Scooter's Tools of the Trade


Scooter McGraw

Scooter carries his "bag o' toys" everywhere he travels. To the casual observer, it appears to be nothin' more than an old gym bag. Upon closer inspection, you'll find it's actually a storehouse for all the necessities a tickle top needs to ensure himself a good ol' time.


2 fifty foot lengths of rope --- for the really big jobs. Great for hog-tying, and fastening your victim securely to a bed. Winding the entire rope around the bottom's ankles and lower legs will immobilize his feet without cutting off any circulation. One could also wind the entire length around his torso, effectively pinning his arms to his sides without ever touching his wrists.

4 eight foot lengths of rope --- for the standard spread-eagle tie down. Can also be used to creatively fasten body parts together. Good for chair bondage, too.

4 six foot by six inch Ace bandages --- to fasten wrists and ankles to structures with little risk of cutting off circulation. I also wrap one around my victim's wrists a dozen or so times. Binds them together without the need of bulky knots.

3 six foot shoelaces --- one shoelace used to tie the bottom's big toes together; the other two can be weaved through the toes and tied in a manner that forces the toes backward, exposing that oh-so-tender area between the toes and ball of the foot.

100 foot roll of duct tape --- to silence screamers when playtime occurs in a motel or other populated area. Absolutely necessary when you're tickling someone without their consent!

Miscellaneous chains, belts, and bandages --- useful when presentation and effect are as important as results. Don't just tie and tickle: create a work of art!

12 feathers --- of various shapes, sizes, and constitutions. Tiny, downy feathers from an old pillow are great for tickling the inside of the nostrils or the ears. Larger, stiffer ones from pigeons and other common birds work well on armpits or the groin. Tail feathers from larger birds like geese or turkeys are absolutely devastating pulled between the toes, or scraped, quill end, against the soles.

2 dried-out ball-point pens --- for doodling on the bottoms of the feet. Go lightly, and make your victim scream. Use a pen that still has the ink in it, and double your fun by scrubbing the feet clean to erase!

Toothpicks --- for poking around all kinds of sensitive spots. Can also be effective when dragged across ribs, sides, loins, and soles. I've created "The Star", a tickle-torture toy made of three toothpicks glued together at right angles, and used by rolling it gently over the victim's skin.

10 brushes --- of various kinds. Use toothbrushes for between toes.

Hairbrushes with rubber or plastic tips are effective on greased soles. Metal or wire tipped brushes, applied to tender feet, might just tickle your buddy until he pees himself. My largest one, "the Widowmaker", measures 3 inches by 6 inches, has over 200 little metal spikes on its face, and has broken nearly every dude on whom I used it.

Bottle of hand lotion --- essential pre-tickle treatment for brush work. Feet that don't respond to dry tickling seem to become more sensitive when fully lubed up. Use liberally to get the best effects. This stuff is cheap, so don't worry about expense.

Miscellaneous household objects --- just about any item can be used to induce laughter. Be creative. Q-tips, forks, nail files, credit cards, dried flowers,...ANYTHING can work.

And don't forget the most important tools of all: your fingers!

Happy trails,

Scooter McGraw