Paying My Debt



okay, here goes: this is an entry from feb.7th as it appears in my journal. if you're not interested in the particulars of the bondage then skip the first paragraph. i included this detailed description since, aside from the tickling itself, the diabolical manner in which i was restrained played a major part in the torture...

FEB 7, 1997

well i paid up on that stupid wager i lost on that ill-fated basketball game i played with mark last week. my attempt to find mercy on the tickling BBS failed miserably. in fact, mark used a few suggestions from the responses to make my predicament more than unbearable. this is how he tied me: he fastened our stocks to the foot of the bed, then he made me strip to my sweatsocks and had me get onto the bed and place my ankles into the open stocks which he immediately closed and locked, trapping my feet in their solid grip. then he tied my wrists together with soft nylon rope and made me lie back on the bed. he pulled my arms straight up over my head, but he didn't tie them off to the headboard. instead he looped the rope around the bar there and brought it back down to tie around my nuts as soon as he'd made sure my arms were stretched out straight and the rope taut. now as long as i kept my arms up i wouldn't pull too much on my nuts. next he used a couple leather belts to strap my waist down tight to the bed then he moved back down to where my trapped feet protruded from the stocks. he slowly pulled the damp white socks from my feet. first the left then the right, giving me time to think about how vulnerable my soles were with my ankles trapped between the wooden planks. then he grabbed my big toes and tied a length of rope to each and pulled them back hard to arch my feet and tied the other ends to my nuts. the right toe to my left nut and vice versa. now i had to keep my feet arched or else pull on my nuts. this was not just a relaxed arch either, he had pulled my toes back so far that i actually had to strain the muscles in my calves to keep 'em arched back far enough to avoid pulling on my balls. i thought he must be finished at this point and was tensely waiting for the tickling to begin, but he had one more surprise in store. from under the bed he pulled out a toy which i found out he'd bought the day before. it was a metal cock cage! he showed it to me before putting it on. i could see it was big enough to hold my flaccid cock but was nowhere near large enough to accommodate my erect cock and the inside was lined with a prickly material like the hooked side of Velcro. "oh jeeeze!", i thought to myself. i was beginning to realize that mark intended to put my will power to a serious test. i could feel my cock getting a little hard just watching mark fasten the device onto my penis. "Now", mark said, smiling into my face and rubbing his hands together, "i'm just gonna tickle ya' for three hours but any other pain you feel is gonna be up to you. keep your feet arched and your arms up high so you won't pull on your nuts and if you can keep your cock soft it won't be pressed into those nasty spiky things. got it?". i had to close my eyes cuz the sadistic smile that spread across his face was making my cock hard enough so that i could just barely feel the pricklies inside the cage grazing my cock. this hint of pain of course made my cock want to expand more but i thought of algebra problems and was able to shrink it back down...for the time being, anyway.

when i opened my eyes again i saw mark at my side with a feather that he'd just dipped into my armpit. he hit the button on the stopwatch and began to move the tip of the feather around the valley of my right pit. it tickled but not enough so that i had much of a problem keeping my arms upraised, but the light tickling touch was making my cock get hard. when mark saw the effect he was getting he started nibbling my ear and whispering to me about how horribly he was going to torture me. he did this because he knew it couldn't fail to turn me on. even with my eyes closed to block out his handsome face, i couldn't control my erection and i heard mark snickering when i gasped in pain as my now fully erect cock strained against the cage, pushing it's tender flesh into the hundreds of cruel little spikes. now that he had my penis in torment he concentrated on tickling me for real. he suddenly grabbed both of my sides and dug his fingers into my ribs. i was caught off-guard and the electric sensation caused me to jerk my arms down in order to protect my sides but instead i was greeted by a painful yank to my balls! i let out a sharp groan and mark laughed at me but didn't stop tickling for a second. i was laughing like a crazy man and trying to keep my arms up at the same time. it was hell. there was nothing i could do about my cock. i couldn't get the erection to go down, it only pulsed harder into the Velcro when i thought about it. he abandoned the feather and tickled a random path from my pits to ribs to belly to thighs while i squirmed and begged and laughed and occasionally lost it and painfully tugged on my nuts. finally it stopped.

"is it over?", i asked, my sense of timing completely screwed up. my misery made it seem as if mark had been at me all day only to find out that it had only been 45 min. mark laughed at me ,"you've still got a looooooong way to go, buddy!". he explained that he wasn't going to tickle me for the last 15 min. of each hour so that i could have time to catch my breath. 15 min. later mark pulled a chair up to where my feet were held immobile and produced a ball-point pen. my calves were beginning to ache just from the strain of keeping my feet hyper-flexed. "NO, mark...please, not my feet...PLEASE just skip my feet, mark", i tried begging again as he pulled the cap off the pen with his teeth, "PLEEEEEEEEZE...". "are you kidding!?!?", was his reply, "this is what i've been MOST looking forward to!" With that mark placed the tip of the pen against the sole of my right foot and began to write. he drew spirals round and round getting bigger and bigger until he's spirals were circling the entire sole of my foot from the ball to the heel. god, it was unbearable but i managed to keep my feet arched through it all although i couldn't help laughing which eventually became so hard that it was silently except for loud gasps as i desperately drew air into my lungs. then he began to draw directly onto the super-sensitive pad of my big toe which immediately caused it to jerk which pulled sharply on my left nut which caused me to gasp in pain. he immediately tried it on my left toe which involuntarily jerked my right nut. he just kept alternating back and forth having a great time making me yank on my own nuts till they were aching as if someone had just hauled off and kicked me in the groin. sometimes taking a break to torment the whole soles of my feet or running the toothed side of his keys between my toes as tears streamed from my eyes and helpless agonized laughter spilled from my lips and then suddenly Part Two was over and i was allowed to rest another fifteen minutes. so i caught my breath and tried to ignore the pricks all along the shaft of my cock. it was impossible, i couldn't get rid of the erection no matter how hard i tried. i was slick with sweat and tried to make a deal with mark to let me off. the thought of just one more 45 min. set made me feel as if i'd lose my mind. but he just ignored me obviously greatly enjoying my predicament.

he began the last 45 min stretch under my arms again savagely attacking my ribs and was rewarded three times by me losing my cool and yanking on my sack. he tortured my armpits which were pouring sweat. my whole body dripped sweat as he continued onto my ribs and around my belly finally settling for awhile on my inner thighs, obviously entertained by the sight of my waist vainly trying to buck under the tight strap that held it down. my cock felt it would burst through the cage! i was in agony! then it stopped and i looked at mark to see him reach down and pull out a bottle of baby oil. then he headed towards my feet! "NO, NO, NO!!!", i yelled "NO, mark, please..." but he just snickered as he coated my soles with the oil. then he pulled out two forks and i felt him place the tines of each against the balls of my stretched feet just under the toes. he held the fork's tines firmly against the flesh of my captive soles and slowly drug them down to the heels as i begged for mercy. back and forth and back and forth he went driving me insane with each trip his forks took across my soles. the slippery oil causing my feet to become more sensitive than i thought possible! and this is how he tortured me for the time left. i thought i must be yanking my balls black and blue since i had lost all composure and was reduced to no more than an hysterical mess! when it was finally over he released my cock from the hellish cage and jacked me till i came before he untied me. it was a great cum but not still not worth the misery that preceded it although i'm sure mark would disagree.

i can't wait to get him on the rack again!! i'll show HIM how sweet revenge can be!


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