one of my earliest tickling experiences involved getting stuck in a vulnerable position. i was about 16 and hadn't yet fully realized that i was gay or erotically attuned to tickling. a buddy spent the night at my house. i had bunkbeds then and while we were horsing around with me on the top bunk and him on the bottom, i slipped and got my leg caught between the wall and the bed with my foot (i think the right one, if that matters) firmly trapped beneath the top bunk. apparently an irresistible target for anyone kicked back on the bottom one.

i struggled a good bit, but couldn't free my leg and i told my friend i was stuck and asked him to help me out. i couldn't see him but i could hear his voice from under my bunk..."are you really stuck?", and then he laughed a little at my expense, "maybe you just need a little incentive..." then i felt him unlace my sneaker and pull it off my foot. i assumed he thought that my foot could slip through the space easier without the shoe on. i tried to free it again to no avail and i started to tell him that it didn't work when i felt him peeling the sweatsock off my trapped foot. "what are you doing, now?" i asked, not seeing how this would help my predicament at all. "i told you, what i think you need is some incentive to get your foot out of there", and with that i felt him drag a fingertip from my heel, up my arch, over the ball of my foot, and into the incredibly ticklish valley under my toes. "NO!!!!!" i screamed and twisted my foot as much as i could but could not escape that finger, "STOP!! i'm ticklish!!"

then i heard him chuckle in an unmistakably sadistic manner and said.

"well silly, that's why this might work."

the finger continued to torture my foot, i shrieked, and managed to get out that it obviously was not working because i still couldn't budge my foot and would he please, please, stop tickling me. "well let's not give up too easily now, it might work...eventually" i could almost feel him smiling at my misery as he continued to torment my poor sole. "oh gaaaaahd noooo ho ho hahahahaaaaaa ah ah!!!!pllease??!! pleeeeeeeze?!!"

he continued torturing me this way for a couple hours, insisting the entire time that this was for my own good, that he was trying to help me out. yet i could tell he was enjoying himself, and this was the first time i can remember ending up with an erection from tickling. it was a horribly long, erotic, and confusing night for me...but i wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world.


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