Jack's Male Tickling Rack

One of the all-time top fantasies is to be
subjected to tickle torture by your
Frat brothers during a hazing ritual.

Or, to be the Pledgemaster,
in complete control of a
roomful of half-naked,
quivering freshmen.

There are many classic Initiation stories.
Here are a few of the best,
plus a real-life account:

Mark's Fraternity Initiation ~ by Bound2Tkl
In this classic story of fraternity hazing, Pledge Mark goes through Hell, but takes it like a real brother. The original story, exactly as written.

Jock Initiation ~ by R.J.
A true story. Former frat brother R.J. recalls his role in initiating a young jock pledge in a hotel room.

Erik's Revenge ~ by Erik
A high school Key Club hazing prank leaves the kidnapped victim bound and helpless. Stumbling upon the scene, some long-overdue revenge is meted out by the author.

Frat Initiation ~ Author Unknown
There are other ways of breaking down a big, tough pledge besides paddling...

The Club ~ by Rob Cline
As part of an initiation rite, the author must present himself to all the members of a private club, to be tickled at their whim.

The Hazing ~ by Ratty
A classic fraternity initiation story. Tim, president of the Teke house, has some very extreme ideas about hazing the new pledges, including wild and kinky restraint and tickle torture. But a new member of the frat, exempt from the hazing, is secretly on the side of the poor pledges.

The Barefoot Bodybuilder, Part Two: The Initiation ~ by Alfonso
Following the characters introduced in "The Barefoot Bodybuilder" (see the section "Forced Workouts"), three ticklish bodybuilders are abducted and forced to endure a wild initiation in a secluded barn. Weekend tickle service awaits the studs who "break" first, while the winner gets to challenge his former boss to a no-holds-barred tickle/wrestling match.

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