Cop Tickle Interrogation:

The Set-Up



I'll fire a ROLE GAME contest at you. Tough guy contest.

One guy plays a cop, other guy plays drug dealer. Cop knows when and where a major drug bust is gonna take place. Cop is captured and tied down--TOTALLY IMMOBILE. The drug dealer wants to get the information from the cop and kill the cops buddies at time of the bust. They both know this.

For purpose of game, use a PC, the cop types in the time and place as passwords to two files.

Basic interrogation - wreck your opponent into getting him to give you the time and place. Bad guy has a gun, so if he can't get the cop to start talking, he can put him into other muscle-straining and ticklish situations. If the bad guy tells the cop to do pushups, or workout (i.e. burn the guy physically) he's gotta do it to best of his ability--bad guy's got a gun.

Object is to see if you're tough enough to handle it and keep your mouth shut and keep your buddies alive. Make it as close to REAL test as possible, so the bad guy has no time limit.

The bad guy can check any answer you give him by checking the computer. Cop can bluff, catch a small break. Of course, this pisses the bad guy off when he checks the computer and its wrong. Next time cop gives up a time/place, the drug dealer might just keep tickling the cop for awhile to make sure he's not bluffing again--real contest, so up to the drug dealer: 1-2 hours extra? -- anything he wants.

You're up. Go for it, dude.


So. You wanna play?

It's simple: just write a story, from the point of view of either the drug dealer or the cop, and make it as grueling and intense as possible. The outcome is totally up to you, whether the cop holds out, or he "caves".

E-mail your story to:

and if it is deemed "worthy" (i.e. an honest effort), your codeword will be e-mailed back to you, so you can proceed and read the other versions. Just put "Cop Tickle Interrogation" as the subject line of your e-mail.

By submitting your story, you are giving permission for it to be posted here as part of "the game". Indicate whether or not you want your e-mail address posted along with your story.

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