Batman and The Riddler

Author Unknown

Batman was relaxing in the Batcave when the sky lit up with the familiar Batsignal. Batman looked up and wondered what fiendish criminal was out and about.

He raced to the Batmobile and began to drive off towards Gotham City. Suddenly his car just stopped.

"What's this? I can't get the Batmoble to move!" Lights lit up the deserted road to Gotham and the Riddler jumped out of nowhere!

"Batman... got car troubles? I have a special surprise in store for you, so get out of the car....NOW!"

"Never! Whatever you have in mind Riddler... you can forget it!" Batman was suddenly unable to move. The door flew open and two of the Riddler's thugs grabbed a drugged Batman out and tied him tightly.

"OK, boys! Let's get going. We've got a lot to do before he wakes up!"

They took Batman down to the Riddler's dungeon and tied him securely to an X brace. The Riddler's thugs took off his boots, exposing his bare feet.

Weeks ago at booksigning party, the Riddler's spy overheard someone say that Batman was very ticklish. In fact, it was his only weakness, reducing him to a giggling schoolboy! Hearing this, the Riddler couldn't resist! The Riddler always had a soft spot for tickling, and wondered if the great Batman would succumb to tickling. Now to the Riddler's delight, he was going to find out just how ticklish Batman was!

Batman woke up and tried to pull at his bonds, only to find that he was not able to break them. Then he saw the Riddler and Qui Chang sitting, just waiting for him to wake up.

"Why do you have me tied up like this?"

"Why Batman! Is that any way to greet your host? By the way... meet Qui Chang.....Master Tickler...! Master Chang was the student of Fu Manchu and learned his craft well!"

Batman began to go cold. He couldn't let on how ticklish he was. He remembered how he was held down and tickled as a boy, and then Alfred accidentally found out when he was giving him a massage and lightly touched Batman's ribs. Alfred couldn't resist and massage-tickled Batman. He almost lost his job, but Alfred couldn't resist!

"So, you are the great Batman! I look forward to seeing how you stand up to my tickling!" said Chang as he reached for a vibrator to apply to Batman's ribs. The Riddler just sat back and watched as Chang walked over to Batman with the vibrator.

"Please! I don't think this is a good idea! Chang.....AHHHHHHHHH HEE! HEE! STOP IT! NNNNNO! NOT MY RIBS! HAHAHAHAH!

Chang applied the vibrator to Batman's ribs skillfully, tickling each rib and the spaces in-between. Batman laughed hysterically as Chang worked the vibrator up and down his ribcage.

"Is your belly as ticklish as your ribs, Batman?" asked Chang. Chang began racking his long nails along Batman's belly. The fabric of his costume made him all the more ticklish. He giggled hysterically and bucked with every stroke.


The Riddler whispered something in Chang's ear and Chang nodded knowingly.

Chang noticed as did Riddler that all the tickling had made Batman swell and a large bulge had formed. Chang cut away the costume, exposing a very large and ticklish private part.

Chang took a small and very stiff feather and began tickling Batman's privates... making him giggle and buck even more as the feather cruelly teased every inch of his bare manhood...

More to come...

Author Unknown

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