Jonny's Little Secret



Jonny was running as fast as he could trying to get away from Surds henchmen. The Quest family had been stationed in London to visit the Queen.

Jonny had decided to go shopping with Hadji around down town. Now Jonny was running for his dear life and trying to find Hadji all in the same breath. Jonny quickly went into a small ally and hid behind a dumpster. Jonny was very nervous for one his best friend could be in danger and two so was his.

Suddenly Jonny heard footsteps coming down the ally he heard the men's boots stomp on the concrete floor. Just as the men were about to leave, a stray ally cat jumped out of a garbage can and tipped it over, making a loud crash!

"What was that?", the guard said. Jonny quickly leaped to his feet and booked it down the dark ally, hoping there would be an escape. Jonny heard them coming closer and closer, but he could not look back. Jonny's heart went nearly into his mouth when he came to a dead end. Jonny quickly turned around but it was too late: three large men with guns were already there.

"Mr. Quest, I believe Surd would like to ask you a few questions." The guards quickly grabbed the young lad while he struggled. Jonny was then thrown into a trunk and it closed. Jonny lay in the trunk wondering when that door opened where would he end up? Jonny was soon about to find out that answer.

The trunk was opened and the three men grabbed the defenseless boy and dragged him into a old warehouse. "Let me go!" Jonny was then thrown into a dark cell-like room with not one ray of light seeping through the blemished walls. The air was chilly and the crisp breeze made Jonny shiver. Jonny began to feel about around his cell. The floor was sticky with little creatures crawling over the rough surface. Then Jonny heard a voice in the distance. It sounded like Hadji.

"Jonny, over here! They kidnapped me when you weren't looking. I was wondering if they would get you, too."

"Yeah, I heard Surd wants to question us about something. You don't think it's..." The door swung open and in came to guards. They walked over past Jonny's cell and that's when Jonny knew Hadji would be first.

"Don't tell them anything, Hadji!". Jonny could here the door open and close again and then he just waited. Suddenly, Jonny felt terribly tired and quickly fell asleep. Jonny quickly was awoken by the sound of his cell door being open.

"Hey, let me go!" Jonny was blindfolded and taken into a room full of knives and other cruel weapons on the wall. He was then strapped on too a table by his ankles. Then the guards began to remove his shirt. His arms were put over his head and strapped down. He then felt his shoes being unlaced and then pulled off. Then he felt fingers reaching the top of his socks as they were pulled over his ankles...then his heels...and off his wiggling he was ready for Surd!!!

Slowly, Surd moved over to the foot of the rack and ran a small, pointed stick lightly up Jonny's right bare sole, causing his foot to jerk and his toes to fan out. Jonny's body tightened from the sensation...and he bit his lip as Surd stroked his foot again...over and over ever so lightly... Surd smiled and took a small electric tooth brush and swirled it over the tops of Jonny's toes...Jonny felt the tickling sensations running through his body and he let a giggle out: "He he he..."

"Oh, my dear Jonny, you're quite ticklish, aren't you? All you need to tell me is the password to Quest World Access, so you have 10 seconds to talk, or else...."

"Well, I see you made your choice ...." Surd began swirling the brush up and down the soles of Jonny's feet...teasing and tickling...over his soles...across the ball...down through the arch...and back...over and Jonny squealed and giggled as he felt the brush tickling his bare feet..."Ha ha ha ha ha STOP please ha ha...." but as Surd continued with the brush, one of his henchman took his nails and began raking them over Jonny's firm and muscular belly...causing his body to arch as the nails raked and teased over his belly...with Jonny thrashing in his bonds and laughing hysterically. "Ha ha ha ha...." as the other henchman attacked Jonny's ribs and across his ticklish his body glistened with sweat from his struggling...the tickling and laughter reached a feverish pitch... "HEHEHEHEHEHEE NO! NO! N-N-N-OT T-T-THERE...HOHOHOHOHOHOHHO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE......" But The fingers just kept tickling and tickling as Surd spoke out, "Will you tell me now? Jonny...Poor ticklish Jonny?"

Jonny gritted his teeth and shook his head, then gave up rich, baritone laughter as one of the henchman reached into his armpits, tickling all around and tweaking his ticklish skin...while the ribs and soles continued to be preyed upon by the brush and fingers and the laughter continued...."HEHEHEHEHEHEE NO! NO! N-N-N-OT T-T-THERE....HOHOHOHOHOHOHHO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE..." Jonny bucked and twisted excitedly as his ticklish torment sent waves of feverish laughter throughout his body.

"Well, I see this is not working. You are too strong, but what about Hadji?"

Suddenly, Hadji was rolled into the room on a table with wheels. He was tied up the same way Jonny was. Jonny knew how ticklish Hadji was, and he felt as if all hope was lost.

"Shall we begin?" Surd walked to the end of the table next to Hadji's soft sensitive soles. Surd pulled out the electric tooth brush and placed it on the top of Hadji's wriggling toes.



"So, you'll talk? " Hadji regained his breath after the insidious toothbrush reigned terror on his most sensitive part of his body.

"I'll never talk, Surd !" Hadji cried.

"Well, my dear boy, let's see how a little feather torment can change your mind."

Surd quickly picked up a stiff turkey feather from a nearby table and placed it between Hadji's first and second toes. " HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH NO NOOOOTTTTT THERE HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH NO HEAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH OHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO PLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZEE." But the tickling continued for nearly an hour, until finally Hadji spilled his guts.

"OK, heheheheh I'll t-t-t-t- talk!" Surd moved up to the head of Hadji.

"OK, boy, what's the password? "

"It's B-L-U-R-1......"

"And......" Surd began to dig into Hadji's armpits.

"HEHEHEHHE OK, OK, BLUR11345SUXS " Surd smiled to himself and quickly went to his laptop and typed in the password.

"Yes, I have Quest World all to me !" Jonny gave Hadji a evil glance and put his head back in defeat.

"What are you gonna do to us, Surd?" Jonny sneered. Surd went into a small room and came out with a bucket full of a salty sweet mix. He then took a brush and dipped it in the bucket and coated Jonny's soles, then Hadji's.

"Now what? " Jonny wondered. Surd then brought out two large goats and placed them inches from the helpless soles.

"Well, boys, I love your laughter so much, I think I'll leave you here all night with my friends to play with you."

Jonny and Hadji looked at each other nervously and screamed! "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

" Dinner time, buddies!" Surd snickered. The goats were then released and immediately began to luck the soles of the two helpless boys.


Surd then walked out of the room, leaving the two hungry goats licking the soles of the two young boys' feet. He'd be back tomorrow morning, and he was sure the boys were gonna have the time of their life.


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