Modern-Day Stocks



I'll give you some more detail on the Modern-Day Stocks. I've always had this kinky turn-on to stocks. Or maybe we could say anything that restrains the bare feet in open view of the captive, as well as anyone selected to be the audience. There they are so wonderfully presented, right almost within arms reach but then, not really. But the scenario must secure and hold them straight out and vulnerable for whatever is to be applied to them. Oh yes, the wonder of bondage and helpless restraint. We want to resist but can't, we want to prevent our torments, but can't, we want to escape but can't. We will suffer our torments.........

I've had a fellow in Oklahoma build a set of wooden stocks and send them to me. Awful heavy, very harsh on the ankles, not a good scene. So I created my ultimate device that I dubbed the Modern-Day Stocks. Being handy with leather work and metal work, I joined the combination. The leather is soft to the skin, and won't hurt the ankles regardless of how tight you secure them. The metal framework is rigid and definitely holds the captive in the position it was designed for. What a perfect mix.

Now picture this: You are naked, sitting on the floor. I place this metal looped device behind you, it extends from your ass around beside your legs to your bare feet. I place a second metal bar into the upright at the very back of the loop on the floor, yes, right at your ass. It extends 40" straight up behind your back. At the top of it is an attached leather strap, or what I'll call a single cuff. I have you extend your arms straight up over your head, slip the cuff around your wrists, grab your hands and pull them straight up as far as I can, and pull the cuff tight, buckling it. Now you are almost hanging off the floor by your wrists.

Moving down to your feet, I take one and pull it up into the opened metal bar that extends 9" off the floor from the U shape that will support you shortly. These two leg extensions are about 2-1/2' apart and were obviously designed to hold the feet apart and raised off the floor. That ankle is cuffed into the opened metal strap that holds the leather cuff, followed by the other ankle.

Now picture this: You are secured at three points, your arms extended and captured high above your head, while your legs are spread wide and secured high off the floor. Your total support is your ass cheeks and the Modern-Day Stocks that wrap around your body.

OK, now if we want to get really serious, we can add a few more leather straps. Say one around the forehead that secures your head pulling it up against your arms and the bar behind your head. Add another at your waist with the same restraint. Just these two, and I can lay you and the device over on either side and you cannot move or resist any torments. I could be as sadistic as pushing you over then pulling you up where you were balanced on your hands at one end and your toes at the other end. Now that would be one hell of a position.

With you seated in the standard position, I can work on your bare feet while you are helpless and forced to watch whatever I subject your feet to. Think about it: I could tickle them both at the same time with something like my palm mitts (8 to 10 dog collar studs extending out of a leather palm mitt), some scalp brushes, etc. I could whip your soles for a while to really heat them up, and then go back to tickling them really severely, both at the same time. I could use the heat shrink tube device (more severe than the hair dryer) on those bare soles; yes, they could wiggle and struggle, would love that, but this baby really puts out the heat! I could use those sharp objects you haven't told me about yet to torture those wonderfully restrained bare feet, and you'd just have to sit there and watch it all. Of course you'd be going crazy, struggling like crazy within the limits of your bondage.

I don't have a big toe restraint on the Modern-Day Stocks at this point but didn't we talk sometime in the past about securing the big toes back to your nuts and pulling them tight enough so that if you moved or wiggled your feet any at all you'd be tugging away at your nuts? Sounds like a good idea.....

And imagine being turned over on your toes and hands with your nuts tied off like this! Whip your bare ass a bit to get you jerking up and down....Oh yeah, that'll work your nuts over really good. Maybe tickle your bare foot at the same time to really get you jerking, then switch back and forth to the other barefoot.

Well, that's an introduction to the Modern-Day Stocks and some of their capability. What do you think of it?