Tickling Juan


Wayne C.


One weekend afternoon at the height of summer, Raul, Pedro and Juan, three brothers, were sitting around their apartment. Their parents had gone upstate for the day, but here in the city it seemed too hot to go outside, stay inside or do much of anything - even though the three boys were only wearing jock straps, tight running shorts and gold neck chains that set off their tawny skins. Raul and Pedro had sex on their minds constantly. Juan was 18 and never seemed to have his mind on anything but schoolwork. Even now he was lying on a mattress with his nose in a book while his brothers sat trading bullshit on various subjects.

Raul and Pedro were proud of their husky, muscular bodies, their thick shoulder-length manes of hair and sparse, stiff mustaches that they stroked as they talked. Though they were talking about sports, not sex, Raul was becoming increasingly conscious of his crotch. He'd jacked off that. morning before he got out of bed. had jacked off also in the shower, and here he was getting hard again. He knew his jock and shorts would have to come off pretty soon.

Pedro was doing most of the talking but he also noticed what was happening between Raul's legs. Finally he leaned across the sofa they were sitting on and playfully squeezed Raul's bulge. "What you got there, man?"

"It ain't for you," Raul said, though it wasn't unusual for him and Pedro to play with each other when they got horny enough.

Pedro seemed to be getting horny pretty fast, judging by the swelling in his tight yellow shorts 'Shit," he said, "I got more than you.

It was true. Raul had a thick eight inches. but Pedro had nine. Raul looked at Juan and said, "Wonder what he's got." He and Pedro had never seen Juan's cock when it was hard.

"I know how we can find out," Pedro said. He got off the sofa and slowly crossed the room. The great bulge between his legs seemed to be pulling him toward the corner where Juan lay. "Hey, Juan."

Juan looked over the edge of his book. "What do you want?"

"We want to get a look at your cock, man. Come on, get it, out, get it hard. About time we saw what you've got."

"Fuck off," Juan said, returning to his book.

"I can get it hard for you," Pedro said. He was starting to breathe heavily.

"What are you talking about?" Juan said. He was secretly afraid of his brothers though he tried not to show it.

"Remember when we were kids, and I used to get you in a corner and tickle you till you yelled your head off? I could always feel your prick getting hard through your pants."

"I said, fuck off." Juan sounded less confident now.

"I can do anything I want," Pedro said. "I'm stronger than you." And to prove it he knelt beside the mattress, leaned his hulking body over Juan's and raked his fingers down Juan's chest and belly. Juan laughed - it was almost a yell - and tried to curl his body into a ball. He couldn't escape Pedro's fingers, though, which were soon running wildly all over Juan's chest, ribs, and belly and even prying into those particularly ticklish spots under the arms. Soon Juan was reduced to an uncontrollable giggling that became nearly hysterical when Pedro used all ten fingers on his ribs. He fought to free himself but it was no use.

Raul sat watching Pedro tickle his brother. Pedro seemed set to give Juan the tickling of his life; already Juan's slim smooth body was twisting and writhing, in a state of agitation unlike any Raul had seen before. He started breathing heavily himself, and his cock was getting so hard it was almost painful. He stood up, pulled his shorts off and found his jock soaked with pre-cum juice. He pulled off the jock to free his throbbing meat and walked toward his brothers, his face flushed with excitement.

When Juan saw Raul he gasped, "Help...me! Don't...let him tickle me!"

Raul said, "I'm gonna help all right." He grabbed Juan's and pulled them back behind Juan's head, exposing every vulnerable part of his body. Raul told Pedro, "Get him, man!"

"No! No!" Juan cried. "No!"

But Pedro got him. After thoroughly tormenting Juan's ribs he let his fingers roam all over Juan's body - his belly, sides and chest, back to his ribs for another working over, then up to his armpits, which really made Juan howl. Raul watched, his own body quivering with excitement, as Juan laughed, moaned, pleaded and used what strength he had to try to squirm free from this torture. But there was no escape. He was as helpless as he was ticklish, and he seemed to be getting more ticklish all the time. Pedro teased, poked, stroked and prodded relentlessly. Once he stuck his little finger into Juan's navel and wiggled it around as Juan bucked wildly. Juan bucked even more when Pedro screwed his thumbs into Juan's armpits.

Raul could hardly see Juan's pleading eyes as they rolled up toward him; his own hard cock was in the way, and it was getting harder and harder as he watched Pedro's hands. Raul wanted some of this action himself. and when he saw it didn't matter whether he held Juan's arms or not - Pedro was in complete control of their brother's body - he released them and moved down to the other end of the mattress. Raul had also tickled Juan a few times when they were kids; but it was Juan's feet he had tickled, and he wanted to tickle them now.

Juan's feet were short and wide, with flat, sensitive soles - a tickler's dream. Because Pedro was tickling him Juan couldn't keep his feet still; but it was easy for Raul to pin one of Juan's ankles to the mattress and begin tickling that foot, curling one finger against the sole in short, sharp strokes.

Pedro stopped tickling for a moment, though Juan still thrashed and hollered. "What's the matter, man?" Pedro asked. "I'm not tickling you."

Juan gasped, "He's...tickling my feet!"

Pedro turned to see what Raul was doing, then faced Juan again. "Man," he said, "I've dreamed of this. This is a fuckin' dream come true, the both of us tickling you..." And his hands took hold of Juan's body again, hands that seemed even stronger than before.

Raul was tickling Juan's foot as if it were an instrument that required rapid fingering. He didn't leave that foot alone for an instant: he spanned his fingers till they covered the entire sole, digging, rubbing, poking... After minutes of this he trapped Juan's other foot and gave it the same treatment he'd given the other, extracting every sensation from it while Juan hollered and pleaded to be let loose. "We got plenty of time, man," Pedro said as he bore down on Juan's ribs, his fingers squeezing every ridge and groove. Juan laughed hysterically.

From his position, Raul could see something Pedro couldn't -Juan's crotch. Pedro had been right; Juan got a hard-on when he was tickled - a hard-on that was threatening to burst right through his jock and shorts. Raul stopped tickling his feet long enough to find a pair of scissors. He inserted the blade carefully between the shorts and Juan's skin - the feel of the cold blade tickled Juan too - and with one snip the shorts fell free. Raul used his scissors on the band of Juan's jock too, and his erection sprang into the air. It was a magnificent cock - ten inches at least. Raul looked at it with jealously and hunger. Well. if tickling was what made it, big, Raul was going to make sure it got as big as it could. He moved back down to the edge of the mattress. This time he took Juan's ankle firmly in one hand, his own cock in the other, and began running the tip of his cock all over Juan's sole. The feel of that taut. sensitive flesh against his cockhead was almost unbearable, and soon Raul was ramming his cock into Juan's sole, sending fresh spasms through Juan's body. After minutes of this Juan somehow got enough breath to cry out, "What's he doing? What's he doing?"

Pedro turned around to look. Raul was on his knees at the end of the mattress, had Juan's helpless feet locked in his hands and was running their soles all over his cock while he moaned. He scrubbed the bottoms of Juan's feet against his pubic hair; and when he tickled Juan's feet with his balls, which in turn tickled him, both he and Juan moaned more and more.

Pedro stood up. The front of his shorts was soaked with pre-cum juice. He ripped off his shorts and jock to free his own magnificent cock, which had never been as hard as it was right now. "I've got an idea," he said, and left the room. Juan lay helplessly watching Raul jack off against his ticklish feet. In a moment Pedro returned with a length of clothesline. "Let's tie his arms to his sides," he said.

Raul didn't know what Pedro was planning, but he was so horny he'd do anything to get relief, and gladly helped Pedro tie Juan's arms to his sides just above his elbows. As they did this Juan was begging them weakly. "Please, please don't tickle me anymore . . . you know how ticklish I am. . . I'm so ticklish I can't stand it. please . . . I'll do anything."

His brothers weren't listening. Pedro positioned himself over Juan, half-straddling him till his cock fit the crack between Juan's arm and his side. With one strong heave he thrust his cock through that crack and started pumping. "No!" Juan cried. "No! No!" But that was all he could say, for soon the feel of Pedro's cock grinding against his ribs and armpit had him helpless with agonized laughter. It didn't take Raul long to join in on Juan's other side. Now Juan had two hard cocks sawing along his ribs, screwing into his armpits.

It-was the most exciting fuck Pedro and Juan had ever had - not only did Juan's smooth flesh feel wonderful against their throbbing meat, they also knew that they were tickling Juan to the limits of his endurance - and beyond. Juan's thrashing got wilder and wilder but the brothers kept with him; the harder he tried to free himself, the harder they fucked. "I could fuck like this for hours," Raul said.

When the two older brothers were nearly exhausted, but still hadn't come, Pedro had another idea. They pulled their cocks free. positioned themselves on their backs, hauled Juan's body over them and impaled him on their cocks again. Now Juan did most of the work - the more he struggled, the more he was tickled by his brothers' cocks.

Raul's cock looked ready to burst. "I'm gonna come," he cried, and in a second hot streams of cum shot into the air, most of it landing on Juan's body. Pedro came a few moments later, shooting even more cum. Juan's body was drenched in it.

The brothers moved out from under Juan and looked at their younger brother's body glistening with cum. "I like the taste of cum," Pedro said. "How about you?"

"Let's go for it," Raul said.

So, they licked and lapped Juan with their tongues. By now Juan was so sensitized that every inch of his body was ticklish. and his brothers made sure that he felt the poking and probing of their tongues everywhere. Pedro took care of the upper half of Juan's body, while Raul had his head between Juan's legs and was tickling the insides of his thighs, using his mustache as well as his tongue to stroke that tender flesh. By now Juan was too weak to do anything but moan, and his moans grew louder as Raul titillated his balls with the tip of his tongue. Soon Raul was licking Juan's great hard cock, concentrating on its ticklish underside. Juan began to pant. Raul took Juan's cock into his mouth while he used his fingers to tickle Juan's thighs and balls. He slid his hand underneath Juan to tickle the hairs around Juan's asshole, which made Juan's body twitch. Juan spread his legs, surrendering to the torment Raul was giving, sucking his cock, tickling his balls with one hand, tickling his asshole with the other. Juan's body bucked as he began to come. Raul took his mouth away and used his hand to pump spurt after spurt of hot come from that throbbing cock. Soon Juan was once more covered with cum from, his chest to his knees - which meant, of course, that his brothers had to use their tongues again to lick up every drop. Together they swarmed over Juan's body, tickling him not only with their tongues and fingers but pressing their bodies tightly against him so that their slightest movements tickled Juan in dozens of places at once.

After a while Pedro and Juan stopped to rest. Juan lay quivering, panting, moaning, his face wet with tears.

"Man," Raul said. "What a workout."

"Yeah," Pedro said. "Out you know what? I'm horny for more."

"Me too. Think we can get him hard again?"

Pedro grinned. "Sure. We know how to do it."

Juan's eyes were half shut, but opened wide when his brothers began tickling him again, Raul at his ribs. armpits and belly, Pedro at his feet. Though he was hoarse from laughing Juan tried to scream: "No, no, no...please...I'll do anything...I can't take it...don't tickle me."

"Man." Raul said, "don't you know we're going to do what we want with you? There's no stopping us." And he hit a super-sensitive spot that made Juan howl.

Hours later, Pedro and Raul lifted their brother up from the mattress, dragged his half-conscious body to the bathroom and lifted him into the tub. Pedro held Juan's arms over his head while Raul turned on the shower. The spray of water seemed to revive Juan as well as tickle him; he giggled uncontrollably as Pedro turned him around, making sure the jet of water hit Juan's armpits and ribs. Raul took a bar of soap and began rubbing it against the many red marks on Juan's body. Juan tried to struggle but he knew it was no use. He had no choice but submit to this torture as his brothers began applying rough washcloths to those ticklish areas they knew so well.

Later, Pedro and Raul were sitting in their room, resting after the long afternoon's activity. They had left Juan soaking in the tub. After a while, though, he appeared at their door, still laughing weakly as if the movement of air against his super-sensitized body was tickling him. It took him a few minutes to speak, with laughter interspersed with his words: "Are...you...ever...going to do that to me...again?"

Pedro grinned. "Every chance we get."

Raul wasn't paying much attention. He was looking at his crotch, which was swelling again, and thinking about the way Pedro's strong fingers had tormented their brother. The more he thought about it the harder he became. Finally he was so horny he couldn't take it; he stood up, his thighs shaking, and said to Pedro in a husky voice, "I want it."

Pedro did not look surprised. It was as if he'd been expecting this. "You want what?"

"I want you to tickle me," Raul said. "I want to feel what you did to Juan. I want you to make me beg for mercy."

Pedro got up and moved toward his brother. His fingers were twitching in anticipation of what they would do to Raul's body. "Juan," Pedro said, "how would you like to be on the giving end? How'd you like to help me drive this guy out of his mind?"

Juan smiled.

Wayne C.