Patrick Colby

I knew I wanted to go into the armed forces ever since the summer when I turned 16. I was somewhat of an unruly child and my parents thought it best to send me off to work for the Youth Conservation Corps to "learn some respect". I learned respect alright. I learned to respect that the sight of 100 naked men bathing in the river after working all day in the hot sun was one of the things that turned me on. I learned that 200 bare feet drove me over the edge and that tickling them made my teenage cock harder than it had ever been and I respected that. Yeah, I learned that no matter how big the guy, if his feet were ticklish one could gain the upper hand. And so I remembered what I had learned that summer and two years later, out of respect, joined the Unites States Marine Corp.

I was well into my third year when I ran into him. I couldn't believe it; Colonel Jack Armstrong looked better than when he was my summer counselor at YCC back in Wisconsin. What the fuck was he doing here in California? He was over 6 feet of solid muscle. His chest was huge and those big tasty looking nipples stood out proudly. I was looking down at his buffed black issued shoes, a proud size 13 if I recall from the time I snuck a peek at them back at the YCC camp, when I heard " 'ttention!"

I snapped to attention, straight as an arrow, eyes forward and my arms stiffly at my sides trying my best to avoid his gaze as he moved toward me.

"This is Sgt. Colby, Sir. He's a medic."

"At ease Sgt."

I parted my legs and put my arms behind my back. His eyes bore a slight hint of recognition.

"Sir", I spoke with just a hint of sarcasm. How many times had he made me call him Sir when I was busted for talking after lights out and he had me outside doing crab walks until my muscles screamed and the pine needles tickled my soft, unprotected bare feet, or him poking at my semi-exposed pits or digging into my ticklish ribs while I crabbed around the grounds? I had lost count. "Sgt. Colby, good to see you. You've come a long way. I need your help. Be at the entrance to the field hospital at 0400 tomorrow morning" he commanded as he was walking away. He walked a few feet from me and then turned..."Oh, and don't be caught talking after lights out" he smirked and turned his back. So, he did remember. The mother fucker. He nearly drove me insane on those hot nights. Just like now, watching his big feet cross the grounds made my pits drip and I could feel a stirring in my crotch. Yeah Colonel Jack, I'll be there I thought, just you and me.

Sleep came hard to me. In my mind I could see his feet, his pits, and that familiar bulge in his underwear that had tormented me so many nights back home. I remember him taunting me.........."What's the matter boy, feet a little sensitive? Do the pine needles tickle the poor baby's feet?" He always laughed wickedly but I noticed he never made me stop my torturous crab walks and that he took care where he was walking barefoot as well. I often fantasized about getting that mountain of a man trapped and powerless. I'd show him how pine needles felt on his soles, and a few other things on other places on his body as well. My darkest fantasies swirled around Colonel Jack Armstrong.

"Damn......what the??" The alarm buzzed loudly. 0345...time to get ready to meet Colonel Jack. I gulped a quick cup of coffee and chain-smoked 5 cigs while getting ready. Shit, I was nervous and sweaty. Fuck the shower, he should remember what my pits smell like, and if he doesn't, he'll learn real quick. I left my barracks and headed over to the infirmary. I entered the room and fumbled for the light switch.

"Leave the lights off" I heard at the same time a match erupted in the darkness. He touched it to a low flame Bunsen and the blue flame gave an eerie feeling to the room.

"What can I do for you, Sir?" I asked.

"I need to be cut, Sgt."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me," he said as he unzipped his fly and hauled out that big, fat uncut dick of his. "I need to be cut".

My gaze was fastened onto his tube and I watched him heft its weight in his hand. "Why would you want to do something like THAT?" I asked incredulously. "I mean.....ah....llllook at it,....iit's so ....perfect now!"

"Yeah that's right cocksucker. It is perfect. Too perfect. You see" he continued, his voice barely a whisper like it was a well guarded secret, "the scenes I get myself into, well, partners take advantage of it."


"Yeah, you know...they tease and torment my cock 'cuz it's so sensitive. It's really torture for me." I could see him blush even in the blue light. So, I need to be cut. To toughen it up a bit". He was still flopping his impressive dick in the palm of his hand. I reached out......."Let's see". I grasped it in my hand. It felt hot and well, for lack of a better description, alive like it had a mind of its own. I felt the blood surging through it. I bent down and examined the sheathed head of his cock.

"God Sir, you have a lot of skin here". I manipulated the skin back baring just a fraction of his piss slit. "Is it sensitive here?" I asked while slowly stroking the slit with the tip of my index finger.

"Oh God!" He shuddered.

I exposed more. "Here?" I touched more of his exposed cockhead. I enjoyed his gyrations and moans as I exposed more and more of his cock head to my teasing touch until I was slowly tracing his corona. Armstrong shook so much I thought his knees would give out.

"Damn Sgt. Go easy!! I can't take it". His cock head was getting all slimy with precum and if I kept it up, I knew he'd shoot a load right into my hand. I had no intention of being that kind. I dropped his cock and watched it bob under its own heavy weight.

"So, can you do it?"

"Cut you? Sure, if that's what you really want to do."

"Let's do it then. Now!"

"OK, easy man. I need to check out a few things. I'm gonna have to put you under so I need to make sure your heart is OK."

"Oh for Chrissakes Sergeant, look at me! Don't I look OK?"

I moved up right into his face, "Look, dickwad, you may be in control out there, but I'm in control in here. You got that?? Now shut the fuck up, strip, and lie down on the exam table. I've at least got to do an EKG. As much as I'd love to kill you for what you used to do to me, I'd hate to see you die on the table from the anesthesia."

I watched the Colonel strip while I readied the EKG machine. Fuck, what a body he has. Big muscled chest matted with black hair trailing down to a tiny waist, a huge uncut dick and the most pendulous balls I'd ever seen. His hairy, well-muscled legs ended atop two perfect size 13 high arched feet. Damn!

He jumped up butt naked on the exam table and lied down. I had a hard time attempting to adhere the EKG pads to his hairy chest and rib cage. I wiggled my fingers pushing on the pads and he lost it. "Jesus Christ man.....ahahahah........agggggg....what the hell are you trying to do? Tickle me to death?"

"Oh, sorry Sir. I know what it's like to be tickled like that. I'll be more careful." All I could think of was just you wait you son-of-a-bitch, if you think this tickles you're in for a big surprise. As suspected, the EKG showed a perfect QRS complex and PR interval. He'd survive anesthesia just fine.

"OK Sir. Heart looks great. When did you want to do this?"

"I told you asshole. Now. You hard of hearing boy?"

"Sir, you really need to learn how to talk to someone who is about to do surgery on your dick." I chuckled and inwardly sneered. The pompous bastard. "Follow me into the OR suite. Leave your clothes here, you won't be needing them for awhile." "Climb up on the table Sir. I'm going to start an IV, strap your arms and legs down, and give you a mild sedative before intubation and induction. Then I'll scrub and we'll get started. Shouldn't take more that an hour. You're sure you want to go through with this?"

"Yes. Yes I am. I just can't take the sensitivity any longer. Sometimes I think I'll go insane the way they play with my cockhead. It's torture. Hey, Sgt."


"Why do you need to tie me down?"

"Sometimes when you are going under, the muscles twitch and jerk. I don't want to see you get hurt inadvertently." I slipped a #18 angio in a ropy vein in his left had and started infusing normal saline. I also gave an IM injection of Demerol and Scopolamine. "There Sir, you'll start to feel a little groggy in about 5 minutes. I'm going to secure your limbs now." He nodded and I tied him down to the table and went in to scrub for surgery. I watched him through the window as I scrubbed. His big, brawny body all secured and looking not only like a wet dream but terribly vulnerable as well. When I returned to the OR, he was a little giddy form the Demerol.

"Hey Sarge.......that stuff you gave me is.gggreat."

"You like it huh" I laughed. "Just wait, there's more." I walked to the foot of the OR table and lazily stroked one finger up the sole of his large vulnerable foot. He giggled and shook it, wiggling his toes. "Hey mmman.....ttthat tickles!" His speech was slurred now. It was time.

"Sorry Sir, just checking your reflexes. You that ticklish?"

"Oh Gawd.....yeah, but don't tell anyone.....hahahaha it drives me...... nnnu....." He was out and everything I needed to know was confirmed.

I went to the head of the table and moved quickly. I injected 5mg of Morphine Sulfate into the IV line, grabbed a #8.5 ET tube and using a curved laryngoscope blade, tubed him, confirmed placement, and connected him to a respirator. I then gave him an IV administration of Narcan to reverse the Morphine and Demerol. I wanted this fucker wide-awake. As the narcan was taking effect, I was drawing up Pavulon, a potent paralytic drug that impedes voluntary and involuntary movement but allows sensation to continue uninterrupted. As soon as the Colonel was bucking against the tube in his throat, I injected the Pavulon. When it hit his body fell like a lifeless figure, totally unable to control any muscle movement but perfectly able to see, hear, and feel.

"Now Colonel. Are you all nice and relaxed? You see, my plans have changed for you. I want you to see how suffering really is. The way you made me suffer by continually teasing and tickling me." I spoke slowly and methodically explaining to him as I released each of the restraints. "You won't be needing these restraints. Go ahead, try to move.

The only sound in the room was the hiss of the respirator, the constant blip of his heart monitor, and my tortuous voice. "You can see, but you cannot blink." I angled the anesthesiologist mirror over his face so he could see his entire body before him. "There, now don't look away." I laughed evilly. I pulled his arms up over his head exposing his pits. I spread his legs and dropped the middle of the OR table away so I could get at his cock and balls and ass without hindrance. And then I stood at the foot of the table and spoke to him as he looked at my reflection with his lifeless eyes. I held my hands up. "See these"? I asked as I wiggled all 10 fingers. These are the instruments of your torture. Well, part of them at least."

I knew he could see my fingers approaching his bound and naked soles, totally unable to move them away from me, I watched the cardiac monitor shoot form 80 to 110 as a single finger scraped up his size 13 sole from heel to toes. It went from 110 to 130 when I used all five fingers on one foot, and shot from 130 to 160 when I tickled his sole and traced the head of his partially protruding cock head. I chuckled to myself. "Feel good asshole?"

I kept up the foot and cock torture for over an hour until he oozed out at least 10 cc's of pearly clear precum and the cardiac monitor ran a steady 180. I knew he must be half-insane by now and my cock was raging. It was time; time to hear him scream.

"OK Colonel, you see what it was like having you torment me the way you used to? Well, it ain't over yet." Methodically as I spoke of the inability to protect himself, to stop the tickling and the unbearable need to cum, I re-connected all the restraints. I could tell the pavulon was wearing off by the tiny twitches his muscles were making. Once he was secured to the table again, I deflated the cuff on the ET tube and pulled it out.

He coughed and sputtered......"Fuck man.......cough going to kill me!" "No, but you may wish that before this is over Colonel. I want to hear you yell and beg and scream for fuckin mercy.........and I know just how I'm gonna do it. I'm going to continue to tickle torture your big feet, and hairy pits, and smooth ribs and there isn't anything you can do to stop it.

"I'll have you court mmmm....ahhhhahahahahahhaahahaa......." he bellowed out as I started to tickle both soles at the same time.

"You'd think a big guy like you would have tougher feet than this" I laughed and began darting my tongue in between his toes while my fingernails raced over his soft soles. He clenched his toes down and squashed my tongue. "Hmm....can't have that". I placed two electrodes on his calf muscles on each leg and ran a small electrical current to them, which caused his calf muscles to contract and pulled his feet taut at the same time. "There that should help Colonel!" I laughed and used two OR fingernail scrub brushes on his soles for another 15 minutes of non-stop tickling.

"Oh my Gawddddddd..........aaaaaaarggggggghahahahhaahhahahahaaha STOP IT......... AAAABWHAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAA."

I looked up at his big cock. It was half-hard, lazily draped across one of his thighs. It left a trail of precum in the hair there. I peeled back his foreskin and lubed up the head with just one finger and some KY jelly. "Ah, NO NO NO..........<sob>". I placed a condom catheter on just the glans portion of his dick while listening to his ragged breaths and connected it to a suction machine and turned it on "intermittent". His eyes damn near bugged out of his head. "Gawd NO, fuckin can't do this to me!" The condom cath contracted and released contracted and released against his inhumanly sensitive glans. Precum dribbled out.

"I'm gonna drain you. The long, hard, s-l-o-w way."

I walked to the head of the table. "Wow, your pits are hairier than I remember Colonel. Let me just....." I wiggled my forefingers into the wide, hairy patches of his pits. He arched off the OR table stopping up short from the arm restraints and howled.

"Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahahhahahahaahhhh nooooooooooonooooooooooohahahahahahhaaahhaha." I laid my head down on his chest and licked a nipple while my fingertips ran wildly in his pits and up and down his ribs while watching his poor tormented cockhead being milked by the suction. I was so lost in lust and sensation I hadn't realized that I'd been tickling his upper torso and pits for over 15 minutes, when his screams finally broke through to me. I stopped tickling him. He couldn't even talk, he was shaking and sweating and just sort of mumbling incoherently. I decided to finish him off.

I moved to the foot of the table again. "Now, you really look like you need to cum, Colonel."

A pathetically quiet, humble "Please" escaped his dry lips. His chest was still rising and falling rapidly.

"Perhaps if I just tickle you here," I said, as my fingernails grazed over his big nut sac. The suction machine was still cycling, his feet were still arched back due to the electrical current running through his calf muscles, and he looked like he was nearly insane. Clenched fists, sweat soaked hair, gasping for breath as I continued to tease his helpless body. I saw his tickled nuts draw up and he lifted his ass off the OR table-ready to shoot.

I stopped the nut tickling, and switched off the suction machine and reached around to tickle his poor soles and toes for 15 more minutes. "Sorry, no orgasm yet" I laughed cruelly.

"Oh Noooooooooooaaaahhhhhahahahahahhhaahhahahaahahha I.....haahahahhahahaahhaajust gottahahahahahahahhahahahaahCUM!"

Once again I injected Demerol and scopolamine. He drifted off to sleep.

I went to the barracks quickly and retrieved a metal cock cage and came back and padlocked it around his dick and balls. He could piss, but do very little else with his huge cock. I unstrapped him. Discontinued his IV, put my electrodes away and shut off the monitor.

I covered him with a blanket and attached a note to it.


Your operation was a complete success. Sorry we went 10 minutes over the intended length of time specified. Cum see me tomorrow for another possible release session."


Patrick Colby