To The Victor Go The Toils



First published in "TickleMaster Magazine". Reprinted by permission of the author.

I recently had cause to spend a week at a local hospital due to an infection that had begun to rage out-of-control. If this indignity were not enough, I was also recovering from a foot injury which necessitated my using crutches - at least for support. Although this was my first hospital stay since birth, and I was more than a little apprehensive, I couldn't help but recall some very hot stories I'd read about brief encounters between patients and tender-loving male nurses while in hospital. I received excellent care but was quickly becoming bored with the routine. There wasn't much else to do other than try to pronounce the name of my antibiotic - an exercise nearly as painful as my ailment, nor was there much to look at. The female nurses all were very good to me and also pleasant to the eye, provided they were what one sought, which they weren't. Apart from visitors, the only men who came into my (blissfully) private room were: doctors, occasional phlebotomists, and the men who tidied my room, usually unattractive men but for one - a thirty-something, tall, dark (I learned later that he was Puertorriqueño, not my usual taste) Hispanic man with a pleasant, natural build (the boy next door's body), obvious even through the blue hospital worker's shirt he wore. He was quiet and respectful, and very well-mannered and HOT, but not really my type, so I don't know why I then paid particular attention to him. Except I'm pretty sure I saw him looking at me looking at him. But wasn't that a wedding band on his left fourth-finger?

As I'd mentioned earlier I was using my crutches to help get around my room. During the afternoon of my fourth day I was making my way across to my bed. I'd heard this man when he'd entered the room and while he was doing his routine chores. He was now leaning over my bed to reach for something on the other side as I approached from behind him. Suddenly, as he lost his balance and fell on my bed, his left foot shot out hitting my left crutch, sending me off-balance, only to fall directly on top of him with a thud, knocking the wind out of both of us. After something like a three-beat pause we simultaneously asked, "Are you alright?" This struck both of us as extremely funny and we both started to laugh. When the moment had passed, I attempted to get up from that ludicrous position, only to fall on him again. It must be understood that I am quite heavy, and falling on him must not have been the most pleasant thing to have happened to him recently. This time I planned on being smarter while getting up; I'd push myself up using his body as a guard-rail. I excused myself and, placing my hands along his sides, started pushing up. This guy started laughing hard and wriggling under me. Wow! My mind went into overdrive, fueled by high-test lust and a blend of frustrated horniness and loneliness. So, I pretended getting up just then was too difficult, and fell gently back on top of him. I then informed him that he had caused me to fall in the first place. To this he replied in charmingly accented English, "Yes, I know I did. I'm sorry." He had not, however, made any move to get me off him, or to extricate himself from under me.

Just to be sure that he hadn't laughed at the oddity of the situation, I pretended to get up again, making certain to use movements of my hands and fingers that could not be misconstrued as anything other than tickling. He shouted his surprise and started laughing hard immediately, but I stopped after about five seconds. I'd heard him close the door of my room when he cleaned the floor behind it. I wasn't expecting any interruptions for awhile, so I whispered, "Como te llamas, guapo?" "Me llamo Victor, Señor."

"Bueno, Victor. You caused me to fall today because you weren't very careful. The staff has been very concerned that I should fall. If someone on staff had witnessed this it would've been bad for both of us. I think, however, that we can keep this to ourselves. What I think you need is to be taught a lesson which I will administer most carefully. I will not hurt you, but you'll certainly never forget it!" As I spoke these last words, I brought my hands back up to his sides, giving them a playful slap. "Will you agree to my terms," I breathed in his ear. He was already breathing heavily when he replied, "Sí, Señor. I will agree to your terms." "Muy bien. La lección comence. We begin!"

As I slowly started to trail my fingers along his sides he started to whimper and wriggle. Within mere seconds he was giggling, especially when I moved a bit faster, using all of my fingers along his sides and ribs, and in a few seconds more he was responding with rolling laughter which shook his body and the bed. This was making me hot. As I started inching my fingers closer to his armpits, and he sensed this, he started to pull his arms close to his body. "NO!" "Where is your honour? You agreed to take this punishment. Take your hands and grab the bed-rail, NOW, and leave them there!" As I barked this at him he obeyed me, laughing all the while. No sooner than when he had a firm grip on the bed-rail I attacked both of his armpits, which sent him to new heights of laughter. "Oh, please, no- oh, no-hohohohoho-hahaha!!!!!" His armpits were very warm and comfortable, not wet, and the blend of his manscent with the lightly fragranced deodorant he wore was an incredible turn on for me. Add to that the steady stream of laughter coming from a handsome young man who I perceived to be nice, and you have an unbeatable combination that drives me wild. While this was fun, and I was getting hotter by the finger-stroke, I remembered that my object was to give him the most thorough and severe tickling torture I could inflict in the time I had, and time was limited. I reluctantly stopped what I was doing, got up and said, "Turn over, now, and breathe. Lie back on the bed properly and grab the bed-rails on either side. We are by no means finished yet. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes, Señor." As he lay back, I immediately started securing his wrists to the bed-rails, hands above his head, with the cords from the TV selector and the blood pressure gauge. Using one of the bedsheets I then tied his legs together and secured them to the mattress with the package of his feet sticking off one side of the bed. Once secured, I started quickly unbuttoning his shirt, gently pulling it away from those deep-set crevices, and then started stroking his chest, neck and belly, enjoying the feel of his firm physique and silk-textured hair, all the while planning more details for his torture. Once I'd gotten him back to steady giggle-laughter, I resumed tickling both his armpits, but this time I could be more artistic. I started using my beloved firm featherweight finger-strokes, slowly back and forth across Victor's moderately hairy and helplessly exposed armpits. I made sure to work up and down his arms as well as his sides. His laughter continued to grow, and was now a steady stream of hard laughter.

After a few minutes of this I decided he needed another breather. Reaching for a pen cap, I moved down toward his feet, saying, "The fun is just starting, Victor," and sat down. "You are having fun, aren't you? After all, you agreed to this." Panting hard, Victor pleaded, "Please, Señor, no more." Paying him no mind, and lightly stroking his calves and ankles to make him nervous, I told Victor, "Gee, your feet have been cramped into these shoes, working hard all day, hidden from the world. I'm going to release them from your mean old shoes now, and I'll just bet they'll be so happy when I start to play with them, exposed and completely vulnerable, why they'll just be tickled pink, so-to-speak!" I saw a mixture of awe and fear in his eyes, but also something else I couldn't place, as I unlaced his shoes and slowly slipped them off his feet. One of my favorite foot-tickling tricks is to tickle the instep and area around the metatarsals, not only because upon the removal of the shoes is that area extremely sensitive, but especially because it is never expected (ah, the element of surprise!).

So, to the trick! I traced my fingers along his soles just long enough to get him going (it too but a few seconds) and quickly attacked the tops of both his feet. His reaction to this stimulation can only be described as an explosion, and of far greater magnitude than ever before. Victor was screaming now, laughing with total abandon, pulling in vain at his restraints, and I knew this couldn't last much longer. The new shift was about to come on, so I decided to quickly give him a last once-over. Giving him a few moments to get his breath, I started stroking areas near the more ticklish spots to sensitize him more. Breathlessly, Victor pleaded, "No-ho, Señor. H-h-please, h-no more. H-h-I cannot stand it." I just smiled at Victor and then started tickling him at random, all over his now hypersensitive body; feet, armpits, face, chest, armpits again, legs, feet again. There is no possible way to describe the feeling of electricity that was coursing through me as I tickled this very handsome young man, stroking his entire body, watching his handsome facial expressions and body's contortions, listening to his deep, open, full-throated laughter. I thought I might pop right then and there. I slowed down my tickling him enough to ask if he'd learned his lesson, namely, the importance of being careful. Victor could barely speak, but did manage to make himself understood, and that yes, he had indeed learned to be very careful. I then stopped his ordeal and started to unfasten his impromptu restraints. Looking down at him for what I thought would be the last time, I noticed that he had developed a massive erection, and also that he couldn't quite seem to completely stop laughing. He was also obviously grinding his hips in an attempt to pleasure himself. I'd already loosed his right leg, and as soon as I loosed his right arm he reached for himself and started, much to my amazement, to unzip himself! No, he started masturbating right in from of me, still partially restrained. To my surprise he was beautifully cut and possessed six and a half inches of a most handsome phallus.

If I was already hot from the encounter, I was steaming now! And how he must be feeling, doing what he was in front of another guy. Suddenly, it dawned on me (for I'm often a bit slow on the uptake) that my tickling him had made him so hot. I believe in always trying to be helpful, and as I hadn't yet unfastened his left-side limbs I started lightly tickling him again. His laughter this time was the unmistakable laughter of a person engaged in love-play, a softer and gentler laugh, one of deep sexual gratification, but Victor wasn't through with surprising me yet. He suddenly grabbed my left hand and placed it directly on his dick. I stopped abruptly and looked deeply into his beautiful brown eyes. "Please, Señor, toca mi pinga, por favor." So, I simply continued where he and I had left off- caressing his dick with one hand as I tickled him gently with the other, making certain to spread some of his pre-cum all over the head of his prick. Victor was already close to coming, bucking wildly, and I was trying to give him the most pleasure possible with my experienced hand, sadly lacking a condom. A moment later, his movements became longer and slower, his dick pulsating strongly, and I knew that this was it. His first contraction was dry but incredibly strong, after which he let forth with salvo after salvo of copious white-hot cum, dousing my hand and wrist, and across his muscular torso and chest. I stopped tickling him, and he lay there panting heavily as I resumed untying him. He got up very slowly on the same side on which I was standing. Looking at me with a strange and curious look he then grabbed me and gave me a very long, hard hug. As he held me in that innocent embrace, he thanked me, telling me he had never felt so good, so alive, that sex could be so satisfying. Not quite knowing what to say, this had only been a handjob, I told him to come back if he wanted more. Yes, he's been back- both while I was still in hospital, and several times once I went home. One time he even brought a younger cousin, so I taught them both the ropes. Victor really is basically straight, but very sweet, and has had fantasies about sex with men. There is a special kind of love and friendship that has developed between us that I would do nothing to damage. I have had very good sex with him- he's a pleasure to suck, and he gives great handjobs and wonderfully warm hugs. He tried to suck me off once, but that was too much of a blow to his overall hetero demeanor, but I don't mind at all.

And, of course, we have lots and lots of laughs, or rather, Victor does the laughing, which really tickles me, and each time it's music to my ears!