A Weekend in Marathon Key


Tickler Jim


I invited my friend Bob down to the Keys for a weekend. Bob and I are very much into tickling. Bob just happens to be one of those guys that God was very good to. He is 36y/o, 6ft, 210# of muscle, dark hair, hairy, mustache, olive skin, dark eyes, and ticklish as all get out. This is the first meeting between Bob and I. We have talked on the phone and been in contact through the e-mail for several months now. That hot hunk of a man has been driving me crazy all that time ever since. I am going to have him no matter what I have to say or do.

He arrived at the airport and we both smile as our eyes meet. We get the awkward hello's out of the way and I am trying to hide the bulge in my pants from just hearing his voice. The entire time we are talking only one thought goes through my mind, " Oh God I can't wait to hear him LAUGH and BEG."

After a quick bite and some more small talk on the way down to Marathon Key, we finally get to the hotel where I have rented a room for the night. I've had a hardon almost the entire drive and an obvious wet spot in my shorts. I almost changed my mind in what I had planned for this poor man but man was I horny and my lust was too strong. We get to the room I let him in first and I close the door behind me. I just grab this hot man and kiss him deeply while running my hands over his face and body. I stop at the ribs and begin the assault on them. He smiles wiggles, and tries pushing my hands away. Now remember this is 210# of football player muscle. i.e. He is a strong fucker. I am no slouch either, but it is a challenge. So this play turns into wrestling and I knew I would not get what I wanted unless I got down and dirty. So I grab his balls and I grab them HARD. This got his attention. He looked at me with this half-pissed look on his face. So I squeezed harder to let him know I REALLY mean business. He pulled his hands off of me. I looked him straight in the eye with the most serious look on my face and said, " Get over to the bed and handcuff yourself to the bed." SO that is exactly what he did. No fuss no muss. You would think he was liking this.

So after he was secure, I took a breather and got the scissors out he saw them and kicked at me. So I came up from behind him and explained a few things to him. One, there will be no bodily harm done to him or me. Two, he can either relax and let me strip him or I could just jump on him, open his pants and rub his cock and ball with BenGay. We had an understanding now. So I quickly stripped him of his shoes, socks, pants and underwear, Let me tell you, God was good to this man. He is just one of those guys who look better out of clothes than in them.

As I was getting his underwear off, I took the opportunity to tie off his legs in a spread position. Mmmmmm, almost ready. I pick up the scissors again and cut his shirt off. It was quick and painless. Now I have this hot stud of a man to be my tickle slave/plaything for the entire weekend. Oh, where do I begin? Well, at those sexy feet of course. Long toes, olive skin, hairy on the tops of the feet and toes. Yummmmy! I softly brushed my finger tip up and down his soles. The reaction almost scared me, it was loud so quick with that tone of panic I do so love to hear. My heart started pounding and my brain shut off. I was out of control tickling those feet. My fingers softly danced over his soles as if they had a mind of their own. I was leaking through my pants and the screams of laughter, God, what music to my ears it was. I watched his face contort. He looked so totally different. Sweat poured from his body, his breathing was erratic, his eyes teared and his mouth never shut. His laughter just poured out of him. I almost felt sorry for him, "But fuck it", when will I ever get one like this again?" So I just let my carnal tickling lust take over.

I must have worked his feet for about 45 min. before I even noticed the time. I gave him a reality check. Got him a glass of water and let him cool down, but I just could not not touch him. I began licking the sweat from his hairy chest and breathed in his scent. What a high! His breathing slowed and deepened. My tongue kept running over his chest then down to his belly and then down to his thighs. His breathing turned to moaning. God, I loved the power I have over him. I noticed that he was laughing so hard that he never begged. Not even once. Oh well, I have a goal now. OK, I am still running my mouth and tongue over his thighs and he is moaning. By the way, I never touched his cock. I wasn't that nice. I went down to his feet and ran my tongue over his soles over and over again. This made my brave captive so frustrated. His cock was getting hard when I was doing his thighs. When I did his feet his precum was leaking all over the place. His cock was so hard it looked like it hurt. I should be ashamed of myself, but I'm not. After running my tongue over his soles a few dozen times, I put one of his big toes in my mouth and scraped my teeth over the fleshy part as I pulled it out. God, I never new a man who could arch his back that much. Hehehehehehehe. I did that a few more times and then went for the other toes. I put the other four all in my mouth at the same time and I swirled my tongue in and out and in-between each toe. It is such a wicked feeling, I could tell by the way he was struggling and breathing. His short breaths and flinching body was all the feedback that I needed. Well, enough of that.

I told him his break was over and to ready himself. I sat next to his hot wet body and softly kissed him. I whispered in his ear that I will never hurt him, that I am just going to drive him insane. So I began in his hairy arm pits with feather-stroking with my fingers. At first, there was no reaction. Just a sigh and calm look on his face. So I just adjust the pressure a little. I used one finger in the left pit doing an up and down motion and using all my fingers in the right pit in a scratching motion. The look on his face soon changed. He was giggling like a school girl. This was perfect. He was not so overtaken that he could not talk. I want him to beg me. I want him to promise me anything just to stop teasing him. I was looking in his face the entire time. I let my hands wander down to his ribs and belly and anywhere else on my hot, hairy stud. This ticklish sensual touching kept his cock hard and kept him giggling. But still no begging yet. I was bound and determined to have him beg me.

So, I got between his legs and grabbed the inside of his thighs as close to his cock and balls as I could get without touching them and just kneaded his flesh with both hands on each thigh. Well, the giggling turned to screaming His eyes lit up and he yelled,


I said, "Please wha?"

"Pa Pa Paleeezz Op Ticiickling!!!"


"No More"

"No more what?"

"NO More Tiickkling"

"OK, you want me to stop ?"


"OK, what will you do for me if I stop?"


"OK, I want you to cum."

"I can't"

"Then I won't stop. Do you want me to help you cum?"


"OK then."

I stopped working his manly thighs and got a feather. I sat between his legs, stretched one arm behind me to tickle one of his feet, while I ran the feather from the base of his balls to the head of his cock. Up and down. He was flinching and laughing just from this, then I added the tickling of his foot and that's when he really started to lose it. He laughed and bucked his hips out trying to push the feather harder against his cock. Man, was his dick head swollen. This guy was hating to love this. His dick was leaking. He was hard and dripping. His laughter prolonged that plateau before his orgasm, but he was so close and so frustrated. I was thinking of using my hand but, Naaaaa, let him suffer. So I did.

His balls pulled up so close to him he was going to cum anytime now. He needed a little more to push him over the edge but, fuckit, let him get himself there. I kept up the same pattern, the same rhythm, all that time. He was screaming more at this point than laughing, shaking his head like an animal would. Man he looked primal with the sweat and his teeth bared. He was going nuts. Hehehehehe!! I loved every minute. Then the laughing stopped and this look came over his face, his breathing stopped and it happened. His cock started shooting cum right on to his chest. Man, his dick had to have spasmed at least 6 times. With each spasm he moaned. It sounded like each shot almost hurt him. His entire body flexed with each shot of cum. His belly was wet with his own juices. There was a thick trail of cum down the middle of him from his chest to his belly.

After all that, the poor guy just passed out. He slept like an angel. I uncuffed him. Untied his legs washed the cum off his body and took off my clothes and cuddled in next to him. I wrapped myself around him and took a little nap myself. I dozed off for a about an hour and he was still out. So, I made sure there was nothing for him to wear. No pants, no towels, nothing in the place we were staying. I did get the good leather restraints and the soft leather wraps I had. All the time he slept, I was preparing the bed. The man never woke up. He was so out of it. So, after all the prep work was done, I waited, I watched. I got bored and put the wrist and ankle restraints on him. I tied him to the bed as he slept. I was all hard again from thinking of what I am going to do next. This time he is going to cum first. Maybe twice, and then tickle him. Man, I couldn't wait until he woke up. Heheheheheheheee, and let me tell you something, it was worth the wait. He got up 6 hours later, and the laughs we had that day I will remember the rest of my life.

Tickler Jim