Payback For Rocco



Security guard Rocco ("Rocky") Cosentino, 30 years old, darkly handsome and well aware of it, unexpectedly returned home to his remote mountain A-frame home since there had been a minor fire in the suburban industrial complex he guarded in the California valley far below and all employees had been sent home early for the weekend.

Rocky Cosentino, the 6' 3" hypermacho law enforcement officer, drove up to his remote mountain home still in full uniform, full of expectation of screwing his "slut of a wife," the brassy Angela Cosentino. God knew the bitch needed to be shown her place regularly, and Rocco regularly "obliged," even if that bitch Angela was unwilling, which she often was, not that that mattered to Rocco, who regularly tied her up and abused her. Rocco even maintained a "dungeon" of sorts in the basement of the remote A-frame, since no one could hear any screams or shouts in the isolated area. And, since Rocco had always been in law enforcement, he always had handcuffs and guns at the ready.

As Rocco approached his house he glanced through the bedroom window and noticed to his surprise mixed with amusement that some Anglo/ Latino dude, who appeared to be in his early 20s, approximately 6' tall, had apparently broken into his house, and by the look of it had been turning it upside down to find anything of value, and now had Rocco's bitch of a wife stripped naked, and had apparently just recently ordered her, at the point of the switchblade the stranger was brandishing at her, to use her vibrator for his amusement prior to his raping her, though in Angela's case it might be a case of who was raping whom. Additionally, Rocco noticed that this stranger had apparently found Rocco's basement "dungeon" as several of his bondage and torture devices were in evidence in the main part of the house.

Rocco then burst in, since even though Angela was a trashy slut of a wife, she was his wife, and no other dude was going to have her unless Rocco said so, and pointed his gun at the knife-wielding rapist-burglar, ordering the thug to drop his knife.

Rocco ordered the rapist-burglar to drop his knife and identify himself, and after some struggle the stranger was identified as Tony Camacho, 23 years old, out on probation for similar crimes.

Security Officer Cosentino, who was in fact a reserve police officer for the suburban town located far below his mountain home, threatened to call the local police and turn Tony Camacho in for his latest crimes. Camacho, suddenly less "macho" in the face of Officer Cosentino's gun, begged Rocco not to call the "real" cops, that he would do anything to avoid going back to jail.

Rocco, feeling cocky in his spiffy uniform, and loving the chance to show off his own macho superiority for the benefit of what he considered to be his adoring, if lamebrained, wife Angela, announced that maybe he would not have to call the police if Tony Camacho would accept a suitable punishment to be administered by Officer Cosentino.

Tony, fearing a return to jail, reluctantly accepted, although he feared exactly what "suitable punishment" the macho law enforcement officer had in mind.

Officer Cosentino informed the muscular dude that he would pay for his crimes and that Rocco would keep a video record of Tony's punishment with the very video camera Tony had been attempting to steal along with other valuables, such as they were, in Officer Cosentino's house.

Rocco then suddenly ordered the arrogant shit to "STRIP!!! NOW!!! LET'S SEE WHETHER YOU CAN TAKE WHAT YOU LIKE TO DISH OUT, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!"

Slowly, and reluctantly, and even blushing all the way with embarrassment, humiliation and seething anger, Tony Camacho slowly lifted his form-fitting tee shirt over his head revealing his perfectly toned, bronzed body, his abdomen ridged with a ladder of rippling muscles, split by a line of dark hair which rose upward out of his blue jeans to fan out from the center of his flaring chest to curve across his pectorals, capped by his perfect, pointed tits, and revealing the hairy dark recesses of Tony's sweaty armpits.

Ordered further by the arrogant, super-confident and snarling Officer Cosentino, the reluctant felon Tony Camacho was forced to further humiliate himself before the sneering and guffawing Officer Cosentino, Rocco ordering Tony to strip completely, Tony slowly removing his faded blue jeans to reveal a pair of piss-stained J. C. Penney shorts. These too were ordered to be removed, leaving the strutting convict completely, totally, bareassed naked before the law enforcement officer and his wife, fully revealing the dark curls of his knitted pubes and sizable cock for all the world to see, as well as Tony's tight white buns, in total contrast to his deeply sun-bronzed body, which were ever-so-lightly flecked with dark hair, and further revealing the hairy dark crack between.

Rocco teased the miscreant by chiding him by inquiring "Now how does it feel to be completely bareass naked without a thing in the world you can do about it?" "Not such a big shit now, are you??"

Even Angela had to giggle a bit at the thug's predicament, Tony having been further ordered to put his strong, deeply sun-bronzed arms over the top of his head, revealing his incredibly profusely-haired dark and sweaty armpits, making him appear and feel even more naked and vulnerable than he had ever felt in his life.

Angela, however, had now suddenly reappeared fully dressed and ready to go out, reminding Rocco that she had told him she was going out of town to visit her mother, and, hard-boiled little slut that Angela was, seemed totally unaffected by the attempted rape that Rocco had ostensibly "saved" her from. Truthfully, Angela wouldn't have minded too much, at least it would be a change from Rocco's usual sadistic violations. Just the same, she egged Rocco on, urging him to give the asshole what he deserved. Rocco, secretly pissed, since he was horny as hell, had forgotten completely about Angela's visit to her mother, and had intended to abuse Angela as usual all weekend, nevertheless assured Angela that he would damn sure give the asshole Tony what he deserved and would videotape Tony's humiliation for later viewing, just as he often videotaped Angela's own suffering for Rocco's pleasure.

After Angela had departed, Officer Cosentino forced the naked ex-con at gunpoint to extend his muscular sun-bronzed arms high in the air, and handcuffed Tony Camacho to a specially fitted ceiling bracket Officer Cosentino often used to "discipline" Angela. Rocco checked the video camera to make sure it was catching all this, to Tony's abject humiliation, and proceeded to snap ankle cuffs around the tough ex-con's hairy ankles, leaving him completely helpless, writhing in his embarrassing nudity, in the unseasonably hot, sultry mountain air of the A-frame cabin.

Officer Cosentino next appeared with Angela's stiff-bristled hairbrush and suddenly began to viciously spank the naked macho ex-con's totally exposed hairy ass, provoking startled yelps and curses from the helpless thug as Officer Cosentino proceeded with grim yet bemused determination to deliver stinging blows with all his considerable might, laughing and commenting on how red and inflamed the hapless young tough's flaming red-hot asscheeks had become.

When he finally tired of the exertion of spanking the bound ex-con, Officer Cosentino then began viciously slapping the young tough's exposed body all over at will with his black-leather-gloved hands, using his police equipment to full advantage, and not wanting to actually touch the scumbag's naked body with his bare hands. The jaded law enforcement officer even began to pinch the thug's hairy tits with his leather-gloved hands, and alternately grabbed and yanked out great clumps of Tony's exposed armpit hair, chest hair and crotch hair, punching Tony's hairy cock and balls until he screamed and pleaded for mercy, to no avail.

Tiring of this as well, Officer Cosentino finally decided to release the humiliated thug temporarily, forcing him at gunpoint to further degradation, chiding him by saying "OK, big shot, you think it's fun being a rapist/burglar, let's see how you like getting raped, let's see you stick Angela's vibrator up your ass, asshole, with the video camera to catch it all!!" Officer Cosentino laughed uproariously at the ex-con's plight, but Tony initially adamantly refused to do any such thing until Officer Cosentino pompously reminded Tony that a simple phone call to his friends at the local sheriff's office would land Tony's ass in prison for sure and this time he'd do hard time and likely end up being raped for real by prison gangs.

Totally humiliated, left with no other options, and wanting to avoid prison, Tony ever so reluctantly accepted the proffered vibrator and was ordered at gunpoint to first suck it like a cock to his abject humiliation, and ordered to jack off for Officer Cosentino's amusement and Tony's total humiliation. Tony proceeded to whack off furiously, working his huge cock into even greater proportions, and was then ordered to ram the vibrator up his hairy asshole. Tony yelped in shocked surprise as he was forced to rape himself with the vibrator, while jacking off, all to Officer Cosentino's derisive hoots and laughter. The ex-con was forced to hump away like crazy driving the blasted phallus totally up his vulnerable ass, Rocco spanking Tony's bare, penetrated ass to further effect and the amusement of Officer Cosentino. Tony was even ordered to switch the thing on as it buzzed and goosed him mercilessly resulting in Tony throwing his head back in ecstasy as he suddenly came like he never had before, gushing red-hot bullets of molten cum out of his huge cock, splattering all over his chest and even up to his reddened, humiliated face.

Officer Cosentino ordered the naked, humiliated ex-con to lap up his own cum to Tony's ultimate humiliation and embarrassment, being forced to lick up the remains scooped up by Officer Cosentino's black leather gloves as well.

As Officer Cosentino continued to laugh uproariously, Rocco turned to go to the phone, informing Tony that he was going to call the sheriff after all, that he had always intended on doing so in any case.

Furious, Tony suddenly and unexpectedly sprang up and grabbed the uniformed officer from behind and quickly extracted Officer Cosentino's gun from his holster and ordered Officer Cosentino to "freeze."

Completely shocked at the sudden turn of events, Officer Cosentino swung around and attempted to retrieve the gun but the naked ex-con only blocked the law enforcement officer's path and ordered the bewildered lawman to put his fucking hands up.

Shocked into compliance, Officer Cosentino realized his predicament and began to "reason" with the misguided youth, alleging that he had only been kidding, that he did not intend to call the sheriff, and would let Tony go.

Tony laughed derisively at this lie and suddenly ordered Officer Cosentino to "STRIP!!! You motherfucking son of a bitch of a two-bit cop!!! Let's see how you like being on the receiving end from a streetwise ex-con, filmed by your own video camera, you stupid little shithead!!!"

Officer Cosentino smugly and pompously informed Tony that he could not be serious, that an assault on a law enforcement officer was a very serious crime, that he would not do any such thing, that he would let Tony go and that would be the end of it.

This all fell on deaf ears as Tony again ordered the smug, immaculately uniformed Officer Rocco Cosentino to "STRIP!!! you dumb fucker!!!" and emphasized this with a "warning shot" of the gun, which scared the shit out of the ordinarily fearless, macho Officer Cosentino.

Left with no options and now fearing for his life, Officer Cosentino began to slowly remove the uniform he proudly wore, loving the ability and authority the uniform gave him to lord it over people. Officer Cosentino was forced to remove his uniform shirt and white tee shirt revealing his perfectly toned, bronzed torso, his abdomen ridged by a ladder of rippling muscles split by a line of jet-black hair which rose upward out of his uniform pants to fan out over his flaring chest to curve across his muscular pectorals, capped by perfect, pointed tits, and revealing the jet-black-haired recesses of Officer Cosentino's sweaty armpits.

At further prompting from the again-swaggering ex-con Tony Camacho the humiliated lawman was ordered to strip bareass buck-naked pronto, and with agonized slowness to delay his total embarrassment at being forced to be left bareassed before the equally bareassed ex-con, Officer Cosentino slowly removed his spiffy uniform pants to reveal his muscular, sun-bronzed, jet-black-haired legs, until he was left clad in only his packed snow-white cotton Calvin Klein shorts, which contrasted sharply with Officer Cosentino's humpy deeply sun-bronzed body.

Finally, and blushing deep red, the humiliated superstud, Officer Rocco Cosentino, was forced to drop his Calvins to reveal the tight, jet-black curls of Officer Cosentino's knitted pubes and huge, albeit now flaccid, cock all of this ironically being captured by the lawman's own video camera!

Tony then ordered the denuded law enforcement officer, at the point of his own gun yet, to pick up his discarded Calvins and sniff and chew on them all over, tongue-bathing the humiliated lawman's own undershorts, being forced to lavish attention to the piss-stained crotch, smelly asscrack and asshole areas of his most intimate apparel for the entertainment of the smirking ex-con Tony Camacho. To add insult to injury, Officer Cosentino was forced to perform the same tongue-bathing worship on Tony Camacho's own discarded stinking undershorts, to Rocco's further abject humiliation.

Officer Cosentino was then forced to raise his muscular sun-bronzed arms over his head revealing the jet-black-haired recesses of the lawman's sweaty armpits, and was forced to be handcuffed with his own discarded handcuffs and ankle cuffs to the same bracket in the ceiling that Tony had been bound to earlier, Rocco's hairy ankles encased in the ankle cuffs as well, leaving the superstud, hairy macho cop totally naked and completely exposed before the amused ex-con.

The newly empowered Tony Camacho then proceeded to exact a fitting revenge, aiming the offending hairbrush at the muscular jet-black-haired asscheeks of Officer Cosentino's bare ass, which was split by the crevice of the naked lawman's jet-black-hair-filled asscrack, Tony having pulled on Rocco's discarded black leather gloves, and now alternately slapping and soundly spanking the bareassed law enforcement officer's bouncing naked butt with Tony's black-leather-gloved hands, yanking savagely at Officer Cosentino's hair-sprinkled reddened assglobes, to Rocco's yelps and curses. Tony then let Officer Cosentino get it sharply with the hairbrush, to the accompaniment of Rocco's yowls and pleas for mercy, to no avail.

Tony continued to deliver stinging blows until the helpless law enforcement officer's manly asscheeks were flaming red-hot and Officer Cosentino was actually begging for the vengeful ex-con to stop.

Tony only proceeded to slap the humiliated lawman with his leather-gloved hands, yanking out the officer's jet-black Italian body hair at will, yanking out armpit hair, chest hair, pubes and asscrack hair, to the accompaniment of Officer Cosentino's shrieks and howls of outrage and pain.

This was followed by an unwelcome rubbing up of Tony Camacho's own naked hairy body against the denuded officer, Tony temporarily brushing aside his own unassailable heterosexuality for the sheer fun of driving the naked lawman up the wall, and to scare the shit out of Rocco that Tony might go "both ways" or even, horror of horrors, be gay.

Entering into the spirit of further humiliating the deserving lawman even if it meant bending Tony's own hypermacho hetero mindset, Tony continued rubbing his naked hairy body against that of the bound, helpless denuded law enforcement officer, whispering into Rocco's ear "Yeah, ride with it, you motherfucking cop, feels good doesn't it?" as Tony began massaging and pinching Rocco's erect hair-haloed tits, as well as simultaneously massaging the captive cop's formerly flaccid prick with the ex-con's black-leather-gloved hands, to the sound of Rocco's increasingly uncontrollable sighs and gasps of unbidden humiliating pleasure, Rocco's gargantuan cock suddenly popping an embarrassing full-fledged boner.

This resulted in predictable "orders" from the uptight macho cop to "Stop it, you goddamned faggot!!!" but to no avail as Tony simply rubbed his own power-over-a-helpless-cop-as-revenge-for-all-of-their-mistreatment-of-him-i n-jail-inspired boner right through the horrified Officer Cosentino's jet-black-haired asscrack, whispering and even tongue-washing and nibbling seductively on Rocco's ear that it would be "fun" to rape Rocco with the real thing to get even for Rocco's having forced Tony to take Angela's vibrator up his own virgin ass.

The threat having been made, Tony then proceeded, to Rocco's premature relief, to release Officer Cosentino's arms at gunpoint, but Tony re-cuffed Rocco's wrists, tightly binding the cop's muscular arms helplessly behind Rocco's strong sun-bronzed back, just above Rocco's exposed red-hot tingling ass.

Officer Cosentino was forced to his knees, dragging his ankle cuffs which securely bound his hairy ankles, and forced to crawl over to the naked Tony Camacho who, again at the point of the ruined officer's own gun, nonchalantly ordered the horrified denuded Officer Cosentino to "Suck my cock and big fucking ex-con hairy balls, you asshole!! Go on!! Sniff em!! Worship them!! Do it, you scumbag cop!!!" Feeling the cold steel of his own gun barrel being pressed firmly against his forehead, and fearing for his life, the humiliated denuded law enforcement officer proceeded to sniff the sweaty crotch of the swaggering ex-con, and even to noisily and inexpertly suck and thoroughly tongue-bathe the ex-con's sweaty cock and hairy balls, being forced to lovingly suck, nibble and tease the ex-con's hairy balls, sucking them one at a time like lozenges, with long spit-drenched tongue-strokes, to the lawman's abject humiliation.

Tony next suddenly turned around before the kneeling, cuffed and trussed lawman, and forced the incredulous Officer Cosentino at gunpoint to "Kiss my ex-con ass, you asshole, go ahead, lick it, kiss it, slobber all over my ass, yeahhhh!!!" and, fearing for his life, Officer Cosentino was forced to loudly kiss, nibble, slobber and grovel all over the tough ex-con punk's bare ass, licking and lapping away like the dog he was, only to be forced to thoroughly slide his tongue along the entire length of Tony's hairy asscrack, only to be forced to zero in on Tony's exposed hairy asshole and rim the delighted ex-con to the sound of Tony's derisive laughter and moans and groans of unexpected pleasure as he felt the bigshot lawman service him completely.

Tony next led the humiliated Officer Cosentino, whose hands remained cuffed behind his back, and his ankles in ankle cuffs, down to Officer Cosentino's own little dungeon in the basement of his A-frame remote mountain home, leading the ruined macho cop literally by yanking on Officer Cosentino's still bobbing boner.

Once downstairs in the basement dungeon, Tony took in the situation of all the devices Rocco had in place which Rocco regularly used to punish the long-suffering Angela and "punish" her for alleged transgressions, and force her to service Rocco. Tony spotted a huge "X" shaped cross affixed just out from the wall, with leather bindings at all 4 corners, and released Rocco at gunpoint and ordered him onto the "X" shaped cross, tightly securing the bindings so that Officer Cosentino was fittingly bound to his own torture device, Rocco's own trusty video camera having been moved to capture the next proceedings.

Officer Cosentino's sun-bronzed, hairy arms and legs were stretched to their limits, revealing Rocco's hairy muscular body, his taut, rippling muscles completely exposed as he struggled wildly in his bonds to no avail, his incredibly hairy armpits stretched wide open and totally vulnerable.

Tony then proceeded to pick up two tapering feathers Rocco often had used to tickle-torture Angela with until she wet her pants, and displayed them to Rocco's terrified eyes, before the tough ex-con began to tickle-torture the denuded humiliated lawman, wildly tickling the naked law enforcement officer's totally exposed sweaty steamy armpits, eliciting wild uncontrollable giggling gurgles, shrieks, and desperate pleas to stop, to no avail.

Tony tickled Officer Cosentino's handsome Italian face, tickling the armpit-sweat smelly feathers across the lawman's sensuous wind-burned lips, then down to his hairy tits, chest, and ultra-ticklish ribs and crotch, before wildly concentrating on tickling the denuded lawman's wildly-pulsating boner with one of the maddening feathers, while simultaneously tickling Rocco's cop-cum-bloated hairy balls, Tony devilishly idly tracing one feather ever-so-lightly under the sensitive tip of the officer's pulsating pecker until Officer Cosentino was babbling incoherently and moaning and groaning with unsatisfied lust.

Tony tickled both of Officer Cosentino's thrashing, hairy legs before zeroing in on the bottoms of his bound, bare feet, eliciting "No, no no!! Not my feet, no!! NOOOO!!!!!" as Tony drove the hapless lawman into near dementia, Officer Cosentino's pulsating boner throbbing all the more with unsatisfied lustful thrusts into the warm night air.

Tony next abandoned the feathers to use his leather-gloved hands to sensuously rub and then slap the denuded officer all over, pulling and yanking out clumps of body hair, teasing him with ice cubes and then slapping and flogging Officer Cosentino's humongous boner for several minutes while wildly jacking off Officer Cosentino's boner, repeatedly bringing the humiliated officer to the edge of orgasm, only to back off at the last moment, leaving Rocco rolling his eyes with unsatisfied lust, to no avail as Tony mischievously repeatedly denied the fucking cop his desperately needed orgasm.

Instead, Tony proceeded to release Officer Cosentino from the "X" cross only to be forced at gunpoint into a heavy iron chains with iron cuffs that bound his feet and arms yet were connected by a heavy chain between the two sets of cuffs as a single unit, the center of which was bolted to the floor, which allowed Officer Cosentino a certain radius of freedom of movement of his limbs, yet he was still completely helpless.

Tony next grabbed Officer Cosentino's bare feet and stretched them way up and over his head and attached his chain-bound feet to his chain-bound wrists, so that the denuded officer was bent over double, his hairy asshole and asscrack totally and completely exposed, Officer Cosentino's hairy pink winking virgin asshole unavoidably totally revealed for all the world to see, captured on his own video camera.

Tony spanked Officer Cosentino's exposed hair-flecked muscular asscheeks as he suddenly sprang behind the ruined macho cop, suddenly and forcefully ramming the ex-con's dripping boner right up the cop's exposed hairy virgin asshole to the accompaniment of Officer Cosentino's outraged howls of protest as the denuded officer was raped by the horny ex-con. Despite the officer's initial protest, Tony's huge boner was pounding against Officer Cosentino's never-before-fully-utilized prostate gland sending unbidden waves of pleasure coursing through the cop's disbelieving body as Tony wildly stroked the cop's own humongous boner, resulting in a tremendous simultaneous orgasm by both the cop and the ex-con.

Preparing to leave with his stolen booty including the incriminating blackmail videotape, Tony left the denuded Officer Cosentino chained up naked with his ankles over his head, plunking a black-leather dildo-gag Rocco often used on the whining Angela into Rocco's own mouth to keep him quiet, though God knew no one would hear Rocco's cries for help in this remote site anyway.

For added fun, Tony snatched up Officer Cosentino's security guard uniform shirt as a souvenir and even put it on along with Tony's own jeans, in order to mock Rocco and piss him off even more.

As Tony prepared to leave, however, a surprising thing happened.

The doorbell rang upstairs.

Uncertain what to do, Tony finally decided to answer it, dressed in Officer Cosentino's uniform shirt.

To his shock, Tony opened the door to see a fully uniformed blond crew-cutted Nordic/Germanic Nazi-ish looking Deputy Sheriff around 6' 3" tall and 28 years old who said "Ah, Mr. Cosentino, I'm Deputy Erik Hunter, sir. Is there any problem here, sir? I'm sorry to bother you but we had a report earlier of a sound like a gunshot being fired at your residence, sir. The citizen who reported this sound had a flat tire before he could get into Big Canyon where he telephoned in his report. I got here as fast as I could, but I had to help direct traffic around a minor rockslide on Highway 113 on my way here."

Tony responded, "You're new in town, aren't you Officer Hunter?"

When Officer Hunter nodded affirmatively, Tony proceeded to state "Yeah, I'm Rocco Cosentino, Security Officer Cosentino in fact, (gesturing to Tony "Officer Cosentino's" uniform shirt), affecting his best cop-speak, "and the concerned citizen did hear a gunshot, mine, when I confronted a burglary suspect ransacking my, er, residence, whereupon I proceeded to restrain and interrogate the suspect. I have the suspect in custody downstairs. I was just going to telephone the sheriff when you so conscientiously stopped by."

Deputy Hunter was relieved and satisfied that all was in order and that he even would have an easy tailor-made arrest to his credit to impress his new superiors with his efforts. Deputy Hunter had recently been promoted from a more demanding assignment in a tough urban area, and each valid arrest would help him here in this remote mountain area, where far fewer crimes were committed. Deputy Hunter replied that "I'll have to interview and book the suspect of course. Glad to meet a fellow law enforcement officer. Call me Erik, dude!"

"Nice to meet you, Erik," said Tony or "Officer Cosentino" and gave Deputy Hunter a man-to-man-fellow-officer-to-fellow-officer wink and confidentially noted to Deputy Hunter that "Actually, Erik, this punk burglar is real bad news and I decided to teach the fucker a lesson, you know? Give him what he deserves to show him the error of his ways and no one the wiser. You know, Erik my man, sometimes my old lady, Angela (she's off to visit her mother, the bitch) she's always bitching about putting out and all and doing her wifely duties, and sometimes I let her know her place, you know, barefoot and pregnant, and so I built a little "playroom" downstairs where I take her to teach her a lesson now and then, to encourage her to service me like she should, you know? I got some restraints and stuff down there, you know, maybe paddle her ass and like that, you know?"

Deputy Hunter replied, "Wow! What a trip!!! You mean you tie up your old lady and have her service you? What a stud!!! Jeez, I know what you mean, I'm dating that sexy waitress down at the cafe, Valerie Santorini, but the bitch won't put out, you know what I mean? I have a date with her tonight as a matter of fact, and I'm already technically off-duty now but I wanted to complete this call about the gunshot."

"Anyway, I know what you mean, these bitches deserve to be tied up and used," Deputy Hunter snickered lecherously, "And you mean to tell me that you've got the suspect trussed up down there like you do Angela?? Wow, what a trip!! You mean we can beat up the son of a bitch a little before I take him in?? Excellent!!!"

Tony "Officer Cosentino" replied, "Yeah and what's more, after you take the bastard in, whattayasay we send for old Valerie and tie her up, and screw the shit out of her as a favor from me. We can videotape it all and blackmail her with it--she's the 'concerned with her reputation' type isn't she? She wouldn't want that film to make the rounds!!!"

Deputy Hunter agreed and secretly felt a jolt of rising sexual excitement at that whole idea. What a night this would be!

"Officer Cosentino" led the handsome fully uniformed Deputy Hunter downstairs where Deputy Hunter took in "Rocco's" torture devices and whistled appreciatively.

Eyeing the uniformed Deputy with relief, the real Rocco Cosentino struggled and gurgled wildly into his dildo gag, trying without success to inform Deputy Hunter who he was, to no avail.

Tony as "Officer Cosentino" handed Deputy Hunter a paddle and let Deputy Hunter "do the honors" and Deputy Hunter gladly complied, wanting to show this fucking felon that the lean, mean Deputy Erik Hunter was not going to tolerate burglaries in his jurisdiction. Deputy Hunter proceeded to wildly spank the unsuspecting and still wildly gurgling real Officer Cosentino, delivering stinging blows until the real Officer Cosentino's bouncing jet-black-haired-flecked bare assglobes were again flaming red-hot and stinging, Deputy Hunter beginning to break a sweat from his grim-faced determined paddling in the hot night air of the basement, as the unwitting fellow law enforcement officer Deputy Erik Hunter continued to unknowingly beat his fellow lawman's bare ass, to Tony's bemused delight.

Just as Deputy Hunter tired of paddling the "real" Officer Cosentino, Tony, impersonating Officer Cosentino, truthfully noted that "It sure is hot in here, and, gee, if Deputy Hunter got himself all sweaty in his form-fitting uniform shirt, he might not be able to lure old Valerie over for fun later if he, well, began to, you know really break a sweat, and, hell, who wanted to waste time on a shower when he could be using that time to bang Valerie?"

Deputy Hunter wiped his sweaty brow and agreed, unbuttoning his form-fitting uniform shirt and skinning his regulation form-fitting snow-white cotton tee shirt over his blond crew-cutted head to reveal his perfectly toned, sun-bronzed body, his abdomen ridged by a ladder of rippling muscles, split by a fine line of dirty-blond hair which rose upward out of his spiffy uniform pants to fan out from the center of his flaring chest to curve over his magnificent pectorals, capped by his perfect, pointed tits, and revealing the generously dirty-blond-haired depths of Deputy Erik Hunter's sweaty armpits.

Tony "Officer Cosentino" gave a low whistle and gently chided, "Jeez, dude, no wonder old Valerie's creaming her pants over you, shoot, you must work out daily to get that buff and bronzed!" Deputy Hunter clearly ate up the fellow law enforcement officer's admiration and respect for his studly manly body and gamely flexed his incredibly defined musculature and dared Tony, "Officer Cosentino" to punch his gut to see how buff and fit he was, which Tony, "Officer Cosentino" did as nonchalantly as possible, again complimenting Deputy Hunter on his recruiting-poster-for-cops-type fitness, to Deputy Hunter's obviously conceited delight. Tony thought, "Jeez, this dude must spend half his time admiring himself in mirrors, the conceited asshole."

Tony, "Officer Cosentino" even managed, however, to slap and rub at Deputy Hunter's rock-hard dirty-blond-haired pectorals and "accidentally" brushed over the proud Deputy Erik Hunter's sensuous quarter-sized and pointed tits, chiding the "fellow officer" by exclaiming "Wow! Dig those pecs!! Look at those biceps!! What a stud!" as Tony, "Officer Cosentino" also proceeded to squeeze both of Deputy Hunter's baseball-sized sun-bronzed biceps, and "accidentally" trail Tony's hands through Deputy Erik Hunter's studly sweat dampened hairy armpits, Deputy Erik Hunter chuckling softly at the unexpected contact there, and good naturedly aiming a mock punch at Tony, "Officer Cosentino's" own not-so-puny bicep. The law enforcement duo continued to ignore the urgent gurglings of protest from the still dildo-gagged and comically struggling real Officer Rocco Cosentino, who still futilely attempted to let his fellow law enforcement officer that he was a cop and not a burglar, to no avail.

Tony, "Officer Cosentino" next pointed out another bracket in the ceiling of the basement with leather restraints attached, and lied, "You know, Erik, I had the suspect bound to that bracket earlier this evening and he seemed almost able to free himself from the bracket and/or the restraints, and I think that we really should test it so we can safely use it on Valerie so she can't get away. I'd volunteer myself, but since, hey, we all know now that you're the strongest, meanest dude in the room, I really think that you should be our man to test its true strength." "It'll only take a few seconds and then we can get on with disciplining the suspect and taking him into the station, and on to good old Valerie, right?"

Deputy Hunter readily agreed to test the bracketed ceiling restraint, fully confident that if the relatively puny-muscled, in Deputy Hunter's jaundiced view, suspect could almost free himself, then certainly studly All-American crew-cutted he-man Deputy Erik Hunter could free himself in a jiffy, and naturally he trusted that his fellow law enforcement officer would come to his aid in the highly unlikely event that that would ever become necessary!"

Tony "Officer Cosentino" readily quickly tightly secured Deputy Erik Hunter's bare, sun-bronzed arms high above his dirty-blond crew-cutted head, so that Deputy Hunter's spit-polished boots barely touched the basement floor, Deputy Hunter's bare swampy rain-forested dirty-blond-haired armpits stretched to the limit and completely exposed, minute rivers of sweat beginning to pour out of their manly depths.

Tony, "Officer Cosentino" encouraged Deputy Hunter to pull and strain with all of his considerable might, which the struggling, straining law enforcement officer did, his incredible muscles flexing to the max under his profusely sweating sun-bronzed skin to the accompaniment of amusing manly rutting grunts and comical grimaces as the idiot law enforcement officer vainly tried to free his conceited self from his maddening bondage. Deputy Hunter, fuming furiously at his initial inability to free himself as easily as he arrogantly had presumed he could, snarling, growling and determinedly grunting with the mighty effort, but all he succeeded in doing was to unleash further rivulets of steaming sweat rolling down from his hairy, totally and completely exposed armpits and down his muscular sun-bronzed back.

Eventually, the proud Deputy Erik Hunter was forced to remark that "Jeez, I really can't seem to free myself at all, the restraints seem to be working super-well. OK, Rocco, let me go."

Tony, "Officer Cosentino" teasingly replied, "So you aren't the stud you thought you were, eh? OK, dude, nice try, I guess the thing works well after all, I must have been mistaken. OK, sure, I'll free you, here let me release the restraints."

Tony, "Officer Cosentino" pretended to fool with the tight restraints, lying that "Gee, the restraints seem to be stuck. The releases aren't working at all now. Jeez, it's really thick padded leather, too, and I don't think I have a tool handy that could cut you loose and then I wouldn't want to slash your wrists, ha ha! But, hey, dude, don't worry, I'm sure we two studly law enforcement officers can figure something out! Maybe if we both pull really hard together or something?"

Deeply concerned, Deputy Hunter agreed that "Yeah, for God's sake let me loose out of this fucking thing. C'mon we're wasting time, I gotta screw Valerie sometime tonight. I mean, shit, I've been waiting all week, dude, you know what I mean? Hurry!!"

Tony, "Officer Cosentino," agreed to help free the trussed law enforcement officer, first announcing that it was so fucking hot in here, that Tony, "Officer Cosentino" would likewise strip to the waist himself, revealing his own sun-bronzed sweaty and darkly hairy torso, and then obligingly came up behind Deputy Hunter's bare midsection and pulled down hard as Deputy Hunter was forced to yelp that he was pulling his arms out of their sockets, to stop. Tony, "Officer Cosentino" agreed and said the dude was so sweaty he was having a hard time getting a grip and proceeded to rub his still-leather-gloved hands over different areas of Deputy Hunter's totally exposed hairy body rubbing and massaging Deputy Hunter's manly sun-bronzed chest, tits, back and biceps, making sure to accidentally stray to under Deputy hunter's sweaty totally exposed hairy armpits and tweaking the admittedly megahorny young lawman's sensitive eraser-head pointed erect tits, causing Deputy Hunter to involuntarily alternately grunt, gasp and even let out deep grunting chuckles as the naked law enforcement officer's magnificently sculpted torso was basically felt up and teased in the guise of "helping" to free the captured cop.

Deputy Hunter also began to involuntarily sigh and groan as the mischievous young ex-convict posing as a fellow law enforcement officer, "Officer Cosentino," really began to "put his back into it," "Officer Cosentino" pressing and grinding his own muscular hairy torso and equally erect tits into Deputy Hunter's straining muscular sun-bronzed back, as well as managing to "accidentally" rub his blue-jeaned legs between Deputy Hunter's own form-fitting uniformed legs and up against Deputy Hunter's uniform-pant-clad assglobes, the unwelcome yet apparently necessary and inadvertent attention beginning to combine to secretly stir the hopelessly pent-up young law enforcement officer into an unbidden sexual heat, all perfectly explainable in Deputy Hunter's hetero mind as the result of not having gotten off for some time.

The relentless "Officer Cosentino" merely continued to secretly tease the horny Deputy Hunter, now pressing and grinding his own hairy chest against that of Deputy Hunter's and "accidentally" rubbing his jean-clad legs right up against Deputy Hunter's form-fitting uniform pants as "Officer Cosentino" pretended to try to "free" the struggling studly cop, resulting in an obvious response from Deputy Hunter's uniform-encased crotch, Tony, "Officer Cosentino" not letting on that he could feel the growing bulge of the sexually frustrated young law enforcement officer through his jean-clad leg, "Officer Cosentino" being careful not to rub his own lengthening cock against that of the uptight Deputy Hunter.

Tony, "Officer Cosentino," backed off eventually, announcing that "OK, OK, I have to admit that the damned thing has got you pinned in there but good, fella! Don't worry, though, I think if I just maybe used a pliers or something I ought to be able to loosen those restraints enough to set you free!"

Deputy Hunter snarled back arrogantly "OK, but hurry, you dumbass security guard rent-a-cop! Look, man, you got me in this mess now get me out of it NOW!!! C'mon, dude, I mean Valerie will be leaving the cafe soon, I could miss her, and I need to get my rocks off tonight, capeesh?" Then, lowering his voice so the suspect should not be able to hear, Deputy Hunter hissed confidentially that he also could use to take a piss pretty soon, so that unless "Officer Cosentino" wanted a flood of piss on his floor, he goddamned better free the bound lawman pretty damned soon! Deputy Hunter managed to deliver these statements with a mixture of arrogant anger mixed with mild embarrassment, the combination producing a cross between a flush of anger and a blush of embarrassment, but never ,of course, losing any of his proud lawman's dignity, at least in Deputy Hunter's own view.

Tony, "Officer Cosentino" simply replied, "Oh, you should see yourself, Erik my man, big tough hairy manly cop stripped to the waist and helpless to free yourself, even to take a fucking leak!! Deputy Hunter blushed deeply at "Officer Cosentino's" betrayal of his confidential disclosure regarding his need to relieve himself. "Officer Cosentino" continued, "This gives me an idea, dude, I mean, you Deputy Sheriffs are always ragging on about how serious and tough and mean and able to take the punishment and abuse of the mean streets of urban areas, and poking fun at us security guards as "rent-a-cops." Let's just see whether you can take a little law enforcement to law enforcement rivalry to see if we can't show you the humor of your situation, dude! Let's see if you can't be shown how to laugh your fucking head off over your situation, dude! Hell, that street punk over there (referring to the pathetic "real" Officer Cosentino") about passed out when I justly punished him with these two innocent-looking tapering feathers!! Do you think a big, macho cop, a big, strong, muscular full-fledged, uniformed Deputy Sheriff for God's sake, could stand up to that? Huh??"

Deputy Hunter flushed beet red with a mixture of anger, embarrassment and fear, and again demanded haughtily to be freed immediately, that "Officer Cosentino" had gone far enough, that it was beneath the dignity of fellow law enforcement officers to engage in such behavior, that of course as a big strong cop he wasn't the least bit ticklish, anyway, and could take anything that a lowly security guard could dish out.

Tony, "Officer Cosentino" replied, "We'll see, dude, but now until I say so, you ain't going anywhere. You're beginning to piss me off with your conceited overbearing attitude, you need to be put in your place!" and proceeded to approach the bound half-naked Deputy Sheriff with the two feathers.

Deputy Hunter, suddenly getting it through his thick head, realized that he needed "Officer Cosentino's" help if he was to get out of his predicament, and made conciliatory noises that he was just kidding, not to take offense, etc., if the fellow law enforcement officer would just release him as soon as he could, that would be fine.

"Officer Cosentino's" answer, however, was to suddenly lightly tickle and then wildly tickle Deputy Hunter's completely exposed hairy dripping armpits, tits, ultrasensitive ribs, handsome face and muscular sun-bronzed back. At first, Deputy Hunter successfully retained his composure with some effort, and derisively laughed that it was all a waste of time, he wasn't ticklish, but soon Deputy Hunter was forced to make chuckling grunts, followed by uncontrollable wild giggles, struggling wildly in his tight bondage to no avail as Deputy Hunter gasped and wailed and giggled uncontrollably and begged for mercy, and demanded to be let go. Deputy Hunter attempted to kick Tony, "Officer Cosentino" since the deputy's legs were "free" but this only resulted in Tony, "Officer Cosentino" being able to grab one of Deputy Hunter's spit-polished boots, remove it and his sweat-soaked smelly sock revealing one large, long pink-skinned twitching-toed bare foot such that "Officer Cosentino" was able to direct a feather all over the ultrasensitive bottom of first one of Deputy Hunter's clammy feet, and then both of Deputy Hunter's totally exposed feet simultaneously, eliciting yowls and screams of uncontrollable giggles and increasingly desperate pleas to stop, "NOT MY FEET!!! STOP!!! PLEASE STOP!!! NOOOO!!! NOOOO!!!! NOOO!!! I'M REALLY LOSING IT!!! OH MY GOD, I MIGHT EVEN PISS MY FUCKING PANTS OR TAKE A DUMP IN MY PANTS, OR SOMETHING!!! OH, GOD, PLEASE STOPPP!!!!

Tony, "Officer Cosentino" laughed derisively at this, "Yeah, right, real dignified, a big, tough cop peeing his fucking pants like some fucking dumbassed little toddler or dumping his hot steaming turds in his fucking uniform pants!!! HA HA HA!!! Maybe we ought to take precautions. I mean if we pull the damned uniform pants down and discard them, then they won't get all soiled and stinking, will they??"


Not at all bothered by this outburst, Tony, "Officer Cosentino" replied, "Well, I don't see how I can be a fucking 'disgrace to law enforcement' you lousy two-bit cop, because I ain't no fucking cop at all, you dumbshit asshole, I'm the fucking 'thug/punk/burglary suspect,' you stupid fuckface, and this, (going over to the 'real' Officer Cosentino) this is the real fucking 'Officer Rocco Cosentino,' right, fucker?" (addressing Rocco, whose dildo gag was suddenly removed with a loud, embarrassing plop). Rocco then confirmed his identity by chiming in that "Yeah, you stupid fucking deputy, that's what I've been trying to tell you since you arrived!!! I'll get the fuck back at you for spanking my ass, you idiot!!!"

Completely bewildered, scared shitless and mortifyingly embarrassed, Deputy Hunter suddenly realized he was a helplessly bound cop before not a fellow officer but a fucking ex-convict, and that the only other true law enforcement officer was himself naked and helplessly bound as well.

To add insult to injury, Tony Camacho suddenly returned to relentlessly tickling the bound Deputy Erik Hunter, producing renewed pleas to stop as he giggled, gasped and shrieked as the dancing feathers slowly drove him up the wall, his body spasming as if jolted by bursts of electricity as Tony directed the feathers all over Deputy Hunter's denuded torso, resulting in further sexual squeals at the uninvited contact, as the damned things crazed the hapless sheriff beyond belief.

Worse yet, the wildly tickling feathers were causing a return of Deputy Hunter's former problem, the sudden need to empty his full bladder. Deputy Hunter pleaded with Tony to stop, that he was about to pee his pants for real this time if Tony didn't stop immediately, all to no avail.

Further relentless tickling, followed by the mischievous ex-convict Tony Camacho's sudden reaching over to the adjacent bar sink and squirting the rushing water taps on and off and on and off, while making comments like "Reminds you of Niagara Falls, doesn't it Deputy Hunter, baby? Huh?? Is the big hairy macho Deputy Sheriff really gonna wet hissums little pants with his puny little weewee? Huh???"

All this accompanied by further relentless tickling caused the arrogant Deputy Erik Hunter to suddenly exclaim, "OH MY GODDD!!! YOU'RE DOING IT, YOU'RE MAKING ME PISS MY FUCKING PANTS!!! OHHH, NOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Tony laughed uproariously as the blushing deputy, who had been making comical grimaces with total concentration on preventing the utterly humiliating act, suddenly let forth an obvious gush of hot steaming flowing piss right into his underpants and uniform pants, a huge wet stain spreading from all over his crotch then cascading down his uniform pants to drip noisily onto the humiliated macho lawman's bared feet and onto the basement floor in a stinking puddle.

Deputy Hunter's abject humiliation was compounded by Tony's suddenly stripping the humiliated Deputy Hunter of his sodden formerly neatly pressed uniform pants he had proudly been wearing, revealing Deputy Hunter's ruined white cotton regulation jockey shorts which were now completely soaked yellow and transparent, revealing Deputy Hunter's embarrassingly half-hard pecker through the clinging cotton of the law enforcement officer's shorts. Again, the humiliated officer realized that all of this was being recorded by the video camera!!

Deputy Hunter's piss-soaked jockeys were next unceremoniously yanked down and off, leaving the ruined lawman totally denuded, revealing a huge cock, half-erect from the combination of his humiliation, the tickling and his oft-voiced horny need to get his rocks off, springing out from a luxuriant dirty-blond-hair-filled pubic bush, and revealing his sun-bronzed muscular dirty-blond-haired legs. Deputy Hunter continued to struggle in his bonds, his deeply bronzed body in total contrast to his now-revealed snow-white midsection and snow-white firm, hairless assglobes, which were split by a dirty-blond haired asscrack.

Tony presented Deputy Hunter's piss-soaked jockeys to his handsome face, and ordered the stupid two-bit totally denuded cop to sniff their piss-smelling depths, nearly causing him to puke. Tony then unceremoniously slapped the now cold, wet, clammy shorts against the real Officer Rocco Cosentino's bare ass, before hanging them on his helpless head, ordering him to sniff his fellow law enforcement officer's stinking underpants.

Since the place had begun to stink like a fucking urinal, Tony decided to hook up a handy garden hose to the handy bar sink and proceeded to hose the bound Deputy Hunter down with ice-cold water which drained out nicely down a drain in the center of the basement floor and this, coupled with Tony's next reappearance with some never-before-used expensive gift sandalwood-scented shower gel he found in Rocco's master bedroom shower upstairs, which Tony began to massage all over the bound Deputy Hunter's hunky hairy body, resulted in a complete disappearance of the urine smells.

In fact, the rich, scented lather of the expensive shower gel renewed the hapless Deputy Hunter's spirits considerably, but he was yet again further humiliated by the fact that Tony's expert, leather-gloved massage of his entire denuded body was beginning to get to him as the bound, hanging lawman was forced to emit ooo's and ahhh's and sensuous gasps as Tony mischievously continued to lather, massage, rub and jack off the helpless, shocked Deputy Hunter, whose massive prick began to harden and lengthen as Tony expertly goosed and pushed all of the lawman's erotic buttons to drive him wild with unsatisfied lust.

Tony completely humiliated the bound law enforcement officer by gently massaging his perfect, firm snow-white hairless assglobes, which were split by a fine line of dirty-blond-haired asscrack, Tony's leather-bound fingers sliding down the length of the denuded officer's asscrack, the out-of-it deputy even unconsciously rearing back onto the kneading, teasing, black-leather-gloved fingers as they shamelessly lathered Deputy Hunter's hairy asscrack and gently circled the lawman's most private orifice, his hair-haloed winking pink virgin asshole.

Tony proceeded to lather and massage Deputy Hunter's hairy asscrack , finally even slipping first one, then two, lathered-up leather-gloved fingers up the bound law enforcement officer's defenseless virgin asshole, eliciting yelps of shock and outrage from the denuded cop as the ex-con continued to use his hunky body mercilessly. While he rammed his leather-gloved fingers up Deputy Hunter's virgin shitchute, however, Tony Camacho expertly jacked the law enforcement officer's massive boner and tickled his hanging hairy cop balls teasing Deputy Erik Hunter's pent-up, unsatisfied nuts, which were teeming with the law enforcement officer's long-denied load of cop cum. Deputy Hunter began to really lose it, as the combination of Tony's expertly jacking hand and Tony's massage of the bound lawman's never-before-stimulated prostate deep within his manly bowels conspired to send him nearly over the top into convulsions of orgasm, but each time Tony sensed the pent-up lawman was about to finally release his flood of cop cum all over the room, Tony intentionally and diabolically eased off, frustrating the pent-up, arrogant law enforcement officer until he was at the brink of delirium.

Deputy Hunter was oooing and ahhhing to beat the band, groaning with unbidden lust as the ex-con continued to sexually tease him to near insanity. The lawman unconsciously continued to rear his hairy asscrack back right onto Tony's ramming fingers to unconsciously give the ex-con better access to deeper and deeper within his most private, guarded orifice, all the while outwardly protesting the contact and "ordering" Tony to stop, "you goddamned faggot ex-con, I'll get you for this , I swear!!!"

Tony rinsed off the now pristine and deodorized lawman with the cold garden hose, managing to deflate his boner a little in the process, and now proceeded to first apply some baby oil he found in Angela's bathroom upstairs, all over the denuded lawman's hairy, hunky body, cooing to Deputy Hunter that now that the little baby boy had made pee pee all over himmums with his pathetically puny little weewee he needed to be oiled and powdered like the little failure at toilet training that he was! Again, Tony relentlessly jacked Deputy Hunter's massive boner and penetrated the lawman's hairy virgin asshole with his leather-gloved fingers, as the baby oil lubricated the hunky stud all over.

Tony next proceeded to shake the baby powder he also had found in Angela's bathroom all over Deputy Hunter's hairy, manly crotch, bare hairless assglobes and all through the macho dude's hairy asscrack and on his hairy asshole. Tony further shamed the bound cop by commenting that in fact the fine baby powder had revealed that the big cop did have a few fine downy hairs on his bare assglobes, but that it took the powder to highlight them. Deputy Hunter was again utterly humiliated by this unwanted attention, being treated like a little baby who had wet himself.

Tony announced that it was not nice for the little crybaby to have wet himself and dirtied the floor, and that Tony was going to punish the bound lawman for that. Tony suddenly grabbed the paddle that Deputy Hunter had unwittingly used on Officer Cosentino earlier and proceeded to viciously swat the paddle right down across Deputy Erik Hunter's manly, totally unprotected and vulnerable snow-white and now oiled scented and powdered assglobes, producing outraged yelps and threats, that Deputy Hunter was a law enforcement officer, for God's sake, that he forbade Tony to paddle his manly ass like a little boy, and that Tony would do heavy time for any assault on a peace officer.

Tony, aware that the video camera was catching all this for blackmail purposes, was unconcerned and continued to swat the bound arrogant lawman's bare ass with a real vengeance, until Deputy Hunter's exposed, vulnerable assglobes were flaming red-hot and stinging all over, Deputy Hunter commanding the ex-con to stop amid yells and shrieks for mercy.

Tony next proceeded to free Deputy Hunter from the ceiling bracket at gunpoint, only to tightly secure him at his hairy wrists and ankles to a special wooden platform on the floor of the basement, and proceeded to straddle the bound lawman's naked, completely helpless and vulnerable hunky body with his own equally naked and hairy muscular body, and proceeded to renew his tickle-torture of the helpless law enforcement officer.

Tony, realizing that the contact of his own naked body onto that of Deputy Hunter was both revolting the bound officer yet secretly turning the incredibly horny young law enforcement officer on, decided to deliberately grind his own naked, hair-flecked assglobes onto Deputy Hunter's naked, thrashing, protesting body, purposely grinding his brillo-pad hairy legs and even his own hairy crotch against Deputy Hunter's hopelessly bound body.

Tony continued to relentlessly tickle-torture the bound lawman with feathers and his leather-gloved hands and fingers, and leering diabolically, tickled and yanked on Deputy Hunter's chest hairs, deeply-haired armpits and totally erect tits, prompting the proud and helpless lawman to shriek, gurgle and beg for mercy.

Tony even crawled up on Deputy Hunter's hairy chest, firmly planting and sensuously rubbing his own hair-flecked assglobes against Deputy Hunter's bare, hairy chest and totally erect tits, feeling the eraser-tip-hard points of the lawman's hairy tits helplessly pressing into Tony's own naked hair-flecked assglobes, and ordered the helpless lawman to suck his cock, hairy balls, and then service Tony's hairy ex-con asscrack and asshole, which the mortified Deputy Hunter was forced to comply with, Tony pressing the cold steel barrel of his gun against Deputy Hunter's sweating brow.

Moreover, the tickling was obviously sending fire flames of lust coursing throughout the lawman's bound body, Tony noticing "Well, what do we have here? There aren't any women in this room yet your cock has popped another massive boner!! Gee, could it be that Mr. Macho Deputy Hunter digs naked guys???"

Deputy Hunter protested loudly to no avail, as Tony tickled the hairy flesh at the base of the lawman's cum-swollen balls, before concentrating on the ultrasensitive underside of Deputy Hunter's pulsating prick, driving Deputy Hunter to squeal with unbridled lust as his hairy asscrack involuntarily formed figure-8's as Deputy Erik Hunter thrust his pelvis into the hot night air, humping wildly in his totally frustrating bondage, his oversized cock begging for its pent-up release, to no avail.

Tony continued to stroke the bound lawman into near dementia, as the denuded authority figure writhed in his bondage as Tony concentrated the feather strokes under the pompous asshole's hairy balls into the hairy asscrack of his perfectly rounded assglobes.

After thoroughly tickling the bound stud's feet yet again, Deputy Hunter was pleading for release, not only from his bondage, but release of his painfully pent-up cop-cum from his cum-swollen hairy balls, pleading that he would do anything if only Tony would stop tickling him and let him go.

"Anything? " replied Tony. "Let's see, what if I released you at gunpoint and had you show your appreciation for your true fellow law enforcement officer, the one you viciously paddled earlier, good ole Officer Rocco Cosentino?"

Warily Deputy Hunter felt himself being freed from the wooden floor plank and placed at gunpoint into an identical set of joined heavy ankle and wrist chains to those confining Officer Rocco Cosentino.

Deputy Hunter was led over to the bound on-all-fours Officer Rocco Cosentino's naked bound body, where Deputy Erik Hunter was ordered at gunpoint to "Go ahead, kiss the ass of your fellow law enforcement officer!!! Show your appreciation and ask for forgiveness for beating his bare lawman's ass, you dumbfuck two-bit cop!!!"

Mortified, but fearing for his life, Deputy Hunter grudgingly began to lightly kiss the hair-flecked ass of his fellow law enforcement officer, only to be ordered to really kiss and slobber all over Officer Cosentino's naked hairy assglobes and throughout his hairy asscrack and all over the lawman's asshole, only to be ordered to tongue-fuck Officer Cosentino.

While Deputy Hunter gave futile muffled protests from the depths of Officer Cosentino's stinking hairy asshole, Officer Cosentino himself was getting off on the whole thing both from a revenge angle and from the fact that it felt damned good, Officer Cosentino almost unconsciously moaning and oooing and ahhhing and ordering the fellow lawman to eat his ass, yeah eat it good you asshole!

For the piece de resistance, Tony ordered the rampant and completely horny and out-of-it Deputy Hunter to mount the unsuspecting Officer Cosentino' naked hairy ass, suddenly and unexpectedly guiding Deputy Hunter's pulsating boner into Officer Cosentino's hairy, spit-lubricated, and up-until-recently virgin, asshole.

Soon Deputy Hunter was humping away like crazy bent on releasing his long-delayed pent-up cop-cum from his cop-cum-churning balls, Tony egging him in speech and by slapping and spanking Deputy Hunter's ass until it was again flaming red-hot and stinging, and pulling and yanking on Deputy Hunter's asscrack hairs and goosing and pulling and yanking on Deputy Hunter's swollen, pent-up, cop-cum-filled balls hanging between his hairy muscular legs, only for Tony himself to suddenly and unexpectedly mount Deputy Erik Hunter's own pristine completely virgin asshole and hump away himself.

The "lucky Pierre" Deputy Hunter slowly began to be overwhelmed with uncontrolled lust, out of his mind at the feel of being sandwiched between two humpy hairy sun-bronzed muscular manly studs, one a fellow macho lawman and one an ex-con, yet, as the sensation slowly but surely brought Deputy Hunter right over the top, Deputy Hunter moaning and groaning and rutting and announcing he was CUMMINNNNGGGG!!!, as he erupted in volcanic bursts of incredibly pressurized pent-up steaming red-hot cop-cum shots of molten cop-cum lava, not only up Officer Cosentino's, hairy ass, but upon withdrawal, erupting in white molten cop-cum all over his fellow lawman Officer Cosentino's naked sun-bronzed back, head and even splattering noisily onto the opposite wall beyond, as Tony's own pounding cock continued to ram Deputy Hunter's unknown prostate gland.

Tony himself soon went over the top withdrawing from Deputy Hunter's tight virgin asshole to erupt his load all over Deputy Hunter's naked sun-bronzed back, and even splattering up to the ceiling to drip back down on all three of them.

Officer Cosentino "brought up the rear", figuratively speaking, as he too erupted with cum all over the basement floor amid cries of pent-up relief, his cock jettisoning unaided by anyone's touch.

Tony later casually took a long hot shower upstairs and returned fully dressed and carrying the humiliating video tapes of the entire event, only to escort the two horrified naked and still bound, cum-drenched law enforcement officers upstairs and on out into public in the warm night air, finally suspending them bareass buck naked bound crotch-to-crotch from a tree limb in a nearby public picnic ground which would be teeming with weekend urban day-trippers in a few hours.

Tony later caught the evening news where it was reported that two naked law enforcement officers had been found displaying themselves in public in some gay love sadomasochistic rite for which they offered no explanation. It was made clear that they would be charged with indecent exposure and would not be able to continue their careers in law enforcement. Tony also later learned in the press that Angela had divorced Rocco Cosentino after these revelations and had run off with a person whom she described as a "nice Italian boy who sells aluminum siding and isn't into anything weird, unlike that scum of a Rocco Cosentino, my first husband, the pervert, the one my mother warned me against."



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