Jack's Male Tickling Rack


Ahhhh. Now, the heavy stuff.

How about a little PAIN mixed in with the tickling?

Think it would drive you over the edge?

If this kind of action is not agreed upon by both players, or if the tickling goes on A LOT longer than the victim can stand, it can become N/C (non-consensual) play.

This is mainly the stuff of fantasy, but many guys are into this, counteracting the tickling with some severe pain, and confusing the senses.

Or, taking the fantasy of keeping a guy captive against his will, and turning it into a reality.

The following stories describe some fairly heavy PAIN along with tickling. If you are not into this, don't read them.

If you ARE into it, why not contribute some stories or ideas?

We promise not to use your own ideas against you.

Anyone care to submit a piece on "Bastinado"?

Jan's Torment ~ by D.R.von Todtenhausen
A young, blond sailor is kidnapped by an evil Spanish nobelman, restrained in an Inquisition dungeon, and forced to undergo tight bondage, tickling, and heavy torture, including foot whipping and burning. A continuing story, we are now up to Chapter 6.

Soles of a Spy ~ by D
A captured spy gets his feet worked over by an interrogator. Extreme, creative foot torture, written in style by the acknowledged "master".

Racked and Tickled ~ by Jack
"Don't Laugh" played for real on a medieval torture rack. A first-person trip to hell.

Rack Shots

S-T-R-E-T-C-H ~ by D
Will somebody stop this guy? D's latest spin on the "Don't Laugh" game. In this truly diabolical challenge, a different "muscle" gets stretched.

The Gel ~ by Eddie
One of Eddie's meanest, most severe stories. A gay-basher gets kidnapped and tortured as penance for his sins. Not much tickling in this one, but intense "denial" torture, anal action, and the infamous itching "gel" make the boy see the error of his ways.

Footslave ~ by Patrick Colby
Placing an ad in an S/M rag, a ticklish guy with a strong foot fetish meets the sadistic Master of his dreams. Excellent depictions of heavy bondage, torture, orgasm denial, foot service and sadistic tickling. This story was instrumental in shaping your webmaster's interests in the scene back in the '80's. Very pleased to be able to present it here.

Let's Roast The Sucker ~ by Cactus Jack
A creative story of capture and interrogation: painful bondage, a "weenie roast" and tickle torture strain the endurance of a covert money-runner. Will he break and reveal the location of the loot, or suffer in silence until his meat gets well-done?

Hot Footin' Bear ~ by Artpuma
A "How To" about restraining a "bear" and torturing his bare feet. Artpuma is especially interested in bastinado and heat torture. Right on!
(If you don't know what a "bear" is, go to Resources for Bears and read The Bear Codes.

a bear trapped

The Red Anchor ~ by John
A very intense story of abduction, interrogation, and extreme foot torture. Very extreme, including some hammer and nail work. If you do not want to read about this, please skip this one. If interested, it's a good one!

Feet Beaters ~ by Dean H.
A wickedly vivid story of an automatic feet-beating machine devised and implimented by a creative sadist.

Fun With a Lifeguard ~ by EvilGuy23
An intense little fantasy story about drugging, capturing and torturing a muscular lifeguard.

Number 57 ~ by The Goblin King
In a future totalitarian society, a cruel master delights in torturing the feet of his young male slaves.

D's vision of heaven

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