Jock Tickle Challenge:
Barbell Trapezoid Trap



All right tuff guy, your turn.....

You're on a stool. On your traps is a barbell with 60 lb. (no -sweat right?). Your arms at 90 degrees to your body, wrists and forearms lashed to the barbell with ankle bandage. A table the same height as the stool is directly in front of you, about 3 feet away. Your legs are pulled straight out and ankles lashed to the table. Each foot separated by about 3 feet. The rest of your leg (calf and 3/4 of your quad )is suspended across the gap. Your toes are flexed and tied back to the end of the table.

The barbell has two ropes on its ends which are tied to the floor behind you. When you're sitting, the ropes are stretched tight. You can't bend your torso past 90 degrees sitting position. You CAN NOT rotate the barbell when sitting. You can fall back if you like (maybe work your ab muscles).

"Hey there, big guy, how's it going?". I move `round and squat beside your waist. I start up some jock talk.. "So what do ya think about the Giants" I pick up a feather and start tickling your armpit. We're talking LIGHT tickling. I'm tickling so light the invisible dust (that settles on everyone) in your armpit might not be disturbed. You're grinning because YOU KNOW ya gotta talk to me.

No tuff guy's gonna admit he's ticklish, and most jocks won't miss a chance to shoot shit about their team. You start to talk and I tickle you real light with a feather at your one armpit and my fingers in your other. Couple of things that's true about every guy who considers himself a jock, we're all damn Body-Proud and would rather die then give up to another guy who's an athlete. That competitive streak kicks in REAL FAST for just about everything. That and jocks ARE TOUGH period. They work-out, play sports hard, are usually hard workers. We're used to the rough and tough. You go to a gym and you WORK-OUT, jocks aren't strangers to hard work in life and we're used to it and can handle it. And YOU'RE NO EXCEPTION. Problem is, we're not used to the light stuff --- NO PRACTICE at it. You got NO DEFENSE against LIGHT TICKLING and YOU KNOW IT and you know I as ANOTHER ATHLETE know it. This light tickling is going to drive you ABSOLUTELY FRIGGIN' NUTS. Your gonna want me to tickle you harder just to get that damn tickling-creeping feeling off you. Basically, you'd rather start laughing and have me take a HARD shot at you. TOO BAD you're gonna get this light tickling for a good long time. It'll wear down your nerves and drive you mental. Worst thing in the world is to have yourself start to sweat because of something so ridiculously light bringing ya down.

"So bud, ya work out right?". I start to tickle ever so harder every time you try to answer. "You got some decent muscle in those biceps and chest, what you benching these days?" I tickle your ribs and armpits a little harder each time you answer. You catch on, you know the game, and your grinning ear to ear. The situation's so stupid but ya can't help your weakness. "I'm not buggin ya, big guy, am I? Come on, there, big guy, you're getting pretty up there in the years, you're not so tuff these days. Damn harder than hell, ain't it, breaking down in front of a guy over 10 years younger--puts your pride through the ringer.

"How's that weight up there, too heavy?" Tickle your abs and ribs harder now. "How `bout I take some off for ya, I mean you're not my age anymore..." Tickle the armpits and your spluttering, trying to keep control. You'd curse me up and down but you'd bust out laughing if ya did.

I move to your legs and tickle the shit out of your quads. You're not ready and start grunting and laughing, you're starting to feel the weight now. You're pulling on your legs but they're tied down, and the only movement you can get is to lean back, putting a strain on your back and abs.

I start in on your feet. You're dead. Tickling a muscular guy's feet is about as cruel a thing as you can do. He's got all that muscle and fight in him, but can't do a damn thing. Frustrating, isn't it? You see another fellow jock take you apart a piece at a time. Both knowing that feet and armpits are PRIME targets for bringing a guy to his knees, and knowing the other guy's gonna do it to your feet till your pretty much coughing up blood. Worst thing about one jock tickling another--the guy KNOWS you're tough and can handle a lot, and he's going to take you to the limit and then REALLY make you suffer.

"Well buddy, you've been laughing almost an hour and a half now" (in total), I swing up to your armpits. The threat is too much. You know what's coming next....

"You sure ya don't want to try on a Green Bay jersey ? Be real easy. Promise me you'll wear the jersey and I'll just tickle you only 1 more hour..."

The weights got your abs flexed and your back arched. After another 45 minutes of solid abs & lower rib tickling, I'll start to get serious about getting you to wear the jersey.

Figure any man that give in quicker, well he deserves to be tickled into buying all the beers for the game too.

You're going down in flames, buddy.


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