Jack's Male Tickling Rack

Cops. State Troopers. Sheriffs. Deputies.

The Men In Blue get what's coming to them.

Or, they dish it out like no one can.

With the impunity the Law affords them.

The following stories all have one thing in common:
Law enforcement officials being tickled or tickling other guys.

Some of the following stories depict cops getting sexually teased and tortured.
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Deputy Hank Silver ~ by Frank
A young deputy gets the drop on a notorious outlaw and attempts to tickle torture some information out of him. But the tables are turned in a most surprising and brutal way. A classic story from the old pre-Internet days.


Deputy Hank gets Cutter
Illustration by Frank

Tickler ~ by Jeff Kincaid
A wild and sexy story about a cop who must extract some information from another cop, who happens to be an old boyhood buddy. He remembers a rooftop incident from the past, and remembers his old buddy's weakness. (This story, written by well-known erotic writer Jeff Kincaid, was comissioned and paid for by our friend and contributor, J.P. Thanks, J.P. for parting with this story and sharing it with all of us!)


Many thanks to artist Joe T. for this excellent drawing,
created especially for this page.

Good Cop Bad Cop ~ by Pete_Roc
A sequel to Pete_Roc's terrific story, "Chain Letters" (see "Punishment Tickling".) When poor Kyle finally escapes from his tormentors of the previous story, he runs to report his misfortunes to the cops. But the cops need a signed statement from Kyle, who then refuses to cooperate. The shocked Kyle is in for still more tickle torture, as an inducement to make him sign the statement.

Officer Cole's Secret ~ by Glaucon
A rookie cop on the local police force gets seduced into total submission by a raunchy dude who discovers the horny, ticklish cop's weakness. Re-written by the author, this story was previously known as "FootFile No. 1".

Montana Blue ~ by James West
Pulled over for speeding in a backwater town, the author is hauled off to jail by a macho cop. When the cop finds the author's stash of erotic magazines, things take a surprisingly ticklish turn.

State Troopers Tied and Tickled ~ by Richard
Retribution for bad cops: Tables are turned on an arrogant state trooper when he attempts to rape some female motorists. Two gay guys, vacationing at a secluded cabin, trick, bind, tease, torment, tickle and deny the trooper and his buddy the pleasure of orgasms.

Home Coming ~ by Elric Bonds
A cop has been captured and finds himself in severe rubber bondage, being tickle tortured and sexually stimulated for information. When he is rescued, he learns a lot more about bondage and control from a cop buddy of his.

Undercover Cops Get Stung in Their Own Sting Operation ~ by Richard
Vice cops in an affluent town prepare to raid a gay massage parlor, but the surprise is on them! (Check out the hilarious "cop speak" as a preliminary report is filed.)

Cop Tickle Interrogation ~ by ... YOU?
A cop, who has entered a secret codeword into a computer, is captured and tickle-interrogated to reveal the code. This is an on-going, first-person tickle interrogation challenge. It's a game that you can play, too. Scott wrote the set-up, based on an idea from an old story (which I seem to have misplaced. Does anyone have a copy of it?) There are several very intense versions posted here so far. After you contribute a story, a codeword will be e-mailed to you, so you can read the other versions. Wanna play?

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