Tied & Tickled


James West


I sometimes bottom (when I'm forced into it). I have a lover, Randy, who often overpowers me and ties me down and gets his revenge for the things I've done to him! In fact, when I got home from work last Friday, Randy greeted me at the door with a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs in his hand. I knew I was I trouble! He kissed me, and as he hugged me, he grabbed my wrists, pulled my arms behind my back and expertly installed the cuffs around my wrists. He pulled the blindfold over my head and covered my eyes. His tongue and his hot breath met mine as he tickled my nipples through my white cotton shirt. My knees got weak as electricity coursed through my whole body.

He led me upstairs, moved me to his chosen position and then forced me down on my knees. I heard him walk down a few stairs behind me, which told me that I was kneeling in the hallway in front of the railing that separates the hall from the stairs. I knelt there motionless in nerve-charged anticipation.

I heard the familiar sound of chains rattling. I knew Randy was rooting through our "toy box" looking for something with which to tie me up. He grabbed my ankles, pulled my feet under the lower horizontal rail, and let them dangle over the ledge. He pulled off my loafers. He reached under my right trouser cuff and pulled at the top of my black sheer sock and slowly peeled it over my calf, over my heel, my sole, my toes, and then completely off. With the same, slow, calculated precision, he removed my left sock. I was so charged that I could literally feel the air brush across the exposed flesh of my bare feet. My cock began to swell inside my trousers. I could feel it start to drip!

He tied my ankles to the horizontal railing above my legs. Then, he wrapped a piece of rope around my big toes, tied them together, then stretched the rope to another railing beneath me. He wrapped more rope around my "pinky" toes and stretched them away from each other, then tied that rope to the railing below me. I could not move my feet at all!

He came back up the stairs, stood in front of me and unbuttoned my shirt. I could feel my nipples harden as he pulled the shirt away from chest, over my arms and down to my cuffed wrists. He noticed the erections and started to tease and tickle my tits a little. Then he gave them a good pinch and a tug, sending an instant charge to my cock. I laughed and squirmed as he quickly ran his fingers up and down my bare ribs. He whispered in my ear, "What's wrong? You ticklish?" knowing full well that he was driving me crazy! I knew this was only the beginning of his sadistic little torture session.

He removed the handcuffs and pulled my shirt completely off. Then he pulled my arms out and away from me and tied my wrists to the railing behind me. This forced me to lean slightly forward/downward in a somewhat spread-eagle position, but more like an eagle swooping down. So I was now completely helpless.

I heard him rustling through the "toy box" again.

I felt the feather duster brush across my bare chest. I jumped. He ran the duster over my entire exposed, helpless torso. I just moaned and enjoyed the light tickling. He ran it up and down my sides, then over my back. I jumped every once in a while when he would hit a really sensitive spot. Randy knows that the feather duster doesn't really tickle very much, but he was really only starting.

He went back to the box to pull out the next torture tool. Then, from behind me he said "I'm gonna tickle your bare feet!" Just the sound of that made me squirm and test the ropes. They were good and tight. "Are you ready to have those sensitive soles tortured?" "No, please don't tickle my bare feet!" I begged him not to. A game we sorta play to help build the tension. It definitely helped this time.

I felt the bristles of a soft hair brush run from heel to toe on my left foot. I pulled at the tight ropes as the sensation drop me crazy. Then, slowly, the brush went down my right foot. I tried to curl my toes and bend my foot, but the ropes were too tight. I couldn't move my feet at all. My feet are probably my most ticklish spot and Randy knows it!

Slowly, then quickly, then slowly again Randy ran the hair brush all over the hypersensitive soles and toes of my bare feet. He continued to tease my feet for what seemed like an hour until I started screaming/begging for him to stop! I think he was worried that the neighbors would hear me so he did. Of course, it wouldn't be the first time I screamed like that.

He came back around in front of me and undid my trousers. He pulled them down to my knees. Then he pulled down my underwear and my stiff dick poked out at him. He ran his finger over my dripping cockhead. I nearly went crazy as he tortured the sensitive tip with the palm of his hand! He stroked it a few times as he teased my nipples with his other hand. He could sense that I was just about to come so he stopped stroking. My senses were really heightened now. And he knew it. I knew that I was in for more intense torture!

He started wildly running his fingers up and down my rib cage! I squirmed and begged, but he knew that I could take much more so he viciously made his way all over me, letting his fingers do the walking...

When he started tickling my bare back and licking my erect nipples at the same time, it was increasingly difficult not to scream. But I did and once again, I started to worry about the neighbors. Randy didn't seem to care about my screaming, because he continued to lick and bite my nipples while he moved up and down my back with his fingers. Then he really had me going when his other hand moved around in front of me. As he continued to tickle my back with one hand, he ran his fingers between my legs and started circling my balls with the other! All of this as he continued to graze my nipples with the tip of his moist tongue. He slid his palm up and down my cockshaft and I thought I was about to burst!

He stopped just as I was about to come. He started to untie me and I thought "Shit. Is it over already?" He finished untying my feet, undid the handcuffs, and took off the blindfold. I was beginning to get disappointed.

He pulled off my trousers and underwear, and took my shirt the rest of the way off, leaving me standing naked in front of him. "Get to the playroom!" he ordered. "I'm gonna tickle you the whole way there!" I started to run down the stairs and he started to chase me, yelling "I'm gonna tickle the hell out of you, boy!" I couldn't run as fast as he in my bare feet so he caught up to me and started tickling my bare back and ass. I started to laugh and he put his arms around me, locked me in his grip and started, as he put it, "tickling the hell out of me!" With his arms locked tight around my chest, he ran his fingers up and down my ticklish sides, stroking my ribs and rendering me completely helpless. I tried to escape, but he held me tight. Finally, he let me go and I ran through the door into our playroom. By now, I wanted him to tickle me and stroke my cock for such a long time, that I would begin to hallucinate.

Once inside the playroom, he forced me down into the stocks which our friend, Larry built for us a few years back. There are arm holes and leg holes in the stocks, but there is also a cross beam behind and above the seat. He spread my arms out wide and tied my wrists tightly to that cross beam above my head. Then he opened up the stocks, placed my bare feet through the leg holes, and closed the wooden plank down tightly over my ankles. I was completely helpless and dripping. Again, I could practically feel the air pass over my (by now) extremely sensitive bare soles and toes. My nipples were as hard as rocks and pointed straight out.

By this time I was completely at the height of ticklishness. And Randy knew it too. He put the blindfold back on and I knew that I was in for another long session. Round 2 about to begin!

I heard the door close behind me. He had left the room. He had left me there to think about what was about to happen. It made me crazy. As best as I could figure, he was gone for about twenty minutes. By then I wanted him to touch me so badly, my skin was crawling.

The door opened and closed again, and I heard him come back into the playroom.

"I brought a timer with me. I'm gonna set it for fifteen minutes. You think you can take it that long?"

Like the smartass that I am I said, "Set it for twenty! See if I care."

"OK, smartass. I'll set it for THIRTY!"

I heard the timer click and start to tick.

He stood behind me reached his hands around my chest and lightly stroked my ticklish tits. I jumped and gasped. Then he quickly ran his hands along my exposed rib cage. I jumped again. He teased my throbbing cock and I jumped a little more. I repositioned myself so that my arms would be stretched out as far as I could stand it and I got settled in, ready to be put to the test!

As he brushed against my ticklish sides with his expert hands, he whispered in my ear, "Do you want me to stop?"

"No, don't stop!" I whispered back.

"What? I didn't hear you?"

"No, don't stop!" I said a little louder. He started tickling me fast and furiously!!

"I can't hear you!!"

"No, don't stop!" I bucked and jumped and pulled at the ropes.

"Hmm? Do you want me to stop?"

"No. Please don't stop!" I screamed through my laughter. "I still can't hear you!!!!" His tormenting fingers tickling me, torturing me into a frenzy.

"No. Don't stop!"

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No. Please don't stop!"

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No. Don't stop!"

"I can't hear you!!"

"No. Don't stop!"






By the time the bell went off on the timer, I was a naked, breathless, sweaty, quivering, sore, tied up, tortured wreck! But my dick was still hard and I wanted to be tickled till I came!

"I'm getting tired. I'm gonna take a break." he said. "I'll set the timer for fifteen minutes. When I come back, we'll start all over!"

By the time this particular part of a night of pure torture was complete, I was getting pretty worn out. But wanting more. Much more.

With all the tugging and squirming that I had done, my wrist restraints were starting to come undone. So I attempted to escape by loosening them. And I would have broken free if I could have. My cock was so hard and dripping and needing a good stroking, that I would have done anything to get myself off. But that would have to wait.

Randy quickly re-tightened the ropes. I told him that he had better tie them tighter this time. I wanted to feel COMPLETELY POWERLESS! He tightened them just enough to avoid pinching a nerve.

And then I WAS completely powerless.

I was as close as I had ever been to my desire for complete immobilized restraint. I often fantasize about being tied at the wrists, elbows, shoulders, pelvis, thighs, knees, and ankles to where I absolutely can not move. A position which would make me totally vulnerable and at the mercy of a fiendish tickler. A position in which I am unable to control the situation. A position in which there is no turning back once the torture begins. A position in which the tickling is totally UNBEARABLE!

Perhaps some day.

Once I was strapped in tighter, I was left alone again for a short period of time. Left to contemplate the next round of tickling. My skin was crawling. It felt as if there was electricity lightly grazing my flesh. Yet no one and no thing was touching me.

Randy came back into the playroom. I heard the timer click again.

"Another thirty minutes!" he said. "Think I can break you this time?"

"I doubt it!" I said. "Set it for an hour, asshole!"

I could not believe what had just come out of my mouth. An hour!

"An hour, plus ten minutes for calling me an asshole!"


The timer clicked on a started to slowly tick off one hour and ten minutes.

I felt something cold brush against the bare sole of my left foot. I flinched. I knew immediately that I was about to be mercilessly tortured with ice cubes! Then I felt the ice cold sensation run up the bare sole of my right foot. Then he brushed two cubes over both bare feet at the same time. I felt the tightness of the stocks around my ankles as I tried to move my feet away from the tickling. No use. I was in there tight. In tight for one hour and ten minutes!


As the timer continued to SLOWLY unwind, so did I. Randy continued to tickle torture my ultra-sensitive, helpless bare feet until I was laughing so hard that tears were running down my face. "Call me an asshole..." he said as he continued to rub my naked feet with the ice cold tools of torment. He didn't stop until I started to scream at the top of my lungs, "NO MORE!"

One hour and ten minutes of this? How was I going to stand it? It had only been about 10 minutes of ice torture and I was already going nuts. Still my cockhead was throbbing and dripping and begging to be stroked. I wanted SO BADLY to be stroked to complete ecstatic orgasm as I was being tickled into a frenzy.

Sensing that my dick was about to burst, Randy came around, straddled my legs and rubbed it a few times. I told him when to stop and he did so just in time for me to have my FIRST orgasm. Just enough juice came out to send me into that other world for a few joyous seconds. Just enough juice to keep me wanting more. By now I wanted to be tickled so badly I begged for it!

"Please tickle me!" I whispered.

"I didn't hear you." he teased.

"Please tickle me!" I whispered.

"I didn't hear you."

"Please, please torture me!" I begged. Louder this time.

"1 still didn't hear you."

"Oh, God, please tickle me, torture me until I come. I wanna squirt all over the place while you tickle every inch of my naked flesh!" "Not yet. You still have fifty-five minutes to go!"

"I want it now! Please."

"Fifty-five more minutes!"

He started grazing my nipples with an ice cube as he teased my dick. He ran his palm over the cockhead, got himself a little of my natural lube juice and rubbed my shaft with the palm of his hand. I started bucking to meet his strokes as he continued to tickle my tits with the ice cold block. He stopped just in time for me to have my second orgasm.

Yes, my SECOND orgasm!

He started working on my ribs and armpits with the cubes and I got so dizzy that I thought my head would go through the ceiling. I was laughing REALLY hard by this time. So hard that it made Randy laugh too. He laughed so sadistically it almost scared me. I was seeing a new side of him, and I have to say, it definitely thrilled me. I knew this would be the beginning of something new in our already near-perfect sex life.

When he had completely melted two cubes - one in each hand - over my neck, my chest, sides, and stomach, he wasted no time in getting two more and starting on my bare back. We've all had an ice cube dropped down our shirts at one time or another, but imagine the feeling of having that cube stay there for a prolonged period. That was what the next ten minutes were like. While using one hand to rub a cube up and down my spine, he used the other to lightly stroke the tender flesh of my dick. Although he was tickling only my back and my cock, it felt like he was tickling me all over. Like an electrical impulse in a few areas which caused a power surge all over!

He melted THREE cubes over my back before he moved back down to my feet. But not until he had sufficiently driven me dangerously close to a third and what would have been final orgasm. Close but not coming.

He spent quite a while tickling my bare feet. He tied my big toes together and wrapped that rope around the outside of the stocks so that my feet were stretched and completely immobilized. When he ran the ice over the stretched skin of my bare soles, it felt as if he were placing that cold cube directly on the nerve endings. And I was completely unable to move my feet away from the unbearable torment. I laughed, moaned, groaned and finally started screaming before he mercifully stopped. I was sure the neighbors heard me that time!

By now, I had gotten to a degree of ticklishness I had never before reached. It was exciting, yet exhausting. I was beginning to wear down. And I wanted to come again. Badly!

The fact that I could not see during this whole session was starting to make me a bit delirious. I heard the timer ticking and I wondered how much more I would have to take before that bell went off. Now I knew how Pavlov's dog must have felt.

When he had finished completely melting two more cubes on my feet, he moved around to the other side of the stocks and, with two new ice cubes, began tickling the inside of my legs. Running up the length of my inner calves and thighs, I went absolutely berserk. I asked how much more I had to take before the timer went off, but he wouldn't tell me. That, of course was part of the torture!

The timer was ticking and the ice was melting.

After two more cubes were melted on my legs, he started with a new cube on my balls. He encircled the sensitive outer ball sac with the block of ice while he teased my cock with the palm of his other hand. I knew I couldn't take much more and I was getting dangerously close to spurting. Again, he stopped just in time and I thought my eyes would pop out of their sockets.

I was definitely beyond my limit and he knew it. As he made icy circles around my sensitive scrotum, he started tickling my stomach. Then he quickly ran his hands all over my torso. Sadistically he tickled my armpits and my nipples working me into a frenzy. All the while he kept teasing my nuts with the ice.

By that time, my cock was starting to drip even more as I fought his tickling fingers, to no avail. He switched hands and started tickle-torturing my super-erect nipples with the ice cube. Then, moistening his palm again with my precum, he began slowly stroking my cock. It was when he rubbed the ice all over my chest, nipples and all over my sides that I completely lost it. As I struggled against the ropes and the ice-tickle-torture, I shot five loads all over my thighs! It was amazing.

I thought the session would end there but it didn't. He got two NEW ice cubes and continued to rub them over my nipples, pits and sides. I BEGGED him to stop. As anyone who's ever been tickled to orgasm knows, after you come, you absolutely CAN NOT STAND to be tickled any more. I BEGGED him to stop.

But the timer hadn't gone off.

For FIVE MORE MINUTES, he tickled, no, TORTURED the hell out of me. I guess I won't call him an asshole any more!

When he finally untied me, I fell onto the cement floor, unable to move. I fell asleep there for a while. Then Randy got himself off before we finally went to bed.

The next morning, I was so sore I could hardly move. But I'd do it all over again in a minute!

Randy doesn't like to be tickled, so it's difficult for me to do all the things I'd like to do to him. Whenever I tie him up and even attempt to tickle him, he gets really mad. I fantasize about bondage and tickling so much, that one day I'm afraid I'm just gonna have to find someone else to tie down and torture.

Some day...

James West