The Club


Rob Cline

It was Initiation night at the club. Let me tell you a little bit about this club. The club was actually a large basement that was turned into a dungeon. The upstairs was for socializing, but when you went downstairs, it was strictly for play. Everyone who belonged to the club played at least some of the time, and if you hadn't played in the past three months, you had to be initiated again if you want to continue playing. Not many new people joined the club. Nobody wanted to be initiated more than once.

Tonight, five people were being initiated. I was one of them. I had come up to the city to visit a friend, and he had asked me if I wanted to have some fun.

"Sure", I said, "What do you want to do?"

"I know this great bondage club that is having a party tonight. You'll have a good time there, and we might pick up a few things."

"Sounds good!". I like bondage, and my friend and I have tied each other up on occasion in the past. I was glad to see that he was still interested. I didn't know it then, but he was more than still interested and had planned for this occasion.

After we got there, my friend said, "Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you. The only way you can come in is to go through an initiation. I'm sure you won't mind though. It's no big deal and we can play after your initiation."

"What do I have to do?", I asked, wondering what I had gotten myself into.

"I'm your sponsor, so I'll have to choose your initiation. Don't worry, I'll make it fun for you. Now. Get your ass naked!"

After I removed my clothes, my friend buckled a collar around my neck that had several D-rings around it, and snapped on a leash.

"Time to go downstairs and get you initiated."

There were about 30 or 40 people downstairs and I could see other naked men tied up and getting their asses paddled by different members of the club. Typical initiation, I thought, and wondered how long my ass would be sore afterwards. I had resigned myself to the paddling when I realized that we were heading to the center of the room where a weight bench was sitting. I was told to lie on the bench with my head at the far end. I did and my arms were cuffed underneath the bench. My feet were raised up and each one was tied to one of the stands. I was wondering what my friend's intentions were until I saw the paintbrush that he pulled out of his back pocket.

He started going up, down and all around my feet. Quickly, I started laughing, and as my body got more sensitive, he started tickling me harder.

Soon a crowd had gathered around. My friend then announced to the people around, that he was going to show them all the ticklish spots on me. He proceeded to attack my stomach, my ribs, my underarms, every place that he could think of to tickle. The crowd watched intently as my friend took the paintbrush and proceeded to tickle my ass hole and balls with it. I was going nuts. Finally, he stopped, and I thought that the initiation was over.

"Does anyone want to tickle my slave?"

Oh shit. Soon there were hands all over my body and I was squirming and yelling my head off. Somebody started to play with my cock and got it hard. This just made me more sensitive and made my torture even worse.

By the time my friend had stopped the action, I was panting hard and covered with sweat. Even after he had untied my feet and uncuffed my hands, I was too wiped out to move. My cock was still hard and my body was quite sensitive.

"You did good." my friend whispered to me as he sat me up, "You put on a good show for everyone and I'm proud of you." As he talked to me, he grabbed my right wrist and tied it tightly to the collar. " I told you that you would have fun, didn't I. However, each of the members has to welcome you in individually, " he said as he started to do the same with my left wrist, "so, to complete your initiation, you have to go up to each member and say 'Sir! Would you please tickle me sir!' Once you have asked everyone here, your initiation is over."

So, for the next several hours, laughter was heard throughout the basement as I diligently walked up to each member and requested to be tickled.

Rob Cline

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