revenge is sweet...so, so sweet! just yesterday you'd won the right to strap me to that infernal rack of yours. my body still aches from the tension it endured for so long. I shudder when I remember what it felt like trying to suppress that uncontrollable urge to laugh while you tickled the shit out of me or face yet another notch on the rack. what a clever game you devised for me...I bet you thought so too, until now...

I bet you didn't plan on losing a little one-on-one basketball game the day after you tortured me so sadistically, did you? you really shouldn't have taken me up on that wager I suggested either: winner's choice of loser's penalty. I'm sure the concept of the game I want you to play is familiar...but have you noted the one refinement? you've inspired me! don't feel so clever now, do you tuff-guy?

I have stripped you down to your socks and securely strapped you into the sort of weight bench that holds a rack of weights behind it that can be adjusted for resistance. your arms are tightly lashed behind your back, forcing the naked flesh of your exposed torso forward. your arms are tied off at the shoulder and wrist joints to the steel column of the weight bench behind you, solidly anchoring your upper-body. your legs are lashed together at hips, knees, and ankles and then I used a long piece of rope to wind around and bind both legs to the remaining length of the padded bench ending at your feet which hang just over the edge. I saw you glance down at your feet at this point and wiggle your toes a little. from the worried look I saw cross your face I could tell you were pondering how helpless they looked down there. then, for variety's sake, I made my little addition to the game. taking a bit of soft nylon rope I tied one end tightly around the head of your semi-hard cock, and then moving around behind you, I tied the other end to the empty (for now) weight stack. the rope trails from the head of your cock up in front of you and then over the cross-bar of the weight bench and down, behind you, to the weight stack. I slide a one pound weight in and it's just enough to lift your cock up straight...I have LOTS of one pound weights! now are you beginning to understand the rules of your game?

you start to object, but I silence you with a finger to your lips, "sshhhh...complaints carry the same penalty as a laugh in this game, so think before you speak, tuff-guy." you nod and nothing more so I assume you've nothing relevant to say and head down to where your feet are trapped at the end of the bench. I sit down there on the floor in front of your soles and take a good look at those big, helpless feet, still soaked with sweat from the recent basketball game, your damp white sweatsocks adhering to their shape. I think back on yesterday when you slowly stretched and tickled me to the point of insanity...teasing me unbearably at the same time. Brushing my cheek against the hot, moist sole of your socked foot I can detect the mild smell of a sweaty basketball game on them and I think, "Boy, are you gonna pay, tuff- guy!!"

with a single fingertip I trace a line down the instep of your left foot, through the sock. I hear a gasp from you and look up, "remember...no laughing!! I kinda like the gasping, that's okay, but Jeeze, I haven't even gotten your socks off yet...get a grip, tuff-guy!" now I reach up with both hands and grasp the tops of both your socks and pull them off simultaneously exposing those big sweaty soles to the cool air. now you look scared, it's a good look for you, very sexy. you look scared and yet your cock seems to be more erect then it was before...that's odd. heh, heh, heh...

now for my secret weapon. I found this little toy just the other day innocently shopping for legitimate tools at my neighborhood Home Depot outlet. it's a little hand held battery-powered sanding tool. it has a variety of attachments and the one I've chosen for you is a small cone-shaped one. it has a low-grade sandpaper texture for soft woods or lead. it won't damage skin unless pressed very firmly and held in place for a length of time, but used correctly it can cause the most intense tickling sensations I've ever felt (you can let me know what you think when we're done). I haven't yet switched the evil little device on yet, but I place the little cone attachment right between the big and second toes of your bare left foot. the sanding attachment fits nicely there, and with my finger on the switch I explain to you that there are three speeds: low for good boys, medium for bad boys, and high for very bad boys. I ask you what you are. wide-eyed with apparent horror at your predicament you simply shake your head slowly knowing that there is no answer you could give which would result in me not turning the sander on at all. I wait a few seconds for your answer and, receiving none, without warning I turn the switch to medium, "boys who don't answer questions put to them are 'bad boys'!!". the sudden, insane movement of the spinning sander-head sends electric sensations into your toes and all the way up your bound leg, catching you off-guard and forcing a loud tortured laugh from deep in your lungs. I immediately turn the sander off and your naked body slumps as much as it can in it's bondage. "Awww...man". I sigh, feigning disappointment, "you know what this means, don't you?" with your head drooping forward, your breathing a little ragged, you nod slowly.

I leave your feet for the moment and move around again behind you. I hear you take a deep breath and hold it when you hear the clanking of metal as I pick up another one pound weight. I slide it into place and smile when you gasp as I let it fall. "and for losing it so early... one more!" I unexpectedly drop a second weight onto the stack and this time I can't help an audible sadistic chuckle as you gasp again. "NO! you said only one pound per laugh!" you shout without thinking and I immediately drop another weight on, "...and one more for complaining!" your breathing becomes faster with the latest increase in the tension but you say nothing more. seeing you in this predicament after suffering so horribly at your hands only the night before has me giggling with cruel pleasure and I bend down to your ear to whisper, "see, I can laugh as much as I want...heh heh heh".

I move around beside you to view the effects four pounds of steel has on that cock of yours. to my surprise it is fully erect now! since I'd tied the loop around your glans while you were only semi-hard, the new girth of your penis head is now straining at the tight confines. the mushroom head is a deep purple and the tension of the weight has the shaft fairly stretched out. your penis stands up straight in mid-air. leaning over your lap I use a single finger tip to make small, light, circles around the taut skin at the tip of your penis. I can hear soft, rhythmic moans escape from your lips as I maddeningly stimulate your tortured cock until the entire head is moistened with your pre-cum and your hips are uselessly bucking against their tight bonds.

"well...enough of this. back to work on those feet!", I say and hear you respond with a panicked "NO!!....uh, I mean, uh please...?" "man! you just never learn!", I say, shaking my head and picking up another weight.

"I'm sorry, I'm s-s-so so sorry. I-I-I didn't mean to complain...please?", you stutter realizing your mistake.

"too late my friend", is my only response as I place the weight into the stack slot, and watch this time from an angle where I can see your bound cock, as I drop it into place. I can see the new weight pull your cock even tighter as you bite your lip and close your eyes against the increase of pain. finally I turn around to take my place at your feet again, with five pounds now hanging from your cock. I switch the sander on, "now, hold onto your horses, tuff-guy, you're in for a bumpy ride..."

as i move the whirring tip of the sander closer to your helpless feet i can see the muscles in your legs tense, as if straining to pull them away from the evil tool that approaches. alas, the bondage is too tight and sound to allow you any hope of avoiding the torture to come. i zero in on your left foot touching the vibrating sander to the heel. i notice your left leg tense even more, the tendons evident all the way up to your hip. i see you set your jaw and grit your teeth just a little, but you succeed in holding onto your composure (for the moment). i entertain myself for the moment by tracing lazy circles around your heel, before inching slowly up to the arch of the foot. i can tell you are much more sensitive here. your breathing has become more and more rapid and shallow as i got closer and closer to the center of your sole. i make sure to explore this area thoroughly and just as you seem to get a handle on this more intense sensation i switch the sander from low to medium. an intensified burst of ticklish electricity shoots from your left sole up your vibrating bound leg into your stretched and tortured cock and through your torso to your rigidly clamped lips, demanding to be released as tortured laughter. i continue tracing patterns around the center of your left sole with the sander, leaving it set on medium speed and making sure that it never breaks contact with your sensitive flesh even though your foot is jerking around madly in it's exquisite torment. your eyes are squeezed tightly shut now, lips tightly clenched, face red with the strain. you seem to be holding your breath now as if you fear that the simple act of breathing would only allow your lungs to betray you by releasing your desperately repressed laughter. your whole body shudders in silent agony while i happily continue your torture. i am determined that you will laugh. i decide it's time to test your hottest spots of all against your will power. i begin inching the sander further up your foot. millimeter by millimeter i approach your toes and the ball of your sensitive foot. you remember what it was like just a little while ago when i gave you your first little surprise taste. your foot automatically begins to twist and turn to avoid the tip of the little sander. your toes clench to deny me access to the sweet spots between them. i stop the sander and grab the toes of your left foot, pushing them back and forcing your foot into a hyper-flexed position while clearing a path to my favorite areas...between your toes and just along the ridge of the ball of your foot right below where your toes connect.

"now tuff-guy", i warn you, "keep this foot positioned exactly like this no matter what i do to it and no matter how badly you want to scrunch it up! understand?" you nod slowly and with dread. you've taken this brief respite to catch your breath and when you hear me switch the little sander back on to it's medium setting you take a very deep breath and hold it. i touch the sander to that sensitive ridge along the ball of your foot with the intention of gliding it maddeningly back and forth for awhile before diving in between your toes, but the moment the sander's tip touches base your foot instinctively curls up again against all the will to keep it still that you could muster. i switch off the sander again and move to where your torso is bound to the uprights of the weight bench. you are scared and that makes me hard. standing in front of your helplessly bound body with my waist right at your eye level i begin to massage my cock through my jeans. i see you watching me enviously and decide to describe to you how good this feels and watch as your cock begins pulsing with need in it's bondage. "don't you wish you could do this? your cock looks like it could use some attention", i tease while continuing the slow stroking of the hard shaft inside my jeans. "yesssssss....pleeeeeeeze????", you whisper, overcome with lust. i can tell by the look on your face that you are at the point where you would give anything to cum, the point where pleasure itself has become the most hellish of tortures. your cock is as hard as it can get, the glans is deep purple and the whole of it is twitching with lust even though it is stretched out tight by five pounds of metal. kneeling beside your bound form i bend forward and take the head of your cock between my lips just up to the spot right below the head where the weight cord is tied off. you feel the wet warmth of my mouth envelop just the tip of your cock and i move my tongue around the glans right up until i can feel your body tensing to orgasm and then i stop and stand up, leaving you tantalized to the point of delirium.

"NO!!", you shout, "don't stop! please!?"

looking down at your pitiful face, shaking my head and clucking my tongue, i chuckle, "i don't know what i was thinking. i'm supposed to be punishing you for not keeping your foot still, not bringing you off. but now i owe you two for shouting at me like that..." you accept this silently, but with a look of fear, knowing that any further disagreement would only result in three more pounds instead of two. satisfied with your obedience i pick up two more weights. i drop the first into place and this time it solicits an audible groan and a sharp intake of breath. i almost immediately drop the second onto the stack and watch as your abused cock is lengthened just a little more and you whisper ,"oh god godgodgod...", through tightly clenched teeth. now i take a good close look at your straining, stretched cock to make sure everything is okay. i tickle your balls with my fingertips just long enough to get your hips squirming as much as possible under the tight ropes. and then i retreat to take up my position at those sensitive feet again.

"now, are you going to keep them still and keep perfect form?" i ask of you, smiling sadistically. "i-i-i just can't. i-i-i'm s-s-sorry", you answer, hoping that this statement will not be one that sentences you to another pound. " that's all right then, tuff-guy, just be honest with me. if you can't keep your feet still, we can easily fix that", i answer back as i pull a wad of shoestrings from my pocket, "we'll just fix it so you have no choice, okay?"...

I sit down at your feet and begin patiently to untangle the shoestrings. There are ten of them. I use them one at a time to tie around each toe and then i cinch each loose end back to the bonds around your ankles. I tighten each shoestring as much as possible before tying it off at your ankles, causing each toe to be almost painfully pulled backward, separating each from it's sensitive neighbor and forcing both feet into a hyper-flexed position with the tender flesh of both soles stretched taut and vulnerable. Now your feet are incapable of even the slightest movement, in fact your entire body is, for all intensive purposes, paralyzed. except that if you were actually paralyzed you would at least be spared the horrible sensations i'm about to unleash on you. Instead, you find every nerve in your body is hyper-alert and you are unable to defend yourself in any way. You are utterly vulnerable and alone in a room with a guy who enjoys nothing more in this life than making guys suffer. On top of that i'm also being motivated by revenge and feel justified inflicting this cruel punishment on you.

It has taken me approximately twenty minutes to tie back all of your toes individually and to make sure each had been stretched as much as possible and secured soundly enough to allow you no slack at all. During this time I've heard not a single sound from you. No doubt you are afraid anything you might say would be interpreted as a complaint by me (probably true) and would result in me loading more weight onto the stack. I look up away from your feet now, and even though I'm sure you're grateful for this short respite in the tickling, I see you staring down helplessly at your poor stretched and neglected cock as if trying to ease it's discomfort by your will alone. Alas, I'm in total control right now. I am the only one who can put an end to your torture and i simply choose not to.

Picking up the sander, i switch it on, knowing that it will alert you to the fact that your break is over. Your attention is jerked away from your tormented cock down to me sitting and smiling at your feet. Your eyes are wide with horror as I ask you a stupid question, "Think you can keep those feet still now, tuff-guy?"

You say nothing but I can see the muscles straining and twisting under the taut skin on your soles desperately trying to move your feet away from the slowly approaching sander, or at least to twist, or scrunch up, or wiggle the toes, in response to the impending torture. The new refinements to your bondage make this impossible though. The muscles in your legs and feet twitch and contract uselessly effecting no real movement as I very, very slowly bring the whirring sander tip closer and closer to the ball of your right foot. I watch your face as you watch the sander. The hopelessness I see as you almost imperceptibly shake your head from side to side, eyes wide with fear, makes my cock even harder. I slip my free hand into the top of my jeans and snake it under the waistband of my briefs to grab hold of my rock hard cock just as the sander in my other hand makes contact with the ball of your foot. Slowly beginning to stroke my own cock, I watch as your body becomes absolutely rigid with that first kiss of the sander. I move the tormenting little tip from side to side along that ridge along the ball where your toes connect. Back and forth, back and forth... the muscles in your feet are literally vibrating in agony and yet your feet are kept rigidly flexed, toes splayed wide. You must feel like you're trapped in a nightmare and I begin stroking my own cock a little faster inside my jeans as i move the switch on the sander from "low" to "medium".

This new intensity forces you to whimper in desperation and, glancing up to your face I see that it has become red with the effort to stifle your laughter. Your lips are pressed tightly together and you're holding your breath again. Your eyes are squeezed tight in concentration and agony. I notice tears of frustration and pain welling up at the corners and begin stroking my cock even faster.

Finally, I suddenly move the sander tip between your big and second toes of your right foot and immediately move the switch up to "high". You shriek in surprise at the new torment and your entire body begins trembling. Your body is now slick with sweat from the strain and the pain. I watch your muscles twitch and glisten in the candlelight as I pick up the pace on my own cock some more. I rapidly begin exploring the spaces between all of your splayed toes. First all of the ones on your right foot, then on to the left, and then back...on and on and on. Eventually the torture becomes too much and loud, deep, helpless, tortured, masculine laughter comes rolling and thundering from deep in your throat. This victory and your suffering are just what it takes to bring me off. With a delicious wave of absolute pleasure I drop the sander and press the, now naked, length of my cock against the hot, sweaty soles of your tortured feet as spasms of lust draw up every ounce of hot semen from my balls, depositing it as a warm sticky mess all over the bottoms of your feet.

Totally spent, I get up and move back up to where your torso is held in it's tight bondage and i ask, a little out of breath from the amazing orgasm I just had at your expense, "now i suppose you want yours?"

This torture session has taken so much out of you that you can't speak at all. You simply nod your head eagerly, breathing hard, sweat dripping from your hair and the end of your nose. I look down at your stretched, bound cock. I lean in very close and begin to tongue just the tip. You grunt, your hips strain upwards against their bondage to try and make better contact with my mouth (no luck), and your cock tries to become even harder but that's impossible. Skipping over the spot where the rope encircles the underside of the head, I begin licking the length of your rigid shaft down to your balls. I start nipping the skin of your scrotum with my teeth hard enough to elicit a yelp from you each time and when I tire of that I go back to licking your root again. This time with more relish as if I'm actually going to let you cum this time, but just as i sense that your balls are preparing to shoot their load, just as your cock is gearing up for that final, merciful, delicious explosion that will make all the torture you've undergone previous to it worthwhile...I stop. "This doesn't seem to be working...", I say with a smirk, knowing that it is far from the truth.

"YES! YES! YESSSS!!!! it's working! it's working!! I promise you...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEEEEEZE don't stop!!!!", you plead, reduced to begging for your orgasm.

"Maybe we just need some lubrication", I suggest and you nod erratically and I know you want nothing more for me to start again before you lose your edge, lube or no lube, "how about this?", and I pull a tube of IcyHot muscle rub from my pocket.

"NO PLEASE NO NO NO NOOOOoooo.....!!", you scream, eyes wide with horror again and I place a finger to my lips to remind you that complaining will be punished. You immediately become quiet but plead to me with your eyes as you watch me squeeze a good bit of the stuff into my palms. I immediately rub it into your shaft, the head of your cock, even your balls. I rub it in good, making sure not to stimulate you intensely enough to let you cum.

Just as your privates begin to tingle I stand up and drop one last weight onto the stack, explaining that it was for that last laugh of yours that I never punished. I bend down to kiss your sweaty forehead and say, "goodnight".

"WHAT?!" you yell, "Don't I get to cum?". The IcyHot is really kicking in now and i can see you squirming in your bondage.

"Maybe in the morning", I smile sadistically, "I'm too tired to worry about that now".

"PLEASE?! You can't leave me like this!! Please...my balls are burning, my cock is stretched, and there's no way this hard-on is going away by itself...please don't leave me this way, please?!", the sweet sound of your misery is almost enough to get me hard again, but I truly am too tired.

"you're right tuff-guy", I whisper in your ear, "I can't leave you like this". The trace of a smile flickers across your face as you believe that your long-awaited orgasm is close at hand. Then you hear me say, "I've completely neglected your nipples!!" With that I quickly dab a little IcyHot on each of your nipples and then affix a sturdy wooden clothespins to each. Just as your nipples add their torment to the agony you are already writhing from in your balls and your cock I dismiss you with a chuckle and a "sleep tight", turn off the light and leave you alone to suffer through the night in darkness. Listening to your groans and your begging as I walk down the hall to my bedroom gets me hot again and I know I'm going to masturbate once more when I crawl into bed before I fall into a restless slumber. I decide that I'll let you cum after I have my breakfast in the morning. Of course, it'll be sunday, so I'll be sleeping in late. Hope you can wait, tuff-guy!



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