Tickle Prelims



How to settle on who gets tickle-tortured first.

Flipping a coin is too lame. Has to be something more tough to do. Even that game with the 100 lb. weight pulling on your arms needs a winner and loser to start off. But don't sweat it too much, when I win (whatever starts us off ) you'd get me pretty damn good. Winner gets tickled second (there's your revenge). Round two (after I win), I get tickled first, ya got your chance to REALLY get this man on the ropes. Here's where an old guy like you can play the experience/strategy game and really stick it to a young guy like me. I'm gonna want to win (its in my blood, can't help it - and MAN, THE BRAGGING RIGHTS IF I PULL IT OFF--too tempting ) If you let me 'just' win a few, its easier on you and BRUTAL for me. The real winner is the guy that doesn't quit.

Man tickling those feet of yours in round 11 gonna be fucking hilarious!.....

So, here's a couple ideas that kick things off--decide who is first to get tortured (the loser).

Bench Press: 3/4 of your body weight. No sweat here, and no shirt either, just gym shorts, sneaks and socks. Must grip the barbell so your elbows are out at 90 degrees when the bar's at your chest. Feet flat on the floor, they can't move or its over. Maximum amount of reps ya can do. Other man CAN'T TOUCH you. But his feather can...... Winner is the most reps. Guy pressing has to count his reps out loud and clear, or it don't count.

Inclined Crunches: Maximum reps wins. No shoes. No socks. Feet tied down to bench, toes tied back. Ankles tied to bench so you can get leverage to crunch. The other guy can use his hands to tickle your feet and a feather only on your upper body.

Stand There And Take It: This one's timed. Gym shorts only. Feet flat on the floor, legs straight, can't move. Hands laced and placed behind your neck. Chest out, gut in, you're being timed. You drop/move an elbow or bend, the clock stops. It only starts up again once you get your stance back, but opponent can keep tickling ya. Its over when the guy gives up. Opponent can tickle him any way he wants, but can't push him. Maximum time wins.

Guy who wins 2 out of 3 challenges is winner. If a man sweeps the other man in two, the loser STILL has to do the last challenge--Winner gets off. Inclined crunches be the last challenge and loser has 50 he's got to do and then take 5 minutes rest on bench (of course the winner will leave him alone to rest, right? -- NO WAY. Guy's dead meat). Guy who goes 1st in 1st challenge goes second in 2nd challenge. If tied up in 3rd then flip a coin, lose the toss and you're up 1st for 3rd challenge.

PENALTY: A 2 minute minor--Self Control.

EASY ONE: YOU LOSE a minor bet, LOSE THE SHOES and SOCKS, wearing gym shorts.

Sit down on a stool. Feet up on the other stool in front of you. Feet are perpendicular to the floor and you have to keep them that way. Opponent gets to tickle your feet. You can grunt, swear and sweat, but you CAN'T LAUGH and you CAN'T GRIN. You can't lift up your feet/legs after you plant them. Your feet can twitch but YOU have to keep them there (soles can't move up/down/left/right). Each time you laugh or grin your buddy can demand you DOWN a shot glass of beer or not, as he decides. Its over when your opponent says its over.

Figure you go into a competition doing what's natural--swearing your not ticklish and fighting like hell to not so much as even grunt. A REAL ATTEMPT not to laugh and to try and stop ANYTHING that even resembles loss of control. If your opponent does get you going, then the fight is to stop or not to get worse. FIGHTING EVERY FUCKING STEP.

Now you know the guy's ticklish, and you know most guys don't like to admit it, neither do I--who wants to look like a complete idiot laughing his head off? And if you're squaring off against a sadistic tickler--you laugh and he'll make you laugh harder and harder till you're so fucking tired, you will be in real danger of 'giving' and doing shit you'd rather die then do. The guy's goal is to break you, and he'll do it. Better to pass-out from exhaustion like a 'real-man' would, than to give up and lose.

It wouldn't be a question or over-reacting, the goal is not to react at all. If you're really like that, then its a field day for the tickler, cause he knows that every muscle that flinches, every grunt or movement, wasn't something the guy planned, and you can rib the hell out of him for it.

When I say pass-out, I mean it at the obvious point where the guy's stayed tough and your not tickling, him your crossing over to the point where he'll get hurt, he's not laughing any more--the tied-down guy's won. What I don't mean is wheezing and coughing, grunting and laughing. If the guy can't talk, tough shit. If he's laughing so HARD he can't laugh right or catch his breath--tough shit, ya got him on the ropes--tickle the living shit out of him.

A good way to break a tough guy down is keep him on the edge for a LONG time and just tire him out--then tickle the fucking bastard till you hear what you want. Once you get everything out of him, think up something else and go for that. When the tables turn, he WILL do it to you.

You can probably tell if you're up against a real sadistic type of guy if you DON'T want to be the first to be tied down. If both guys DON'T want to lose the first bet it's because they want to see how tough the other guy is. Waste him, and he has to catch up. Puts you in better position. Always nice to have the lead. 1-0 type of thing. Once you got the other guy's pride, its harder for him to dent yours--its only recovery.


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