My Happy Valentine's Day


Tickler Jim

I have a friend in CT who I have talked to on AOL for about a year, and we have a mutual friend in Miami. Mr. CT came down for a visit and Mr. Miami had a little get together with the 3 of us on Saturday the 14th, just this past weekend. Mr. CT stripped to his underwear and was tied to the bed spread-eagle. We washed his feet. That was fun, by the way. Then we began to tickle his feet and the rest of his hot body. We tickled him from head to toe and back again for about 2 hours. Then we stripped him naked and kept him untied. I held him close to me while my friend Mr. Miami tickled his feet and inner thighs and balls with his fingers, then a feather, and then his tongue. Mr. CT was wiggling and bouncing all over me but I wrapped my legs and arms around his so he could not move too much except for wiggling on top of me.

Then both of us held him down, one on each side. Mr. Miami and I were naked at this point. Mr. Miami was tickling his ribs and armpit by darting his tongue in and out over his stretched flesh. I was being mean by oiling his asshole and massaging just the out side with my fingers and tickling his balls and t'aint with my thumb. I was sucking on his nipples and licking is armpit and rubbing my beard on his pit and ribs. I then moved to licking his neck. He pressed his chin down to stop me and whispered, "You're turning me on." I then grabbed his cock and just stroked it a little. He screamed "NO! DON'T YOU DARE MAKE ME CUM!" We all laughed at that because he knew it would be worse for him after he came.

We retied him at some point. Mr. Miami went back to licking his feet. I joined in for a while, then I went to suck his cock. I wasn't sure how to read Mr. CT's reaction. I think he liked the 2 sensations together, but I'd never seen anyone react that way before. It was almost as if he could not express so much at one time. He locked up and froze for a minute.

We just continued for a while longer, then I stopped sucking his cock. I looked at him to see if he was OK. He just looked me in the eye, smiled, and called me a bastard. Well, since I punish for the use of profanity in my presence, I grabbed his inner thighs and began tickling them by kneading them lightly. I worked his ribs next. He soon yelled out the code word for us to stop. The wimp.

We gave him a drink of water and a bathroom break. We tied him belly down this time and tickled his shoulder blades and ass cheeks. While Mr. Miami went to work on his ears, he was laughing and started to really wiggle, and he moaned once or twice. I gave him a few nibbles on his ass cheeks, just for the fun of it. He inhaled sharply, like someone trying to catch their breath. I went down to the back of his knees and licked, kissed, and nibbled them. This made him jump some more. I went to his feet next and did the same thing. I swear, I thought the man was going to lose it when I worked his feet while Mr. Miami worked his neck, ears, and armpits. I loved every minute of it. We all had hardons the entire time. I was dripping like a leaky faucet.

We turned him over and I held him again while Mr. Miami worked the feet and I kissed him and tickled his ribs. Not too long after that, we were slowing down so we laid Mr. CT on his back I sucked his cock while Mr. Miami licked and tickled his neck, ribs, and pits again. He was getting close, so I stared to jerk him off, and when he was almost there, I just stopped. Man, did he cry out. I felt bad for the poor guy, so I only did that once. I let him cum the next time. It was getting late and he had an hour drive ahead of him. It was midnight when we stopped. It was 5 great hours of tickling. It was by far the best Valentines Day I have ever had.

Tickler Jim