No Bell Is Going to Save You Now


Keith Steeclif

Slater stripped down to his briefs in the dressing room and wrapped a towel around his waist. He was very nervous. Slater had never been to a massage parlor before, and he was mortified to be in a gay massage parlor. But he wanted to get into the fraternity very badly, and this was his initiation.

Slater went into the next room where there was a massage table, the padded kind with the hole in the top to put your face down. There were two men waiting there for him wearing only shorts.

"Please lay down and be comfortable," one of the men said.

Slater noted that both men were very good-looking and extremely well built. But he was surprised that there were two of them and he asked about that.

"It's what you paid for," the man said. Actually, his fraternity brothers had called to make all the arrangements. He had no idea what they paid for.

"My name's Tony. Why don't you lay down," he motioned toward the table.

"And I'm Jay," the other man said as Slater took his place. Slater laid on his stomach.

Tony and Jay oiled him down and started the massage. While he was very nervous and a little scared, he couldn't help but enjoy the wonderful feeling of the strong hands kneading his tension away. After a few minutes, Slater actually found himself relaxing.

As they worked their way down Slater's body, Tony touched Slater's toes. Slater didn't expect it and reacted violently.

"Whoa, Jay," Tony said, "I think we've got a ticklish one here."

Jay was working on Slater's calf and he took a finger to Slater's upturned sole, "Cootchy, cootchy, coo," he said. Slater let out a surprised giggle and wiggled his foot. "Ooh, he is ticklish," Jay said, "I just love ticklish men, don't you, Tony?"

"I sure do," Tony replied. He grabbed Slater's right ankle and started to diddle on his sole, "Tickle, tickle, tickle." Jay grabbed his other ankle and started to tickle Slater's toes.

Slater started laughing and squirming, "Come on, hee hee hee, what are you doing?"

"We just want to see how ticklish you are," Jay said.

"Ha ha ha! I'm very ticklish. Hee hee! Please stop!"

Tony and Jay stopped tickling Slater's feet.

"We're sorry," Tony said, "We didn't mean to tickle your feet so bad."

"Yeah," said Jay, "We really meant to tickle your ribs!" The two guys went after Slater's sides. Slater was caught off guard and his arms were up under his head.

"No!" he squealed before he burst out laughing. "Haa haa haa! What are you doing? Stop! Stop it!"

"Flip him over," Jay said and the two men turned him over. Then they each grabbed a wrist and forced Slater's arms up over his head. Looking at each other, they both shouted in unison, "Tickle massage!" The two men started to tickle Slater's washboard abs.

Slater was hysterical. He was a big, muscular guy, but so were his two attackers and they had him out numbered. He couldn't break free of their grip and his ticklish torso was defenseless against their wiggling fingers.

In between fits of hysterical laughter, Slater kept saying, "Stop, please!" and "Why are you doing this?" but the two men paid no attention and continued to tickle Slater.

Tony stopped tickling and took Slater's other wrist from Jay. While Jay continued to tickle Slater's ribs, Tony pulled Slater's arms up over his head and down behind the table. There he secured his wrists to leather restraints that were awaiting him. Then, when Slater's wrists were secure, Jay also stopped tickling. The two men pulled leather straps from both sides of the table and started to strap down Slater's legs from his thighs all the way down to his ankles.

By the time the two men were done totally restraining Slater, he'd regained enough of his breath to ask, "What are you doing to me? Please, let me go."

"What's the matter, Slater? Can't you take a little tickling? I've got a seventeen year old nephew that can take more than you."

"But why are you tickling me like this?" Slater asked.

"Because we get off on tickling hot guys like you," Tony said. "Real ticklish guys like you make us all horny. So now that we've got you where we want you, we're going to have a little fun."

Tony pulled a tray out from under that table. It held an assortment of feathers and brushes. Jay took a piece of string off the tray and started to tie Slater's big toes together.

"Please, please, guys, I'll do anything. Just please let me go. It's really not suppose to happen like this. My frat brothers sent me here. Really, I'm not gay."

"Don't worry, frat boy, we're not goin' to fuck you. We're going to tickle you."

"Please, I'm really ticklish. I really can't stand it. I can't take any more."

"Oh, you'd be surprised how much you can take," Jay said, "We've been doing this for a long time, and believe me, we can keep you in stitches for hours and hours. The last time we got a hot jock like you in here, we tickled him for three hours straight. What do you think, Slater? You looking forward to three hours of non-stop tickling fun?"

"Please no! Please, not that. I'll do anything, I swear, just not tickling."

Tony picked up a long, stiff feather and held it up for Slater to see. "I'll bet you've never been tickled with feathers before. This is going to be real fun."

Slater continued to beg with the two men, but Tony moved around to the end of the table and rolled over a stool. He sat down, facing Slater's bare soles. Slater could barely move his feet because of the tight restraints around his ankles. And he couldn't rub his feet together, because his big toes were tied. So helpless, and pleading, he watched as Tony slowly brought the feather down toward his helpless arches.

Tony was right, Slater had never been tickled with a feather before and the initial contact almost made him faint straight away. He was hysterical in seconds, laughing so hard, he thought his lungs would burst. Tickling sensations coursed through his body as Tony stroked the feather up and down his right foot and then up and down his left foot. Then Tony started to wind the feather in between his toes and Slater went absolutely crazy. He was laughing too hard to speak, but in his head he was begging this man to stop this cruel torture.

And that is what this felt like to Slater; torture. Pure tickle torture. He'd been tickled a lot in his life. Now that he thought about it, he'd been tickled a hell of a lot in his life, but it never bothered him before. Sure he laughed his head off and squirmed and fought to get away, but it was always his friends that were tickling him. Now he had two strangers, who had tied him down, and were now tickling him against his will. And they really seem to be enjoying it too. They had a look in their eye that told Slater this wasn't going to end any time soon, and he began to get scared.

Suddenly Slater felt warm breath in his ear. Jay's head was right next to Slater's and he whispered in him ear, "Isn't Tony the best tickler? I let him tickle me too, and he is a master with those feathers. He knows how to find all your weak spots."

Jay switched to Slater's other ear, "And Tony just loves ticklish feet. And I can't remember coming across a guy with feet as ticklish as yours. I almost feel sorry for your poor tootsies."

"Pleeeez, hee hee hee, make him stop."

"Stop? But why? Isn't it what you always wanted? Try to tickle me to death, isn't that what you said on the phone? Tickle me and don't stop until I say the safety word, that's what you told us. So I think it's time for me to go to work on those armpits of yours and see if we can't just tickle you to death."

Jay started to roll his fingers in Slater's armpits and he was laughing so hard he couldn't speak. He couldn't tell Jay that he wasn't the one to call, that it was his frat brothers, and that he didn't know what the safety word was. And as Jay started to tickle Slater from armpits to ribs and back again; mixing his tickling with the devilish feathering that was occurring at his bare soles, Slater was completely lost. He was afraid that these two men could actually tickle him to death.

Another five minutes passed. Tony had abandoned his feather and was using two fine tip paint brushes to trace Slater's toes. Jay had started getting into the tickling too, and was concentrating on Slater's ultra-ticklish armpits.

"You really are hot," Jay said, and while he tickled Slater's right armpit with his fingers, he bent down and started licking Slater's left armpit.

The curious combination of tickling and a hot, wet tongue caught Slater completely off guard. After more than fifteen minutes of tickling, Slater was discovering that, while the tickle torture was still intense, it wasn't getting worse. In fact, despite his hysterical laughter, Slater started to believe that he could endure this abuse indefinitely, as long as he could catch his breath.

But when Jay started licking Slater's pit, his feelings suddenly changed. He suddenly felt himself getting aroused and became embarrassed. He immediately thought about his frat brothers who sent him here and feared they would find out that a couple gay guys tickling him had made him hard.

"Hey, Jay," Tony said, "It looks like frat boy's not as straight as he would lead us to believe." Jay looked down toward Tony, but his line of sight was blocked by the bulge under Slater's towel.

"Well," Jay said with a big grin on his face. "Looks who's joining the party!"

Jay crawled up on the table and laid on top of Slater. He left the towel in place, and made no grab at Slater's package, but he laid on top of Slater so that his stomach was pressed against Slater's hardon. Jay propped himself up on his elbows and resumed his rib and armpit tickling. At the same time, he started to lick Slater's washboard stomach.

Meanwhile, Tony used the extra pair of restraints to shackle Jay's ankles. Jay's feet were pointing in the opposite direction from Slater's, and were on either side of Slater's feet. Tony used a piece of rope to tie around all four ankles. Then he used his fingers to start tickling all four soles at once.

Jay began laughing too hard to continue licking Slater's abs. However, he did not stop his own tickling. His fingers continued to wiggling in Slater's armpits, to scratch across Slater's ribs. But now, Jay too was laughing hysterically.

Although Slater's own assault was not eased by this additional tickle victim, Slater liked the fact that someone else was sharing his tickling torment. He watched Jay as he pressed his right cheek against Slater's stomach and laughed loudly. Slater could feel Jay's whole body quiver as it rested on top of him. Jay's own ticklish gyrations we making him rub against Slater's towel and Slater tilted his pelvis, and started to gyrate back, creating a synchronized rhythm.

Tony knew that the two men were beyond the ability to stop, so he started scratching their soles more aggressively, make the two men howl in the last couple minutes of their climax. The two men came within seconds of one another. When it was done, Tony tickled Slater's feet for a couple more minutes so Slater could discover how much more ticklish he became after an orgasm. But Slater was so incredibly ticklish all the time, that Tony could only keep this up for a couple of minutes before he had to give the poor guy a break. He knew how to gauge a tickle victim's limits from the countless times that he'd tickle tortured Jay.

As the two men panted and wheezed, Tony untied them. Jay stayed on top of Slater for a couple minutes, then he kissed him once on the stomach and stood. Slater was too exhausted to move. The two men returned to their work, and gave Slater the massage that he'd come for. By the time they were done, Slater had recovered enough to go to the other room to change.

Once Slater was dressed, he made a beeline for the front door. Before he could get out, Jay was at the front door.

"Don't hurry off too soon, handsome, you forgot my number," he said.

Slater took the card, thankful the tickling had left him red faced because he felt a flush rise in his cheeks. He hurried out of the building and down the street.

At the corner, he stopped at the trash bin and was about to toss Jay's number away. But as he stood there, note in hand, hovered over the garbage can, he found he couldn't quite let the slip of paper go. Jamming it into his pocket, he walked toward his car, rubbing his ribs where Jay's fingers had been only minutes ago.

Slater even thought about Tony and the cruel foot tickling that he'd dealt him. It was torture, for sure, but his feet started to tingle, as if they were calling for those fingers to return. And that is when Slater realized that he may not get the courage up today or next week, but that someday soon he'd be using that number.

And then Slater also thought that he still didn't know what the safety word was. But as he pulled away from the curb, he said out loud, "Who needs it."

Keith Steeclif