. Then all was still. The best they could figure was that they were all alone. Steve asked Dale, "Are you o.k.?" Dale said, "Yeah, but I don't get this...what the hell do they want? I can't move anything....and what do you think the story is with the stocks. Can you feel anything?" Steve answered, "No". Well, that wasn't going to last for long.

About 15 minutes had gone by without a sound from outside. They didn't know if they'd been left there, or what. Then the door opened, and each heard what sounded like a dog entering the cabin. Then, all of sudden, Steve felt a tug on his blindfold, and believe it or not, it was a dog, a Dalmatian, and damned if he didn't pull the blindfold right of him. Steve blinked his eyes, and tried to focus. What he saw amazed him, he was looking straight at Dale. He could see Dale strapped to the bedframe, and barely make out where his ankles ended. It was just as if the headboard of the bed had been transformed into a heavy pair of stocks. Steve also watched that Dalmatian go right over to Dale and remove his blindfold in the same way. Once Dale had focused, he realized that he and Steve were head to head, with both of their feet locked up. They stared at each other, uncomfortable, scared, and nervous as all hell. Steve asked Dale, "Do you think they are going to hurt us?", Dale answered, "God, I hope not.....maybe we can ...... rationalize with them....maybe we can get them some more money".

Steve started to say, " I don't think these guys are going to RATIONALIZE...for God's sake...look at us....I mean...." and just then, Steve stopped talking, gasped, and tried to twist his head to look back at where his feet disappeared. Steve said, " Oh my God.....what the....", Dale asked, "What's the matter". Steve said, "Someone just yanked off my socks....what the HELL IS GOING ON?" At that very second, Steve looked across to see Dale jerk a little, and in the same attempt, try to wrench his upper body, what little it could, to look down at where his feet disappeared. Steve asked what happened, and Dale replied, "I'm not sure, someone is putting something on my feet......", Steve asked, "WHAT", yeah Dale said, (Someone is smearing some kind of gooey shit all over the soles of my feet......Hey....HEY....WHAT's GOING ON....STOP THAT SHIT.....WHAT ARE YOU DOING" Dale continued to scream, hoping someone would respond but nothing....then Steve jerked and yelled, "HEY...HEY....DON'T....DON'T .....LEAVE US ALONE!!!!!" Dale realized the same thing was being done to Steve's feet. Then there was silence again.....long ...long silence.

Then the silence was broken. As both of them laid there strapped tight, staring at each other motionless, they could hear a noise....they both listened intently...and then heard what sounded like the bleating of sheep.....or goats. What they didn't know, was that two men were herding about eight hungry-looking goats toward the cabin. The closer they got, the noisier they got. Dale and Steve stared at each other even more intently...waiting...waiting for something.....anything...to happen or be said.

On the outside of the cabin, the goats were being tied to trees, and prepared. This, although unknown to the two men in the cabin, was a well-prepared and set routine. You see, the substance on the soles of Dale and Steve was a syrupy mixture,....goats love the stuff......and these goats hadn't had anything to eat or drink for over 12 hours. These goats had been used as part of many intense tickling initiations in the past, and were about to initiate two more. Slowly two of the goats were led to where Dale's size 14's draped out from the wall of the cabin. His toes pointed toward the ground, and his beautiful bare soles jutting straight out of the wall, unprotected and unable to hide. Inside, Dale and Steve stared intently.....still waiting.....then....Steve watched Dale jolt, scream...and immediately start yelling....."NOOOOO!!!!.....NO...NO...NO... STOP!!!!.....HA AHA AHHH HO HO HEEEEEEE AAAHHHHH! NOT MY FEET......STOP...OH MY GOD....STEVE....THEY'RE......NOOOOO... AHHHHHHH HA HA HAHA HEE HEE ........." Steve yelled back, "DALE...DALE...WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING....WHAT'S HAPPENING.....WHAT...(He asked, even though he knew what the answer was going to be. He had begun to put things together when they layered his feet with that stuff. He was scared to death now, because he knew a lot about Dale, and one fact that he knew was that not only did he have HUGE feet, he also had incredibly ticklish feet. He'd seen Dale tickled once in college, and that only lasted a couple of seconds, and Dale went through the roof).....(The other thing Steve knew was that he his own feet were so damned ticklish, that if they put him through the same treatment, he'd never survive). Steve immediately began to sweat and squirm....and then yelled out to his captors in tandem with Dale, "STOP.....LEAVE HIM ALONE......HE CAN'T TAKE IT".

At that very moment, Dale gasped and his face which had been laughing hysterically from the second that first goat's tongue hit the sole of his right foot, sighed and laid his head down. Dale panted heavily, and said, " Oh my GOD, Steve, do you know what they're doing, they've got two goats out there licking whatever that shit is on my feet off with their tongues. I CAN'T TAKE IT....I CAN'T TAKE IT....MY FEET ARE TOO GODDAMN TICKLISH!!!!" Steve attempted to console him by saying, "Maybe that's it, maybe they just wanted to get their kicks.....maybe they'll take off now.....(he was saying this as much for his own state of mind as for Dale). Then it happened, Steve heard some loud BAAA's coming from right behind him and started to plead before it even started..... "HEY...HEY...NO....PLEASE NOT MY FEET...I SWEAR...I CAN'T.....AHHHHHHHHHH HA HA HA HEEE HEE HOO HOO HE HA HA HA HA.........NOOOOOOO........I CAN'T T.....AHH AHHHA HHA HEE HEE HEE HOO HA HA!!!!!"

Dale watched as his friend laid there facing him as he went through fits of laughter. Dale began to yell in defense of Steve..... "STOP IT ......STOP IT...... PLEASE....... HE CAN'T......OOOOOHHHHH AH AH AH AH AH HEE HEE HEE HOOOO HOOOO HA HA HA HA HA HA.......NOOOOOOO......." Too late, it was at that moment that both Steve and Dale realized there weren't just two goats. At that moment each of them had two hungry goats lapping away at their feet. These goats were good too, they'd been trained just for this kind of torture. They took quick licks around the toes and then long slower swags up the entire length of the guys feet. As the mixture was licked clean more was applied. The direct contact between their tongues and the sensitive soles of our two captives got more and more intense. Both men screamed with laughter, their heads bobbing up and down only inches from the flat surface of the bed frames. Their hysteria was not comforted at all as each caught glances of the other in total hysterics. They could see each others reaction, and somehow even that intensified their own tickling.

The men outside the cabin laughed in their own hysterics, they could not believe the killing they were making with these two. It was a score to have gotten two young bucks, but to have caught two insanely ticklish ones to boot was primo. They watched the goats go to town on the feet, and made no attempt to pull them away. They knew these goats could go on for hours. However, they didn't want to wear out Dale and Steve right away, so after about 20 minutes, the goats were given a break, and so were Dale and Steve.

Once the tickling had stopped, both guys just laid there, huffing and puffing and gasping for air. Steve finally spoke and said, "Do you think that's it?" Dale responded, "God I hope so, I thought I was going to totally lose it,...I can't go through that again."

(end of Part One)