You Don't Know Jack...

Yup, there is a real guy behind this website.
Here's a quick run-down:

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 208 lbs.
Hair: Brown (s&p;)
Eyes: Brown
Chest: 46" (hairy)
Waist: 34"
Arms: 14"
Feet: Size 13

my chest

my pit
Drinking Beer
Drinking Beer

my feet
Are my big feet ticklish?
Take a good look
and see if you can tell.


I like to make contact and network with guys who share my interests.

I'm active in the bondage, S/M and tickling scene and have been into bondage games, various aspects of S/M, and of course, tickle torture, for many years.

I get into masculine, muscular, rope-compatible, action-ready men with brains and brawn who have the balls to step up to the plate and see what they're made of. Or, what I'm made of.

If you are a straight guy and into this scene, I'd like to meet you.

  • There doesn't have to be any sex in our bondage / tickling challenge. I have gotten together with many straight guys for some pretty heavy sessions. We have always have a great time, and all limits are respected (if expanded...).
    I dig the competition aspect of it, the tough-guy, see-if-you-can-take-this kind of challenge, and a lot of my buddies do, too.
    Just 'cause you horse around with a guy, doesn't make ya gay, ya know. I have a small circle of straight buddies who make regular pit stops here in the ol' Playroom. You've seen some of their pics scattered around this site.

If you are a gay or bi guy, I'd like to meet you.

  • I am currently "unattached", so who knows what might happen?

I don't play with everyone I meet, so you shouldn't expect that. But I'm always up for making a new buddy. Even if we just hang out and have a beer, maybe talk about the scene, bondage gear (see below), or try out some bondage knots on each other, that can be cool.

I live in New York City, and have a great place to play. It's virtually soundproof, so if the laughing and screaming get too loud, it's OK. I also get off on using my carpentry skills to design and build bondage equipment and devices, so my playroom is pretty well-equipped.

Want the 5ยข tour? Click here:

Jack's Bondage Playroom


I have written a few stories which are posted here on "The Rack". Check out my listing on the

Author Index
page to find them. Let me know what you think.

(By the way, after reading my stories, a few of my buddies wanted me to tell you that my "bark is worse than my bite"...but...naw...I ain't gonna say that. I wouldn't want to give ya the wrong impression! We can play nice, or as rough as you want . If you're tough, you can handle what I dish out.
I KNOW I can handle what you dish out...heh heh heh...)


If you want to read a little about my philosophy on tickle torture, a buddy salvaged some of my postings from the old NTC WTM Tickle Torture Message Board. These postings were in response to some questions posed by a girl named Mary, who was asking me how to make tickling more "torturous":

Jack's Tickle Torture Hints


In April of 1997, I joined the MTMTN Roster (Man To Man Tickling Network). I have met a lot of great guys through this organization, and have had many experiences, both tickling and being tickled. The roster is no more, but back issues of TickleMaster Magazine are still available, including ads from a lot of us MTMTN members.

I am also on the MTM Mailing List, which you should look into if you are interested in keeping in touch and sharing info with other tickle guys.

For further information,
or if you want to meet me when you are in NYC
(and possibly play in person!), feel free to

Contact Me

The above link will take you to the "SUBMIT" page, where there are several options for being in touch.

Or better yet, here: I'll give you my private e-mail address,
so if you want to hook up and play, you can reach me fastest here:


Now You Know Jack.

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