Tasting Jake


Patrick Colby


Some men are just naturally raunchy. I'm one of those men. I like anything that has an odor as long as it is from a man. Smelly, sweaty socks and feet, fragrant pits, you name it-if it has a man's smell on it, I'll literally sniff it out and lap it up. And if the guy is ticklish so much the better!

With you knowing this about me, you'll understand that I couldn't have had a better roommate in college than Jake. Jake was big in every sense of the word. He was tall, had big hands and feet, and he had a big, uncut dick. I'm no slouch in the body department either, but let's just say that I used my right brain ore than Jake did. And I used it to help me get a taste of all that man sweat that Jake seemed to put out all the time. He would swear just sitting in our dorm room but after track practice he smelled even better.

I always made sure that I was back at the dorm a little before Jake got out of track practice. I would strip down to my underwear and be sitting on my bed casually reading a book when he'd walk in, rivulets of sweat rolling off his body and his sweats literally sticking to him. I loved the way that they rode up into his sweaty ass crack and he wore a sweatshirt with the arms cut off giving me a great view of his sweaty, hairy armpits.

It was the same scene every day. Jake would come in exhausted from running, cussing the "fuckin' hard assed coach" and flop down wearily on his bed. He'd stretch his arms out over his head, breathe deeply a few times, sigh, and dick off his size 12 running shoes. That's the part I liked the best. Not only do sweaty feet smell great, but the look great too. And Jake's were beautiful. His socks were always so wet that I'd get a perfect view of his outlined foot through the socks. The wet material hugged his foot the way that my mouth wanted to........and eventually would.

I watched Jake go through his routine daily and silently thanked the room designers for putting his bed so that the foot of it faced the head of mine, L-shaped. I could peer over the top of my book and not only get a great view of his feet but of his bulging crotch and hairy pits as well. Hew was quite a package and I had to find a way to unwrap it. One day I was late coming home and I knew that Jake would already be there and I'd missed my daily show. What I didn't know was that Jake changed his routine when nobody was there to watch him! I just stood in the doorway dumbfounded and watched silently as Jake lied on the bed, flailing his big cock with one hand and holding one of his sweaty socks up to his face and nose with the other. He was inhaling his own smell so hard that I thought he'd inhale his entire sock! His feet were moving wildly too and he was playing with his socked foot using his one bare foot. He'd caress it, and open his toes up wide and use them to pull on his sock covered toes and then he'd switch and tickle his bare foot with the socked one: man, it was too fucking much for me!

Not wanting to let him know that I had seen him, I left before I could witness the end result of all his stimulation. I walked around campus for awhile futilely attempting to shift my hard cock and make it comfortable in my levis. I gave him another half hour but judging from the intensity of his stroking when I left, two or three minutes probably would've been enough.

When I returned, Jake was sprawled out on his bed sleeping. I, however, was still in a high state of arousal. I quietly picked up the infamous sock, put my nose as close to the sleeping giant's bare foot as I dared and sniffed. I almost shot off in my pants. Quietly I entered the bathroom, stripped off all my clothes, lied down on the floor and proceeded to re-create the scene that I had witnessed earlier. Wildly beating on my cock and sniffing Jake's big, wet sock, I teased myself while imagining that his size 12 foot was right in my face. I wondered how ticklish he was. From start to finish it only took a few minutes of stroking but it was by fare the most intense orgasm I had ever had. My psychology professor was correct: visual/tactile stimulation is more strongly encoded than any other type of memory. After I pulled myself back together, I vowed to pursue that theory more in-depth. I kept Jake's sock and when he woke up and stirred around looking for it I asked, "what's are you looking for"?

"My other sock" he said. "I don't know what I did with it". "Maybe you ate it" I replied. Jake blushed deep crimson and chuckled a nervous laugh. He lifted his arm and stuck his nose into his sweaty armpit, "damn! I need to take a shower"! I just smiled and rolled over to take a nap, hoping to dream about Jake's sweaty and sensitive body. I played it cool for the next few days and Jake's sock miraculously appeared in his pile of dirty clothes. Jake however, was becoming more tense as the week went on. He had a big meet on Friday and I hadn't been later coming home for four days. Apparently he had not been able to jackoff anywhere else. He was lying on his bed restlessly moving around. "God Jake, why are you so fucking nervous"?

"I dunno. Maybe it's `cause I got a meet tomorrow. I'm pretty tensed up". His toes were working back and forth inside his dirty socks and he was kind of rocking back and forth on the bed.

"Listen" I said with my most concerned voice, "why don't you let me give you a rubdown. Maybe that'll help you relax".

"I dunno--do ya know how"? he quizzed.

"Sure I do! You don't think that I read all these books for nothing go you? What are you wearing under your sweats"? I asked him and received the right answer.

"Just my jock, why"?

"Well, strip down to it and I'll get some oil and give you a nice relaxing rubdown".

`Well.......OK" he said with just a hint of trepidation, "but let me take a shower first".

`No!.......ahhh.....don't bother, it'll make it easier to massage you with the natu4ral oils of your skin still present. I'll be right back"! I almost ran to the bathroom to get the baby oil reveling in my good fortune as I did so. When I returned Jake was stripped to his sweaty jockstrap lying face down on his bed with his legs spread wide, showing off that great ass of his. I could see the hair in his crack stuck to the alabaster white skin of his butt, it was sparkling like early morning dew. I tried to maintain my composure as I took in the sight of his glistening skin from head to those beautiful, sweaty, long-toed, oh-so-suckable-feet.

"Ready"? I asked shakily.

"Mmmmmmmmmm" was his response.

I knelt over him straddling his butt with my legs, spread some oil on my hands and started to rub his massive shoulders. I shifted my weight back a little so I was sitting on his thighs. With each stroke I place my face along his sides as close to his pits as I could. Actually he was so sweaty that his scent wafted up to my eager nose no matter where I placed my face, but I wanted to get as close to his smell as I could. Occasionally my fingers would ease into his pits as I massaged him and I saw goosebumps appear on his skin. That sight, combined with the intoxicating smell of his sweat and the feel of his muscular thighs underneath my ass had given me a massive hard-on. I really didn't want Jake to notice my excitement, at least not yet, so I continued to massage his back, working my way down to his ass and legs. He continued to moan beneath me, mumbling unintelligible encouragement as I stroked his hot flesh.

When I got to the insides of his muscular thighs, he let out a low moan. I knew he was as horny as me so I didn't cut him and slack. Even if we were horny for different reasons the end result would still be the same--intense satisfaction! I massaged deeply at first to really loosen him up but gradually my strokes became lighter. The lighter the strokes, the wider he spread his legs and the bigger the bulge became in his jock. As his cock lengthened I took the opportunity to lightly graze his big balls with my fingertips. Tickling Jake's balls really got to him. His whole body seemed to come alive and he writhed and jerked spasmodically under my ministrations.

I moved down his legs, each in turn. I wanted this to last!! He was sweating profusely and smelled even better than before. Each time that my hands traveled from his ankles back to his inner thighs his moans and spasms would increase. He seemed to expect me to caress and tickle his hot nuts. I didn't. I wanted to keep him on the edge while I searched his incredible body for more "hot spots." I moved down his leg one more time and settled in on his big bare foot. My touch was light and he nearly jumped off the bed.

"Easy man.......I'm.......ticklish."

"Sorry" I lied, and massaged a little harder thought until I could get him into it. He began to relax again. His bare foot smelled like sweat and leather. His sole was perfectly smooth and his long toes curled and jerked under my touch.

I decided to go for it. With one hand massaging his big, beautiful and ticklish foot, I used my other one to lightly run up and down his leg. Each time that I came to the inviting bulge showing between his spread legs I tickled his balls. After a few repeated strokes, Jake was really not. He continued to moan as my mouth engulfed his meaty toes. As my tongue swirled around tasting them, he started to grind his crotch into the fed. I knew that I had him. Jake's moans soon turned to a combination of moaning and whimpering. I knew that he needed to get off badly but I wanted to make him ask me.

I stopped and said, "turn over and I'll do your front". He turned a light crimson when his eyes met mine but he did as I asked. I scanned his body and couldn't help but notice that his hard cock had pushed his jockstrap out enough for one of his balls to flop out. The wet spot at his cock head was beautiful. Artfully I massaged his strong chest, teasing the hard points of his nipples with each stroke. I massaged and tickled his ribs and his strong muscular abs until he'd almost put his arms down to stop me but not quite. His eyes were closed. His breathing heavy and rapid. Moving my hands up each side and sliding my fingers into his pits made him open his eyes wide and he started to laugh. "HHAHAHAHHGHHHHHHHHH"!! But he didn't try to stop me. I was sitting on top of him straddling his groin and grinding my ass onto his hard, jock encased cock.

I slowly slid my hands back down and followed the trail of one hand with my tongue. Pitting sensor against sensor he was caught between moaning and laughing out of control. I scooted back on top of his thighs and lightly teased and massaged his stomach and down to where his hips and jock strap met. My fingernails barely grazed his balls, his cock oozed another giant pearl of precum into his strap and he bucked his hips wildly. Jake would reach for his cock and then pull his hands away. Finally I told him to "go for it." He raised up both of his legs from me and al almost ripped his jockstrap apart getting it off.

"Can I help"? I asked.


He kept his legs bent up so I crawled up between his legs and began to tongue tickle his balls. I tickled his bare feet with one hand the way that I had watched him do by himself using his own feet and I worked my other hand up into one of his armpits. I tasted and licked his balls and switched to his sweaty feet every now and then while continuing to lightly stroke his pits. Jake was coming apart. His whole athletic body was convulsing and his yelling and laughing was getting pretty loud. I zeroed in on his balls with my tongue and tickled both his bare soles and wiggling toes with my fingers rapidly tickling up and down his soles.

"Hahahahahahaaaaaghhhhhhhh......hahahahahaha.........I'm..hahahahahhaa gonna.......do it buddy........hahahahahahggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh". Jake's body got as hard as a board. I knew this was it so I began licking his balls faster, smashing my face into them while I tickled the soles of his feet.

"OoohhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhFFFUUUCCCKKKKKKK!!.....HERE IT COMES"!! he yelled and shot load after load on his ribbed abs. His breathing was ragged and he just lied there quivering and trying to catch his breath. I continued to tickle and suck his feet and I shot in my shorts from just rubbing my cock against his bed.

"Fuck.........where did you learn to massage like that"? he asked, still trying to catch his breath.

"Well, to tell you the truth, I really don't know how to give a massage. I saw you masturbating the other day Jake, and I saw what you liked".

"And I like you" he said as he pulled me into his arms.

Patrick Colby