The IHID Machine


Jasper Zilch

At the IHID machine:

"Take off your shoes," Dr. Wilson instructed. "My superiors will skin me if they see mud all over their expensive machine." As Andy complied, he added, "You might as well take off your socks as well. If you have to spend three hours in this thing, you might as well feel comfortable."

Andy grinned. "Shirt and shorts as well? Then I would be really comfortable."

Dr. Wilson smiled. " The IHID capsule is air conditioned, and moreover made of metal. It could get really cold in there. Lie down here please, Private Andy. Just align your body to the outline on the table."

"Whatever you say, doctor," Andy replied amiably. He climbed onto the table. The IHID capsule looked like the high tech hospital machine where patients lay on a similar looking 'bed' and were slid into a tube-like machine to have their X-rays taken. This' bed' however was totally made of metal, and had an outline of a human body drawn on it. Andy arranged himself onto the outline.

Dr. Wilson pressed a button on the outside of the capsule, and the whole table with Andy on it slid into the body of the machine.

"Don't move," Dr. Wilson instructed. He pressed another button. Metal cuffs emerged from the table surface and locked around Andy's neck, elbows, forearms, waist, thighs, legs and ankles.

"Are you comfortable?" Dr. Wilson asked, "Check if you can move."

"Not an inch," Andy confirmed after a moment's attempt.

"Nothing to worry about, Andy," Dr. Wilson reassured him. "Feel for a small box under your right hand? There's a button in it. Anytime you want to abort the program, just open the box and click on it. Press it now if you want to test it."

There was a soft click, and a monitor in front of Andy's face lit up.

"Program aborted," a feminine computer voice declared.

"It works, Doc," Andy said.

"Good. The objective of the program requires that you have to be isolated for the next three hours, so you won't be able to talk to me, and I won't be able to talk to you. The only control of the IHID machine is through your button. If you don't press it, it will run till the program is completed. Sergeant Wilks briefed you what happens after that, right?"

Andy nodded as much as he could with his neck fixed. "I am to fill in a report of what happened during the program."

"Okay then, I will see you in three hours. Good luck." The door to the capsule closed with an click.


The IHID control room:

"Everything went okay?" Sergeant Wilks asked after Dr. Wilson hurried into the room.

"See for yourself." The doctor typed a command on his keyboard, and his monitor showed Andy strapped to the table, looking around nervously. "There are several video cameras - all hidden, of course - where we can observe his progress. I'm starting the program now."


IHID capsule:

The internal of the capsule was brightly lit, and as cold as Doc Wilson promised. So far nothing was happening, apart from the computer monitor hanging above him blinking the words "Program Ready" over and over. Andy didn't know what would happen. All his sergeant could tell him was that the research division for intelligence needed volunteers for an experiment involving interrogation. Anyone who signed up and stayed for the entire three hours of the program would get three whole days of leave. For the soldiers in his unit who been through two weeks of POW training, this seemed like a great deal, especially since Wilks was able to reassure them that the program was less arduous than the two weeks they had suffered through. Of the soldiers who had volunteered, he was the first to undergo the program.

"Program initiated," The computer voice said, and suddenly, the capsule started rumbling gently with vibrations. The sterile white light vanished and was replaced by a dim red. Andy could hear the gears winding. Something was happening, and he looked around frantically for it.

The monitor showed numbers counting down from a minute.

Something small and pointed touch each sole of his feet. Finding their target, they proceeded to explore the skin of his soles.

Andy never thought himself as particularly ticklish, but he could not help clenching his toes and reflexively trying to pull his feet in as the probes relentlessly crawled all over his soles. He tried to keep his mind off what was happening to his feet and focused on the monitor. One minute passed, and he was relieved when the probes retracted themselves into the capsule wall and the computer informed him he had two minutes to rest.


The IHID control room:

"Wow," Sergeant Wills stared at the monitor. It showed a pair of feet, presumably Private Andy's, being attacked by a pair of thin sticks protruding from a small box in the wall of the capsule. "That's your great interrogation program?" he scoffed.

Dr. Wilson replied, "Don't judge so soon, Wilks. The program haven't even been running for a minute yet, and look at your man." He clicked a button, switching to another monitor.

Andy was obviously in some discomfort, trying hard to pull his legs, or at least move his ankles out of reach of the things that were tickling him, but strapped down as he was, he had nowhere to hide.

"The machine will run for a minute, then two, then four, then eight, up to sixteen minutes with two minute's rest in between. A total of," he flipped through a sheaf of papers, "Forty-one minutes."

"You expect to break a man with forty-one minutes of tickling?" Wilks retorted disbelievingly.

"Don't underestimate the program. The computer is designed to detect spots on Andy's soles which are the most sensitive, and adjust itself to hit those spots more frequently as the time limit becomes longer. And remember," he added with a smile, "The program is three hours long, not a mere forty-one minutes."


IHID capsule: Start of sixteen minute-long Sole Tickling

He lost control somewhere during the four-minute long session and couldn't stop laughing from then. Since then, the two minute rest intervals seemed frustratingly short while the eight minute tickle session lasted forever.

The probes were getting more sadistic, tickling his soles without a discernible pattern, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, tracing every kind of pattern across his sensitive sole skin. He could feel a hardon coming on for some unknown reason, and was glad that no one could see it.

Only a minute of the sixteen had passed! Fifteen more to go, surely he could get through this. Andy, between convulsive chortling, checked the timer again. He blinked. The timer had stopped running and was fixed at 14.56, but the tickling went on with a vengeance.


The IHID control room:

Doctor Wilson chuckled. "The timer stopped."

"What?" Sergeant Wilks got to his feet, concerned.

"It's alright, just part of the program," Wilson explained. "It has a psychological effect to make the time seem longer. Look, Andy seems to be enjoying himself."

Andy was laughing uncontrollably, trying hard to jerk his arms and legs free from the restrains. Despite the cold (the monitor displayed a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius), his PT shirt was stained with sweat and more sweat was rolling off his forehead.

"Is he okay?" Wilks asked.

"His heart rate is high but that's to be expected," Wilson replied.

"Everything looks fine to me."


IHID capsule: (7 minutes into the 16 minute session)

Andy longed to press the abort button. In fact, he opened the plastic casing over it several times, half-daring himself to press it. But he didn't. If his friends heard that he succumbed to tickling, they would never let him forget it.

The computer must be spoiled, he thought. Surely it has been sixteen minutes by now.


IHID control room: (8th minute of 16)

"Hey Wilks, watch this," Wilson said and clicked his mouse.


IHID capsule: (8 minutes into the 16 minute session)

The probes suddenly stopped. Andy closed his eyes in relief, panting heavily. It was over.

After a second of peaceful quiet, the probes cheerfully whirred to life again.


IHID control room: (8th minute of 16)

"You are a sadistic bastard, Wilson," Wilks scolded, laughing at the comical expression of sheer dismay on his soldier's face when the machine started running again.

"Just part of the program, Sergeant. Uh oh, is he going to press it?"

Wilson asked, seeing Andy flip open the plastic casing again. Andy did not. "That was close. It would be quite the embarrassment if one of your men gave up so early," he said wryly.

"He won't," Wilks replied confidently.

"Really?" Wilson asked, "Let's see how he handles the next big disappointment."


IHID capsule: (14 minutes of 16)

The monitor flickered and caught his eye. The countdown was running again, from where it had stopped at 14.56. 14.55...14.54.....14.53...Andy started to swear.

IHID capsule 16 minutes of 16

In mid giggle, sharply, the red light switched off and cold white light replaced it. Simultaneously, the foot probes retracted and the calm computer voice declared a five minute rest period. Andy relaxed. It was really over this time.

The monitor started to count down from 5 minutes.


IHID control room: (4th minute of 5 minute break)

The computer started beeping.

Dr. Wilson started pushing keys, concentrating intently on his monitor.

"What's going on, Wilson?" Wilks leaned forward to look. The capsule was flooded in red light again. A metal claw had descended from the roof of the capsule, and Andy was staring at it nervously.

"Have to do things manually here. We haven't a safe automated way of doing this yet." Wilson squinted at the monitor, which began to zoom in.

"This? What's 'this'?" Wilks demanded.

The claw lowered itself until it rested on the metal cuff around Andy's neck. It opened its jaws to bite on the front part of the collar of the shirt, and with a buzzing sound, proceeded to cut the shirt open from collar to waist.

"It's perfectly safe," Wilson said as he guided the claw. "The part that is doing the cutting is never in direct contact with his skin. Okay, now for the sleeves." The claw moved unerringly to cut the left sleeve from the edge at the arm to the collar, then worked on the right. Andy was yelling at the claw, but he didn't dare to move for fear of being cut.

"All right, I'm done. Lowering the capsule temperature now." The claw bit down on each segment of the shredded shirt and yanked it away. "You did bring a spare change of clothes for him like I told you, did you?"


IHID capsule: (4th minute of the 5 minute break)

Andy shivered. The machine had chop his shirt into three pieces, yanked them from his torso and dropped them beside him. It only took forty-five seconds. He had fifteen seconds of amnesty left.

Monitor: 5...4....3...2...1. Rest period concluded. Phase II of IHID commencing.

A box-like part above his chest lowered from the roof of his capsule.

Disbelievingly, he saw four probes emerge from it to rest lightly on his abdomen. Each of the four had a flat, circular end, and from the flat surface of each end whirred a number of smaller probes that rotated around each other.

At his feet, he felt the probes returning to caress his soles.

Monitor: 1.00....0.59....0.58

With perfect synchrony, they started to twirl.


IHID control room: (1st minute of Phase II)

"Wow, look at that," Wilks whistled as he saw Andy yelling and laughing as the six probes tickled him. He could see the muscles in the soldier's abdomen contracting spasmodically, the muscles in his arms and neck becoming apparent as he strained and squirm.

"A true isometric workout," Wilson replied grinning,

"He's turning red in the face." Wilks commented.

Wilson stared at the readings on his monitor. "Heart rate still in the safe range. Nothing to worry about."

"How long this time?" Wilks asked.

"Same as just now," he replied, "Only that his monitor will turn off the countdown earlier, after this session in fact."

"He won't be able to tell how long he has for -" Wilks paused to calculate.

"Forty minutes," Wilson supplied.

"Oh boy," Wilks shook his head in sympathy. "Is it me or is there music playing in the background?" He could hear faint symphony music coming through the speakers interspersed with the sounds of Andy yelling and laughing.

"That's my idea. A short piece of classical music played over and over, while the probes dance to it. It's going to drive him nuts."


IHID capsule: (Beginning of the 8 minute-long full body tickling)

Andy couldn't believe it. Two more flat ended probes were coming out of the devil's box. The new comers paid exclusive attention to his upper chest and nipples, while four managed his abdominal area, and the two original pointed tip probes still danced on his soles. His dick was so hard that it hurt, constrained by his briefs, and his nipples were erecting.

(End of 8 minute long full body tickling: Rest interval)

Computer voice: "8 minutes IHID complete. Rest interval." The capsule flooded with white light again.

He couldn't believe that he lived through it. Even though the probes had withdrawn, his muscles still twitched spasmodically in the cold air though nothing had touched them.

Computer voice: "Fifteen seconds rest interval beginning now."

Fifteen seconds! The monitor had ceased to countdown an eternity ago, so he couldn't check to see if there was a mistake. Anxiously he counted to fifteen. Nothing.

Another five seconds later. Still nothing but that confounded music.

The light of the capsule changed to red. Swearing, Andy steeled himself as he watched the probes descend to molest his unprotected body. His arms were moving! Helplessly, he felt the table move under his restrained arms, bringing them away from his body - Exposing his armpits! Two tiny probes with the flat ends emerged from the table between his arms and his torso.

Computer voice: "Beginning sixteen minutes IHID now."


IHID control room: (After 5 minutes REST, Beginning Phase III)

"What happens now?" Wilks asked, watching Andy groan as his sweat drenched body twitched.

"Hang on," Wilson replied. He typed in a command, and the metal claw dropped from the ceiling. With the precision shown when removing Andy's shirt, the claw, controlled by Wilson, tore off his shorts. Wilks could hear Andy repeating "shit...shit...shit...shit" through the speaker. The claw then snag the edge of his white briefs, and pulled downwards, exposing his scrotum and penis. His dick was as straight as a spear.

Wilson typed another command. A translucent tube with a metal cylindrical dropped from the ceiling of the capsule over Andy's pelvic area. Guided by remote, the metal cylinder fitted snugly over Andy's penis, covering it completely from sight.

"Good God, what is that?" Wilks gaped.

"Here," Wilson took something from a drawer and tossed it to Wilks, "It's the same as that black metal thing there."

Wilks peered into it. There were a few short bristle-like things on the interior surface, and a whole colony of longer ones at one end.

Whatever it was, it was starting its work, for Andy suddenly started straining harder than ever and making gasping sounds.


IHID capsule: (Phase III)

"No...stop it," Andy gasped. The metal tube was brushing the shaft of his penis lightly and the tip more heavily with some things that made his dick even harder than it was. Worse, the tube was sucking him. He was going to ejaculate, he knew it, in this wretched container. The brushing sped up and just as he was a about to come, he felt a sharp painful jolt in his phallus. His dick lost some of its turgidity instantly.


IHID control room: (Phase III)

"That metal thing is stimulating him to ejaculate," Wilson explained, "And the computer is monitoring him so that the moment he is about to ejaculate, the metal thing will emit a sharp electric shock...Get the picture?"

"Ow," Wilks nodded.

"This is the part A of the last phase," Wilson continued. "He is to be denied ejaculation for forty five minutes, though he doesn't know that. Let's see if he can hold out for that long."

IHID control room: (PHASE III A - first 15 minutes)

The expression on Andy's face was that of complete need and frustration.

Wilks could see his muscles straining to tear away from his bonds and obtain what was denied to him. Andy's right hand was clenched into a fist, refusing even to touch the button cap.

"Bet you he won't last the next fifteen minutes," Wilson chuckled.

"Oh, what's gonna happen next?" Wilks asked, not taking his eyes off the struggling soldier.

"Wait and see." Fifteen minutes later, the machine at Andy's soles which was quiet so far in Phase III rumbled into life. Andy started screaming and laughing as the machine tickled his soles with devilish skill.

"Hmm," Wilson studied the monitor readouts, "He has tried to ejaculate and was denied something like once every minute. The rate will go up now, I dare say."


IHID capsule: (Phase III A - Last 15 minutes)

Dammit, he mentally sobbed when the machine electric shocked him again.

He had to cum. Let me cum dammit! Do anything you want to me later....Droplets of precum was being sucked up the tube but they gave him no relief.

To his horror, the probes from the metal box above his chest, and those from the table next to his armpits whirled into life again. Together they relentlessly tickled him into a state of unceasing laughing convulsions.


IHID control room: (Phase III B)

"Alright, that's enough," Wilson said aloud when the timer reached forty-five minutes. "Time to give your stud the thing he desires most in the world." The computer whirred, and suddenly, Wilks saw a white fluid stream up through the tube. "There he goes."

"That's it?" Wilks asked, "The probes are still tickling him." Despite Andy's continued convulsive straining, Wilks could see a look of infinite relief on his face.

"Yeah, so they will continue," Wilson replied, distractedly studying the monitor.

"I don't understand." Another white gush of semen was sucked up the tube.

"We are in phase IIIB now. The machine will keep making Andy ejaculate till the whole three hours is up, which is another thirty minutes." Andy ejaculated again. "Hmm...that's unusually fast. Better power down a little." Wilson started typing.

Ten minutes later.

Andy was yelling "No no no no..." amidst his laughter.

Another white jet. Wilks could see him sobbing in pain now.

The computer suddenly emitted a long beep. "Ah finally," Wilson smiled, "He aborted the program. Time he lasted - Two hours and forty-three minutes. You trained him well, Wilks. That's quite a good time."

"Thanks. Can I bring him back now?" Wilks asked.

"Yeah, send him round sometime tomorrow afternoon for his interview. So, do you still think the IHID is a piece of expensive junk?" Wilson asked slyly.

"It's seems effective, but I can't say for sure."

"Well, after we finish with this batch of volunteers, you could give it a try. Not this program though, you already seen it. I will modify it, make it something different, unique for you."

Wilks hesitated, then nodded.

"All right, if we have the time, Wilson." He left to pick up his exhausted man.


IHID = Induced Hypersensitivity Interrogation Device

Jasper Zilch