The Scrub Down

Author Unknown

I've been in the service for about a year now. After going through "basic" together , some of us have gotten really tight, with the exception of Bob. He's always stayed pretty much to himself, both on base and off. He never comes with us guys when we're on leave in town. Bob never caused any trouble, but there was something about him that bothered all of us. He never showered often enough. His bunk was over mine and he'd routinely hang his feet over the edge, which really got me horny. Normally I'd get as close to them as possible, but the smell was too much. A couple of us tried to get him in the shower once to scrub him down, but his 6'4'' muscular frame was too much for us. But one day the whole barracks was sitting around having a few beers when Bob came in from running some laps and exercising. As usual his smell was overpowering and when he took off his size 13 1/2 sneakers, it was just too much . We all looked at each other and seemed to have the same idea. We huddled together and decided that with all of us there, we could overpower Bob for a forced scrub down. We continued to joke around while we watched Bob strip out of his exercise gear and without thinking of a shower, he reached for his other clothes. That's when we made our move. Eight of us jumped up and lunged at Bob. "Oh no you don t, today you're going to get a scrub down." Catching him off guard, and with there being so many of us, made it easy to carry his struggling frame over to the showers. A couple of the other guys grabbed two toothbrushes and a couple of scrub brushes we use on the barracks floor.

Bob kicked, struggled and yelled the whole way to the showers and in the process of trying to get a good grip on him, the guys at his torso discovered he was ticklish. "Hey he's ticklish too! This should really be fun," one guy yelled. I was at his feet (of course) and decided to try them out as well. I ran a finger up each sole and watched as his toes went wild, "No damn it! Don't tickle my feet!" Bob screamed. I couldn't wait for the shower to start. I knew which end I'd be working on.

We stripped off his shorts, turned the water on and laid Bob underneath it. We were all in just our shorts anyway, so it didn't matter if we got wet.

We all grabbed some soap and started to lather Bob up. Everyone took advantage of our new found knowledge of Bob's ticklishness and soon he was laughing his head off as our soapy fingers slid over his stomach, ribs, armpits, and over the soles of his big feet. The guy in the middle had succeeded in giving him a huge erection and was torturing him with long, slow slippery strokes as well . We soaped and tickled him for about twenty minutes, he was laughing out of control and his fight was getting weaker. The guy in the middle was now alternating between stroking his cock and making soapy circles in Bob's navel, making Bob go wild like a bronco. The other two at his shoulders were digging their soapy fingers into his hairy armpits with one hand while squeezing his ribs with the other. He was in sorry shape.

Just as we were getting ready to use the brushes , Bob laughed and yelled as he started to shoot all over himself, panting in lust and writhing from the tickling. Since he had just cum, we started scrubbing him with the brushes, and he was even more ticklish than before! I had one foot all to myself and ran the big brush up and down his large sole unmercifully. I was so turned on, I shot in my underwear just watching his foot jerk, toes wiggle wildly and listening to his laughter.

"Please guys, not my feet, not my feet!!" I used the toothbrush in-between his toes as did the other guy on his other foot, while the others continued to tickle-scrub his upper body until his laughter was one continuous scream and he was pissing all over himself . When he reached the point he couldn't take anymore, we rinsed him off and released him. He just laid there on the floor, eyes closed, moaning and trying to catch his breath. As we were leaving, one of the guys said, "Next time, shower when you're supposed to, buddy." Bob didn't even respond.

When we got back to the barracks, we were all laughing about what just had happened while we stripped out of our wet shorts. I was standing there naked with my back to the other guys and said, "I don't know how Bob took it. I'm so ticklish that if that ever happened to me, I'd go nuts!" I found my shorts and turned around, only to find the other guys starting to surround me. "Wait a minute guys, come on..."

"Ticklish, huh?" One guy said, "Well boys, let's find out." While I was hastily trying to put on my dry shorts, they all jumped me and tied me to my bunk stark naked, my feet forced under the bar at the foot of the bed and tied tightly. One guy took my shorts and blindfolded me with them using another belt to hold them in place. They all attacked my ribs and armpits at once - I was laughing and struggling really hard when I heard one guy say "Hey, look at his feet wiggle, let's not forget them." Another guy said, "Hey let's play a game. One guy start to tickle his bare feet and he has to guess who it is. Every time he guesses wrong, we'll add another guy." They all agreed and the torture began again. I was frantic, laughing and screaming as I kept guessing wrong. Each time I was incorrect, I heard a mocked "too bad" and felt more fingers start to tickle my feet. I had a hard-on from the time they first tied me down and they kept me on the brink of cumming for a long time while they mercilessly tickled me. Finally they made me cum and I fainted from the sensations.

When I awoke, the blindfold was removed, but I was still tied down. "Alright guys, enough is enough, let me loose." "Not yet" I heard as I saw Bob's big bare feet swing over the edge of his bunk, dangling down in front of me. "I want my turn." I pleaded with the guys to help me, but they just laughed, "Sorry buddy, we're all going off base tonight!" They all left and Bob just stood there, naked and smiling, the marks from the brushes still visible on his body. I knew I was in for a night I'd never forget...

Author Unknown