The Military Secret



The Ad was specific.

BOYTOY Seeks owner. Must be imaginative, aggressive, good looking and sensitive.

I called the 1-900 line and replied with my phone number, as I am sure hundreds of others did that weekend. It was labor day, and with three days to spare there was every reason to throw caution to the wind. It had been 6 months since my lover and I had broken up and I was game for a lay. Boy was I ready. And when my phone rang at 2 AM I answered on the second ring...right out of a deep sleep.

" that you?"

I yawned and reply that it was me.

"It's the boytoy."

I bolted up in bed, now fully awake. "How are you doing...?"

"I'd be better if you were here." His voice was smooth and he kind of purred his responses. Not effeminate by any stretch of the imagination, just relaxed and laid back. This man was ready for action.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. What....uh...where are you?"

"Close to where you live...I can tell by the phone exchange. Wanna come over and play?"

By the tone, the time, and the current in his voice, I knew I had better leap at the chance. "OK, I'm near the intersection of Hawthorn and Kingston. How do I get there?"

"I live at the Colonial. Apartment 2000. You won't be able to get in unless you tell the doorman that you prefer Mahogany floors. Its a code. So don't forget it and don't trip up. I want you to wear jeans, white socks, sneakers, and a white tee shirt. Got it?"

I paused for a beat...shocked at the location, shocked at the realization that the person on the other end of the phone was obviously extremely wealthy and I was just given the access to one of the most exclusive high rises in Chicago.

"Are you there?" The voice was calm but firm.

"uh...yeah, I can be there in..." I glanced at the clock, "3 o'clock. Is that OK?"

"Perfect. See you in a few."

The man hung up and I was left with the sound of a dial tone. I was a little nervous. He didn't ask my description...although I guess I had left scant details on the 900 line. Did I? Had I mentioned what I looked like... And I certainly had no idea what he looked like, although from the sound of his voice I could tell he was masculine and probably in his early thirties. I got up, showered, dressed as I was told, grabbed my jacket and left my apartment. The Colonial was 12 blocks away. I parked on the street and approached the massive luxury apartment building. Two guards stood in front of the doors to the lobby. They had no intention of moving to let me through. And they ceased the conversation they were having as I approached.

"Can I help you?" The one on the left officially inquired.

"I..I am here to see the gentleman in apartment 2000. And...uh...I prefer mahogany floors."

Both of the doorman's expressions changed instantly to more relaxed, pleasant smiles. They stepped aside and open one of the double doors so I could enter. You will need to take the second elevator on your left. Floor 20, top floor.

I walked in, now feeling even more nervous. The elevator ride was smooth and quick. It opened to a short hall. At the end of the hall was a single door. There was only one penthouse apartment, it appeared, and this was it. I knocked on the firm wood door, and after a half a second the door opened.

A man in draw string pajama bottoms with no shirt opened the door. He had brown curly hair, was clean shaven, and dark curls of perfectly matted hair circled his bare chest. The hair outlined the firm cut muscles of his chest, and a strong line of silky hair ran from his bread basket into his pants. His stomach was chiseled washboard. He was in his mid thirties I guessed. "You must be Erik. I see you dressed as requested. Please come in."

I walked into the front hall of the apartment. It was amazing. It spread in all directions, and was furnished in the most stylish modern furniture I had ever seen. Obviously it had been done by a professional.

"My name is Kurtis. You can call me Kurt. Your boytoy will be ready in a moment - care for a drink?

My jaw dropped. He WASN'T the boytoy???!?! "Wwwho are you...?" It was obvious that I was a little apprehensive.

"It's OK. I am the butler. You followed all the instructions, so you can stay. Let me get you a drink and I'll tell Mason you are here, although I am sure he heard you knock. He has incredible hearing!" He grinned at this.

Its hard to explain, but I immediately felt at ease. This was going to be OK - if the guy wasn't a hundred years old, and if this Kurt guy stayed around I knew I would have some fun. "I'll have a vodka and Cranberry if you have cranberry juice."

"Ah...a Cape Cod, no problem." The Ice clinked in the glass and before I knew it a tall double was in my hand. It tasted great, and the cranberry had a nice little bite to it. It was fresh.

"Kurt, you will need to make my usual."

I had seated myself on the black leather couch that accented this living area, and I hopped up as the voice approached from a hall off behind where I was sitting.

"You must be Erik." The man was in his thirties as well. He had dark black hair and wore 501 jeans, a muscle tee shirt, and was barefoot. The hair on his chest poked out from the muscle shirt at the armpits and the top. His arms were solidly covered in fine black hair, and the tops of his feet also showed tuffs of neatly groomed hair. He was obviously a body builder, although he wasn't massive. He had strong definition and was very well toned. He joined me on the couch, and Kurt handed him a drink and then vanished.

There was an awkward moment of silence. Then he said "You are very handsome. Nice build. Can I undress you?" Without waiting for my reply, he gently took my feet and swiveled them onto the couch. Into his lap.

I was beginning to feel my drink a little. He very slowly untied my shoes. He undid the laces on both of them before attempting to remove either one. He worked the side of the shoes gently open and slipped each off. As he did he ran his fingers over the bottom of my socked foot. I was a little drowsy and I giggled and reflexed a little. Mason Smiled. He continued massaging and tickling y feet for a few minutes. I was beginning to become putty in his hands. After five minutes I was giggling uncontrollably. I rocked my head slowly but my body was heavy. I couldn't pull back.

Kurt returned, and said "the room is ready, sir."

Mason stopped tickling my feet and leaned over and kissed me. I tried to raise my arms, but they were very heavy. I couldn't move them. His fingers started tracing gentle circles over my stomach as we kissed. Unable to restrain the laughter, I chuckled into his mouth. Normally I would have been thrashing about pushing his hands away, but I was helpless. I couldn't move a muscle, but I could feel everything.

I slurred out "The room...." I could talk, but my body was lead weight. I didn't feel threatened was a very odd sensation.

Mason lifted me in his arms and carried me down a hall off of the kitchen. The room we entered was lit with candles. A solid wooden frame sat fixed in the middle of the room. A sling was mounted on this frame.

"You're not going to put me in that...are you?" I said. Normally I would have been screaming at the top of my lungs, but my voice seemed detached and distant from my body.

"Yes we are." That was all Mason said.

Kurt came in and helped raise me into the sling. As Mason undid and removed my jeans, Kurt removed my shirt and buckled my wrists into the cuffs above where my head was resting. It only took a few moments for them to finish securing my elbows, ankles and thighs in the sling. My white Calvin Kleins and my white socks were all that I was left with, and I suspected they were going pretty soon. I was hanging, suspended from the solid wooden frame, in a sling. My feet and arms were spread eagle, pointing at the ceiling, the arch of my back rested across a wide leather strap. I could gently swing back and forth in a head to toe fashion, but I had no side to side motion at all. That is, if I could voluntarily move. I was about four feet off the ground. (At waist level to the two standing men).

Kurt left the room and Mason shucked off his clothing. He had a nice size cock that was getting erect. "Erik, its nice to meet a ticklish man!" He punctuated this by lightly running his finger from my armpit to by stomach and back.

Instantly I began giggling. I couldn't contain the grin. "Ha ha ha ha..oh please...come on...."

Although he should have stopped - he didn't. He continued the tracing of my stomach while his other hand ran small circles over my balls (through the underwear).

"Oh my god...nooohohohohohohhahahaha aahhhahahahahah I won't...hahaha ah"

And then I stopped being able to form any words at all as I started laughing constantly.

After what seemed like 5 minutes, Kurt came back into the room with a tray. It was covered with feathers and brushes of all sorts.

Mason had stopped to survey the tray. I dreamily pushed the words from my mouth, "come on you're not going to tickle me are you...please, I can't take it....." I grinned.."please..."

"But that's the reason you are here, Erik." Kurt said. Mason nodded in agreement.

"What he says is true. I want to tickle you, and at this point you have no choice. Actually you had no choice the moment you took a sip of that drink. You see, I made my millions working for the government. I get off tickling guys, and I developed a drug for them that is the best truth serum ever conceived. Your nervous system turns off your major muscles, but your nerve endings become highly sensitized. In addition, the amobarbitol makes you highly suggestive and puts you in a state of relaxed agreement. To put it bluntly, you will be very ticklish and tell us anything we want."

"I don't believ......." I drifted off. I was finding it hard to concentrate.

Mason gently leaned in "Where are you ticklish Erik?" There was no menacing tone in his voice, just a gently intimate question between lovers. Had I not been drugged I would have NEVER answered...but I casually replied, completely unable to resist.

"...oh...uh...on my feet....heh...yeah on my feet and thighs too....just about everywhere...heh...but you don't have to tickle me.....hah....really." It felt like it took an hour to get the words out.

Mason agreed, "yeah, Erik. I know...."

Then he really started tickling me. He stroked the soles of my sensitized feet. I couldn't hold back anything. I began laughing...the more I laughed the more Mason tickled my feet. I tried pleading, but I couldn't get the energy to force anything out but laughter. My cock was rock hard and my underwear looked like a tent, with a huge post underneath. Precum soaked my underwear, and still Mason continued on my feet. Somewhere in the period of the first half hour my socks and underwear were removed, but I don't really recall how. Kurt left the room and returned at random intervals bringing different items for Mason. My body was smoothed with warm baby oil. Paint brushes stroked and tortured my feet and inner thighs for about an hour. Then I was allowed to rest. Kurt brought my drink and let me have a few more sips....without thinking I had just ingested more of the drug.

Kurt returned and stood over my head. He was now naked as well, and his balls were over my mouth. I licked them slowly, and his hard cock wavered over my neck. I tried to keep the licking up, but Kurt had started tickling my underarms. I felt Mason begin dancing his fingers over my lower stomach. Up until this point I had been able to see where the tickling was coming from, but now that Kurt was standing over my face, I had no visibility. The sensation was completely overwhelming. Unable to provide any resistance I began laughing even harder than I had when Mason was at my feet. Kurt picked up the pace on my armpits as well, and I felt Kurt's body stiffen. My laughing mouth had been vibrating his balls as he was tickling me and he was starting to cum. He shot across my chest, but didn't miss a beat as he tickled me, and from what I could tell, he never lost his erection either.

Mason easily realized that I was more sensitive on my lower stomach than the other places he had been tickling. The pitch and pace of my laughter told him I was completely at his mercy. Kurt had backed away from me and Mason had full reign. He stopped the tickling and came around to my head. He kissed me and said "God you're beautiful. A really hot man. Do you have to be anywhere this weekend?"

I wanted to scream YES!!! My mother is coming in town...or I have friends coming in town...they will know if I am missing...." but all I could say was " am free all where to place to be....hee he hehehehe....but you don't want to keep me hehehe.." Damn that drug he'd given me.

"Yes, Erik. I do. You are the best we've ever found. You kind of enjoy this, don't you?"

"...nuu......o....ha...yeah, ...its...kinda fun...." It was infuriating, and impossible. This guy was cutting right through my psyche and had me by the balls. The drug made me tell the truth.

About that time, Kurt returned with another drink for me that I stupidly, greedily drank down...once again, because of the predicament I was in, I forgot all about the drug, and was redosed.

Mason was gently tickling me when Kurt placed a lubed slender vibrator in my ass. The sling firmly held my legs apart and I had no way to stop the insertion. The funny thing was there was no pain at all. None. "You are going to cum pretty soon", Mason stated. "This vibrator is now resting on your prostate. When I turn it on, you will have about 30 seconds before you climax." Then he lowered his voice to a mocking whisper "just between you and me, I never told the military about this particular aspect of the drugs effect. The prostate is one of the few points on the body that when tapped will bring controllable orgasm."

And he was right. He started the vibrator and resumed his tickling of my lower stomach. Electricity shot through my body as the prostate massage began. I immediately tensed, and could feel my balls tighten and then a sweat broke out on my body. I was about to shoot. It was incredible. My breathing got shorter and then he turned off the vibrator. I was so close to the brink.

Mason echoed my thoughts "so close, and yet so far...." It was at that moment I realized he had a wrist watch on, and that he had been timing it. He repeated this process 10 times before he actually let me climax. Then he started jacking me. I laughed again for what must have been a half hour....then I drifted.

I fell asleep.

It was eight in the morning. I know because the clock on the dresser told me. Mason was asleep in the bed beside me. I was in my underwear. My clothes were neatly folded on the dresser......

<To Be Continued>


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