Shipped Out - Part One



This story is for adults only, and involves behavior only condoned in imagination.

During the Second World War, we lived in San Diego where the Navy and the Marines had a huge presence. There were sailors and Marine recruits in and out of town every day. It seemed to my parents that the entire states of Kansas, Iowa, Texas and Oklahoma were arriving in Southern California and changing the sleepy, quiet atmosphere that had been the beauty of the place from their perspective. But to me, the war was exciting and chivalrous. After all, we were fighting for the good cause, we had been attacked, and at thirteen the world seemed so simple. Shit, every time we played games, both sides always wanted to be the Allies, ready to save the world by defeating the Nazis or the Japanese.

And for me, being thirteen was also the rise of a new and exhilarating time. My five inch dick and the two duck eggs that hung below it, were suddenly rewarded with a little crown of dark blond hair, and on my legs and arms, a new furry down was emerging. Me and Teddy Porter were the big kids in our class and we hung out together, screwing around, riding our bikes everywhere, playing ball at the park. We also jacked off together at his house or mine on Saturday nights when our parents were volunteering at the Canteen, making the kids shipping out to the Pacific Theater feel that someone cared before they left for war.

Me and Teddy had seen Jason Bigelow, a ninth grader, jerk off at camp that summer, and were awed by all the sticky white stuff that shot outta his joint. Damn, it was like a miracle, all that stuff stored somewhere in him that came shooting out. We all thought he was hurt, but he laughed and said that we were punks, and didn't know nothing. So during the summer, Jason showed some of us kids, especially Teddy and me, how much fun it could be to jerk off. I gotta admit, the first time Jason slipped his big paw around my whang, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Hells bells, I mean, nothing ever felt that good, even when Nurse Walker had bathed me a year earlier in the hospital after I broke my leg and was laid up with a caste. She'd washed my dick and balls, making me blush for shame, but it felt awfully good when she rubbed my dick and made me get stiff. But, Jason's fist seemed so personal, so strong and yet so soft at the same time. It was weird, but it seemed he knew how to rub my wiener in a way that made it tingle all over, and then like a holy fucking miracle I felt like I was gonna pee forever and my dick went rock hard and then some of that white stuff shot out of it. Jason kept rubbing my wiener, and I finally had to turn over and pry his hand away, cause I thought the tickle at the tip of my dick would make me faint. He laughed, and called me a stupid punk kid, but he always hung out with Teddy and I, and showed us stuff.

One night, when we were fooling around with Jason, he asked us if we wanted to know a secret. Jeez, we were so honored to be in the company of a ninth grader, we said sure, and he made us swear on our parent's grave not to tell, and say "honest injun" and all that kind of stuff to make sure we knew he was serious. "Well," he said, "ya know that guy from USC whose came last week to take over for Henderson...yeah, you know, Henderson...the big counselor who sprained his ankle and had to go back to town?" Well the guy from USC, his name is Vic Johnson, well he's got some dirty magazines in his room and I saw him jerk off looking' at 'em the other night." Our eyes must have been like saucers, cause he laughed and said that if we'd suck his dick, he'd prove it to us by letting us come with him that night to watch Vic jerk off again. Well, both Teddy and I didn't know what to do. We didn't want to be cocksuckers, or any queer crap like that, but jeez, if we were gonna get a chance to see some college guy wank himself, well jeez, sometimes ya gotta make sacrifices, huh?

So me and Teddy unbuttoned Jason's jeans, and pulled 'em down to his knees. His cotton briefs were ragged, and you could tell he already had a boner. He just put his hands behind his head, and lifted his hips so we could pull his briefs down too. We were always amazed by Jason's dick. It must of been seven inches long, and had a nice tapered head that made it look like a helmet. His dick always drooled a bit of clear goo when he had a stiffy, and he had lots of hair around his nuts which seemed like they were twice the size of our little walnuts. He always smelled like starch or something like that around his nuts and dick. He said it was the smell of spunk, and that boys with good gism in their balls, the kind that made girls get pregnant, always smelled like that, real manly. Shoot, what did we know. We lapped up every word, and then we lapped his dick, making him squirm and jerk whenever our tongues reached his spongy dick knob. Jason told us to reach under his t-shirt and play with his tits....we looked at each other like he must be crazy, but Teddy did it. Damned if that didn't make him slide down against the wall, and thrust his boner up for more tongue and fist. Pretty soon, Teddy had it down to a science, squeezing Jason's firm rubbery tit cones, and helping me jerk and suck on Jason's hot prong. He told us that we'd have to swallow his cum if we wanted to see Vic, and after whining and complaining, Ted and I figured that we'd been sucking his whang and his clear goo already, so what the heck? When Jason finally came, he had to shove his shirt in his mouth to stop form making too much noise, and now it was our turn to get him, jerking and rubbing his sensitive dick knob till he pried our hands off his dick and shoved Ted's fingers off his tits. We both almost shot our boy wads right there, but we were determined to save it and jerk off watching Vic.

We all got together later that night, and Jason had a and Ted were envious. Flashlights were expensive, and during the war with batteries a premium, only people with money could afford them. Jason came from a rich farming family in the Imperial Valley. You could tell he sort of got whatever he wanted, and with that dick, he didn't have any trouble finding guys to wank him. He had pictures of naked girls in his room, and that always got us younger guys interested and horny, and when he showed off his dick and told stories, well he pretty much had his way. We walked through the dark of the camp, and went the long way around to where the staff had their cabins. Vic's cabin was in the back of the others, so it was easy to sneak up on. Jason said that he had snuck across the lake to the girl's camp and had done the same thing there, looking into the cabins where the staff for the girl's camp lived. He said he seen huge tits, and more fur pie than we could imagine. I figured we could imagine quite a bit, which meant that Jason was a walking hero.

When we finally got to Vic's place, Jason turned off the light, and whispered to us to be quiet. There was a small window in the rear of the cabin, and the way the cabin set on the side of a hill, we were at window height, behind some brush, looking right onto Vic's bed. Jeez, he was athletic. He looked like Tiny Wilson's big brother, the kind of regular guy who everybody admired, and the girls drooled over. He had brown hair, bleached blond by the summer sun. His arms were dusted with blond hair, and so were his legs. He looked about six feet, a big guy. But he was slender and muscled. His pecs were really well formed, and on the tips, pointing down, were two strawberry cones that seemed hard even from where we were. But most impressive, was a long, curved club which arched up towards his chest. Damn, how'd the guy figure to get that into a chick...he'd need a crowbar or somethin'. Anyway, he must of been some kind of stud at college sporting a boner like that. Girls were probably sniffing all around him hoping to get that stick up their poon tang, rooting out any itch they might have. Vic had his jeans at his knees, along with his white briefs. And his big nuts, surrounded by a forest of blond hair, framed the jutting cock which he gently massaged from root to head. His eyes were closed, and his bare feet were planted on the bed. Jeez, you could almost see between his ass cheeks when he slid his hand up from the root of his dick. His legs kinda spread involuntarily, and his toes sorta curled. It must of felt awfully good, cause old Vic was turning his head back an forth, and once in a while he'd reach up with his other hand, from where they cupped his big ole nuts, and he'd give his tits a little pinch or tug. Jeez, it was enough to make a guy cream.

Old Vic would lick his palm every few strokes, and go back to the slow massage of his curved bone, ending up at the fat knob at the top...which made his squirm and grind his ass into the bed. Jason pulled out his dick, and he pointed to it with a shit-eating grin, and that made Teddy and I undo our jeans too. Soon, we were both massaging Jason's big porker, while we stroked our own smaller soldiers too. And the main event was really going strong. Vic was raising his ass from the bed, and stroking up and down like he had a fever. Every time his ass his the bed, his knees would spread and he would grind his tush one way then the other. Then up he'd go, and up he'd raise that ass. Jason told us as we watched entranced, that he was gonna steal some of the pics that Vic had hidden under his bunk. They were pics of girls from across the border in Mexico and they showed their tits and pussy. We asked if we could see 'em, and he said sure, but only if we kept the secret of where they had come from, and we continued to both suck and jerk his every hard pecker. Well hell, sure we agreed, why wouldn't we? After all, for two thirteen year old guys, this was one of the most exciting summer's we ever had. I mean, who would turn down a chance to jerk your bone and hear all kinds of sexy and dirty stuff. Sure as hell beat Mass and listening to Jerry McCarty talking bout spying on his sister in the bath.

The next day, after we had been through canoeing and archery, I went looking for Teddy. For some reason, he hadn't come to archery after we had been in the lake. I looked in all our usual haunts, and then decided I'd go up to Jason's cabin and see if he knew where Ted was. When I got up the hill to his cabin, I heard some noises from inside that sounded strange. So I walked up to the door, and put my ear against it. Inside I heard Ted's voice, and what I heard made me through an instant bone.

In a desperate, falsetto voice, that cracked every few seconds, Teddy was pleading with Jason: "Common, Jase, please, no more...I can't take it.....aaaaaiiiiiiiiieeeeeee....ppppleeeeaaasseee... no more.....aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh....hahahahahahaha.....Oh god, oh please...aaah...please, lemme catch my breath...aaaahhhh...aaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeee." I scooted around the corner of the cabin, and quietly climbed up the stairs to the back door, where there was a small porch and window that looked into the little cabin. I peeked round the corner, afraid I might get caught, be with my cock raging hard and dripping in my shorts. Holy moly, there was Jason holding Ted down on the bed. He had Teddy's arm over his head, and had a leg hooked around his legs, pining him to the bunk. With his free hand, he tickled Teddy's armpit and his ribs, and made him squeal and beg to stop. And he had Teddy's shorts down to his thighs, and his boy pecker, was sticking up and hard. And the more he laughed and squealed, the more it seemed to drip his boy sap and look like it was gonna pop. Poor Teddy, he just wheezed and squealed, and begged, and old Jason just laughed and tickled the kid till I thought he'd pass out. Teddy was squirming and wriggling, doing anything he could to break Jase's grip, but those fingers just kept dancing in his pit, against his ribs, and would sneak into his navel once in a while and drill down, making Teddy almost scream for mercy. I don't know what it was, maybe just the thought of taking control of Teddy, or the way he begged and his dick was all hard and stiff...but all of a sudden, Jason really went after him and I saw Ted just start to squirt his boy juice in every was the cat's meow! And hell, I shot in my pants at the same time...I knew that what I had just seen was the most exciting, most appealing, most nasty thing I could imagine. I also knew that I'd be doing that to Teddy as soon as I could.

That night, when we went back to our cabins, I told Teddy I wanted to fool around. He didn't know I'd seen him with Jase earlier, and since we were sharing the cabin, I knew I'd get him. When he started to pull his t-shirt over his head, I grabbed his arms, and his shirt, and pulled him down to the bed. He thought I was just screwing around, and he told me he'd get my ass as soon I he got free. But I had other ideas. I took some rope I had scrounged from the barn that afternoon, and I tied his wrists together, while the t-shirt was still over his head. He yelled at me, and asked what the heck I was doing. But I was possessed. All I could think of was his pale pits, and how good it was gonna be to tickle him and make him beg. I pulled his arms over his head, and tied the rope to the top of the bunk. Then I took some of the rope which I'd cut into sections, and tied his one of his ankles to one corner of the bunk. He was telling me to stop it, and saying he was gonna tell on me, and stuff like that, but I could also see that he already had a boner.

By the time I had his other ankle tied, he was panting from trying to get free, and his shorts were low on his hips, exposing his briefs and showing off his bone. I cupped his cupped his crotch and he reflexively tried to squeeze his legs together and hunch to protect his jewels...but the couldn't. "Common, what's this...I thought you wanted to fool around...lemme up, I can't do you like this?" But I didn't answer Ted, I was too excited to speak. Seeing him stretched out, and his dick hard and his tummy exposed and his pits with their little tufts of hair...I dunno, it just got me wild. I unbuttoned his shorts, and tugged 'em down to his thighs, exposing his five inch stiffy. Ted's got blond pubes, and his dick is a nice handful, with a sweet little knob. I cupped my fist and let his dick slip into it, and then I reached up into Ted's pits....and started scrabbling my fingers. Jeez, the first feel of his helpless tender pits under my scratching fingers almost made me shoot in my pants. He bucked and started to squeal, unable to say anything clearly, and only now realizing what I intended to do to him. His hips bounced and his dick slipped up and down in my fist, be he could hardly focus on the frigging I was giving him, cause he just squealed and laughed, and cried and begged me to stop. But I didn't.

That night, I tickled three cums outta Ted. I made him promise to be my tickle slave whenever I wanted, or I'd tell everyone at school, and I also made him promise he'd help me get Jason so we could do the same thing to him that he'd done to Ted. Ted woulda promised anything, the way his hips thrashed about, and when I started to run my fingertips up and down the soles of his feet, he screamed and promised to do anything I wanted.... Before I let him up, I made him suck my dick and told him that if he bit me, I'd reach under and do both of this pits at the same time. Damn if that wasn't one of the nicest things I'd ever felt, my buddy's lips and tongues slurping all over my hard little whang. It took about two minutes, and then I drowned him in my sweet boy spunk, forcing my hard little dick into his throat as my spunk shot outta my prick tip and bathed his tonsils. I had to give it to Ted, I thought he choke, but instead, he swallowed every drop, and then started a hard suck on my tip. I had to pry my prick from his mouth, as his tongue whisked back and forth over the hard nut of my prick tip. When I finally escaped his death suck, I swore at him, and he just laughed and I had to laugh myself. After all, I deserved it. That night, when I crawled up into the upper bunk, me and Ted talked and he agreed to keep his promises on account of he thought I'd tell the guys how ticklish he was, and that he'd throw a boner if he was tickled. So instead of being pissed at me, we talked about how we'd get Jase. After the way Ted had cum for Jase, and then cum when I jerked him, I guess I knew he'd be OK, with my plan. Ted just wanted to get his nut, and he didn't care how it happened as long as it felt good. For Ted, any time he shot spunk was good.

The next day, we met Jase after lunch and asked if he wanted to go out for a hike later in the afternoon. He smiled at us with that wicked, nasty smile, and asked what we had in mind. 'What did he think we were thinking,' we answered in a sarcastic punk kid tone, and said we'd meet him at 4 o'clock by the trail. We finished our afternoon crafts and chores, and met Jase at the trail head at the other end of our camp. We knew most kids were gonna be at the lake, goofing around and having a good time during the free period before dinner. We had the trail to ourselves, cause it was hot and most people wanted to go somewhere to cool off.

About two miles into the hike, Jase suggested that we take a path he used before, and he gave us that same shit eating grin. We said sure, cause we had rope and some other stuff in our packs, and we were scheming how we were gonna get him tied down. After about a quarter of mile, Jase showed us a little cabin in a clearing that we'd never seen before. He told us that the park ranger had told a group of the older kids about the cabin in case they got lost after dark, and needed a safe, warm place to stay over night. Jason said that one of the older counselors had said that he'd brought a girl from the camp across the lake up there one night and fucked her brains out. After that, he'd figured he save the way so that if he needed it, he could come back again. Ted and me looked at each other and gave one another a big smile...this was ever better than we had hoped.

Jase showed us where the key to get in was located at the back of the cabin, and we went inside and opened the windows to air out the place a bit. Then we sat down to eat a snack and have some water. Jase used the bathroom, while Ted and me were finishing, and we talked in hushed tones while he was out of the room, checking out the big iron frame bed in the one room cabin. We Jase came back out, he pulled off his boots and socks, and sprawled out on the bed, hooking his arms behind his head, and crossing his legs, flexing his long, thick toes...givin' me and Ted that come hither look. We finished up, and decided to get comfortable too. We pulled off our t-shirts, boots and socks, then jumped on the bed too. We started wrestling around with Jase, and he yelled at us like we were punks, but not like he was made or anything, just foolin' around to get us into the mood. I started pulling on Jase's arms, so Ted could tackle him around the middle, and he was pulling back. We had put the rope lengths we had under the pillows when Jase had been in the bathroom, and when I was holding his arms, I reached under the pillow, pulled out one of the lengths already tied in loops, and slipped one over his wrist above his head. He was pre-occupied with Ted who was just tickling him lightly and was thrashing around, not paying attention to me holding his one arm. Before he knew what had happened, I had tied that arm to the iron bed head. He turned his head suddenly, and started to say something about 'what the shit was I doing...' but then Ted tickled him and began rasslin' again, so he got distracted. Then I grabbed the other length and when he was swinging his arms to push Ted's hands from one part or other of his body, I looped the other wrist like a wrangler and quickly tied that arm to the other side of the bed head. Jase was suddenly tethered, and he realized he had let himself get trapped by two punk kids.

"What the fuck'er you two doing...lemme go before I beat the shit outta ya. You heard, me, lemme go...." Jason was all tousled, his thick blond hair askew, his t-shirt up on his torso, and his shorts halfway down his hips on one side. We climbed off the bed, and crawled down to the end of the bed, keeping out of his all he could do was turn his head one way or the other and yell at us. "You little shits are gonna be dead meat when I get outta're gonna wish you'd never pulled this stunt. I don't know what you think you're gonna do, but I do know that I'm gonna beat the crap outta both of you when I get loose."

In the meantime, while he yelled and cursed at us, we each took a length of rope with loops on 'em and waited till he was pissed that we weren't responding. He suddenly yelled at the top of his lungs, "You little turds, I said lemme up!" When he yelled, he thrust up his ass to pull on the ropes with his hands. His heels planed in the bed, and his long toes were aimed out, kinda pointed. We jumped up and looped the ropes around his ankles, and before he could get his bearings and yank he legs away, we were tying his spread ankles to the foot rail of the iron bed.

Boy you shoulda heard Jase then. He said stuff that me and Ted didn't even know...stuff that older guys must say to each other. It was cool though, cause we knew he was panicked and was angry at us. We shoulda been scared that he was gonna kill us when he got loose, but damn I had a boner that was about to break outta my shorts, and Ted had that look he got when his dick was running his brain. By the time we were through with Jason that afternoon, he was a changed man. We made him tell us how he learned to tickle guys, and he yelled his answer to us through squeals and groans, as we tickled and wanked him. He confessed that a couple of his buddies in school had jumped him at a camping trip when they were fifteen, and spent most of a weekend tickling and jerking him off. Well, we said since he was experienced, and seemed to do it with his buds, he could at least let us play. We jerked that big boys sweet dick for an hour and half, making him shoot wads of sticky teen juice up in the air, while our fingers danced up and down his ribs, deep into his pits, explored his navel, and scrabbled up and down his big feet. He finally got us to stop (we were gonna have to anyway if we expected to get back to camp in time for the cook-out and so we wouldn't get in trouble). He suggested that he had a way for all of us to have some fun, between gasps and yells when we tickled him hard. He said he'd stolen some of Vic's dirty pictures from his cabin, and hidden some others so he could go back and get 'em. He said that we could tell Vic that if he didn't cooperate with us, we'd rat him out to the Camp Coordinator.

Well old Ted and me slowed down a bit on Jase, me just jackin' him slowly and Ted plucking his tits gently with one hand while he ran his fingers inside his thighs, just below his balls with the other. We asked him what he had in mind. By the time we had left the cabin, Jase had slugged us each once, but didn't leave no damage. And we had agreed to help him get Vic to the cabin and see that big curved whang up close. For me, my boner ached that night with the thought of tickling a big guy...not a kid like us...but an older least twenty-one or twenty-two. I had to have Ted jerk me off that night before I could get to sleep, and my roommate was only to happy to help, since I returned the favor, both of us laughing at how great it was to have Jason tied down at the cabin, and to see his boner sliding through out fists as we worked his hunky body.

After breakfast the next day, our last at the week long vacation camp, we watched from a distance as Jason spoke with Vic in the dining hall. At first Vic seemed kinda of mildly interested in Jase's conversation, then suddenly snapped his head toward our sixteen year old friend. Jase opened his jacket, and showed Vic something, and then pushed whatever he was showing back into his jacket and zipped it up. He kept speaking quietly to Vic, and the big guy just sat there without saying a thing, looking kinda stunned. Then Jase got up, and walked outta the dining hall. We almost ran out the door, rushing over to the latrine to meet him and find out what Vic had said. Jase had that damned smile on his face, and he said that Vic hadn't said anything. Ted and me looked at each other, and then at Jason and both of us began to talk in unison..."so he ain't gonna come...jeez, all that for nothing" and "so what're you smiling about?"

Jase just laughed, with that shit-eating grin, and that cocky attitude. "Oh he'll come alright, just meet me with your rope at the trail head at 3p.m. We're gonna have some fun this afternoon...."

When we arrived at the familiar trail head, no one was there. Ted and I figured that for once, Mr. Know-It-All was gonna be proved wrong, but just as we were about to tell Jase to cash it in, there came Vic. Jase told us to scram up to the cabin, and wait in the back. He said he'd take care of the rest. Man, I threw a bone just thinking about the fact that Vic had showed. We did as Jase said, and within ten minutes of getting to the cabin, the two older boys arrived.

Vic looked angry and reluctant. He was pissed off, and he let Jase know it. But he still did what Jase asked, and so we knew that he had decided to go along with whatever was gonna happen. After all, vacation camp was over the next day and we'd all be returning home. No one would be the wiser, and Vic wouldn't have to see our ugly mugs again. Ted and I peeked into the window and waited to see what Jason had in mind.

Inside, Vic was standing in his uniform, shorts, boots, hiking socks, his regulation shirt and a necktie. He looked kinda like a Eagle Scout, but our camps was just a small Christian camp organized by the community. It wasn't affiliated with any particular church, and the uniforms were made up by the company that ran the thing. Hey, it was a way for parents to get rid of their kids for a week and to assume that we were in good hands...and hell, we were the one's in charge today. I looked at Vic's strong calves, covered in blond fur, which contrasted to sharply with his dark blue socks. His calves and his hands had big veins running over them, which told you he was or had been some kind of athlete. His feet looked too big for his body. I mean he was six feet, but in those boots, his feet must looked to be size twelve, and that seemed kinda big for any guy. He was perspiring just a bit, wet under the arm pits, and at his blond brow. We couldn't hear what Jase said in a low voice, but we could plainly see the disgusted look that Vic gave him. He seemed to plead with Jason one more time, then in an angry manner, followed the instructions he had received. First he took off his hat and put in down with his pack. Then he pulled off his shirt and singlet. Next came his shorts, but he left on his boxers. There he stood, buff and hunky, with hair running between his pecs, down to his boxers and disappearing into them at the waistband. His arms were covered in blond fur, which tapered off above his elbows, and the fur on his legs ascended to the legbands of his boxers, and then disappeared under them. He left on his necktie, which was kind strange, but it was also sexy, resting between his pecs and those two pink, strawberry tits, each with a little round pointed tip, jutting from each side of his chest.

Then he turned around, and let Jase put a blindfold on him. Jase used his own necktie, and then he led Vic to the large wooden table in the middle of the room. Ted and me figured Jase would use the bed, like we had with him. But he had other plans. Once Vice was on the table, Jase made him put his arms over his head, and he tied each one separately to the legs. That pulled Vic's arms over his head, and down over the edge of the table, past where his head rested. Jase didn't pull them so tight, that Vic would be bowed and in pain...just enough to keep him from moving anywhere. Then he put a flat little pillow under Vic's head. Next he went to Vic's legs, and he pulled them over the edge of the table. That worked fine, cause the table was small enough that Vic's ass rested on the other edge from his head. So his legs dangled, and Vic secured them firmly to the legs on the other end of the table. Then he tied the legs and arms together without much tension, but just enough so that Vic couldn't pull free if he wanted to. The whole time, Vic seemed to be speaking to Jase, still trying to persuade him. But Jase just ignored him, and then he motioned to the window and both of us. Time to play...

When Vic heard Jason start to talk to us, he got panicky. I think he thought he was gonna get a blow job from Jase, and was determined not to make much of it. After all, it wasn't the first fag that had wanted to suck his dick, and when he needed to get an "A" in composition the year before, he'd struck a deal with a queer who lived in his dorm. The piece of shit had written his papers, and he'd let the kind suck him off once a week, usually twice at one time. He hated it--- having some fag play with his dick, but fuck, a blow job was a blow job...and the "A" made it possible for him to get on the honor roll. He was determined to get into business school if he didn't have to go to fight in the war, and the faggot had made sure that his chances were still good. And the fag did seem to know his business. His girlfriend wouldn't suck his dick, and even when she jacked him off, she didn't seem to really like his cock. But that fag, man he sure loved it. He'd stroke it, and rub the head, and lick his balls, and even poked his tongue up underneath his balls sometimes. It made Vic shudder just to think of it. His ass was so sensitive, he even threw a rod at home in the shower when he washed his crack. It seemed like if anything touched there, it was like a damned electric shock to his cock. The fag had also tried to queer him once, reaching up and rolling Vic's tits. He hadn't even noticed at first, cause the queero was giving him such a good blow...but then he felt his chest arching out, and realized that the punk was playing with his tits...him Vic Henderson. Did the guy think he was a queer too? Jesus, he'd slapped his hands away, but never forgot the feeling that pinching his tits had caused. He'd brush his hands over them in the shower, and it felt the same, but he refused to let himself enjoy such obviously faggoty behavior.

So Vic tried to tell Jase this was over...he hadn't bargained for three guys..."Hey Bigelow, what the fuck is going said it was gonna be me and you, and then you'd give me the pictures. What's this, you guys got a band of fairies up here in the woods. Lemme outta this, now...and maybe I won't smack you around." Vic's manly voice made his threats sound real, but hell, he was tied down over that table, and his belly was like a little well, with the deep pool of his navel in the middle, all vulnerable and spread out. What the heck was he giving us orders for?

"Shaddap...Henderson. You ain't going nowhere till we say so. You're gonna be lucky if we untied you at all. Maybe we'll just leave you here, and the folks at the camp will discover you're missing in a couple of days after we've all gone home. Maybe they'll get back here in time to find you alive." Then Jase made one of his sarcastic and loud laughs, making him sound wicked and mean.

"Now look Bigelow, I came up here. We had a deal. If you and your faggot friends want to give me a blow job, and tie me down so I don't crack your queer skulls, well OK. But cut the crap about leaving me here. When you're done, just untie my arms, and I'll get outta here fine. That way you fucking queerbos can run back to camp, and get home to your moms tomorrow all save and sound."

"You're gonna regret you said that shit, Henderson. Yeah, we're gonna let you go after we're through. But know what, you're gonna be too tired to think about anything but getting a shower and going to sleep after we're through....right guys." He looked at us, and we just nodded our heads, now unable to speak we were so excited. "Take off his shoes and socks,'s a warm day, and ole Vic's toes probably could use some relief outta those big, hot boots. Don't you think?"

We dashed over and unlaced Vick's boots, and while he complained, and cursed, we just ignored him. Once we pulled off his boots and damp socks, his pale, muscled and veined feet were exposed. Jeez he had long toes, with the second toe on each foot longer that his big toe. And underneath his feet, his soles were all soft and padded. I knew what we were gonna do.

That afternoon, Jase pulled up a chair at the head of the table, so he could get to Vic armpits and ribs. Ted and I alternated from Vic's feet to his inner thighs and knees, and up to his navel and abdominals. We tickled that poor guy with thirty fingers, wriggling and probing, scratching and scrabbling all over his body. He yelled and cursed, never suspecting that this is what we had in mind, and his curved cock, bolted up and fucked right into his navel, leaving a pool of pre-cum in his little well. Ted and I took turns licking it out...and used our fingers on his nipples while we were doing it...while Jase took over our spot at Vic's big size twelve feet. Jase seemed to discover the magic spot on Vic's feet, just under the balls, and before the arch...jeez did he howl a lot when Jason used his fingernails there. We also used the pot brush that was in the sink, running it up and down Vic's chest, and inside his thighs, and under his feet. We even tickled inside his ears, nose, one his spread open palms, and under his neck.

That's when Jase produced the final weapon. He took out three long feathers from the headdresses used in the lodge ceremonies from the night before. I don't know what they were made of, but they had been treated with something that made then stiff. When you scratched them against your skin it felt like insects crawling over your skin and biting you. Then Vic told us to go outside and pic some prickly vine off the tree outside. It wasn't poison oak or ivy, but some kinda vine like mistletoe. If you crushed it up and rubbed it against your skin, it made you break out in a harmless but terribly itchy rash. It would go away once you showered, but till then, you felt like an army of ants was eating you alive. We put some into Stevie Aldrige's underwear, and he screamed like a banshee till the Camp Director made him wash his asshole. But just for good measure, they gave him an enema, and we could hear him squeal when they snuck that tube up his butt. We laughed ourselves silly, and knew that prickly vine was great for what we were gonna do next.

Jason took the vine, and once he had it ground up into a kind of powder, he mixed it with some Vaseline petroleum jelly. Then he took a flat dinner knife, and he held up Vic's rampant rod with it wicked curve, and thick cord along the base, and a knob that would choke a horse. Using that knife, he smoothed that jelly all over Vic's big prick, making sure to do the knob real good. Then he used some on his balls, on his tits, and then lifted his big drooping nuts outta the way, and scooped some into the hairy split of Vic's buns and over his big cock root. You know I'd never heard a big man squeal like Vic did that afternoon. But once I heard it, it was like an aphrodisiac, or know, like Spanish Fly is for women. It made me feel like I could cum all afternoon...listening to him beg us to make it stop itching. And you know...that's what Jase said he would do. Then he gave us each a feather, and we went to work for the last hour of the afternoon.

Vic came three times. The first one was quick. We started working his tits and his dick and that boy squirted ten thick ropes of cum outta his cock, and we held it up so with that curve, the first few shot bolted forward and hit him in the face. Course we didn't stop after he came, and he laughed and cried as we kept tickling and scratching his dick knob with the feathers. The second cum took about fifteen minutes, and worked mostly cause Jase made me and Teddy put on the work gloves over on the table and use them to roll Vic's tits, and tickle under his arms, and into his pits, while Jase worked his cock and balls again. While the amount was less this time, there were still four, almost five good shots of his crud, and the room smelled of gism. The last time, it took Vic almost thirty-five minutes. Plus, he had to suck each of our dicks. He said he would rather die first, but when Jase lifted his nuts, and began to dance his stiff feather against the knot of his taut little butthole, Vic sputtered and grunted and groaned like we'd hit his soft spot. I noticed his toes curled, and somehow he managed to learn how to suck dick. Jeez his mouth felt good on my cock, and when each of us came, we held our dicks in his mouth so he had to swallow the gism and lick us clean. Jase told us that when he was ready to cum, he'd give us a signal, and we were to shove one feather up Vic's butt and use the other on his dick head. It worked like a charm...cause whatever Teddy hit when he shoved that feather up Vic's hairy hole, and twirled it around, it made his dick knob expand like a balloon and allowed me to tickle it madly. Grunting around Jason's dick, he spurted one last time, two shots and lots of drool, while we kept working him. I thought his toes would snap off the way his they were so tightly curled.

We untied Vic's hands, and one leg, after we dressed and packed up. We left him there, and didn't see him the next morning when we got on our buses to leave camp. I heard later from Jase that Vic had returned to USC, and he was sure no one was the wiser. Jase had kept his promise and returned all Vic's dirty pictures. So the whole plan had worked. That's how I got the idea to try it out at home. I persuaded Ted that we had to find one of the Marine's who was shipping out, and bring him home on the weekend when our parents were out at the Canteen and we knew the jarhead was leaving the next day. He was kinda scared, but since the Marine would be leaving, he agreed and we set our plan in motion.

End of Part I of "Shipped Out"