A Laughing Matter




I am a cost accountant for one of the largest computer firms in Texas. We constantly deal with salesmen from many other companies, who depend on us for their livelihood. It was through this channel that I met Jason. He had piercing Blue eyes, sandy blond hair, and stood about 6 foot tall. He had the classic v shaped body from wind surfing, and had the cocky attitude that proved he was obviously a cocksman among the ladies. He had an ass that wouldn't stop and strong legs. I knew if I ever got my chance, I would tie his ass down, and work some of that cocky edge off! It was late on a Friday afternoon when Jason came strolling in at 3 minutes to five O'clock. Everyone else had taken off for the Easter weekend and I was there alone. He had been expected at 4:00 and I was really pissed that he was so late.

"Bet you thought I'd never get here!" he said sporting the little grin with which he normally poured the charm. "I mean, if you're not gone by now, you probably don't have anywhere to go...sign here on this line." He was dressed in a tee shirt with some logo on the pocket, faded blue jeans and worn sneakers.

I was surprised to see him so casual, and commented on it.

"Goin to the lake for a few beers right after this stop. My damn girlfriend went out of town and left my ass behind, so I figured I'd go drink on my boat."

I realized that I would NEVER get a better opportunity at this guy, and quickly asked if he would like a drinking partner. He studied me for a minute. I think he was figuring that since I was a client it wouldn't be bad relations to share a couple of beers with me.

"Uh, ok....but I'm leaving in a few minutes."

I smiled. "Sure but could we go by my house on the way so I can get out of the work cloths?"

"Not a problem", he answered.

Although I should have closed out the books before I left, I stashed the daily ledger in my desk. Working on Saturday would not be a problem with this bird in hand!

Jason followed me in his jeep. It was a sunny day and every once and a while I would look back and see him looking at himself in the mirror. It's hard to explain but this guy was arrogant and conceited and good-looking, and I KNEW I'd get him tied down.

I live in a house on the north side of Austin. I've been there for five years, and the house is pretty impressive inside. I did professional magic for years (that's how I originally got into bondage) and have a number of pieces of old equipment acquired from auctions that are displayed here and there. A good number of them are restraint devices of one sort or another. Jason asked about a pair of handcuffs that were on the wall not thirty seconds after we got in my front door.

I explained that they belonged to Blackstone at one time and told him he could look at them if he liked, while I changed. When I returned he still had a hold of them looking at them from every angle.

"What's the trick?" he asked.

I could not believe how cleanly he walked into it. "Oh, nothing really. Besides we don't have the time, you wanted to get out to the lake."

"So you did this magic shit huh?"

"Yes. And I was pretty good."

"So show me the trick."

"The handcuffs were part of a big escape trick. It was pretty impressive, but you probably don't want to get into all that right now."

"No, really. Show me." Now his attitude rose to the top. It was obvious that he didn't like not getting his way.

"Hmmmm...I said. How could I show you this?" I pretended to think about it for a minute, and then I 'came up' with the solution.

I showed him into my guest bedroom. The guest bed has a cast iron frame to it and is one solid welded piece. The foot board and the head board are made of circles about ten inches wide in a decorative design cast in steel. "I can tie you to the bed." "OK. You're going to show me how this works afterwards. Right?"

I grinned. "Oh, you'll know how it works afterwards. I guarantee. Take off your shirt."

"What the fuck for?" He replied, obviously not ready for the request.

"I don't want to cut off any of your circulation. I mean, you have never done this before have you?"

"Well, no. How long will this take? "

"Not that long. Do you have somewhere to be?"

He pulled his tee shirt out of his pants and slipped it off of his body, then replied.

"No. Just wondering."

I told him to lie in the middle of the bed on his back. I cuffed his wrists and told him to lie with his hands over his head. "You want me to show you the whole trick right?"

"Get on with it!" he snapped.

"OK...if you insist."

I walked to the closet and pulled out a box that was hidden there. It had all of my ropes, feathers and accessories. I pulled out a blindfold and walked over to him. "Put this on."

He took the blindfold with his bound hands and slipped it over his eyes.

"Can you see?" I asked.

"No." Jason sounded just a little nervous, but he wasn't going to let on that this bothered him. After all he had INSISTED on me doing the trick.

I then took some rope and tied it to the chain between the handcuffs and fastened the other end to the head board. His arms were stretched over his head, taut. I walked down to the foot of the bed and pulled his legs as far towards the footboard as possible. This pulled Jason down about 10 inches on the bed.

"Lift your right foot, Jason". I was getting a excited, but Iheld my voice so it wouldn't quiver. I moved his foot so his ankle was resting in one of the steel circles of the footboard. I did the same with his other foot. I had placed his feet in a basic spread eagle position. His feet rested in the circles about a yard apart, and they were about five inches off of the mattress. Then I went back into my box and removed some leather ankle restraints that I have. I lifted his pant leg a little, pulled down the sock a little and fastened the leather around his bare right ankle. Using the rope attached to the restraint I tied it securely to the circles.

"Try and pull your leg out of that."

He pulled his left foot out and wiggled it, smirking.

"You know what I mean....try the right one."

He pulled and the restraint held. I then fastened the other leg in the same fashion, and there he was. The Stud from the office with the smart mouth and great body tied securely to my bed.

"OK. Now, Jason try one more time to get out."

"I can't fucking get out of this and you know it. What's the fucking trick?" he barked.

It was real obvious he was very nervous. "What are you nervous about Jason?" I started untying his left shoe.

"What are you doing?" Panic was creeping into his voice.

"Seeing if my hunch was correct." I slipped the left shoe off his foot and as my hand guided the shoe off, I dragged my finger tip across the sole of his crisp white sock.

He bucked on the bed in response to the caress, and I knew that I had won.

"Let me the fuck out NOW."

"I don't think you should be talking that way, Jason. I mean you'rereally not in the position of telling ME what to do now, are you?" I began lightly dancing my fingers over the bottom of his left foot. He grit his teeth in a sort of moan, and then air sputtered through the clenched jaws and he let out a laugh. I increased the pace over the foot and he started to giggle. He was shaking his head and foot and pulling at the ropes, but he was helpless.


I stopped for a second and let him catch his breath. His beautiful chest was heaving, and slowly he got his strength back.

"Let me out now, or I'll kick your fucking ass the minute I DO get out, you asshole."

"Now Jason", I replied calmly. I guess I'll have to remove the sock for that remark.

"No. Don't...don't do it."

"Too late for that now." I grabbed the edge of the sock on the left foot and slowly pulled it off. It was a nice looking foot, and extremely ticklish. I reached into my toy box and removed a white feather. "Do you like feathers?" I asked mischievously. And then began tickling the bottom of his exposed foot with the quill of the feather.

"Nonononononononoooooooooohoooooooo hhahaha aha ha ha ha ha hahah" Hehad a wide grin on his face, and was laughing loudly and heartily. I also noticed that a large lump had lifted itself in his jeans, showing off a cock that later turned out to be 8 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

I tickled his left foot for about five minutes and then stopped. Sweat was glistening off his wide chest, and his erection looked full. I moved down the bed to his jeans, unfastened them, pulling the buttoned 501's wide open.


He didn't get to finish. I began taking small nipping bites to his upper groin area. I thought he had been laughing hard before, but this time he roared. "NO!!!!!!!!..Pleas..hahahaha...stop....hahahah..ah..h.haha.I...can't hhaha..take any...aaaaahhhahahahahaha...morea..ahahaha..of...ahahaha...this ahahahhahaha."

With a jerk I pulled both his pants and underwear to his knees. The spread of his legs prevented the pants from going any farther. Jason was so busy trying to catch his breath that he didn't say anything until I had pushed the pants down as far as they could go and got back to the bottom of the footboard.

"You fucking HOMO!" he shouted.

"What does that make you? Getting as hard as you are you little shit?" And not waiting for his reply I began running both my hands over the bottom of his foot.

He bucked on the bed about 3 times and then began giggling in a high pitched voice, rocking his head back and forth beggin me to stop.

"HAHAHAHA..Anything....please I'll do anything...just stop...stop." This was the moment I had been waiting for. "I am going to remove your pants the rest of the way Jason. You don't have a problem with that do you?" I positioned my finger in the middle of his foot, which made him arc his back and grit his teeth.

He shook his head no. I loosened the ropes on the left foot, leaving the restraint on his ankle. Working the loose rope through his pants leg, I managed to get the pants and underwear off of the left leg. As I pulled the jeans clear of his foot, he began thrashing his leg around, trying to kick me. Thank goodness he had the blindfold on!

I jumped onto the bed on top of his chest, pinning his body to the bed. "Lie still, or else!" and I began to tickle his open arm pits. His giggling rose to an even higher pitch, rolling his head from side to side.

"OK. Stop..hahaha...OK...take them off...TAKE THEM OFF..hahahaha"

I jumped off him, while he was still trying to catch his breath and secured the left foot back to the cold steel circle of the footboard. He didn't dare move while I unfastened the right foot and slipped off the jeans. I was careful to leave the sock and shoe on the right foot. Once the right foot was refastened I pulled the blindfold off of his eyes. Jason blinked a few times and then glared at me. I reached down and pulled out my favorite items from the box; a wide bristle hair brush, an electric razor without a blade, a few old toothbrushes, and some baby oil. Jason's eyes watched me now. I stripped out of my clothing and my hard on reached up tall and proud. "Where are you MOST ticklish, Jason?"

"No." Was all he replied. I might add his cock was as hard as mine was and was shining on the tip from pre-cum.

"I think you'll tell me anything I want to hear, right?" I flexed my fingers menacingly over his arm pit. I wasn't even touching him and he couldn't keep from laughing.


"Then I guess I'll have to remove that other shoe....." I moved back down to the footboard.

He pleaded "ple..ple..please...It's...NO!"

While he had been stuttering, I had unlaced the right shoe. "Yes????" I said, pulling the sides of the tennis shoe to loosen it.

"My Legs....My Inner thighs."

"Anywhere else?" I asked as I pulled the shoe from the right foot, leaving him clothed in only one bright white sock.

"You fuck."

"Now Jason...apologize for calling me that!" I began spidering my fingers over his broad, strong thighs. His whole body began to tremble. He couldn't pull away, he couldn't get enough strength to buck, so he just lay there screaming, giggling, begging and laughing. His chest heaved, and his cock strained.

Finally "I'mmmm...haha..sooooooorrrryyyhhehehehhheeehehe" burst from him like a shout of salvation.

"I'm going to lick you from head to toe. Make a move to bite me, and I'll tickle you till you've gone crazy - got it?"

He didn't make any sound, so I started at his ears. I slowly licked my way down his sweaty body. As I licked I dragged my finger nails over his washboard stomach, straining Pecs and exposed arm pits. He lay there, cock straining, laughing, moaning. I took some baby oil and smoothed it on his dick, then continued licking. When I got to his thighs his laughter became more uncontrolled, I stroked his hard dick with my hands while concentrating on the thighs and balls. He was trying to tense his body to cum, but each time I felt him get close I would run my palm over the top of his dick in a circular motion

If you've never felt this, it is the MOST ticklish place on a guys body once he is hard, and it causes a hardon to "back-off" basically. The intenseness of the sensation is pretty overpowering. Rivulets of sweat ran along his handsome body. I teased his body with feathers, ice cubes, brushes, vibrators and tassels. With each one I found places on his body that he never knew were ticklish. I finally went down on him. While sucking his cock I tickled his stomach and thighs and finally I pulled away as he showered cum all over his chest. Then I climbed onto his stomach. Kneeling with my knees at his armpits I dropped my dick onto his face.

Very quietly he said "I...can't..please......no...I won't..."

I began stoking his dick again. He was still so sensitive from having just cum that he started pulling at the bonds with all his might, and then gave up in a fit of uncontrollable laughter. He opened his mouth and started pumping my dick with a passion that I have never experienced before. As long as he pumped my dick with his mouth, I didn't pump his dick with my hand. Every so often he'd pull back, at which point I'd stroke his cock, he'd jump and begin sucking again. This went on for a good fifteen minutes. Then I pulled away from him and came all over his chest. Then I laid by his side for then next half hour stroking his body lightly. Jason had been reduced to a giggling, satisfied tickle slave. He didn't beg me to stop any more. He got a hard on again and I tickled him until he came again. Then I went back to the footboard. His one white sock still clung to the sweat soaked foot. I gently slipped it off and using both hands began caressing his soles. I had complete control of him.

When I finally let him out, he had been tied for over three hours. The guest bed was wet through the comforter and the sheets from this hunk's sweat. He had no strength at all, but once he was completely free he rolled back and forth on the bed giggling. I wasn't even touching him and was amazed.

Jason said "I'm tingling all over...it tickles sooooo much still..hahahaahaha".

Eventually the sensation went away and he finally sat up on the bed. We talked, and Jason begged me not to tell anyone what had happened. I told him I'd stay silent if he'd come back. He agreed without hesitation, and I have had three tickle sessions with him since that time, each about two weeks apart when his girlfriend was out of town, each as amazing as the first.


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