A Very Ticklish Hunk




I work for the airline industry and this happened about six months ago:

One guy that I work with is a practical joker and always likes doing things that irritate people. One evening, I had gone to our cafeteria and gotten a cup of coffee. I returned to my office and put the cup of coffee on my desk and left to take care of some work. When I returned, I figured the coffee had cooled down enough to be able to drink. I took a big drink, and it was full of salt! Mark, who was the practical joker, was standing over by the elevator with a big smirk on his face and smiling. I knew it was him. Mark, by the way, is 6', brown hair, brown eyes, nice looking. I liked him a lot.

We have these bins that are used for linen, and he had gone upstairs where he works. Two of the guys he works with pushed him into one of these bins. Well, these bins have a lid on them with a hole on each side. They pushed him as though he were sitting down, and his legs went thru the holes on each side of the lid, allowing someone to sit on the lid. The top of the lid met right at his boot top, which pinned his ankles and legs. He was not able to move.

The two guys walked away. I saw this, and no one was around, and decided to walk over and sit in-between his two legs. I thought, what the heck. I proceeded to unlace one of his boots and pulled it off. He was wearing white athletic socks, and I guess had about a size 10 foot. The socks fit his feet very nicely. His feet had the smell of brand new leather, a real big turn-on.

I then proceeded to tickle his foot with my fingers. He resisted at first, and his toes slightly flexed as I tickled. I concentrated on the balls of his feet and his arch. This guy was ticklish! He started to laugh loudly. I wanted to take his sock off, but I figured I was lucky to get where I did. Since he was laughing so loud, I did not want to attract attention.

I went to get up and, of course, "rose to the occasion", so got up very carefully. I went to walk away, and the two guys who had pushed him into the bin came back. One of the guys was laughing, as he could not figure out how Mark's boot had come off. He jokingly started to tickle Mark's foot. He saw how sensitive Mark's feet were, and began tickling Mark's foot quite vigorously. The other guy who was with him proceeded to remove Mark's other boot, and they both tickled for almost fifteen minutes.

This is the best experience that I have ever witnessed. Mark had a very nice laugh.