Jack's Male Tickling Rack


Gentlemen, place your bets...

Ever wonder how to introduce a tickle torture session to a buddy?

Especially a straight buddy, who might seem unapproachable?

Simple answer: BET THEM.

If a guy has any kind of competitive streak in him, he will usually take you up on a bet or wager.

Just hanging out, horsing around, drinking beers, playing cards, and challenging each other, can lead to some interesting wagers and punishments.

First Tickle Bet ~ by D
D's friend Mike loses a bet, and gets tied to a lawn chair for some extensive tickle punishment.

Roommate Tickle Wager:
Arm Wrestling
~ by Jack
A true story about tuff-guy roommate Rick, who loses a bet and gets tied down to a board and worked over.

Roommate Rick paying up

Toll-Booth Tickling ~ by D
It's D vs. Mike again, in another wager. This time, Mike loses a race on the campus track, and has to face the music on the job, in a very public place. The complete story!

Mike, The Loser's Feet, by D

Roommate Tickle Wager:
Craps-You Lose
~ by Jack
Another true account of a wager between roommates. Zack loses at dice, and suffers through some prolonged bondage and armpit-tickling. Why are some guys so stubborn? They never learn...

Paying My Debt ~ by D
Finally! D's turn to get tied and tickle tortured, with some inventive bondage and major discomfort. Gee, don't you hate to see HIM suffer for a change?

How Ticklish Is Tony? ~ by Lyle Blake
Cocky high school wrestler Tony accepts a $100. bet from a stranger that he cannot be "broken". Unbeknownst to Tony, the devilish stranger has discovered Tony's hidden weakness. A classic story from the "pre-Internet" days.

Tickling Joey D. ~ by Pete_Roc
The author delights in upping the ante by engaging foul-mouthed street hustler Joey D. in a little "side wager". If the swaggering Adonis can endure some merciless tickle torture without uttering the "safeword", the hundred-dollar bills are his. A terrific endurance/willpower story.

Tim, The Ticklish Skatepunk ~ by JockTickler
A cocky young jock, needing money to buy a new skateboard, accepts a wager from an older, former fratboy. If Tim can tough out a one-hour "interrogation" game, he gets to keep the money. But when he starts sporting wood, he's in big trouble. (This is the author-approved, revised edition of this hot story.)

Freshman Loses A Bet With His Roommate ~ by Ken
A wrestling match between roommates: the loser has to be the winner's slave, and "service" him.

Tickled Yuppie ~ by Christopher Rosalie
A draw of the cards decides which friend is going to get tied down for some tickle torture.

A Day In Hell ~ by D
D strikes again! He has to pay up after losing a bet on a chess game. The loser has to do anything the winner wants for 24 hours. Extreme bondage, tickling and torture are more than D bargained for! (D has finally completed the story!)

drawing by Etienne

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