Mafia Boss Tony Mummified and Tickled



Tony Massimiliano was a member of a big-time Mafioso family who had made his own mark in the city by shaking down bribes from business people for "protection" of their businesses. The 29-year old 6' 4" darkly handsome Massimiliano had recently branched out into shakedowns of the city's gay bars, threatening to burn them all down unless they paid protection money. The married Massimiliano made no secret of the fact that he detested all gay people and therefore charged them even more exorbitant "protection" fees than those charged other businesses. He also regularly dispatched his flunkies to bash gays, often joining in the "festivities" for the sheer fun of "bashing fuckin' fags".

Ron Porter and Jack Tierney were the gay owners of one such gay bar and were in their office above the bar after closing one early unseasonably hot night (early morning, actually) discussing the onerous effect the shakedown money was having on their profits. The office overlooked the alley behind the bar and, through a large, barred window, they could see down into an adjoining warehouse off the alley, and, when that window was open, as it was that night, they could hear the voices of people inside if they spoke loudly enough. Ron and Jack had access to this warehouse since it was where they stored much of the beer and other booze for their bar. Ron and Jack rented a small portion of a lock-up area of the warehouse where they stored their supplies, and shared the large warehouse space with many different surrounding businesses. Ron and Jack had seen numerous photos of Massimiliano which had been circulated by businesses which had been targeted, as well in as in the newspaper when he was arrested, but the charges would never stick because no witnesses would come forward. They had never seen Massimiliano face-to-face, however; he always sent one of his goons to collect.

As Ron and Jack were discussing the problem, to their surprise a long, black limousine screeched into the alley. A pair of heavy-set ski-masked dudes dressed all in black emerged from the front of the limo, popped open the trunk, and to their shock, withdrew a struggling gurgling tuxedoed Tony Massimiliano, whom they threw over their shoulders like a sack of potatoes, Massimiliano's tight tuxedo-pants being drawn tight over his surprisingly cute humpy little ass. Massimiliano's mouth was duct-taped and his arms were bound behind his back. Massimiliano struggled wildly which only resulted in one of his abductors roughly grabbing his tuxedo shirt and inadvertently ripping it up his sun-bronzed back and causing the tuxedo shirt to split open in the front, revealing Tony's sun-bronzed hairy chest, jet-black hair fanning out over his sculpted pectoral planes and growing profusely over his hairy chest, only to narrow into a fine line before widening out again before disappearing into his tight tuxedo pants.

One of the two abductors then extracted a portable gurney on wheels like those used in hospitals out of the trunk, and Tony was tossed down onto it on his back and wheeled into the now lighted warehouse. Once safely inside the two masked abductors removed the remnants of Tony's tuxedo shirt and began to tightly wrap rolls and rolls of heavy-duty cling wrap over and under the gurney which held Massimiliano's hunky tuxedoed body as he futilely thrashed on the gurney. The two abductors soon had the bound, gay-hating Mafioso hunk mummified in the cling wrap from his patent leather loafers to the tops of his shoulders, his bare, hairy chest visible through the tight transparent layers of cling wrap. The abductors then used duct tape over and under the bound Mafioso's tuxedoed body on the gurney so that he was expertly mummified in cling wrap covered with tight duct tape all over and under the gurney. Tony's hands were released from behind his back at gunpoint and were placed tightly at his sides only to be also tightly cling wrapped and duct taped so that his hands were tightly mummified by his sides, completely immovable. The abductors laughed thinking how the bound Mafioso would pop a sweat big time in the heat under all that tight cling wrap and duct tape and how helpless his mummified self would be. The abductors left the naked upper portion of Massimiliano's naked hairy chest wrapped only in the tight transparent cling wrap, since he was otherwise tightly bound, and it was fun to see the hotshot dude's naked hairy chest and pointed tits through the transparent cling wrap on his upper body. Massimiliano comically thrashed and jumped up and down on the gurney as little as he could in his mummified bondage, causing the gurney to buck and shake but leaving the bound dude utterly helpless, his eyes bugging out and his mouth gurgling loudly with no-doubt obscene, impotent threats. One of the abductors had lewdly suggested to the other "Why don't we strip the fucker naked, boss?" causing Massimiliano to buck and jump and shake his head wildly "nooo!!!" but the "boss" replied "Naw the more clothes the fucker's got on, the more he'll sweat-probably give the shithead a nice case of diaper rash!!"

Ron and Jack heard the two abductors loudly tell the struggling jock-napped Massimiliano to "enjoy himself" that they would be back around noon the next day after he had stewed in his mummified state for 12 hours or so, hoping that he would come to his senses and let their rival Mafia faction in on the take, laughing uproariously as they locked up the warehouse, turned out the lights and drove off in the limo.

Ron and Jack exchanged "are you thinking what I'm thinking?" looks, and with little hesitation, they made their decision. Soon they were across the alley, unlocking the warehouse and flipping on the lights where they saw Massimiliano struggling still bound like a mummy on the gurney. Tony looked even sexier up close, already having broken a sweat big time under the stifling cling wrap and duct tape, his muscular, sun bronzed, hairy chest heaving in outrage, his cute little hair-haloed Italian Stallion man-tits poking up like little eraser heads under the form-fitting transparent cling wrap.

Tony was gurgling wildly and struggling so hard that the gurney was shaking from side to side and up and down, his dark eyes darting comically as he was obviously trying to ask them to please free him and to remove the duct tape from his mouth.

Ron and Jack played dumb deliberately, enjoying the scene of Tony struggling, Jack finally tentatively hazarding "Uh, bud, I, like, think, that, uh, the dude, like, wants us to, like, un-tape his mouth or somethin'. Ya think we, like, should??" Ron replied "Like, I'm not, like, so sure, man, he musta done somethin, like, bad, to have got himself, like, tied up and shit.."

Ron and Jack then maddeningly posed with one finger on their upper lips as they mulled over what they should do, driving Tony even more ballistic and causing him to nearly bust a gut thrashing and nodding and darting his eyes comically down to his duct taped mouth, bouncing up and down as much as he could in his mummified bondage, his face dripping with sweat as a reward for his struggling actions.

Jack finally "like, decided" and suddenly violently ripped the duct tape off of Tony Massimiliano's mouth, causing him to yelp from the pain and then proceeded to arrogantly order them to free him immediately, that he was an important Mob member and their asses would be dead meat if they did not free him right this second! "Who are you, you fuckers?"

Ron and Jack didn't do anything in response, so the never patient Massimiliano exploded again in anger, ordering the "fuckin' morons" to let him go, that he was a rich man, he could pay them big time if they would just free him. Or he could get them busty broads, whatever the fuck they wanted, if they just set him free.

Ron and Jack let the shocked Tony know that "they'd be more interested in "getting" a hunky stud like himself than in any "broads" Tony could produce.

Mortified, Tony unwisely mouthed off reflexively "A couple of goddamned fuckin' slimeball fags!! You fuckers should all be hauled off and shot!! Or at least tied to fences and left to die like that little fag in Wyoming! Now get me the fuck outta here!" whined the Italian Prince, rocking his gurney bound mummified self as much as he could. If you fuckers lay a pansy-ass hand on me I swear I will personally cut off your faggot cocks and balls and feed them to you, you assholes!"

Jack said "OK, we don't want any trouble from the Mob, OK, we'll free you , sir" to Tony's astonished and premature relief. (Yeah we'll free "parts" of you anyway, a little at a time, thought Jack).

"That's more like it, fag! Now hurry the fuck up!!! I'm sweating like a fuckin' bull in this damn cling wrap shit!! Hurry!"

To Tony's horror, however, Jack first set up a video camera on a tripod and set it whirring, Tony ordering him to "turn that fuckin' thing off! Why are you taping this?" only for Jack to ignore Tony's order and question and produce a big pair of sharp scissors and click them menacingly a few times about an inch over Tony's heaving chest, letting him think he was going to stab Tony's deserving chest with them, Tony's dark eyes bugging out in horror, only to instead move down to the foot of the gurney and proceed to cut the gay-bashing Mob boss Tony Massimiliano's patent leather Ferragamo tuxedo loafers free, but leaving his tuxedo-panted ankles tightly encased in their cling wrap and duct tape mummification bondage.

Jack then removed the expensive fine leather loafers, only to jump back in exaggerated stagy recoil, going "Whew! Get a load of the stink from this fuckin' Dago's sweaty, funky feet!! Whew! Get the fire extinguisher, bud, the fumes might start a fuckin' fire in here!" as Ron and Jack laughed uproariously and Tony fumed and cursed and told them to "cut that shit and hurry the fuck up, you faggots! And I will personally have your balls on a platter for that 'Dago' comment, you slimeball faggot bastards!" (blithely overlooking his own repeated anti-gay slurs).

Jack then noticed a small hole in the sole of one of Tony's elegantly executive-silk-sock-clad feet, which he pointed out to Ron, Ron and Jack then "examining" the foot-sweat-soaked tuxedo socks with their fingers, moving their twitching fingers up and down, up and down, back and forth, back and forth on each of Tony's silk-sock-clad soles, also tracing a little circle around the hole and the bare, vulnerable, little trace of the Mob stud's pink sole which was exposed.

This caused Tony to yelp and order them to stop but was followed by uncontrollable "Heh, heh, heh, C'mon, now, cut that out, you faggots! What the fuck are you doing??" followed by "Hey! Stop! Heh, heh, heh, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! CUT THAT THE FUCK OUT YOU FAGGOTS!!!! OH SHIT, THAT FUCKIN' TICKLES!!!! NO!!!!! STOPPPPP!!!!"

Jack and Ron kept up tickling the mummified Mafioso's silk-socked feet, wildly thrashing toes, instep, and heels, finally tearing a big hole in the sole of one sock by ripping the little hole bigger. Tony went ballistic with further pleas to stopppp!!! As he gasped, shrieked, thrashed and bounced up and down in his mummified bondage on the gurney, his sweat-soaked head craning to try to get a view of what they were doing way down there on his sensitive size-12 feet.

Ron and Jack also relished the way Tony's feet were right at the level of their own crotches and how Tony's wildly thrashing feet and wriggling toes were inadvertently being brushed up against Ron and Jack's hard cocks through their jeans as his feet were being tickled, goosing and rubbing the guys' cocks and balls, Tony horrifyingly aware of their arousal due to the contact of his feet but unable to do anything to stop it.

Worse, all the foot tickling and overstimulation combined with the tight mummification bondage and Tony's wild thrashing underneath same was causing his own sweaty cock to go half-hard as a delicious friction developed inside his sweaty tuxedo pants and shorts as Tony struggled against the tight cling wrap and duct tape over his manly tuxedo-panted crotch.

Ron and Jack kept up the foot tickling relentlessly, driving the gay-bashing Mafioso up the wall as he begged for mercy to no avail.

Jack temporarily left Ron to the relentless foot tickling, Ron now alternately using feathers, toothpicks toothbrushes and his own tongue on Tony's now totally exposed tasty feet, Ron savoring the smell of the Italian Stallion's sexy feet and twitching toes while Jack approached the Mafioso's mummified midsection, wielding the big, sharp scissors again. Tony's head again craned up comically to see what was going on now, while laughing his head off uncontrollably due to Ron's relentless foot tickling actions down below, Tony's dark, greedy eyes bugging as the sharp scissors descended right below his manly crotch. Tony wildly shook his head "NOOOOOO!!!!" as the scissors approached the area of his manly nut bags, then screamed bloody murder wildly shaking his head "NOOOOOO!!!" as the scissors suddenly cut sharply into the approximate center of his duct tape and cling-wrapped manly thighs, Jack aiming for the line between Tony's tightly mummified thighs, right below his nuts.

Tony was relieved that Jack missed his precious nuts, and that he was not de-balled, but was horrified as he felt the scissors and then Jack's own hand, right on top of his crotch, squeezing his already hardening cock and goosing his balls through the mummification wrap bondage. Meanwhile, Tony was laughing his head off due to Ron's concurrent foot tickling.

Jack then proceeded to cut the cling wrap and duct tape off of only the entire crotch area of the bound Mafioso's hunky body, being careful that the dude's big hands were still tightly bound mummified to the sides of his thighs, revealing only the tuxedo-panted crotch of the bound gay-bashing Mafioso's body.

Jack next proceeded to cut just the crotch and the appropriately named cummerbund out of the bound Mafioso's Armani tuxedo pants, discarding the useless rag onto the floor, its zipper still zipped up, but now a useless rag.

As Tony's eyes continued to bug comically and as he continued to yell curses and impotent threats for the destruction of his expensive tuxedo pants, Jack and Ron laughed at how the bound Mafioso's newly exposed crotch area was only covered by his straining white cotton Calvin Klein shorts, his jet-black pubes visible as a shadow beneath the thin cotton, and his big cock obviously throbbing with pent-up lust.

Jack gave the humiliated Tony's cock and balls a good squeeze and a few jerks as Tony ordered him in a hiss to "quit queering me you slimeball faggot!"

Jack then proceeded to cut the Calvin-covered area just below the Mafioso's bad-boy bull-balls, carefully slicing in a horizontal fashion so that the Calvins suddenly split in two just under the balls, Jack triumphantly flipping the top portion of the ruined shorts up, humiliatingly revealing Tony's sweat-soaked hard cock and hairy bull balls as well as his luxuriant, sweat-soaked jet-black haired pubic bush. The sensitive skin of Tony's crotch area was alabaster white in contrast to the rest of his hairy, sun-bronzed body, his sexy tan line evident where the top of his crotch met his transparent cling-wrapped sun-bronzed hairy chest. Jack and Ron could just make a line of sweat-dripping jet black fur between the sweat-soaked cheeks of the Mafioso's still-bound ass that obviously led down to the Mob boss's hairy virgin asshole, but this was mostly obscured, though accessible, due to the fact that the dude's tuxedo panted and cling wrap and duct taped thighs were still bound tightly together in mummy fashion.

Tony screeched out outraged curses at this latest indignity, while alternately yelping and giggling from his feet being tickled by Ron.

Jack then yanked the useless rag that was now Tony's Calvins out from under his still bound ass, ripping the Calvins right off his body, Jack sniffing their sweaty musky scent and holding them up to Tony's humiliated sweat-dripping uncontrollably and inappropriately (to him) laughing face to reveal faint "skid marks" in the seat of the shorts, Jack commenting "What a fuckin' pig! Didn't your mother teach you to wipe your sorry ass, shithead?" to Ron and Jack's laughter, joined involuntarily by Tony who was laughing due to his foot tickling.

Jack next grabbed a tapering feather and proceeded to bring it up to the glans of the bound, mummified Mafioso's huge throbbing cock, Ron intensifying the foot tickling simultaneously until Tony was screaming "NOOOO!!!! STOPPPP!!!! I CAN'T TAKE THIS FUCKIN SHIT YOU FAGGOT ASSHOLES!!! I'M GONNA I'M GONNA!!!! OH SHITTTT!!!! STOPPPPP!!!! NOOOOOO!!!"

Ron merely increased his foot tickle torture, re-applying his tickling fingers to all areas of the crazed, hysterical Mafioso's feet, then following with tapered feathers alternating the feathers with toothbrushes, until Tony was a total basket case, pulling at his bonds and going "AIEEEEEE!!!! NO NOT FEATHERS AGAIN!!! NOOOO NOT TOOTHBRUSHES!! NOT THERE!!!! OHH MY GODDDD!!!! PLEASE STOP!!! LET ME GOOOO!!!!!! STOPPPP!!!!!!" Tony's hard cock flopped wildly against his transparent cling-wrap-covered six-pack abs and mummified muscular thighs as he writhed in tickle torture, all the stimulation only making his cock pound all the harder in intense sexual frustration.

Jack then trailed a feather and a toothbrush onto the bound stud's big, pulsating pecker, down over his big, butch, hairy bully-boy balls, while simultaneously tickling under the glans of Tony's cock, teasing it sadistically, up and down, up and down, back and forth, back and forth, ever so lightly and teasingly, making Tony drool and beg and gasp and sigh as he simultaneously felt his cum-churning big butch balls being lightly teased, a feather going in light concentric circles around and around and around, back and forth, back and forth over each of his drawn-up nuts, teasing the incredibly pent-up Mafioso's churning nut-oysters, until Tony was turned into a babbling idiot, totally driven up the wall with unsatisfied lust. Tony suddenly realized that his could go on for hours, days, weeks, and there would not be a fuckin' thing he could do about it!

Worse, the sadistic Jack alternated his ball-tickling with teasing trips down Tony's furry asscrack to circle his obscured, jet-black-hair-haloed asshole, while he continued to lightly tease the bound Mafioso's pulsating pecker, only for Jack to tease a feather in concentric circles around and around the humiliated gay basher's vulnerable shitter, lewdly tickling the crazed, hysterically pleading stud as he continued to tease the red-hot, swollen, pulsating glans of the deserving Mafioso's totally frustrated cock.

Jack continued tickling the bound stud's pulsating pecker, his big butch bull balls and asshole while Ron tickled his bound feet, Jack tickling, tweaking and pinching his hair-haloed man-tits through the transparent wrap until they were standing up like hot little cocks on his heaving, hairy sweaty chest, until Mob boss Tony Massimiliano was getting closer and closer to his long-denied orgasm.

Jack next proceeded to make a cut with the sharp scissors from the bound Mafioso's transparent cling-wrapped hair-haloed right man-tit horizontally over just to his hair-haloed left man-tit, exposing his already erect hairy tits directly to Jack's tickling fingers, feathers and toothbrushes, as well as the most luxuriant portion of the humiliated Mafioso's heaving, hairy chest, the steamy sweat escaping from this long mummified area, like the steam released from an oven bag for the Thanksgiving turkey. Tony's strong, defined sun-bronzed arms and hairy forearms were still tightly encased right against his sides in mummy fashion in the transparent cling wrap from his hunky, sun-bronzed shoulders down to where his big hands were secured against his sides.

Jack proceeded to tweak, tickle and pinch the hunky Mafioso's now totally accessible hair-haloed man-tits, as well as tickle them with feathers and toothbrushes while he also tickled the glans of the deserving Mob boss's big hard cock and hairy bull balls with a feather, while Ron simultaneously tickled the shit our of the bound stud's bare feet, until the out-of-it Mafioso was approaching the biggest orgasm of his miserable life, and a wonderfully involuntary one at that.

Jack and Ron kept this up for several minutes until with a huge scream, Mob boss Tony Massimiliano's big butch balls flew up, his cute size-12 feet flexed wildly, his toes curled spasmodically, only for the butch stud's giant cock to explode like a fuckin' highly pressurized fire hose cannon with the Mafioso's pent-up cum, his bull-balls cutting loose their big butch load without Jack having directly touched his cock, the mere feather touch bringing the hot-to-trot stud to orgasm, to the profound relief of his pent-up bull-balls..

Tony Massimiliano's hot cum flew out in huge, highly pressurized bursts, enormous globs of wild sperm bombs flying and separating out from the arcing stream of white-hot Italian Stallion cum, the jizz splattering hard up towards the warehouse's high ceiling, splattering all over the floor, all over the bound stud's heaving cling-wrapped hairy chest, into and over his face and hair, as the most intense orgasm of his entire life ripped through him with astonishing force. Tony's hetero mind couldn't believe it, but his cock and balls knew what they liked.

Jack rubbed the Mafioso's own hot cum all over his face and made him lick it off his fingers holding his nose to force the arrogant shithead to swallow his own freshly-minted Italian Stallion cum to Tony's disgust and humiliation. "Now you know how your 'broads' feel when you cum in their face!! How do you like the feel and taste of your own Italian Stallion cum, Huh, big shot???!!!" to uproarious laughter.

To Tony's horror, the duo proceeded to simply renew their tickle torture of his mummified body for another half-hour, tickling his man-tits, cock, hairy balls and feet relentlessly, Tony finding himself strangely even more ticklish after his huge cum, his mercenary cock again growing to super rock hardness, to his abject humiliation. The duo again and again brought the hapless stud to the brink of orgasm again only to back off at the last second until Tony was begging for the tickle torture to stop and to be finished off, he needed to cum again, dammit!, he needed to drain his Italian Stallion bull-balls again, "C'mon, youze guys, quit teasing me you goddamned faggots, let me cum, you fuckin' assholes!"

Instead of giving Tony the relief he now so desperately needed again, Jack and Ron suddenly began rolling the mummified, gurney-bound Mafioso into a back room of the warehouse, a room a the night watchman sometimes used on the days that he was present. (Jack and Ron knew that tonight was not one of his nights to patrol). The room was unfinished, with pipes running overhead below the unfinished ceiling. Ron set up the video camera on a tripod in this room to record the further festivities.

Jack had brought a revolver the guys kept for protection at the bar with them and Ron trained the gun on Tony while Jack proceeded to scissor off the mummifying cling wrap and duct tape. Jack first cut through the remaining transparent cling wrap, making a cut from Tony's hairy six-pack abs upwards over the center of his hairy, heaving chest to the top of his collarbone, Tony comically bugging his eyes out for fear they were going to filet him in two. Tony was then ordered at gun point to "put your fuckin' hands over your head and keep them there," exposing the incredibly sweaty depths of Tony's incredibly hairy armpits, sweat dripping profusely out of them to trail down his sun-bronzed muscular sides.

Tony was then totally freed off the gurney at gunpoint, blindfolded and handcuffed to one of the overhead exposed pipes than ran the length of the room, the remnants of the only piece of clothing left on his sweaty humpy body, his ruined Armani tuxedo pants, comically falling to the floor due to the pull of gravity, and right down off his bare size-12 feet in a little black pool of expensive wool, Ron and Jack laughing uproariously as Tony's manly sun-bronzed incredibly hairy and muscular legs were totally revealed along with his sweat soaked cute tight little Italian Stallion ass, which was alabaster white in contrast to the rest of his sun-bronzed muscular body, and lightly jet-black hair-flecked, revealing the jet black fur lining the crack of his ass.

Ron and Jack teased the newly bound, totally naked blindfolded stud, asking the hotshot Mafioso how it "felt to be bareass naked hanging from a pipe with your big sweaty hairy armpits way over your head, how vulnerable and helpless you look you worthless piece of shit! to the sound of Tony's curses and empty threats.

Jack then approached the hairy Mafioso asking him whether his hairy pits were as ticklish as the rest of him or maybe more ticklish, hmmmmm????? Jack then delved twitching fingers on both hands into each of the Italian Stallion's incredibly hairy exposed sweat-dripping armpits from the front of the bound dude's humpy body, Ron pressing his own clothed body up against the bound Mafia boss's bare, sweaty ass and joining Jack in tickling the bound stud's hairy pits from behind, so that four hands and four sets of expert, twitching tickling fingers were going to town on the gay-basher's exposed, vulnerable pits, all 20 fingers making their!!!!

Tony screeched, wailed, pleaded, and jumped in shocked disbelief as if shot with electricity as the 20 tickling fingers drove him mad with expert tickling torture, Tony yelling "AIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!! STOPPPPPPP!!!!! NOT AGAIN!!!!! NOT TWO AT ONCE!!!!! NO FAIRRRR!!! HEY, STOPPPPP!!! LET ME ...CATCH....MY....BREATH!!!!! OH NOOOOOOO!!!!! STOPPPPP!!!! OH, PUH-LEEZE STOPPPPP!!!! I CAN'T FUCKIN' TAKE IT!!!!!! YOUR MAKING ME JUMP OUT OF MY FUCKIN' SKIN!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

Jack and Ron kept up the relentless armpit tickling torture for nearly an hour, alternately replacing their fingers with feathers, toothbrushes, toothpicks and ice cubes, until Tony had nearly passed out and they feared he might actually have a heart attack.

Jack and Ron let Tony catch his breath for a few minutes, only to renew their tickle torture attack using feathers and toothbrushes at will all over the bound Mafioso's body, his armpits, sides, ribs, navel, pounding cock, hairy bull balls, asscrack and feet until the Mob boss was again begging for his much needed orgasm, to no avail.

Jack then raised Tony's feet high in the air and bound his ankles to the pipe near his bound wrists so that the bound blindfolded bareass Mafioso now hung comically swinging naked from the exposed ceiling pipe, his hair-flecked ass cheeks, jet-black-furred asscrack and winking pink hair-haloed asshole totally exposed to their lewd gaze.

Jack and Ron first soundly spanked the Mafioso's deserving tight little ass, whaling on the bound dude's humpy buttcheeks until they were first pink handprints, then fire-engine red blotches which were burning like a brushfire, Tony yelling in outrage at his Italian Prince ass getting spanked on video, threatening to cut the "faggots' balls off" etc. to no avail.

Ron and Jack then approached with feathers and toothbrushes, sliding the tickling objects right through the Mob boss's jet-black-furred asscrack and over and around his exposed shithole in light concentric circles over and over, up and down, up and down, back and forth, back and forth, trailing them over his hanging bull balls and rock hard cock, up his sides to count each of his ribs in turn, only to again delve into his still exposed hairy sweaty armpits, trailing their sweat-smelling feathers over the arrogant Italian Prince's snarling face, Roman nose and sensuous wind-burned lips, making him smell his own sweat.

Jack and Ron kept up the relentless tickle torture going on for another hour, then concentrated on the hanging stud's bull balls and the sensitive glans of his helplessly throbbing unsatisfied boner making Tony beg for sexual release on video, again begging Jack to " don't fuckin' tease me, I gotta get off you fuckin degenerate faggots!!!, I just gotta!!! C'mon, pump my boner, asshole, yeah tease my big butch balls, yeah you're making me buck like a fuckin' whore in heat, you assholes, let me cum!! Please, I need to cum so fuckin' bad, you faggot bastards, I can almost fuckin' taste it!! Yeah, just let me fuckin' cum, puh-leeeze!!!! Yeah that's the way, almost there, any second now, uh-huh, uh-huh, uhhuh!!!" only for the guys to back off and laugh leaving Tony totally sexually humiliated and frustrated. Tony couldn't fuckin' believe it, here he was a big, strutting macho Mafia boss who always got what he wanted when he wanted it ,and here he was being tickle tortured and denied release, which made him ballistic with rage like a pouting spoiled little boy denied a sweet, tears of frustration and rage appearing from under his blindfold on his sweaty face.

Jack alternated ball-tickling with teasing forays down Tony's jet-black-furred asscrack from the base of his spine down to again circle his exposed, hair-haloed, winking , pink asshole, while he continued to lightly tease the bound Mafioso's throbbing boner, only for Jack to tease a feather in concentric circles around and around the humiliated gay basher's exposed, vulnerable shitter, finally managing to plunge the tip of the feather right into the out-of-it Mafioso's virgin asshole, Jack then "feather-fucking" the crazed, hysterically pleading stud as he continued to tease the red-hot, swollen, pulsating glans of the deserving Mob boss's totally frustrated cock.

Jack then replaced the feather with a finger, finger-fucking the butch dude's clenching virgin asshole while he teased the Mafioso's pent-up cum-churning butch balls and jerked on his cock, jacking away, yet never quite allowing the pent-up stud any relief. Just when Jack realized the frustrated Mafioso was about to cum, he backed off yet again, leaving the howling dude actually in tears of frustration, his tongue hanging out and drooling for it, to no avail.

Fearing that they might be running out of time, since daylight had broken some time ago, Ron and Jack decided to finish off the shithead, releasing him at gunpoint, removing the blindfold and dropping him to the floor where they re-bound him with his legs high in the air, doubled over so that his big cock was aimed right at his handsome sun-bronzed face. Ron and Jack then tickled him intensely all over as he was doubled over in his humiliating bondage, tickling his feet, his pits, his ribs, his sides, his tits, his navel, his cock, his balls, his asscrack, all at random, while Jack jacked on the Mafioso's big hot cock and teased his hairy bull-balls and finger fucked his tight ass, until the out-of-it gay bashing Mafia boss suddenly screamed a banshee wail and cut loose with huge orgasm on video tape as, with a funky whoosh, his big cock erupted in huge sperm bombs of hot Italian Stallion jizz hot pressurized ropes of whit-hot Mafioso cum spraying out of the tip of his big cock, making direct hits into his shocked, screaming, wide-open braying mouth, shot after shot hitting the back of his throat and firing down into his stomach, Jack also directly the remainder of the spray all over his face and hair and allowed the rest of the huge cum load to splatter onto the floor behind the dude's doubled-over head.

Ron departed back into the bar to obtain an old pair of suit pants destined for the Goodwill and then Jack and Ron dressed Tony in the old dress pants and re-cling-wrapped and duct taped him in mummy fashion to the gurney again and rolled him back into the exact position he was in when they found him. They replaced the duct tape gag, turned off the lights, locked up and returned to the gay bar's office across the alley.

Around noon they watched as the big black limo returned and retrieved Tony Massimiliano's mummified body. Apparently Tony was in no mood to cooperate in letting the rival faction in on the take, so they hauled him off in the limo's trunk.


The next day, Jack and Ron watched the TV news where they saw that Mafia boss Tony Massimiliano's body had been found floating in the harbor along with more than 30 other bodies. It seemed that the rival faction had taken the uncooperative Tony for a speedboat boat ride in the harbor in cement boots intending to drown him, but Tony's own men were in hot pursuit in their own speedboat right behind the rival faction's. Neither speedboat saw the huge supertanker's giant prow approaching in time to stop and both speedboats were smashed to fiery smithereens throwing all the corrupt Mafia men into the harbor and either drowning them or blowing them all to fiery bits.

Justice at last!


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